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Thanks you All Exhibitors and Visitors who has

visited REI EXPO 2017 Inspire me to Show Sun

Power again in Year 2018 Let Commit to Gather

Grand Success from JMV LPS Ltd

Picture to abhi Suru huwi hey Dostoan
Salamat aur Phalta Phulta Rahe Dostana Hamara

Exhibitors and Visitors both are Bond togather

without Thanks and Appericiation this Exhibition will
not Compelet Lets do our Duty(Target 175GW)
Exhibitors and Visitors(Customer) are my HERO Thanks you all from
SUN Heart with Sunny SMILE
India Plan 100GW Solar Power in Year 2022
Solar Power Now Changing Many Phases
Use with Genset
Use with Wind Power
Use with High Energy Storage(Battery)
Instalation on Ground/Cannel Mounted
Instalation on Roof (Building)
Instalation on Water (Floating)
Instaltion on Building(BIPV Building Integrated
Transparent Photovoltaic Solar Glass
Follow NBC2016 Follow IEC62305
Follow IEEE 80 Follow NFC 17-102
Exhibitors Duty/Responsiblity
Since we have are host and welcome our Prestegious
Visitors(Customers) at our stall and shown our display products
and attended Technical and Commercial quiries our duty to send
thanks with address to their quries or in general thanks mail but
as per herarky try to send separate mail not in bulk form.
If you have local presence at Visitors(Customers) area and you
have enquiry try to attend asap
Sampling or Technical Document which you have not offered at
the time of Exhibition kindly do send asap with reference to
your meeting at stall because if delay always chance to loase
opportunity and this may one reason of Failure by many
companies leads not turn to bussines because they do not
attend important lead in time and do not do proper Follow-up.
Remarks this is my feedback if some one not agree my
Applologies for same in advance
Visitors(Customers) Duty/Resposiblity
Since you have been in the Exhibitors stall and their staff
has host you and shown products which they have kept
for display and also attended your quiry if any you have
raised and they have noted .
Your one appreciation letter or thanks letter may boost
energy and exhibitor feel their investment of Time ,
Money and Display efforts is recovered and difinitely next
year you will find they will Exhibit more and more new
Innovated products by them this is one place and
opportunity without investing your money and much
time in one place you are finding the products which
may be you are looking for but not found supplier let
appreciate for same to Exhibitors.
Remarks this is my feedback if some one not agree my
Applologies for same in advance
Thanks ,Appreciation or Sorry everthing should come from
heart this is not just Word Realy Mean and feel
Because of crowed or some bussy if you Feel by
unknowing you have heart any body who has visited Stall
(Exhibitors) or Have wrong argument by Vistors reason
may be anything JUST SAY SORRY .
If you found some your know visitors has visited your stall
with more Visited who you have no contact earlier send
thanks letter separate for doing this favour by your
known visitors,
Visitors should send appreciation notes to exhibitors if
they have found some new information which they was
looking for
Remarks this is my feedback if some one not agree my
Applologies for same in advance

Microgrid control

Energy storage and

grid stabilization
Sikhane ke liye Aap Aaye Aapka Sukriya Electrical &Human Safety First
An Arcing Fault is the flow of current through
the air between phase conductors or phase
conductors and neutral or ground. Concentrated
radiant energy is released at the point of arcing
an a small amount of time resulting
in Extremely High Temperature.
Fire Accident in Solar PV Power Plant
Reason Lose Contact Earthing Disorder and Lightning
Solar Panel Fire Accident
Surge in Systems and Result
Surge in DC Application
Earthing Design and Require Result
For substation Large Power below 1.00Ohm
For substation Small Power below 2.00Ohm
SCADA/TELECOM and AutomationFor substation Large
Power below 0.50Ohm
Tower and Other Structure between 8-15Ohm
Lightning Surge Protection 50KA below 5Ohm or 100KA
between 8-15Ohm
Follow Standard IEC /IEEE
Recommended use of Hybrid Metal to Protect from Theft
Copper Clad Steel/Alumineum Clad Copper
Exothermeic weld IEEE 837
Maintenance Free - Equipment Earthing
33KV Electrical Sub Station
Grid/Earth Mat Design
Lightning Risk assessment Study is actually the measure of risk of a lightning strike and
probability of damages. As Per IEC62305-2.

All these calculations are based on:

Lightning strike density inthat particular area(provided byOMV i.e.Ng =
Danger for people,
Occupation coefficient of structure,
Relative location of site,
Fire Risk,
Associated services,
Electrical Lines,
Lightning Protection Level,
Surge Arrestor and
Dimensions of installation.
Risk Assessment Calculator as per IS/IEC 62305
ESE Installation Guidence

ESE AT with radius protection form 32 mtr to 107 mtr.

DMC Insulator .

GI/FRP Mast .

Down Conductor Copper / Copper Cadmium

Cable 70 sq. mm

Copper Bonded Ground Earthing

JMV Products Everything of Electrical
Safety and Protection
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We Protect You
Use Electrical Safety
Earthing & Protection
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