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One out of every two doses of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) that Pfizer distributes goes to
the worlds poorest countries through our partnership with GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance.

Under the Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) through the GAVI alliance, Pfizer has pledged to
supply PCV 13 at a per-dose price of US$3.05 for the multi-dose vial (MDV) procurement by the
governments of Gavi-eligible countries through 2025.

Globally, our vaccines tiered pricing approach is carefully calibrated to help countries have access to
our vaccines. Countries with the least ability to afford a vaccine pay a lower price in accordance with
their governments resources while countries that can afford to pay more are asked do so.

The price in higher income countries allows us to support the delivery of vaccines in lower income
countries as well as to continue efforts to develop new vaccines.

PCV 13 has already been deployed in over 115 countries in their public immunisation programs,
making it the most widely used PCV in the world.

In five years (from 2010 to 2015), more than 300 million doses of Prevenar 13 have been delivered
under the AMC, administered by Gavi.[1]

Approximately 44 million babies are eligible to receive Prevenar 13 through their countrys
national immunisation program every year. This equates to approximately one-third of the worlds
babies every year.[2]

In India, Pfizer introduced its PCV in India in 2006.

PCV 13 was deployed in 2010 as an advancement over PCV 7 and has since been administered over
4.5 million times to help protect over 1.5 million child lives in India.

Today, more than 1.2 million doses are administered each year and this is growing at a fast pace
with rising awareness about pneumococcal disease.

Through its inclusion in Indias National Immunisation Program in 5 states, an additional 5 million
children will be protected by this vaccine from life-threatening pneumococcal diseases in the first
phase alone.

We are keen to work with the Government of India to scale up the deployment of PCV 13 in the
public program, in a manner that is sustainable for the Government. We will continue to partner
with the government and other stakeholders on how we can support the widest possible
deployment of this vaccine to help protect as many children as possible from pneumococcal disease.