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The Script


Separateness and
Belonging in the
Dance of Life
by Diane Salters
Ted Novey
Honored with W e are pleased to publish here an edit-
ed version of the keynote speech given
However, I still needed to find out more about
this strange word homonomy. Writing in
Western humanistic psychotherapies, the asser-
tion of the individual over the constraints of the
2006 Berne Award by Diane Salters at the Institute of Transactional
Analysis (ITA) conference in Exeter, England, in
1941, Andras Angyal (1941/1972)one-time
resident director of research at Worcester State
family or culture. The divorce (however
friendly) from parental figures is the focus.
April 2006. Hospital in Massachusettsdefined autonomy
he ITAA is pleased to announce that Angyal (1941/1972), however, did not stop
T well-known and long-time ITAA
member Ted Novey has been awarded the
When Carole Shadboldt, on behalf of the confer-
ence committee, asked me to give this keynote
there. He identified another equally important
human impulse, which he called a trend
2006 Eric Berne Memorial Award for his address, she said the theme would be Auto- If we can truly surrender towards homonomy wherein the emphasis is
international research project to evaluate nomy and Homonomy. Well, thanks to Eric, we ourselves to our fullest cosmic displaced from the individual to the collective,
the effectiveness of transactional analysis all know what autonomy means, dont we? But homonomy, we may find the to superindividual wholes in which the person
psychotherapy.This work was presented in homonomy? Were subtitling it Separateness tends to submerge himself (p. 173). This speaks
his January 2002 TAJ article entitled,Mea- and Belonging, she said. Ah, that was better, courage to reach for new levels of our need to belongto family, village, tribe,
suring the Effectiveness of Transactional and I was immediately engaged. of autonomy. nation, and so on. It recognizes our need for
Analysis: An International Study. My own lived experience has inevitably been strokes, recognition, structure, and intimacy.
In their statement nominating Ted for shaped by the peculiarly intense form in which In fact, these two trends, although apparently in
ITAAs most prestigious award, Denton the dynamic of separateness and belonging has in the biological sense as self-government; by opposition, cannot exist alone. We cannot be
Roberts and Claude Steiner wrote of his been expressed in South Africa. Apartheid lit- this he meant that the organism itself is, to a apart from something unless we are or were in
project: erally means a state of separateness. Indigenous large extent, the cause of its functions . . . some sense a part of it. Why is this dynamic
African society, on the other hand, emphasizes a endowed with spontaneity (p. 33). Ah... anoth- between separateness and belonging important?
This is the first, large-scale study of the
deep sense of belonging expressed in the term er familiar term. In humans he saw this trend Well, for me it opens the door on a lifelong
effectiveness of transactional analysis. It
ubuntu and revealed in the saying, Umuntu towards autonomy as distinctly individualis-
is based on the widely used and vali-
gumuntu gabantua person is a person be- tic (p. 173), an expression of our need to be
dated database and methodology used
cause of other people. separate. This is the familiar stuff of modern continued on page 2
by the Consumers Union in their eval-
uation of a large variety of consumer
products. . . . The results of .. . Noveys
research confirm the results of an ear-
lier study . . . namely, that transactional
analysis [as] practiced by 27 advanced
members of the organization is judged
significantly more effective by 932 cli-
Games and Lovelessness
ents than the psychotherapy practiced
by psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage by Claude Steiner
counselors, physicians, and psychoana-
lytic psychotherapists as measured by Stroke Procurement: The best approach to help people stop playing
Consumer Reports in previous studies. games is to teach them how to obtain strokes
This highly innovative, pioneering
The Basic Function of Games
in a game-free, direct manner.
research project is a crucial contribu- Games, as discovered and carefully described
and named by Berne, can be regarded from a Not playing games interrupts the loveless
tion to the transactional analysis move-
number of perspectives: as interpersonal gim- script and opens the heart to the Nurturing
ment. With a large number of psy-
Parent and the experience of love, loving, and Lovelessness is caused by the
chotherapeutic approaches and disci- micks and switches that people play on each
other, as self-destructive behavioral patterns that being loved. fact that we individually and as a
plines available in the marketplace, it is
critically significant that consumers of people perversely pursue to confirm existential We play games to obtain strokes and to confirm society obey the injunctions of
trained transactional analysts have eval- positions, as strategies with which people en- our scripts. According to Berne (1964), The the stroke economy.
uated it as significantly more effective snare each other in their scripts, or as clever advantage of a game consists in its stabilizing
than other approaches. . . .This research names for socially inept and obnoxious behavior. (homeostatic) function. Biological homeostasis
points to additional, important ques- In this article I present the stroke-centered view is promoted by the stroking and psychological strokes or, said in other words, You will not
tions to be investigated regarding the of games, which holds that: (homeostasis) is reinforced by the confirmation love or be loved. When obeyed, these state-
factors (theory, methodology, training) of position (p. 56). We play games because ments result in a script of lovelessness. Love-
that determine the effectiveness of The primary result of playing a game is the they produce needed strokes, a distressing but lessness is an exceedingly common, banal script;
transactional analysis. acquisition of strokes. apparently effective way to maintain the health as common and banal as the not unrelated, gen-
People are starved for positive strokes due to of nervous tissue (p. 56). der-based masculinity and femininity scripts
Unfortunately, Ted will not be able to at-
their adherence to the restrictive rules of the described by Wyckoff (1971; see also Steiner,
tend the Istanbul conference to receive his The other reason Berne gives for playing games
stroke economy. 1974) that affect us everyday, everywhere.
award in person, although he has written is that they confirm the existential position
an acceptance article that will be published The rules of the stroke economy are enforced embodied in the script. Berne (1964) defined the
in the July 2006 TAJ. However, in a letter by the Critical Parent. existential position as a simple predicative The Stroke Economy Rules
that was sent to Ted with his award plaque Stroke-hungry people, much like people statement which influences all the individuals and the Loveless Script
(see photo above), current ITAA President starved for food, will accept negative strokes transactions [and] in the long run determines his Lovelessness is caused by the fact that we indi-
Jim Allen and ITAA President-Elect and act- if they cannot obtain positive ones. destiny and often that of his descendants as vidually and as a society obey the injunctions of
ing chair of the EBMA committee Gian- well (p. 45). the stroke economy, enforced by the Critical
Every time a game is played it reinforces the
piero Petriglieri wrote, On behalf of the Parent, which discourage us from giving strokes
banal, existential position of the loveless The predicative statement that influences all of
International Transactional Analysis Associ- we want to give, from asking for and accepting
script: Youre not OK. You will not love or our stroking transactions and thus influences our
ation, our sincere appreciation and grati-
be loved. destiny is You will not give or take positive continued on page 2
tude for your significant work on behalf of
transactional analysis.
Autonomy and Community in Transactional Analysis
I t is a pleasure to reprint Diane Salterss
thought-provoking keynote speech from
the April 2006 Institute of Transactional
belonging and to the concept of the develop-
mental force of cultural memesilluminates the
tensions of a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary
I found Dianes description of the spiral dynam-
ics and tensions between autonomy (separate-
ness) and homonomy (belonging) fascinating.
Theory in evo-
lution shifts
Analysis conference in Exeter, England. She organization such as ours. Her descriptions of the levels of cultural memes back and forth
invites our transactional analysis communities (the social gene that is passed on culturally among these
to consider the ongoing interfaces of separation As I read what Diane wrote, I also thought of my and that defines the values, worldview or con- various levels
and belonging within psychological, social, roles as editor of The Script and coeditor of the sciousness of individuals within a social group) and functions.
racial, and political structures. Deeply reflecting Transactional Analysis Journal. Bernes con- helped me to understand the tensions and con- When our pub-
the roots of transactional analysis as a social ceptualization of human hungers for structure, flicts I often experience as an editor of our pub- lications are
psychology, Diane sets her speech within the recognition, and stimulation has long been an lications. Most of us have been drawn into and really cooking,
context of the complex social and political organizing principle in my work as an editor of devoted to transactional analysis because it has, we can make the leap, at least for a while, into
upheavals that have transpired in South Africa our professional publications. I see our theories, in some personal way, contributed significantly the realms of integration and holism.
during her lifetime. and their demonstration through our training and to our psychological survival and well-being,
which fosters a deep sense of loyalty to tradi- As Diane vividly demonstrates with her exam-
As I read her speech in preparing copy for this tions and teachers/therapists. Many turn to trans- ples from South Africa, this evolution is not easy
months Script, I found myself thinking of the When our publications are really actional analysis organizations and training and and not without uncertainty, vulnerability, and
implications of her talk for our transactional cooking, we can make the leap, at certification for power and authority (structure conflict in the midst of growth and understand-
analysis communities worldwide, which now ing. Bernes vision of transactional analysis as a
includes nearly 50 organizations around the
least for a while, into the realms and validation/recognition). Theory can serve
cross-cultural model was daring. We are now
important functions at this level, but when this is
globe. The growth of transactional analysis of integration and holism. its primary personal or organizational function, third- and fourth-generation practitioners from a
worldwide demonstrates the validity of transac- theory gets stuck and becomes endangered as variety of disciplines and many different cul-
tional analysis across cultures in keeping with dogma. I see the primary function of our profes- tures deeply immersed in figuring out how to
Eric Bernes original vision. In transactional examination procedures, as meeting the need for sional publications as supporting rationality actualize and sustain that vision. Its not easy,
analysis we have a theoretical and practical professional structure. I have understood a pri- (competition/enterprise, i.e., autonomy) as well but then its never boring either.
model that can be adapted within a variety of mary function of our publications to meet the as community (cooperation/equality, i.e., homo-
recognition hunger of our membership (belong- Bill Cornell can be reached at 145 44th St.,
social and cultural environments as well as in nomy). The move to these stages of social and
ing). When our publications are really working Pittsburgh, PA 15044, USA, or at bcornell@
clinical, counseling, educational, and organiza- cultural function can threaten the more basic
and engage our membership in professional .
tional settings. It has been the intent of our polit- levels of loyalty and authority, often feeling like
ical structures, training and certification proce- debate and dialogue, stimulus hunger moves to cracks in the foundation or betrayal of tradition.
dures, and professional publications to ensure the forefront.
broad reach and application of transactional
analysis. This has not always been an easy or
comfortable undertaking. Dianes speechwith
her attention to the inevitable and ongoing inter- Parentvariously called the ogre, the witch, the USA; e-mail:; Web site: www.
face of the human needs for both autonomy and Games electrode, the Pig Parent, the Enemy, and so .
continued from page 1 onwhich is committed to keeping us not
OK and alienated from each other as a way of
The Script controlling us. The Critical Parent will try to REFERENCES

