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special use permit for this project to the Receiver and Paramount. The Town Council's consideration, adoption and approval of the proposed resolution opposing the proposed Hope Mill project and advocating rejection by the Zoning Board, is intended to place additional costly hurdles for the developer and Receiver to clear before the project can be implemented. The ultimate purpose of the proposed resolution and efforts of the Independent Men appears to be to discourage the developer and Receiver from continuing with the project despite the substantial financial loss that will be incurred. The proposed Resolution substantially diminishes the value of the Receivership property and interferes with and impairs the Receiver’s implementation of the Purchase & Sale Agreement and the administration of the Receivership Estate. The plain language of the Receivership Injunction contained within Paragraph 12 requires the council to first obtain relief from this injunction before it may take any action which restricts or interferes with the Receiver’s and Developer's implementation of the Purchase & Sale Agreement, Please acknowledge receipt of this letter, and the Town Council's intention to comply with, or challenge, in the Superior Court, the Receivership Injunction. Peter J. Furness, Receiver By his Attomey, Qawe e Alden G7 nso CC: Joseph Shekarchi, Esq. Christian Capizzo, Esq. ACH/ko Encl.