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Paragraph Rubric

Name: ________________________________________

Object of Interest paragraph writing assignment.

Criteria 1 2 3 4 5
Paragraph Four elements Three Two elements One element is All paragraph
elements: are missing elements are are missing missing elements are
-Thesis/Topic missing clearly
sentence included
-3 or 4 supports
Writing Only one Missing two or Missing two or Missing one All
Process: draft handed more more component components
-brainstorming in components components included
-edits No revisions Minimal Some Final draft
-final copy in revisions revisions shows careful
INK revisions
-cover sheet
Mechanics: Multiple Some errors A few errors Good Excellent
-spelling errors causing remain, remain, but do mechanics mechanics
-grammar confusion causing some not interfere Minimal No spelling
-punctuation confusion with meaning grammatical errors
errors No
Minimal grammatical
spelling errors errors

Creativity: Minimal Some attempts Catches the Very Attention

-interesting attempts to to grab readers interesting and grabbing thesis
sentences and grab readers readers attention creative
vocabulary attention attention Strong
-holds readers Interesting and Interesting supports
interest creative word choices
word choices.