the strokes we want, from rejecting strokes we interfere in every positive stroking transaction Berne, E. (1964). Games people play: The psychology
The Newsletter of the International with threats that tap into the basic, atavistic fear of human relationships. New York: Grove Press.
Transactional Analysis Association do not want, and from giving ourselves strokes.
Individual and collective obedience to these that we will be cut off from the herd and left to Steiner, C. (2000). Emotional literacy: Intelligence
2186 Rheem Dr., #B-1
Pleasanton, CA 94588-2775, USA rules produces widespread stroke hunger. Stroke die alone and unloved: Youll make a fool of with a heart. Fawnskin, CA: Personhood Press.
Phone: 925-600-8110 hunger motivates us to obtain strokes at any yourself, Youll be seen as needy and weak, Steiner, C. (1974). Scripts people live: Transactional
Fax: 925-600-8112 cost, even if they are the negative strokes gener- You cant trust peoples strokes, and so on. analysis of life scripts. New York: Grove Press.
E-mail: Wyckoff, H. (1971). The stroke economy in womens
Web site: ated by games. A stroke-hungry person will ac- It is difficult to countermand the Critical Parent scripts. Transactional Analysis Journal, 1(3), 16-20.
cept negative, toxic strokes, much like a starving within a social group that insists on following
Editor: William F. Cornell, MA person may eat spoiled or toxic food. stroke-economy rules. Therefore, the stroke-
Managing Editor: Robin Fryer, MSW
Desktop Publishing: lockwood design Transactional analysts, uniquely equipped to hunger project needs to include others who have
Printing: MarinSun Printing analyze transactions, can help people interrupt similar interests in obtaining positive strokes
their games by pointing out every gamey directly, in a game-free culture in which the
Subscription Rates: Nurturing Parent has sway, free from the influ- Upcoming TAJ Theme Issues
$10 as part of all ITAA membership dues; not stimulus and response. Berne spoke of social
available by separate subscription control as the initial step of transactional analy- ence of the Critical Parent. A therapy group or a
sis psychotherapy, in which the analyst encour- small organization or school is an excellent TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS
Advertising Rates: venue for such a project. Families, friendships,
Classified Ads: $5/per 80 characters/spaces ages the client to stop playing games by offering AND SUPERVISIOIN
transactional options to game transactions. and intimate couples are others. Again, transac-
Display Ads: Copy should be camera-ready tional analysts are uniquely trained to help
Ad Size Rate Width Height However, such options are difficult to exert for a Coeditors:
stroke-hungry person. People can, while stroke enhance such positive, cooperative OK/OK cul-
1/16 pg $50 2 (5cm) 3 (7.6cm) Bill Cornell and Carole Shadbolt
starved, attempt to stop playing games because tures in therapy groups, workplaces, schools,
1/8 pg $90 4 (11.5cm) 3 (7.6cm) Deadline for Manuscripts:
their Adult and Parent agree they should. The and organizations.
1/4 pg $170 4 (11.5cm) 6 (15.2cm)
3/8 pg $250 4 (11.5cm) 9 (23.5cm) problem is that the Child will be constantly 1 September 2006
1/2 pg H $330 9 (23.5cm) 6 (15.2cm) tempted to play its favorite games to try to get
1/2 pg V
9/16 pg
4 (11.5cm)
6 (17.2cm)
12 (32.4cm)
9 (23.5cm)
the strokes it craves, and the person will fre- When people are taught emotional literacy, they
learn to defy the rules of the stroke economy in

Full pg $625 9 (23.5cm) 12 (32.4cm)
quently give in to the Childs need.
a nurturing, emotionally safe environment of
Learning to Acquire Positive cooperation, devoid of power plays, lies, or TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS
Deadlines for copy and advertisingfirst of the
month prior to the month of publication. (The Script Rescues. The result is that people acquire the AND THE BODY
is not published in January, May, or September.)
Strokes capacity to decline game behavior and at the
Deadline: 1 July for the August issue; 1 September for Far more effective in helping people to stop same time gain access to that most longed-for Coeditors:
the September-October issue. playing games is to teach them how to procure experience: to love and be loved. Jan Morrison and Mary Goodman
Note: Publication of advertising in The Script does
strokes directly by a systematic program of emo-
tional literacy training (Steiner, 1997), which Games are loveless procedures to acquire life- Deadline for Manuscripts:
not imply endorsement by the newsletter, the edi-
tor, or the ITAA. demonstrates in transactional analytic detail sustaining strokes, while an absence of games 1 January 2007
how to offer and give wholly positive strokes, clears the way for the heart to open and for love
The Script (ISSN 0164-7393) is published monthly to enter our lives.
except January, May, and September by the
how to ask for strokes, how to accept wanted
strokes and refuse unwanted ones, and how to 
International Transactional Analysis Association.The Claude Steiner, PhD, TM, is putting the finishing
subscription rate is $10/year as part of dues for all give oneself strokes. Once nourished and free of
touches on his latest transactional analysis Please follow the instructions to authors
classes of membership. For information on dues stroke-hunger cravings, the person is better able
rates for various membership classifications, con- book, Confessions of a Psycho-Mechanic: My on the inside front cover of any recent
to exercise Adult control over the habitual,
tact the ITAA office at the above address. Long Life of Love, Sex and Psychotherapy on issue of the TAJ. Please e-mail manuscripts
game-ridden modes of interaction learned in
Periodicals postage paid at Pleasanton, California, Five Continents, and planning to focus all of to TAJ Managing Editor Robin Fryer, MSW,
and additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send
childhood and adolescence.
his energies to bring about the end to George W. at
address changes to The Script, 2186 Rheem Dr., The rules of the stroke economy are promoted Bushs Age of Error. Claude can be reached at
#B-1, Pleasanton, CA 94558-2775. 2006 Inter- 2901 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705, CA,
national Transactional Analysis Association, Inc.
and enforced in each person by the Critical

