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Danial Sohail MS - 2309

Methods to low energy cost of Compressor

Approximately 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air system. These systems power a
variety of equipment, including machine tools, material handling and separation equipment, and
spray painting equipment [1]. On average compressed air system typically comprises from
5% - 20% of a plants annual electric cost [2]. Therefore this cost must be reduced by improving
compressed air system by:

1. Utilizing Variable Speed Drive

Variable speed drive provides a variable capacity control from 30% - 100%, this reduce energy
cost by following factors:

Reducing Motor Starting Current

Improving Efficiency & Power Factor
Extending Component Life
Providing Accurate and Repeatable Pressure Control

2. Air Recovery System

Recovering air from compressed air system can reduced cost by following factors:

Reduction in Compressor Energy Consumption

Easily Installed to Existing Installations
Can be used to Supplement LP Air Requirements

3. By Improving the O&M Program

O&M program related to compressed air system can be improved to reduce energy cost by
implementing following practices:

Analyzing compressor operation and reducing leaks

Staging the compressor with controls to optimize performance
Implement a company-wide compressed air management policy to eliminate unnecessary
uses, fixing leaks and synchronizing use with supply and demand.
Smaller compressors to be used to operate during unoccupied periods
[2] C. Shimidt, K. Kissock, Power characteristics of industrial air compressors.