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3 Complete the conversation.

Diagnostic test A
A: What 0does your brother 1 ?
Grammar B: He 2 in a restaurant. Hes a
1 Complete the conversation. Choose chef.
the correct options. A: What time 3 he finish work?
B: He 4 work 5 11
A: Hi, My name 0is / are Diana. What p.m.
1is / are your name? A: 6 your parents work there,
B: I is / am Isabel. Are you 3a / an
new student? B: No, they 7 . They 8
A: Yes, I 4is / am. Is that 5your / you in a shop.
tennis racket? A: How 9 do you see your
B: Yes, 6it / they is. Can you brother?
7play / playing tennis?
B: I see 10 once or twice a
A: Yes, I 8can / do. Lets have 9a / an week.
game some time. I can borrow my
10brother / brothers racket.
___/10 marks
B: Good idea!
4 Complete the text with the correct
___/10 marks
form of the verbs in brackets.

2 Choose the correct options. Dear Amy,

How 0are (be) you? We 1
0 How many student / students are (arrive) in Majorca two days ago. On
there in your class? Saturday, we 2 (visit) a
1 There / They arent any books in my castle and 3 (sail) on a boat.
bag. I like 4 (sail). Its fun!
2 Are / Is there any chairs in the Yesterday, the weather 5
kitchen? (not be) cold, it 6 (be) really
3 Have / Do you got any cake? sunny. But today it 7 (rain)
4 There isnt some / any water in the and we 8 (have to) stay in
fridge. our hotel. We 9 (not can)
5 Has she got any swim, so we 10 (watch) a film
sandwich / sandwiches? on TV.
6 My birthday is in / on December.
7 The bank is next of / to the station. ___/10 marks
8 Three mans / men are in the caf.
9 Were going to the cinema on / in
Friday. 5 Complete the sentences. Write one
10 Have you got a bread / banana? word in each gap.

0. My name is Laura.
___/10 marks
1 I finished school two hours
2 The library is to the bank.
3 Your house is bigger my

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4 He is fastest runner in our
5 We go to school
6 We travelled to France 3
7 Please me your name.
8 They visiting a museum
9 My mum bought a new
phone for my birthday. 4
10 Please forget to phone me
___/4 marks
___/10 marks
8 Complete the gaps with the words
from the box. There are two extra
Vocabulary words.
6 Write the next word in each list. armchair uncle bread
0 one, two, three, four tall cheese desk
1 twelve, thirteen, brother spring August
2 third, fourth, fifth, rice thin
3 May, June, July,
4 Monday, Tuesday, Food: 0bread, 1 ,

___/4 marks Furniture: 3 ,4

Months and seasons: 5 ,
7 Label the pictures. Family: 7 ,8

___/8 marks

9 Match the words (AI) to the clues

0 socks (08).
0 first meal of the day A
1 place for sick people
2 this person grows food
3 opposite of ask
4 one hour has sixty
5 you find this on a beach
6 opposite of start
7 fantastic
8 a place to eat

A breakfast
B answer
C brilliant

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D farmer 6 Negative adjectives of feeling:
E finish angry bored fed up excited
F hospital 7 Body:
G minutes arm knee foot tennis
H restaurant 8 Adjectives to describe a bicycle:
I sand dirty heavy young cheap

___/8 marks ___/8 marks

10 Complete the sentences. Write one 12 Choose the best options.

word in each gap. There is one extra 0 Whats your name?
word. a) Im Jake. b) Im a student.
c) Im fine.
across excited exciting
1 See you later.
old playing riding
a) Goodbye. b) Sorry.
swimming take warm
c) Thank you.
2 Can I have some juice, please?
My name is Max. I am thirteen years 0old. a) No, there arent.
I like 1 the guitar and b) Here you are. c) Yes, we do.
2 my bike. I sometimes go 3 Can you lend me your key?
3 with my friends when it is a) Yes, of course. b) Yes, it is.
4 I often 5 c) No, it isnt.
photos of animals or birds and put them 4 I love football.
on my website. 6 , I saw a cat a) Thats true. b) I think so.
hiding under a tree. Then it ran c) Me, too.
7 the garden to catch a bird 5 I lost my phone.
and I took a photo of it. I was so a) Good idea. b) Thats a surprise.
8 ! c) Bad luck!
6 Do you want some carrots?
___/8 marks a) No, it isnt. b) No, there arent.
c) No, thanks.
7 Where is the library?
11 Cross out the odd one out. a) No, it isnt. b) Its not here.
0 Food: c) Next to the park.
cheese bread rice book 8 Do you speak Spanish?
1 House: a) No, Im not. b) Yes, a little.
bathroom kitchen garden star c) Yes, OK.
2 Landscape: 9 What is your maths teacher like?
coast river mountain cat a) I like her. b) She likes me.
3 Holiday activities: c) Shes nice.
studying swimming skiing 10 I got a new phone for my birthday.
sightseeing a) Lucky you! b) Thank you.
4 Places in town: c) Yes, I did.
supermarket beach bank
___/10 marks
5 Adjectives of quality:
dangerous attractive beautiful
useful Total: ___/100 marks

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