Published on recycled paper


AFTER HE SAID HELLO edited by Pam Levin
Finding Out about Eric Berne
by Ann Heathcote One of my passions during my transactional anal- would drop by Kupfers house quite often and sit have irritated people; he irritated me. However,
ysis journey has been to find out about Eric Berne with him for a long time. Both men would read without him hundreds of thousands of people
the man. I wanted to learn as much as I could their newspapers, saying nothing. Finally, after would not have benefitted from what he had to
W hen Pamela Levin asked me if I
would write something for the After
He Said Hello column on how Eric Berne and
about him, the man whose theory had had such an
impact on me and my life and work. To this end,
remaining in silent communication for the dura-
tion of the visit, Eric and Dave would nod good-
teach (Jorgensen & Jorgensen, 1984, p. 38).
An example of Bernes wit occurred after a pre-
his transactional analysis contributions changed during 1998 and 1999, I read everything about bye and Eric would get up and leave, still saying
sentation. A therapist contended that patients
my life or how I use them to help clients/orga- Eric Berne I could get my hands on and contact- nothing (Jorgensen & Jorgensen, 1984, p. 246).
often get better in spite of therapy. Berne
nizations/students learn, grow, and change, a ed all the people I knew of (at that time) who had
replied that they seem to get better in spite of
couple of personal memories quickly came to actually had the pleasure of meeting him. I asked
Transactional Analysis more quickly than in
mind. them if they had any memories, anecdotes, pho- I wish I had spite of other forms of treatment (Jorgensen &
tographs, tapes, and so on of Berne that they
First, there was my introduction to transactional would be willing to share. Many transactional
had the Jorgensen, 1984, p. 198).
analysis. It was 1990 and I had just finished a analysis folks were very generous, and I had a opportunity to Berne was in analysis during the last year of his
psychology degree, the work for which had wonderful time presenting the material at the meet and say life. . . . At his final session before his fatal heart
been very interesting but had not impacted me 1999 United Kingdom annual conference. attackjust, in fact, as he was leaving the
personally. I was tired after completing the
Hello to Eric
roomBerne turned and said, You know, Ive
The following sections offer a few examples Berne. And
degree, and although I took a job as an adminis- spent my whole life teaching people how to
from Eric Bernes life that I found particularly
trator for a charity, in truth I had little idea of I often wonder achieve intimacy, and Ive never been able to get
impressive, touching, poignant, or funny.
what I wanted to do/be in the long term. I then any for myself (Jorgensen & Jorgensen, 1984,
attended a university extramural course called
what I would
His mother, Sara Gordon Bernstein, was always p. 244). Berne believed that intimacy was a
Behind the Mask: A Personal Growth Group, suggesting to her children that they write: Go have said next. generally unattainable state, and that a person
and the facilitator was a transactional analyst. ahead and write, she would say, You can do it! could consider themselves lucky if they experi-
Within a few sessions, I was smitten. I was, for Its easy. In fact, Berne told one of his secre- enced 15 minutes of intimacy in their lifetime
Dr. Martin Groder. . . remembers his first con-
the first time, beginning to understand myself taries that he had written every day of his life, if (Steiner, 1974, p. 18).
ference vividly, particularly the mock therapy
and how my early beginnings had affected me. only half a page, since he was fourteen
group held at the end. Berne tagged Groder to I wish I had had the opportunity to meet and say
The confusion and pain I had felt for as long as (Jorgensen & Jorgensen, 1984, p. 76). Small
be the therapist of the group, which came to be Hello to Eric Berne. And I often wonder what
I could remember began to ease. And before the wonder that Berne became such a prolific writer.
called Dr. Grudgeons Grueling and Grumbling I would have said next. And, oh what fun to have
end of the 10-week course, I remember looking
After dinner, Eric would play with his children Group. The mock therapy group was an institu- joined in with the jumping-up-and-down par-
at the facilitator and thinking, Thats what I
for exactly 45 minutes and then retire to his tion at the conferences for a number of years. ties!
want to do! The stage had been set, and it was
study, and every Sunday afternoon he took the The group was made up of TA superstars pre-
not long before I took the next step on my jour- Ann Heathcote is a Certified Transactional Ana-
children to the beach where he talked to them tending to be the most annoying patients they
ney to become a transactional analyst. lyst (psychotherapy) in private practice and the
as if they were in college (Jorgensen & Jor- had ever treated or could imagine. . . . Some-
The second memory that bounced into my mind times there was an audience of 600, all rolling in founder of The Worsley Centre for Psycho-
gensen, 1984, p. 128). He would do his consti-
involved the moment I learned to distinguish the aisles (Jorgensen & Jorgensen, 1984, pp. therapy and Counselling in Manchester, Eng-
tutional up and back several times, pull his
between my ego states. Clarity regarding this 173-174). What fun that sounds like to me! land. She is also one of the coeditors of the
insubordinate Charlie Brown cap over his eyes
took me a long time. Then one training day, Transactional Analysis Journal. She can be
and begin to nap, remarking, If anybody says
Fanita English commented, What I feel you reached by e-mail at ann.heathcote@btinter-
when I felt particularly low and defeated and anything funny, wake me up (p. 3). He sounds
should emphasize is, that as a result of this .
tearfully bemoaned the fact that I would never be like an OK dad to me!
mans influence, important changes took place
a good enough psychotherapist, my trainer said,
Seeing Eric Berne at his most interesting and in individuals and in society. That Eric dared REFERENCES
Ann, you know theres more to you than this!
best was to attend one of his Tuesday evening and sometimes dared clumsily and stupidly, and
I immediately cathected Adult and said, Yes! Cheney, W. D. (1971). Eric Berne: Biographical
seminars in San Francisco. . . . Colleagues enter- out of his own compulsions (not always neces-
loud and clear. There it was: the first moment I sketch. Transactional Analysis Journal, 1(1), 14-22.
ing [Bernes] residence would often find him sit- sarily because of Adult decisions). It may be
truly understood and experienced the difference Jorgensen, E., & Jorgensen, H. (1984). Eric Berne:
ting on the stairs offering each of us a hearty that, thanks to his crazy, compulsive daring,
between my Adult and Child ego states. Wow, Master gamesman. New York: Grove Press.
Hi! as we entered....One almost never saw him some of us did things and changed situations,
what a powerful intervention that was for me! Steiner, C. (1974). Scripts people live: Transactional
moody or morose. A smiling face was the domi- systems, people, in a way that couldnt have
This and similar experiences have helped me to analysis of life scripts. New York: Grove Press.
nant expression; there was ever ready a friendly been done otherwise. I want you to say this, not
be clear myself and to help my clients be clear
joking remark, a warmth of welcome in his deep only from the perspective of Oh, Eric was won-
regarding their different ego states. If you have a story to share, send it to Pam Levin at
and resonant voice (Cheney, 1971, p. 14). derful! but also from the perspective of some-
one like me who occasionally said: Damn the .
A touching example of Eric Bernes ability to be guy! Sometimes he was a bastard! He may
a supportive friend is recounted as follows:
Time was running out for Erics earliest disci-
TAJ Articles Now ple....[Dave] Kupfer had terminal cancer. Berne
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Introducing Members of the ITAA Board of Trustees

