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Learning Record

Goal: During the revolution
Question: What happened?
Note: In 1770, the relationship between British government and colonies began to
deteriorate where the British soldiers executed some of anti-British mob and this popular
event was called The Boston Massacre. Furthermore, another big event was called
Boston Tea Party where a group of colonists gathered up and dumped the all the tea into
the harbor from the cargo ships with filled with tea.

Reflection: Today, I start researching about During the revolution between British
government and colonies. I think, I take a long time in searching with this topic. I have to
find the information in English and translate to Thai and also examine in Thai then change
to English. I know that if I search only English, I will not get enough good information
because my reading skill is not convincing as my other member.

Goal: During the revolution
Question: What happened? (continued)
Note: Due to the unsatisfactory of the British government, they straightly released some
more harsh laws to suffer the colonies more and more. By 1774, 13 colonists seemly
started to declare the war against Britain since the all the representatives from all colonists
had a conference in Philadelphia considered as the First Continental Congress. During the
discussion, some were radical for opposite; meanwhile some preferred compromise with
King George III. In a repeat, more conflicts went over colonists and British soldiers; the
Second Continental Congress emerged with such a long debate during the meeting.

Reflection: For today, I also continued examined the information of During the revolution
between British government and colonies. This day i have to work hard again, but it is not
a thing that I cannot do. If there are something i do not understand, i will repeat reading it
in English and Thai by using translate application that so directly transliteration. However,
It is not work well for me, so i have to use all of my reading skill that i have learnt from
school and special class to summarize and analyzed it.
Goal: During the revolution
Question: What happened? (continued)
Note: As a result, after the second discussion, colonists were about to prepare for the near
future big conflict with Britain. Thomas Jefferson who had been strongly influenced by
Lockeanism had written the statement of Declaration of Independence, containing all the
reason to break apart from. In 1776, colonies were independent and considered
themselves as United States. The war between Britain and United States started in 1776
which was last until 1781. Additionally, on United States side, George Washington was
chosen to as a leader to be in charge of American army.

Reflection: I am still summarized the data of this topic. Finally, i am done with my
searching information about during the revolution between British government and
colonies. I also get a new knowledge from this project. I am a little bit suffered with this
because i have to read a lot of the data during the revolution. It also makes me feel
nervous to understand the information because some website use very high and hard

Goal: Helping my friend doing product
Note: I am helping my teammates to cut the information to stick in the scrap book.

Reflection: I want to help my teammate because it is so much information that have to be

in this scrap book. I have to be very gentle while i stick on it, and also tenderness with
opening the book because when i have to turn to the next page, the paper that cover with
coffee drink will easily worn out.