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Full Name________________________________ 1st______ VI. Fill in the blanks. Use the present continuous (2pts)

I. Circle the letter that best completes the sentences.(2pts) 1. Are you ____________-(eat) or__________________ (study)?

1.___________from? 2. Are you______________ (read) or ________________ (write)?

a. Where is b. Where are c. What are you d. Where are you
2._____________you? Im 15 VII. Circle the best option (2pts)
a. How old b. How are c. How old are d. What old are
1. The day is_______________and cold.
II. Choose the correct answer.(2pts) A. Hot b. Warm c. Cool d. Snowy

1. How are you? 2. Hes wearing his bathing__________________

a. Im Peruvian b. Nice to meet you c. Im fine A. shoes b. suit c. glasses d. pool

2. Where is Peru? VII. Circle the letter that the best complete the sentences (2pts)
a. Hes in South America b. Hes from Peru c. It is in South America
1. My house is ____________Lima Street
III. Unscramble the words to complete the description of David Ruiz.(2pts) a. In b. on c. at d. next to.

1. David Ruiz is a ________and _________ guy. 2. The bank is______________the music shop and drugstore.
(Nogyu) (Daomhsne) a. Between b. across from c. next to d. in front of
2. His___________is_________ VIII. Look at the pictures. Answer the following questions.(2pts)
(Rhia) (Thrso)
1. I cook food. What am I?
IV. Circle the letter that best completes the sentences.(2pts)
1. Sue and Tom are tall__________________blond, too.
A. Are b. We are c. They are d. Is 2. I repair cars. What am I?

2. You and Betty are sisters. ______________mother is pretty -------------------------------

A. Youre b. Your c. Their d. Our
IX. Choose the correct answer.(1pto)
V. Read the sentences. Circle the correct answer (2pts)
1. What does your father do?
1. When is your birthday? a. Hes working at the bank b. Hes an engineer c. He likes playing the
A. I ts on April 14th b. Its half past seven c. Its June 13th
2. What is your father like? X.Describe in oral expression your personal information and your daily
a. He likes Piura b. Hes intelligent and outgoing. C. He likes soccer. activities.(1pto)

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