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Just Say Know: Drugs, Philosophy and Addiction

Course Description:
Psychoactive drugs have been used by humans from time immemorial. Many drugs
are naturally produced in plants and are used by human populations in the regions
in which they grow. Psychoactive drugs from plants have also been incorporated
into community celebrations, rites of passage, and religious ceremonies. This
course seeks to analyze Opiates, Hallucinogenics, Depressants and Stimulants from
a philosophical and ethical perspective by focusing on the pharmakon effect. In
what sense can a drug said to be good if it is inherently harmful at the same time?

1. From Plato and Moral Panic to the Pharmakons Poisonous Cure

2. From Tobacco and the Peace Pipe to Baudelaires Counterfeit Money
3. From Cannabis and Pain Relief to Recreational Brownies
4. From Alcohol and Prohibition to Intoxication and Sober Reality
5. From Opium and Oppression to Coleridges Kublai-Khan and William
Burroughs Naked Lunch.
6. From Big Pharma and Disease to Moms Chicken Soup
7. From Performance Enhancing Drugs and Going Fast to Wheaties
8. From Mushrooms and Shamans to a Moldy Shift in Consciousness
9. From LSD and psychonautics to Savage Soldiers in service of the State
10. From Cocaine and Freud to Pablo Escobars Narcos Kingdom and Scar
11.From Addiction and Recovery to Relapses and Treatment
12. From the Holy Spirit and Sacred Smoke to Inhalants
13. From the World of Virtual Escape to Knowledge of the Real.