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(Jan May 2017)

Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements

for the 8th semester curriculum of degree of

Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science & Engineering

Submitted By:

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

University school of engineering and technology

I, hereby declare that Auction King and this mid term report is created by me under the
guidance of Ajay Sir at SPIC Centre of Excellence during 6 month Industrial training
programme of MS SQL SERVER 2012. Moreover, I would like to thank PTU and entire
faculty of Computer Science Department of Rayat & Bahra Institute of Engineering & Bio-
Technology for providing with the opportunity of doing six month Industrial Training in
my 8th Semester

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1. Android architecture
2. Development Methodology

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The Department of Information Technology was setup in March 2000.

Information Technology is an important and extremely effective tool through which
development and progress can take place with the co-operation of all strata of society
including government and the public. Chandigarh Administration is committed to
providing responsive and effective administration for the welfare of the public keeping in
view the national objectives.

Chandigarh is the first planned city in the country and still maintains its status as one of
the best managed cities in the country. The excellent social infrastructure, large green
spaces and its compact size make Chandigarh an ideal work environment. The quality of
life in the City Beautiful is comparable to the best cities across the world.

SPIC (Society for Promotion of Information Technology Chandigarh)

The Society for Promotion of IT in Chandigarh (SPIC) has been set up under the aegis
of the Department of Information Technology, Chandigarh Administration for
implementing the various plans of the Administration to promote the IT industry in
Chandigarh. The Chairperson of the Society is the Adviser to the Administrator.

Software Development I.T Courses

The top-level certification for advanced developers who developers who design and
develop leading-edge enterprise solutions.
More the Centre of Excellence is offering various courses like MSCE, MCSD, MCSD,
MCDBAs, and SQL 2012.

C-Toss Companies @ SPIC Incubation Centre

The rapidly growing career opportunities in the ITES-BPO sector are creating jobs for
thousands of young Indians.

The Society for Promotion of IT in Chandigarh (SPIC) has been set up under the aegis
of the Department of Information Technology, Chandigarh Administration for
implementing the various plans of the Administration to promote the IT industry in
Chandigarh. The Chairperson of the Society is the Adviser to the Administrator.

1. To promote application of Information Technology in the Union Territory of
Chandigarh in accordance with the IT Policy of Chandigarh Administration.
2. To carry out all such activities that are commensurate with the IT vision of the
Chandigarh Administration as outlined in IT Policy.
3. To promote e-Governance, Software Exports, create IT Infrastructure, generate jobs
in IT as outlined in the IT Mission of the Chandigarh Administration.
4. To facilitate the establishment and functioning of data processing computer centres.

5. To provide consultancy services and impart training in various disciplines of

Information Technology.
To facilitate the development of software packages as well as related items and undertake
turn key project / assignments in India and abroad in Information Technology by public
and private sector companies in the Union Territory of Chandigarh in order to promote
the application of Information Technology for the benefit of citizens of Chandigarh


The names and addresses and occupations of the first members of the Governing Body
of the Society (referred to in the rules and bye laws as the Governing Body to which by
the rules of the society the management of affairs is entrusted as required under
section 2 of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 as applicable to the Union Territory
of Chandigarh are as follows :-

1. Adviser to the Administrator

2. Home Secretary, UT, Chandigarh

3. Finance Secretary, UT, Chandigarh

4. Secretary IT, UT, Chandigarh

5. Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh

6. Joint Secretary FINANCE, UT Chandigarh

7. Director IT, UT, Chandigarh

8. Additional Director IT, UT, Chandigarh


1. FINANCE Secretary & Secretary IT

2. Director IT and CEO - SPIC

3. Addl. Director IT, Chandigarh

4. Addl. Director, STP

5. FINANCE Planning Officer

SPIC Centre of Excellence

The Society for Promotion of IT in Chandigarh (SPIC) has been set up under the aegis
of the Department of Information Technology, Chandigarh Administration for
implementing the various plans of the Administration to promote the IT industry in
Chandigarh. The center is a state-of-the-art complex spread over an area of 3500
sq.ft .It consists of spacious conference hall, high-tech classrooms,30 workstations, a
meeting room, and all the latest technological equipments for training, software
development and presentations.

Under this understanding the partnership will work towards computerizing

organizations in Chandigarh, building skilled technical resources, develop expertise in
providing technical consultancy, developing custom applications. Microsoft, in return
will provide access to training and skills transfer on Microsoft corporation technology.
The Centre is offering various courses like MCSE, MCST, MCDBA, VB and SQL-
2012.Microsoft is carrying out training for the faculty, the students and employees of
Chandigarh administration on its new technologies/products or benchmarking and
demonstrating an array of Microsoft products, solutions and inters operatibilty with
other platforms at this Centre. High end training is carried out for the executives as per
their requirements .Software engineers deployed by the department of Information
Technology and Microsoft are working on various e- governance projects , some
government projects like an accounting package for the Chandigarh Pollution Control
Committee, projects related to counseling ( Regional Employment Officer),a project
on loan system for the social welfare department, developing a library software for the
Chandigarh college of architecture, a project for the ITI Chandigarh and also developing
website of Chandigarh administration which includes all public interacting
departments of Chandigarh administration.

