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A: Hi Joshua

A: Fine, I just finished my exams. I think I did them well.

A: Yes, I hope to travel too.
A: Yes, I understand perfectly. Did you travel out of town before?
A: Where did you go?

A: 10 years ago?! Are you serious? Did you never travel to another place after
that date?
A: Oh, I see. So, How long did you stay there?

A: Well, the last time it was in my vacations. I travel to puno to meet the city of
Uros with my family.

We had a great time on the trip everything was games on the bus, the trip lasted
4 hours until Juliaca, we took another bus to get to Puno which was a 45 minute
journey we stayed in very close to the hotel in the central square of the city.

The next day we went to know the city and we realized it was very small and it
was surrounded of a lot of water.

We headed to take a boat to reach the Uros, a city made of totoraq that fote in
the water.

A: Thats true, but in Puno is the Lake Titicaca. Its the biggest lake in Per.
Tourists should go there.
A: I also believe Cusco is more populated than Puno. I guess.

A: Something new? I ate trout but I didnt like it. I dont remember if I ate another
food new for me. Did you eat something new?
B: Yes, I ate corn and cheese

A: I see. Well, at least you went with your family. You feel safer with your family
than with your friends. And you feel freer with your friends than your family at the
same time.

A: No, I didnt, but our teacher and some parents took us to a discotheque. It was
weird. We drank some soft drinks and we met other guys from another graduation
trip. Their girls were taller than ours.
B: Thats funny. - Puno is the smallest that Cusco
A: I hope to go back Cusco someday.
A: I see. Well dude, it was funny to talk with you about ours experiences in travels.
I gotta go. See you.