The Charm of Transactional Analysis

by Joaqun Granados-Rossi The experience of sharing their working table I had been looking for something like transac-
has been an honor. First, I had the opportunity to tional analysis for a long time. It was fairly sim-
meet most of the officers and trustees in person, ple, easy to understand and apply, direct, and

T his article, another in our series about

members of the ITAA Board of Trustees,
is by Joaqun Granados-Rossi, the trustee elect-
and I can say without hesitation that I learned a
lot, especially since most recent board members
have been senior transactional analysts and
humanistic, a way to gain self-knowledge and a
powerful instrument for understanding human
relations. In a few words, it provided me with a
ed to represent the Central/South American Re- many of themincluding Jim himself, Fanita means of becoming a better citizen, husband,
gion. Our hope is that by knowing a bit more English, Claude Steiner, Vern Masse, and oth- father, chief at work, teacher in college, and
about our officers and trustees, that you, our ersare major figures in the founding and most of all, a happier person. I attended confer-
readers and ITAA members, will be encouraged development of transactional analysis and the ences in Mexico, Venezuela, and Guatemala;
to contact them with your ideas and concerns. ITAA. The board has worked hard to put in read books and magazines; and became associ-
place the necessary tools and policies to reverse ated with the ITAA and indirectly with ALAT
I joined the ITAA Board of Trustees about a year the problems faced by the association, and along (the Latin American TA Association).
ago at a critical moment, when serious financial with a capable management team and advisors,
problems threatened its very existence. Some At this point, my main work is in my certified
they have helped to guide the ITAA toward a
friends thought that I could be of some help public accountant (CPA) and consulting office. I
better future.
because of my background as an accountant and also do voluntary advisory work for the Ministry
administrator. So, I jumped onto the train and This new activitybecoming an ITAA board of Arts and Culture in Costa Rica and the 4-H
started working with ITAA President Jim Allen membercame into my life after many years of Clubs Foundation as well as take care of our
and his team, first by e-mail and then in person doing organizational transactional analysis. I dairy business located on the mountainside of
at the wonderful 2005 World TA Conference in first heard of transactional analysis through the the Iraz volcano. That way I also keep in touch
Joaqun Granados-Rossi with his grandson
Edinburgh. high schools attended by my children. It felt like with nature, and I enjoy the work a great deal.
Ricardo Jos as a baby.
While I admire the constant developments by
professionals in the deep waters of therapeutic,
ITAA educational, and organizational transactional After that, I began working for a bank and went
Balance Sheet analysis, I also think that transactional analysis through college for 8 years in the afternoons and
December 31, 2005 is charming, fascinating, and can be beneficial evenings until I completed my degree in eco-
for everyone once it is known and practiced by nomics and social science, with a major in busi-
ordinary people, such as taxi and bus drivers, ness administration and accounting. During this
ASSETS policemen, judges, teachers, counselors, work- time I married my wife, Elizabeth, in my home
ITAA EBF SGF TOTAL ers, parents, students, friends, front-desk clerks, town of Cartago (the former capital of Costa
Bank and Investment Accounts and so on. I would like to see ways developed of Rica during Spanish colonial times). We had
Petty Cash 50.00 0.00 0.00 50.00 communicating transactional analysis ideas and four children, three girls and a boy, and now are
tools to those kinds of people, in person, via the blessed with six grandchildren. We live in west-
Checking Accounts 9,930.27 20,449.95 24,737.46 55,117.68
Internet, and through the news media. ern San Jos.
ITAA Savings 12,495.10 0.00 0.00 12,495.10
Benham Treasury Mutual Fund 0.00 48,395.66 65,576.39 113,972.05 Reading this brief article, you might ask if I have I am pursuing transactional analysis certification,
Vanguard Index 500 Fund 196,570.43 0.00 0.00 196,570.43 lived out my own life script. I was born in a lov- though I have a way to go yet. I want to have a
ing family along with two brothers and one sis- stronger base from which to promote trans-
Vanguard Equity Income Fund 197,581.02 81,237.60 92,648.44 371,467.06
ter in a fun and respectful neighborhood filled actional analysis, especially to ordinary people,
Vanguard Morgan Growth Fund 208,113.96 0.00 0.00 208,113.96 with relatives. All the families there gave us to share with them the transactional analysis con-
Total Bank & Investment Accounts 624,740.78 150,083.21 182,962.29 957,786.28 much comfort and love. At home, I was in the cepts and tools that can be useful in promoting
sandwich position, third in line, not the only healthy everyday relationships as well as helping
Accounts Receivable boy, not the oldest, not the youngest. I think that to reduce intrafamily violence, country violence,
ITAA Membership Accounts Rec 9,600.72 0.00 0.00 9,600.72 we sandwich kids, from the time we were and world crazy violence.
SGF Loan to ITAA 0.00 0.00 36,725.00 36,725.00 quite young, learned how to make our way out
and around in order to thrive and succeed, even As I said, for me, transactional analysis is both
Journal Inventory 5,180.26 0.00 0.00 5,180.26 charming and useful.
if the hard way. At the same time, I have always
Furniture and Equipment 19,076.65 0.00 0.00 19,076.65
Accumulated Depreciation <17,106.80> 0.00 0.00 <17,106.80>
Joaqun Granados-Rossi can be reached at PO
Box 5614, San Jose1000Costa Rica; e-mail:
Misc. Prepaid Expense 330.00 330.00 I think that transactional analysis .
Prepaid Rent 875.00 0.00 0.00 875.00 is charming, fascinating, and can
Prepaid Bulk Postage 50.00 0.00 0.00 50.00 be beneficial for everyone once
Prepaid Postage Meter 858.64 0.00 0.00 858.64
it is known and practiced by
Prepaid Insurance 2,312.09 0.00 0.00 2,312.09
ordinary people. ITAA WEB SITE:
Total Assets 645,917.34 150,083.21 219,687.29 1,015,687.84
had a sense of belonging to working groups. The ITAA Web site provides compre-
LIABILITIES AND FUND BALANCES During my school years, I was happy to partici-
pate in 4-H club activities, a good extracurricu- hensive information about every
lar complement for my education in many fields, aspect of the ITAA. Recent additions
Accounts Payable 17,845.07 0.00 0.00 17,845.07 including agriculture, cattle shows, sports, natu- to the site include links to upcoming
Note Payable to SGF 36,725.00 0.00 0.00 36,725.00 ral resources conservation, community improve-
Reserve for Accrued Vacations 10,187.00 0.00 0.00 10,187.00 ment, public speaking, and leadership, the latter international, national, and regional
Deferred Membership Income 48,614.75 0.00 0.00 48,614.75 of which I developed by working in the demo- activities as well as membership crite-
Total Liabilities 113,371.82 0.00 0.00 113,371.82 cratic, self-governing board of directors. I also ria and an application form. If you
participated in summer camps and student ex-
changes, the latter of which included a chance to want your Web site linked from the
Fund Balances
live and share activities for several months with ITAA site, please forward the site
Balance Beginning of Period 625,955.12 143,101.24 214,629.46 983,685.82 farm families in the United States (Illinois and address (URL) to webmaster@
SGF & EBF Net Income 0.00 6,981.97 5,057.83 12,039.80 California) just after high school. It was the cul-
Net Income-All Operations <93,409.60> 0.00 0.00 <93,409.60> mination of that whole theme that helped me so . Please also forward any
Total Fund Balance 532,545.52 150,083.21 219,687.29 902,316.02 much in the formation of my personality. There suggestions, feedback, and information
I learned to do group work and to develop pro- for upcoming events.
Total Liabilities & Fund Balance 645,917.34 150,083.21 219,687.29 1,015,687.84 jects following certain disciplines and better and
more efficient ways of doing things.


