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Inmates and religious extremist haunt the Black Jail, in Guthrie, Oklahoma,
the states rst territorial prison and the Samaritan Cult House with Sign up
possible ties to murder and terrorism.

Possibly several ghosts haunt the Black Jail with at least one conrmed
death inside its dark walls.

The Black Jail History

The old and original structure, constructed with 18-inch thick walls of dark
limestone and brick, fteen years before Oklahoma even became a state.

The supposed inescapable jail built in 1892 was the rst Federal Prison in
the Midwest of the United States.

This building located at the intersection of 2nd Street and Noble Avenue,
received its infamous name, from inmates.

The Black jail could house ninety prisoners in its two-story building. With a
complete basement that held the solitary connement. Search The Strange

The material used for in the construction oered no insulation from

Search ?
Midwest weather.

In the summer inmates suered from dehydration because of the oven

heat sensation. Recent Posts
While in winter a damp and cold sensation made prisoners have the u
Understand The Truth About
and respiratory infections.
Phil Schneider and The Dulce

The Black Jails Famous Inmates Base

Was Azzo Bassou the Missing

The Black jail could house ninety prisoners in its two-story building. With a Link?
complete basement that held the solitary connement. The Philip Experiment The
Strange Story Behind the Movie
Among the prisoners, the most known in American history as the Dalton
The Quiet Ones
Gang and Bill Doolin.
You Wont Believe the Stories
The Dalton Gang was also known as The Dalton Brothers because three of Behind this Haunted German U-
its members were brothers, Gratton Grat, Bob, and Emmett. Boat

The True Story of The Amazons,

Doolin was the founder of the Wild Bunch; gang specialized in robbing The Real Wonder Woman from
banks, trains, and stagecoaches. Amazon

Bill Doolin was among the 14 inmates that escaped on July 5, 1896. But on
August 24, Deputy U.S. Marshal Heck Thomas killed Doolin and had his
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body buried in Guthrie.

From Black Jail to the

Caught on Tape


Nazarene Church UFO

Here is your Sign

Still, before Oklahoma became a state, the Black Jail closed and the
remaining inmates transferred to another federal prison.
The building that was one of the most feared federal prisons of the United
States abandoned for a while.
But soon the Nazarene Church bought the property and started
renovating the building to accommodate its congregation members, to
become one of the most prosperous churches from the area.
The Nazarene Church occupied the old prison until the early 1970s when
the congregation moved to another location.

From Black Jail to Samaritan

Cult House
For many years the Black Jail building remained abandoned.

In 1991 a New Age group practitioners known as the Samaritans bought

the old territorial prison.

The leader of the Samaritan Foundation, Linda Greene, signed the cult
literature where she cautions believers not to talk on the telephone
because vampires can gain access to them.
It referred to zombies, vampires and the Antichrist.

Greene also claimed in her writings that she was the Christ because she
willingly gave her soul so that all of yours could survive.

All that only came to public in 1993 thanks to a court parenting battle.

When a mother under the inuence of the Samaritan Foundation took her
two children one at the age of seven and the other four years old from
Massachusetts to Guthrie, Oklahoma against the fathers consent.

The father testied in court that the mother of the children presented a
change of behavior after being touch with the teaching from the
Samaritan Foundation.

She would place a circular drawing under groceries because the Samaritan
Foundations writings said the bar code, was evil. She also the same
drawing under the childrens pillows.

The court ruled in favor of the father, who took his children back to

By the end of the same year, Department of Human Services had

condemned the Samaritan Cult House.

There appeared to be about 14 or 15 children staying in the building,

Ocer Rex Smith said about the makeshift orphanage.

The End of the Samaritan Cult

By 1994, with the exposure of the Samaritan Foundation members
decreased from 350 worldwide to 4, Linda Greene, her friend Julia
Williams, her fourth husband, Denis Greene, and her fth husband, Allen

Ross went missing sometime in late November of 1995.

In December, the Cheyenne police received a phone call from Denis

Greene, who said Linda killed Ross and buried him in the crawl space
under their house, with Julia Williams help.

On the other hand, Linda Greene sent faxes to Guthries police claiming
that her ex-husband Denis killed Allen.

Meanwhile, the Ross family hired private investigators, and they consulted
a couple of psychics.

Both psychics, in separated occasions, claimed Allen was alive in Texas.

The rst said he had suered a mental breakdown;

The second was attesting he had a trauma or that he had been hit in the

Both stated that Ross did not want to be found.

But investigators years later found the body exactly where both Denis and
Linda Greene told police it was buried.

An autopsy determined that Allen received two shots, one in the head with
a 9mm and castrated.

In 2001, Christian Bauer released the documentary, Missing Allen and in

the MSNBC investigative report Searching for Allen.

The following year, in Berryville, Arkansas, Linda Greene died at the age of
50 of liver failure. According to her family, she drank excessively to stop
the voices in her head.

Julia Williams was sentenced to two years in prison, found guilty of being
an accessory after the fact to murder, by helping to bury the body.

Its unknown the type of rituals that was made by this group inside of the
Samaritan Cult House.

The Paranormal Activity at

the Black Jail
Claims of paranormal activity trace back since Black Jail territorial prison

Disembodied voices are heard on the rst oor, in the basement area, and
in the hallways.

The sound of metal doors slamming shut, regardless of the fact that all
but one metal door remains to this day.

Reports that inside the old cells there were sounds of coughing heard

Also, the sounds of children playing outside the Black Jail have been
overheard, no connection with the children from the community, church
or the Samaritan Cult House.

The Black Jails Lady

A female was wearing a long printed dress and a large hat with white
gloves believed to be a member of the Nazarene Church.
A young womans voice is heard singing on the ground oor near the main

Her ghost appears on occasion, at dusk, outside of the prison walking the
grounds and trying to cross the street of Noble Avenue walking toward the
main entrance.

James Phillips the most

Notorious Ghost from Black Jail
The most active ghost from Black Jail is witnessed by several people
appearing at his old cell window looking towards across the street.

The paranormal researcher believes the name of the ghost is James


According to the State Capital News Paper and prison records, Phillips
murdered a local man. In consequence, he was the rst white man
sentenced to be hanged at the jail in the summer of 1907.

Reported by guards, while watching the construction of the gallows he was

going to be hung later that same day from his old cell windows, Phillips
collapsed on his bed.

Black Jail guards found James Phillips in solitary connement in the

prisons basement level dead.

Coroners determined that the inmates heart failure, He die of fright.

But it appears his ghost has no rest.

Shortly after his death, guards, prisoners, and other witnesses, since then,
claim to hear footsteps within his cell and along the hallway that leads to

The sound of a man sobbing is also heard coming from Phillips cell.

Abandoned since the Samaritan Foundation left, the Black Jail today only
attract Paranormal Investigators curious to catch a paranormal evidence
from the other side.

Haunted Route 66: Ghosts of Americas Legendary Highway by
Richard Southall
Scared To Death
Black Jail Guthrie, OK
This Land, Vol. 5, Issue 14, July 15, 2014
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