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eam Qo of 15. ‘That all creditors of the Defendant, ia order to be eatitled to be pad from the sss of the Defendant, are equked lo fle with he Pecabent Reciver a is fe, 100 : ‘Midway Place, Suite [, Cranston, Rhode Island, on orbefore__|L-2O-1D Stervats showing the anoint of indebtedcas med by them ob dt, eam. i an es es fob elie 16, That nots of be en ofthis Orde be given (by th lek of this Cot by pebletion of copy of the mossed Resivenhip Notice in the Povieee Jul on or bfe 4~}- . and (b) by the Peamanent Receiver by mailing on or before Sp |Y copy ofthe said Receivership Notice to each exeitoe and stockholder of the Defeadant as shown on the books end resords ofthe Defendant, addressed to such creditor or stockholder at his, her or its last known adress. 17, This Order is ented by vietue of and pursuant (6 this Court's equity powers and ucsuant toils powers as authorized by the laws and statutes of the State of Rhode Island ity olen or priority, ifsny, which the ocx ENTERED this 31" day of August, 2010, — OD Lone Senta s/s 5» De Cet. | : Eafall (eaue