USATAA Launches
Educational Project
by Denton Roberts the theory and application of transactional
analysis in action

T he USA Transactional Analysis Associa-

tion (USATAA) is launching an educa-
tional program to reintroduce transactional anal-
2. A two-day course in basic transactional anal-
ysis that provides a comprehensive overview
of the essential components of TA and how
ysis to relevant professional communities these concepts apply to treatment and training
nationwide. With a grant from the ITAA, the
USATAA is developing an aggressive campaign 3. Four two-day, in-depth training modules
to inform counselors, educators, and organiza- The basic training modules will cover classical
tional specialists about the basic concepts and transactional analysis (structural and functional
applications of transactional analysis. analysis, transactional analysis proper, games,
Due to the complexities of US licensure laws treatment contracts, rackets, and scripts). The Council members shown are: Bill Krieger, Denton Roberts, Fanita English, Mark Wise, Dianne
and requirements and because transactional two-day advanced training modules will cover Maki, Felipe Garcia, Anna Long, Barbara LittleHorse, Bobbie Barry, Lucy Freedman, and Toppie
analysis was labeled a pop psychology, there using transactional analysis with couples, in Lincicome.
currently exists a generation of professionals short-term therapy, and with small groups.
who have not had in-depth exposure to transac-
The program is designed for licensed/certified expertise. The program is relatively low cost Bill Krieger and Mary Westphal are developing
tional analysis and do not know the powerful
professionals and graduate students in the clini- (with some scholarship aid available)$25 for publicity and a database for this project. Bill is
tool it is for human growth and development. To
cal field. Participants from other disciplines are the initial one-day presentation and $50 for each currently arranging for the project to be initiated
correct this problem, USATAA has developed a
welcome to participate and can receive certifica- of the modules (or $300 for all seven)so as to as a postconference workshop in New Mexico,
program tailor-made to the needs of US profes-
tion in their field of application. Participants be accessible to as many students and profes- and Mary is developing a database of academic
sionals and students. Based on the modular
who complete all the modules will be awarded a sionals as possible. institutions at which transactional analysis is
program developed by senior transactional ana-
certificate as a transactional analysis practitioner being taught. If you have information that might
lysts and successfully applied already in Jamaica Recently, one of the first training sessions was
and will qualify for a final module in order to assist them in these tasks, they would be glad to
and Canada, this program meets the needs of held at Sing Sing prison (one of Americas most
learn to be a transactional analysis trainer. In hear from you. Bill can be reached at wkrieger
those who require in-depth training beginning notorious correctional institutions) with leaders
addition, continuing education units will be and Mary can be contacted at
with the classic TA 101 course and continuing Edie Beaujon, Vince Gilpin, and Denton
awarded for each session. .
through advanced application of transactional Roberts. Currently, programs are being estab-
analysis theory in treatment and consultation. Leadership for the modular presentations will be lished in Dallas, Texas; Portland, Oregon; New
provided by senior transactional analysts York City; Kansas City, Missouri; Boise, Idaho; For further information on any aspect of this
The program has three distinct stages:
transactional analysis masters with at least 25 and several other locations. (If you are interest- exciting development in the United States,
1. An evening presentation by a certified trans- years of experience using TA in private prac- ed in establishing a program, contact Dentonrob please contact Denton Roberts at dentonrob
actional analyst that provides an overview of ticewho volunteer (pro bono) their time and .


Therapeutic Journey:
Practice and Life
by James Allen
Barbara Allen
This extraordinary book is a must read! From an introductory guide to the
26-29 JULY 2006 therapeutic encounter for the novice to clear and accessible expositions of such
topics as constructivism and the inner neurobiology of intersubjectivity, it does,
indeed, offer us a therapeutic journey full of insight, wisdom, and joy.

Organized by The International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) This book is a collection of papers by Jim and Barbara Allen, who spent 40
and the Turkish Transactional Analysis Association (TAD) years integrating mental health principles into their public and private lives
Supported by ASAM Child and Family Development Center and their teaching.The topics they write about range widely and include what
to do after meeting the patient, types of treatment, trauma, social construc-
Preconference Institutes: 25-26 July tivism, working with children and adolescents, the biological underpinnings of
transactional analysis and mental health interventions, family therapy, trans-
BOC Exams (CTA/TSTA): 26 July ference, redecision therapy, and social issues related to drug use, American
Indian adolescents, the Oklahoma City bombing, war, and the Tulsa race riots
of the 1920s.While neither solely a textbook nor a memoir, these papers can
Send conference questions to be used by both beginning and experienced practitioners.
Visit the conference Web site at
Price: $40
Shipping: Surface: USA: $7, International: $12
To purchase, contact the ITAA, 2186 Rheem Dr., #B-1, Pleasanton, CA 94588-2775, USA;
See the January-February 2006 issue of The Script Phone: 925-600-8110; Fax: 925-600-8112; E-mail:;
Web site:
for more information


