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sr22r2017 ‘ANorin Korea nuclear test over the Pacific? Logical, teityng | Free Malaysia Today EMT BORNEO+ EMT VIDEO He A i: - North Korea nuclear test over the Pacific? Logical, terrifying J 0 a ‘Search Re | September 22, 2017 North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles over Japan’s north Hokkaido region in the past month as part of a series of tests that experts say have illustrated unexpectedly rapid advances. SEOUL/TOKYO: Detonating a nuclear-tipped missile over the Pacific Ocean would be a logical final step by North Korea to prove the success of its weapons program but would be extremely provocative and carry hu: risks, arms control experts said on Friday. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho suggested leader Kim Jong Un was considering testing “an unprecedented scale hydrogen bomb” over the Pacific in response to US President Donald Trump’s threat at the United Nations to “totally destroy” the country. “It may mean North Korea will fire a warhead-tipped (intermediate range) Hwasong-12 or Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missile and blow it up a few hundred kilometers above the Pacific Ocean,” said Yang Uk, a senior researcher at the Korea Defence and Security Forum in Seoul, “They may be bluffing, but there is a need for them to test their combined missile-bomb capability. They could have already prepared the plan and are now trying to use Trump’s remarks as an excuse to make it happen,” said Yang. hpliwnw freemalaysiatocay.comicalegoryiworld/20°7109122le-north-korea-nuclear-lestover-he-pactc-ogicabtesiying! 210