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Razor (v1.0.

14) Changelog:
Note, the support forum can be found at:
- Several engine optimizations for modern clients.
- Update check frequency has been reduced from every 3 hours to daily.
- Fixed scavenger overloading the drag drop queue.
- Removed client censoring of labels engraved on items.
- Auto open doors no longer closes sliding doors.
- Welcome screen:
* If skipped, the last used data directory will now be used.
* If the data directory is not set, but a custom client is, the directory of that
client will be used.
* Improved error messages during client launch.
* If an error occurs during launch, the welcome screen is turned back on.
* The "No CliLoc" error will no longer display if a valid data directory is set.
- UO positioning system:
* Added support for UOP map files.
* Fixed a crash caused by loading absent fonts.
* Now always displays X,Y coordinates.
* Now properly updates position on smooth moving boats.
- Updated web links.
- Added Mysticism spells.
- Added edit option to macro speech actions.
- Updated weapon abilities to latest client (can be customized in
- Fixed counter images for client and up.
- Fixed -Ping accuracy.
- Added SA skills.
- Added -M command (shortcut for -Macro).
- Added -Info command.
- The light levels filter now restores the actual light level when disabled.
- Auto-stack resources at feet will now drop resources next to the character.
- Fixed movement in macros.
- Added spells filter.
- Added chivalry spells to spell formatting.
- Fixed occasional splash screen error message.
- Miscellaneous new packet compatibility fixes.
- Re-added Windows XP support.
- Fixed a drag drop bug that caused items to disappear.
- Fixed new multiclient warning from showing.
- Added support for client and changes.
- Corrected the OSI server address.
- Fixed minor UI bugs.