Auction king is a desktop and smart phone application that can be used by people to

auction their valuables and get best amount that exist there. In the earlier time auctions

were done manually with gathering of a people in a room but with IT- revolution auction

also got digitalised move to virtual world. Now people from all over the world can take

part in auction irrespective of physical boundaries.

2.1 Why to AUCTION?

1. Creating competition

Auctions create a competitive bidding environment and have the ability to establish an
emotional connection between the property and the purchaser in a short period of time.
This may increase a properties value, and help achieve a premium result

2. Having a set end date

Having a set date creates the urgency for a prospective purchaser to be organised for
auction day. If a buyer inspects the property seven days prior to auction day then they
have seven days to be ready to perform and make a bid. Setting a date also creates a
structured selling plan in which to achieve a sale either prior to auction, at auction or post
auction. It gives the vendor and agency clarity on their roles in the selling process and
also ensures they are prepared for all open for inspections and the auction.

Attracting more potential buyers

Taking a property to auction can help you attract more buyers through the open for
inspections and more bidders registering at the auction. Interested buyers may stretch
themselves under a competitive environment to buy their dream property.
4. Unconditional contract

Auction gives you an immediate unconditional contract. Once the hammer falls a buyer is
bound to the contract and an immediate exchange then takes place. It gives you as the
seller clarity in regards to the sale. Auction is the most transparent way to sell real estate.
Buyers can see who theyre competing with and sellers can see first-hand what the
market is prepared to pay for their home.

2.2 MODULES: -

User login/registration: Users have to first register themselves to take part in

auction, while registering user also have to supply their online transaction details
Auction posting or redirected to auction: in this module user have to choose if
they are going to act like seller or buyer.
Choose auction type: user have to choose auction type of auction for example
some auction is special auction in which few chosen people can take part. While
other auctions are open auction in which anyone can take part.
Choose auction category: S Auction king offer auction of goods ranging from
homes to sport car to expensive diamonds. So user have to choose their desired
Auction saver and payment: in this user have to make a bid and wait for the result.
if he or she won they are redirected to payments

Delivery indicator: in this module user are told their tentative date of delivery of



Java is a platform for application development. Java byte code is exactly the same on

every platform. Java programs that have been compiled into byte code still need an

interpreter to execute them on any given platform. The interpreter reads the byte code and

translates it into the native language of the host machine on the fly. Since the byte code is

completely platform independent, only the interpreter and a few native libraries need to

be ported to get Java to run on a new computer or operating system.


The Java virtual machine (JVM) is a software implementation of a computer that

executes programs like a real machine. The Java virtual machine is written specifically

for a specific operating system, e.g. for Linux a special implementation is required as

well as for Windows. Java programs are compiled by the Java compiler into byte code.

The Java virtual machine interprets this bytecode and executes the Java program.

Java Runtime Environment vs. Java Development Kit:

A Java distribution comes typically in two flavors, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
and the Java Development Kit (JDK).The Java runtime environment (JRE) consists of the
JVM and the Java class libraries and contains the necessary functionality to start Java
programs. The JDK contains in addition the development tools necessary to create Java
programs. The JDK consists therefore of a Java compiler, the Java virtual machine, and the
Java class libraries


Android didn't just happen. The origins of the world's dominant mobile operating system

can be traced right back to the beginning of the previous decade.

Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet

computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. It's is built on a

Linux foundation. Google purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., in

2005. The unveiling of the Android distribution on November 5, 2007 was announced with

the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 84 hardware, software, and

telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices.

This alliance shares a common goal of fostering innovation on mobile devices and giving

consumers a far better user experience than much of what is available on today's mobile

platforms. By providing developers a new level of openness that enables them to work

more collaboratively, Android will accelerate the pace at which new and compelling

mobile services are made available to consumers. Android is often symbolized by the green

robot to the right. Android has evolved rapidly since its launch. Google has named all

projects after a dessert. The main releases are listed below, this is nothing you have to

memorize, it's just to illustrate the rapid pace of development and all the innovations.

