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Job Activity Hazard Hazard Character Current Risk Control Probability Severity Risk Control

Minor damage (No or less Provide experience driver with Additional control shall
Traffic collision. disruption, repair cost > legal driving licence; Provide 2 2 4 be proposed when
RM1,000 and < RM10,000) trafficman. necessary

Briefing By SHO on
Minor damage (No or less
Regular maintenance and safety awareness.
Machinery breakdown. disruption, repair cost > 3 2 6
servicing. Additional control shall
RM1,000 and < RM10,000)
be made if necessary.
Transporting of
lifting machinery To securely tighten up
Minor damage (No or less Additional control shall
Equipment/machinery falling equipment/machinery before
disruption, repair cost > 2 2 4 be proposed when
onto public vehicle/road. RM1,000 and < RM10,000) transporting; Provide warning necessary

Body injuries while handling First aid cases/medical Provide safe working procedure; Additional control shall
or secure equipment/ treatment (M.C between 1 Training on machinery handling; 2 2 4 be proposed when
machinery for transporting. to 3 days), Close supervision. necessary

Physical injuries caused by Fatality or permanent Worker wear gloves and hard Briefing By SHO on
safety awareness.
fall/hit by moving object disability or irreversible hat; Signalman monitored lifting 2 5 10
Additional control shall
during lifting process. illness process; Close supervision. be made if necessary.
Provide a proper PMA Briefing By SHO on
Fatality or permanent
Crane cable slipped or break certificate; Signalman monitored safety awareness.
disability or irreversible 2 5 10
during the lifting process. lifting process; Close Additional control shall
Mobilization/ illness be made if necessary.
machinery/ Minor damage (No or Briefing By SHO on
material Damage to road surface due less disruption, repair Proper use of outrigger pad; safety awareness.
3 2 6
to crane sitting. cost > RM1,000 and < Use of support platform. Additional control shall
RM10,000) be made if necessary.

Provide safe working procedure; Briefing By SHO on

Struck by moving object due Fatality or permanent
Signalman monitored lifting safety awareness.
to unstable ground or disability or irreversible 2 5 10
process; Provide barrier and Additional control shall
mishandling. illness be made if necessary.
signage, Closed supervision.