holon or stage) are, if developmentally appropri- individual or cultural patterns are healthy? Are
Separateness ate, the means by which we may attain expand- we condemned, especially in our multicultural
continued from page 1 ing realms of autonomy and homonomy. societies, to an impotent cultural relativism?
To take this further, let us now look at the South I submit not. In transactional analysis we have
Africa of more recent history. In 1993 I returned good tools for interrogating parental injunctions,
engagement with the personal and the political after 25 years of exile to be part of the hoped for examining personal and cultural scripts, and
an intense interest in the inner, individual miracle: the transition to democracy without enabling people to make informed choices about
journey and the social question of how we can the bloodshed that everyone had anticipated. what constitutes a healthy or unhealthy Cultural
build just, sustainable, and sustaining societies. When people stood side by side in those endless Parent within their context. Moreover, we can
queues to vote, the sense of relief was palpable. do this while maintaining an Im OK, Youre
The year of my birth, 1947, was one of signifi- OK position that, while not value free, is
cant political changes in South Africa resulting When the results came out, the joy exploded.
respectful of a range of values and frames of ref-
in the worlds most notorious organized separa- This was not just liberation for black people.
erence. Also, as transactional analysis practition-
tion of people based on race. Already existing Though some whites still feared the change, this
ers we are used to thinking developmentally.
segregationist laws and practices were now built nonetheless felt like a release for us all. The
This helps us to assess what is healthy in terms
up into a far more comprehensive design for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission headed
of the needs of the child of whatever age.
separate development of whites, Indians, col- by Archbishop Desmond Tutu emphasized for-
oreds (people of mixed race), and blacks. Spe- giveness. The public holiday formerly celebrat- What we lack in transactional analysis is a model
cific areas of land and spheres of employment ing the Battle of Blood River between the that enables us to apply this kind of developmen-
were reserved for each group. Black people Boers and the Zulus became the Day of tal thinking at a social level. I would, therefore,
were further subdivided into the various tribal Reconciliation. The Rainbow Nation emerged as like to introduce you to one that I find compati-
groups: amaXhosa, amaZulu, baPhedi, and so a symbol of hope for the world. ble with transactional analysis and that has
on. That this system had nothing to do with enriched my work in a culturally diverse context.
What made this miracle possible? Many com-
development and much to do with ensuring It is called spiral dynamics, and it was devel-
plex factors, of course, but I will focus on the
white privilege and power was obvious to the oped by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan
ones that I think were most important. First, we
majority of black South Africans and to the rest Mrs. Mbeki in Voortrekker costume (the dress (1996/2002), who, interestingly, were actively
were blessed in our leaders at that time;
of the world. of her peoples traditional enemy) and Mike engaged in negotiations for transformation in
Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela were the
Boon, dressed half in Western colonial clothes South Africa.
What was less obvious, perhaps, was how close- most visible and famous, but there were many
other exceptional men and women who took and half in Zulu traditional kilt of skins (he is
ly this system of separation relied on and ex- Their model is based on the work of Professor
part in the negotiations that led to change. an initiated Zulu). (Photo by kind permission
ploited peoples need to belong. Whites feared Clare Gravesa contemporary of Eric Berne
of Mike Boon)
not only loss of power and privilege but also the Second, I think the concept of ubuntu, together and a similarly independent and creative thinker
loss of their sense of belonging to a particular with a deep spirituality, allowed black South who developed what he called a biopsy-
and obviously superior group. Coloreds and Africans to be inclusive, to emphasize collective chosocial systems perspective for understand-
Indians could be neutralized by an appeal to healing, and to show a generosity of spirit that about their fears and the potential risks and ing human patterns of development.
their special group sense and relative superiori- was quite awe inspiring. (Sadly, white South rewards of the experience, I felt for them. These
were not rural boys used to staying out in all Beck and Cowan (1996/2002) combined
ty, and blacks could be prevented from present- Africans have been less open to acknowledging
weather with the cattle, and they were ill Gravess original ideas with Dawkinss (1976)
ing a united front by emphasizing tribal loyal- the damage done.)
equipped to face physical hardship of the kind concept of the memethe social gene that is
ties. (And, of course, these divisions have far
I remember the first workshop I ran for HIV and they would have to endure. Both of them clearly passed on culturally and that defines the values,
from disappeared in the 12 short years of our
AIDS care workers in 1996. I was cofacilitating had serious reservations. I asked if they had con- worldview, or consciousness of individuals with-
with a Zulu friend, and although I had shared sidered not going. One of the boys said longing- in a social group. Spiral dynamics thus proposes
with the group my political history, I was aware ly, I wish we had that kind of choice. We would that all human societies develop along a spiral
that my white skin (I was the only white person path of increasingly complex economic and
While autonomy and homonomy be ostracized; we could never be recognized as
social stages over time and that each has an asso-
present) still represented something very painful men. So, despite the cost in health and some-
are both essential aspects of for those women. Nonetheless, they all partici- ciated set of characteristic values and thought
times lives, this traditional practice remains
human growth, societies at pated fully and deeply in the process. In the clos- entrenched. (Sometimes unwilling boys are ab- structuresa mind of its own. Beck and Co-
ing circle, I said that I imagined that it must have wan described this in terms of a wave-like meta-
different stages and for many ducted by their uncles and forced to take part.)
memea systems or values meme (vMEME)
been difficult to place their trust in a white
reasons may emphasize one woman; a deep murmur of assent went around I hope that these examples from South Africa that. . . . structures the thinking, values system,
over the other. the room, yes, it had been hard. I thanked them past and present show that while autonomy and political forms and world views of whole civi-
for their generosity in giving me a chance to homonomy are both essential aspects of human lizations (p. 32). They further ascribe an asso-
share my humanity with them. Several of them growth, societies at different stages and for ciated color to each vMEME wave (see Figure 1).
Apartheid clearly revealed that separation does rose to come and hold me, and soon we were all many reasons may emphasize one over the
other. Traditional tribal society values homono- You will notice a strong resemblance to Pam
not necessarily have anything to do with auton- weeping together for the sorrows of the past, the
my, modern capitalism values autonomy. And in Levins (1988/2001) work on individual devel-
omy. Within that closed system, autonomy in relief of the present, and the hope for the future.
any society, forced separation or belonging is opment as well as a number of important differ-
any meaningful sense was impossible, even for That is the spirit of ubuntu, the impulse to
detrimental to both autonomy and homonomy. ences. Please remember that this is a very basic
white people. Any expression of dissent resulted homonomy. introduction to spiral dynamics; I invite those of
in prison, exile, or ostracism. For black people,
The same spirit was evident in the South African Where does that leave us as transactional analy- you who are interested in more detail to do some
the consequences were often lethal. Equally, the
Women in Dialogue project spearheaded by sis practitioners? How are we to know when further reading.
limited kind of belonging that was emphasized
can hardly be said to have anything in common Mrs. Zanelle Mbeki (wife of our president). This
with the concept of homonomy in the fullest initiative brought women of all races, classes,
sense, which is about being subject to the same and faiths together to tell their personal stories Holism TURQUOISE
or a constant law (Oxford Shorter Dictionary). and to build a common vision for the new South
Universal Connectedness
Africa. It was an extraordinary process involv- YELLOW Integration
I want, therefore, to make a distinction at this Whole Earth Networks
ing thousands of women from all over the coun-
point between autonomy and homonomy as try (although sadly, few white women came). At Freedom & Responsibility
larger, deeper concepts and separateness and the opening dinner, people were asked to wear Partnership Structures
belonging as the processes by means of which traditional dress. Mrs. Mbeki chose to wear a Community GREEN
these trends unfold. Voortrekker costume, the dress of her peoples Cooperation/Equality
traditional enemy. Social Democratic States
In all of nature, growth can be viewed as a series ORANGE Rationality
of separations and belongingsfrom one whole Despite the positive virtues of ubuntu, it would Competition/Enterprise
to become part of a larger and more complex be a mistake to romanticize traditional African Multiparty States
whole. The term that philosophers and scientists society. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child, and
use for this is (wait for it . . .) holonomy. This that is wonderful when it works, but where does Authority BLUE
is derived from the word holism, originally that leave the child if it is abused? The sense of
coined by a South African, Jan Smuts, in 1926 to belonging can also bring with it a requirement of Rules & Hierarchies
RED Power Centralized States
describe a tendency in nature to produce loyalty that insists the abuse is not acknowl-
wholes from the ordered grouping of units edged for fear that it will disturb the equilibrium Rich Elites & Heroes
units that are themselves wholes (Oxford of the family. This is true even in a nuclear fam- Empires
Shorter Dictionary). ily, but how much more binding is it when the
whole village is family? This emerged very Tradition PURPLE
The embryo is a holon within the holon of the clearly in the stories told by delegates to the Loyalty to Kin & Ancestors
mothers body. Yet it cannot be birthed to its BEIGE Survival
Womens Dialogue project. Tribal Groups
next stage without separation from that holon to Closeness to Nature
become part of the new holon of the dyadic rela- Recently, I was talking with two young Xhosa Hunter-Gatherer Bands
tionship . . . and so on. This is a process with men who were preparing to go to the bush.
which we are familiar. If separation is forced or This is the term for the initiation rite that many
premature, the infant is at risk; if belonging is young men undergo each year. It involves the rit- Figure 1
maintained too long, healthy birthing cannot ual sharing of danger and hardship by a group of Spiral DynamicsDefinitions
take place. The processes of separation (from peers under the guidance of older men. They are ( Diane Salters 2006 after Beck and Cowan, 1996/2002)
one holon or stage) and belonging (to another also circumcised. As the two young men talked