Android is developed "on Internet time", that is much faster than the old style of

development (for example Windows releases which are typically several years apart).
Technical details

If you're not too interested in the

technical details, you can skip

this section. Google released

most of the Android code under

the Apache License, a free

software license.[14] The

Android Open Source Project

(AOSP) is tasked with the

maintenance and further development of Android. Android consists of a kernel based on

the Linux kernel, with middleware, libraries and APIs written in C and application software

running on an application framework which includes Java-compatible libraries based on

Apache Harmony. Android uses the Dalvik virtual machine with just-in-time compilation

to run compiled Java code. Android has a large community of developers writing

applications ("apps") that extend the functionality of the devices. Developers write

primarily in a customized version of Java. There are currently more than 520,000 apps

available for Android. Apps can be downloaded from third-party sites or through online

stores such as Android Market, the app store run by Google.



Android default Database engine is Lite. SQLite is a lightweight transactional database

engine that occupies a small amount of disk storage and memory, so it's a perfect choice

for creating databases on many mobile operating systems such as android, iOS.

Things to consider when dealing with SQLite:

1. Data type integrity is not maintained in SQLite, you can put a value of a certain data

type in a column of another data type (put string in an integer and vice versa).

2. Referential integrity is not maintained in SQLite, there is no FOREIGN KEY

constraints or JOIN statements.

SQLite is a relational database management system (RDBMS). What makes SQLite unique

is that it is considered an embedded solution. Most database management system such as

Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server are standalone server processes that run independently.

SQLite is actually a library that is linked into applications. All database operations are

handled within the application through calls and functions contained in the SQLite library.

This is great news while youre learning to use SQLite because it makes it much easier to

manipulate even large databases when compared to more conventional database solutions.

In case youre interested, SQLite is actually written in C and contained within a Java-based

wrapper provided by the Android SDK.

SQLite does rely on Structured Query Language (SQL); the same language used by most

other RDBMSs. If youre already familiar with SQL from another database system, you

have a serious head start using SQLite because you will find that most query commands

are structured exactly the same way.



Installing Android and Eclipse:

You need to install the Android SDK; you should also install the Eclipse IDE.

Set the path to the Android SDK: The first time you run Eclipse you should check that the

path to the Android SDK is set. From the menu, select Window/Preferences and click on

Android. Browse to the Android SDK location. Create an Android Virtual Device, AVD :

To (test) run your application, you need an Android Virtual Device, that is an emulator

emulating a smart phone on your computer. Select from the menu, Window/Android SDK

and AVD Manager. Select Virtual Devices and click on New, then fill in a Name for your

AVD, pick a Target (must match the Build Target) and size of the SD-card (memory card).


Hardware Requirements:

1. Processor Intel core i3

2. RAM 4GB

3. Processor Speed 2.4GHZ

Software Requirements:

1. Operating System Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8.

2. Front-End Java

3. Back-End SQLite

4. IDE -Android studio,Intellij


The feasibility study is a major factor which contributes to analysis of our system. In early
stages of software development, it is necessary to check whether system is feasible or not.
There are four aspects of checking feasibility. Detailed study was Carried out to check
workability of our proposed system, so the feasibility study of system proposal regarding
to its work ability, ability to meet user expectations and effective use of resources, impact
on population/institution thus when an application progresses, it normally goes through a
risk analysis and feasibility study processes.


AUCTION KING application is an android and desktop based application which assists
the user to find best prize for goods and own rare item. We are happy to provide the
AUCTION KING. A fantastic app in auction business. When you want to sell your
valuable in auction choose us .You can browse through the app to discover out the most
appropriate buyer that will pay best for your rare and .
expensive valuable.

To select an ideal methodology was based on project requirements and goals.

Functional Decomposition: The methodology should have stages according to the

interrelated activities which can be grouped into different functional areas.

Requirement Changes: If required, methodology provides scope to change the


Manage Risks: Determined the risk is an important activity to develop a project.

Iterative approach: Iteration allows refinement of requirement as well as design.

Documentation: Methodology provides support for large documentation.

Analysis and Design Support: A well-defined structure of the methodology helps

for analysis and designing to development process.

Implementation: The system should be implemented as per plan.

Testing Support: More testing, more reliable the product is.

Object Oriented Approach: Object oriented concepts will be used in developing

the project as it supports component reusability.


After the completion of feasibility study up till now the tables in the database have been
finalized and implemented on local Microsoft SQL Server 2012 machine. The company
for the hosting of database online have been finalized i.e. This company
provides premium services to the developers for the hosting so that they can test their
project in real world scenario. The database will soon be moved on online, and application
programming interfaces i.e. APIs are under construction. Work on graphical user interface
is also underway. After the completion of front end and back end soon they shall be
attached. Before April, 21,2017 the application will reach its alpha-testing phase. After
alpha testing the application will be available for download on the respective server.

1) The most major enhancement that will be done will be in the payment gateway.
as we know frauds occur more in digital world .so payment gateway will be made
more secure. we are looking forward to add support for payment by bitcoins.

2) Enhancements shall be made to graphical user interface

3) A forum for bug report shall be opened soon

Gabriel fielding. Android tutorial webpage.