BEIGE is all about survival and values oneness are talking with God when you are doing
with nature. We find people organizing in these things. (p. 162)
hunter/gatherer bands. Universality
We cannot return to a hunter gatherer existence
PURPLE is all about tradition and values loyal- Integration (beige), but we can integrate !Nqates experience
ty to kin and ancestors. We find people organiz- to shape our new understanding (yellow/
ing in tribal groups. turquoise). Perhaps if we can value all of our past
and bring it into the present in an unfolding sense
RED is all about power and values heroes and Community of autonomy, we can also create an ever-widen-
rich elite. We find people organizing in empires
ing sense of homonomy. At that point, as Jung
(large or small).
put it, There is no loneliness, only ever-increas-
BLUE is all about authority and values hierar- ing allness (as cited in Richo, 1997, p. 74).
chies and rules. We find people organizing in Rationality Or, conversely, if we can truly surrender our-
centralized structures and states.
selves to our fullest cosmic homonomy, we may
ORANGE is all about rationality and values find the courage to reach for new levels of
competition and enterprise. We find people Authority autonomy. In fact, David Richo (1997)
organizing in multiparty states. reminds us, The universe is constantly granting
us the mirroring we may have missed in child-
GREEN is all about community and values co- hood (p. 45).
operation and equality. We find people organiz- Power
ing in social-democratic states. In the Great Dance of Life, we come together
and we separate, we choose our steps but we are
These bands or waves of vMEMES develop guided by a rhythm that has its own reality, and
sequentially, often merging into each other and as we move along our spirals we are as much
overlapping. Once established, all the memes danced as dancing. If I may be so bold as to rear-
are potentially available to everyone, and people range the words of T. S. Elliot:
may move from one wave to another depending
on circumstances. I, for instance, may demon- Survival Neither from nor towardsbut both from and
strate the blue wave in my strict adherence to the towardsthere the dance is . . . and there is
teachings of my faith group, orange in the com- only the dance.
pany for which I work, and green when I sign up
Diane Salters is a Provisional Teaching and
with a group to buy produce. Figure 2 Supervising Transactional Analyst. She runs
In general, however, it is difficult for a society or Spiral DynamicsAutonomy, Homonomy, & Physis diversity workshops in a number of educational
group whose members strongly occupy a partic- ( Diane Salters 2006 after Beck and Cowan, 1996/2002) and organizational settings and also teaches life
ular wave to appreciate the value of other waves. skills courses, based on transactional analysis,
Hence the difficulty some church leaders (pur- to young people from historically disadvantaged
ple/blue) may have in finding common ground The opportunity to integrate all these ele- Thirty years ago, Clare Graves, warning of some backgrounds. Diane offers TA 101 courses in a
with those of their faithful who are in favor of ments into our new constitution (yellow) of these blockages, nevertheless sounded an opti- variety of contexts for health professionals,
gay marriage or women priests (orange/green). mistic note: The present moment finds our soci- teachers, and managers, and she designed and
So what does all this have to do with the theme has been involved in running Caring for the
ety attempting the most difficult, but at the same
of this conference? The use of colors in spiral Carers workshops for HIV/AIDS care workers
time most exciting, transition the human race has
We cannot be apart from dynamics, while different from the familiar rain- and counselors. She also has a small private
faced to date. It is not merely a transition to a new
bow sequence, is helpful in illustrating that alter- practice in which she combines transactional
something unless we are or were level of existence but the start of a new move-
nating levels on the spiral of growth tend to analysis with sand play and family constellation
ment in the symphony of human history (as
in some sense a part of it. emphasize either autonomy or homonomy. Beck
cited in Beck & Cowan, 1996/2002, p. 39). work. Diane can be reached at 15 Disa Road,
and Cowan (1996/2002) described this as alter- Murdock Valley North, Simons Town, 7975,
nating between the express self or I oriented Part of the reason, I believe, that the rest of the South Africa; e-mail: .
In South Africa, tribal people (purple) were theme and the sacrifice self or we oriented world was so inspired by South Africa was that
often in direct conflict with the Khoi San hunter theme. we there were heralding just such a shift. Also,
gatherers (beige). Later, British soldierswear- as a country in which all the social forms as well REFERENCES
ing guess what color coats? (red)aided by the One way of looking at this is to see autonomy and
as the vMEMES are so actively presentfrom Angyal, A. (1972). Foundations for a science of per-
church and colonial government (blue) were homonomy as twin trends so that as physis (which
beige to yellowwe represent a microcosm of sonality. New York: Viking Press. (Original work pub-
fiercely destructive of the tribal peoples way of should be drawn as a spiral rather than an arrow
the challenges the whole world faces. And those lished 1941)
life. given that nature loves spirals!) takes us along our
challenges are daunting. If we cannot keep the Beck, D. E, & Cowan, C. (2002). Spiral dynamics:
developmental path, we circle now closer to one,
However, Graves proposes that we are gradual- spiral healthy, there is the risk of implosion, dis- Mastering values leadership and change. Oxford:
now closer to the other (see Figure 2). Blackwell. (Original work published 1996)
ly developing a whole new tier of conscious- integration, or regression.
The spiral, say Beck and Cowan (1996/2002), Dawkins, R. (1976). The selfish gene. Oxford: Oxford
ness, the first point at which human society has So where can we find inspiration? The year University Press.
the ability to reflect on, accept, and integrate remains healthy when avenues are open for
1947, where I began, revealed the worst of sep- Levin, P. (2001). Cycles of power: A users guide to the
prior waves. This takes us to the last two waves. movement on towards the more complex bands
arateness but the best of belonging. A crucial seven seasons of life. Ukiah, CA: Nourishing
of thinking. Forced blockages cause the spiral to
YELLOW is all about integration and values archeological discovery by Dr. Robert Broom at Company. (Original work published 1988)
stagnate or even implode (p. 13).
freedom with responsibility. We find people Sterkfontein in South Africa led to the idea that McCallum, I. (2005). Ecological intelligence:
organizing in partnership structures. Africa might have been the cradle for all of Rediscovering ourselves in nature. Cape Town: Africa
humankind. Later genetic work has confirmed Geographic.
TURQUOISE is all about holism and values that we are, indeed, one family subject to the Oppenheimer, S. (2004). Out of Africas Eden: The
universal connectedness. We find people orga- same laws of being (Oppenheimer, 2004). So, at peopling of the world. Cape Town, South Africa:
nizing in whole earth networks. Jonathan Ball.

This is the latest wave to emerge and one about

Award Nominations a biological level, we are both self-regulating
and totally embedded in our evolutionary past. Richo, D. (1997). When love meets fear. Mahwah, NJ:
As Elisabeth Sahtouris (1966) put it in her won- Paulist Press.
which we are still learningand who knows
where we are headed? Beck and Cowan also
Sought derful book EarthDance, Every creature is a
holon within the larger holons on which it
Sahtouris, E. (1966). EarthDance: Living systems in
evolution. Santa Barbara, CA: Metalogue.
proposed a coral wave, but they frankly say they
depends (p. 133). The question is, can we hold
do not know yet what it will be. Eric Berne Memorial Award to this reality in the face of the many political,
Returning to South Africa, I said we were Nominations Deadline: social, and environmental challenges we face?
blessed in our leaderswith a significant num- 1 December 2006 Can we move to the second tier of conscious-
ber of them occupying the yellow wave, they ness that Graves envisioned?
were able to respond to:
Hedges Capers Humanitarian Award
Another South African, Ian McCallum (2005), Discover Card
The need for land restitution to ensure the sur- has identified a need for what he calls ecologi-
vival of our first peoples (beige) Muriel James Living Principles Award cal intelligencea bringing together of the Now Accepted
deep instinctual knowing of our early selves, the
The important role of the traditional African
Goulding Social Justice Award modern scientific grasp of our holon within The ITAA is now able to accept
leaders and healers (purple)
Nominations Deadline: holon status, and the spiritual wisdom to put it
The power of Gatcha Butelezi and his Zulu all together. He quotes a hunter from one of
Discover Card as well as VISA,
empire (red) 1 January 2007 South Africas first people: MasterCard,American Express, and
The structures and beliefs of a variety of I, !Nqate, live in the Kalahari. I know all JCB for credit card payment of fees,
faiths and the rule of law (blue) See the ITAA Web site at the water holes and pans around here, the for membership dues, some confer- or places where the animals come. When ences, books, videos and DVDs, and
The enterprise and initiative of the business
contact the ITAA office for you track an animal, you become the ani- Training and Certification Council
community and technology leaders (orange)
details on making nominations mal. You feel a tingling in your armpits
The need to build a more equal and caring when the animal is close. These are the training and exams.
for these awards.
society and to protect our environment things we know. When tracking is like
(green) dancing . . . this is the Great Dance . . . you



Pam Levin writes that most Looking for Barbara Mueller: Nan
of her Transactional Analysis Bovingdon writes, I would like to find Barbara
Journal and Script articles Mueller again. We were good friends in Renton,
are now available on her Web Kent, and Bellevue, Washington, when she was
site. She has also just pub- an elementary school teacher and later finished
lished The Female Hormone her PhD and became a counselor. Our families
Journey: Lifetime Care of were close (even our dogs! Shadow and Nose
Your Hormones, which teach- Pam Levin Mitten) and then lost contact. If anyone can put
es women and the health pro- me in touch with Barbara, I would appreciate it.
fessionals who care for them Please contact Nan Bovingdon, 2205 Hilda
how to take care of the one thing that makes Ave., Missoula, MT 59801; e-mail: nano@
them women: their female hormone system. Of .
particular interest to transactional analysis thera-
pists is how, when it comes to hormones, emo- Book by Jay Burke Sought: Tony Gregory is
tional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or looking for a copy of What Am I? Where Am I
mood swings are completely intertwined with Going? and How Am I Getting There? by Jay
physical ones, and both are resolved by address- Burke published in 1974 by Trans Pubs. Tony
ing the underlying need to support the hormonal has already tried and Alibris for
systems. In her practicenow focused on pro- used copies with no luck. If you have a copy to
viding physical and emotional health improve- share or know where one can be found, please
contact Tony by e-mail at or by Participants of Mexico City training program on transactional analysis in organizations (bottom, left
ment servicesPam has noticed that women are
phone at 541-485-7029. to right): Carlos Bustamante, Juan Pastrana, Jos Miguel Tafoya, Octavio Rivas, Diana Morales, Ral
being given prescriptions for psychotropic drugs
Astorga, Martha Silva, Isabel Martnez, and Rino Torres; (top line from left): Pedro Morales, Lidia
when their symptoms are actually hormonal.
Berne Photos Wanted: The ITAA often Prez, Yahir Soriano, Velibor Milutinovic, Ignacio Calvillo, Salvador Fernndez, Gloria Noriega, Sari
Since the drugs suppress the emotional symp-
receives requests for photographs of Eric Berne, Van Poelje, Yolanda Sol, Ana Laura Sosa, Roco Gonzlez, Alejandra Moctezunma, Sara Sanchez,
toms but fail to address underlying imbalances,
and we have only three or four in our files. We and Emma Zuili.
other symptoms continue and the job the hor-
mones are supposed to dosuch as ordering the also would like to have more to use in our own
building or repair of boneremain undone. The publications. If you have photos of Berne that we Please send us the following information about July, October; 1987January, April, July (need
book includes 14 checklists to assess how these might use, we would be grateful to have copies any TA 101 courses you are doing or know two copies), October; 1988January; 1989
symptoms are originating and what can be done (either digital or hard copy). If you send us hard about: inclusive dates, name of presenter(s) with April; 1991October; 1992April (need two
to support the body in returning to its own natu- copies and would like them back, we will be ITAA/EATA/WPATA certification status, loca- copies); 1993July; 1994January, April; 1995
ral state of balance. It can be ordered via her happy to scan them and return the originals to tion of course, cost, and where and how to January, October. If you have any of these issues
Web site or from . The list of over you. Please send photos to Robin Fryer by e-mail obtain details. Please send all information to that you no longer need, we would be pleased to
200 of these symptoms is also available on at or by post at 1700 . receive them. Please contact Ken Fogleman at
Pams Web site: . Ganges Ave., El Cerrito, CA 94530-1938, USA. to make arrangements.
Back Issues of TAJ Sought: The ITAA office
Gloria Noriega writes that a program of train- TA 101 Listings Wanted: The ITAA often would like to fill out two sets of TAJs that it has
ing and supervision for the application of trans- receives requests for information about where available for use by people who come to the
actional analysis in organizations has been start- and when TA 101 courses are being given. office to do research. We need the following
ed by Sari Van Poelje and Gloria Noriega at the Therefore, we are once again planning to run a issues: 1971January, July, October; 1972
Instituto Mexicano de Anlisis Transaccional TA 101 calendar in The Script as well as to keep January, July, October; 1979April; 1982April;
(IMAT) in Mexico City (see photo this page). a list in the ITAA office for answering inquiries. 1983October; 1986January (need two copies),

In Memoriam and ultimately became independent under the UK transactional analysis journals. Her TAJ arti-
name of Metanoia Institute. As one of the origi- cles on transference and countertransference
nal members of the Rugby Conference for (entitled Through the Looking Glass and
Psychotherapylater the UKCPshe was ac- Further Through the Looking Glass in the
Petruska Clarkson, tive, and sometimes controversial, in addressing April and July 1991 issues respectively) intro-
standards and methods in psychotherapy train- duced the idea of cocreativity in the transferen-
19472006 ing, and the existing training standards for psy-
chotherapists attest to her foresight in these mat-
tial relationship, firmly in the relational transac-
tional analysis tradition. Other articles chal-
ters. She was someone who shaped, challenged, lenged the received wisdom of transactional
by Charlotte Sills and and sometimes tried the world of psychotherapy analysis delightfully. For example, In Praise of
in general, and we are the richer for her contri- Speed, Experimentation, Agreeableness, En-
Kathi Murphy bution. durance, and Excellence (January 1992 TAJ)
invited readers to appreciate their drivers.

W e were very sad to hear of the death,

by suicide, of Petruska Clarkson, on
21 May in Amsterdam.
Petruska was a woman of
paradox, a complex mixture of
After leaving Metanoia, in 1993 Petruska found-
ed another organization, called Physis, whose
aims were the development of psychotherapy
Petruska was a woman of paradox, a complex light and shadow, and this and supervision and particularly qualitative
mixture of light and shadow, and this perhaps is perhaps is reflected in her death research into the psychological therapies. Later charterships (counseling psychology, clinical
reflected in her death as it was manifested in her again, she founded a center to teach people how psychology, and management consultancy), and
life. She was a vibrantly creative and exciting as it was manifested in her life. to have ecstasy in their sex livesan enter- much more.
thinker, teacher, writer, therapist, and innovator. prise that shocked, appalled, and delighted the
She was also challenging and sometimes diffi- psychotherapy world! In writing about both Petruskas life and her
cult for herself and others. Petruska made a particular contribution to the death, we feel the challenge to account for the
world of transactional analysis. She was a key In the course of the nearly 30 years of her pro- existence and significance of the many different
Born in South Africa, Petruska worked as a psy- influence in turning itin Britain especially fessional life, the list of Petruskas professional aspects of the person who was the professional
chologist and psychotherapist there until 1976 from an add on training to a structured, com- and academic activities was extraordinary. A we knew. She had the gift to inspire, encourage,
when she came to England with her partner, Sue prehensive psychotherapy training. With the prolific writer, she published about 15 books and and facilitate the development of people from all
Fish, and her friend Dr. Brian Dobson. She start- help of several colleagues, including Sue Fish, at least 150 articles and chapters. She lectured walks of life. She was charismatic, compassion-
ed work in London in 1979 as a groupwork con- Fran Lacey, Elana Leigh, Charlotte Sills, and all over the world and worked on committees of ate, lovable, and profound. She was also some-
sultant for Hounslow Social Services and as a especially Phil Lapworth, she wrote a book, various professional bodies in the fields of psy- times a deeply tortured soul, whose life was not
therapist and trainer in private practice. In the Transactional AnalysisAn Integrated Ap- chotherapy and psychology, as well as in the smooth and who became estranged from many
early 1980s, she was the principal inspiration for proach (Routledge, 1992) that is used as a core media. She had an honorary professorship in who loved her. We hope that all that was creative
and founder of what was then called metanoia, a text all over the world. In addition, she wrote counseling and psychotherapy from Roehamp- will continue to inspire those who remember her
training center for psychotherapists, counselors, countless influential articles in the international ton Institute (part of Surrey University) and a and meet her afresh in her writings and that all
and supervisors. She and her colleagues ran it Transactional Analysis Journal as well as in the visiting professorship from the University of that was difficult will continue to teach us some-
until 1993, when it was sold to the Artemis Trust Westminster. She had three doctorates, three thing about the complexities of being human.