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Reading Passage population grew very quickly after the Alaska gold rush, which

started in 1897. Thousands of people passed through the state of

A City with a View and Worth Viewing
Washington on their way to look for gold in Alaska. Many stayed to
A. Seattle is a city located farthest north and west of Washington in the
develop the region, and Seattle became a growing city. Today the
United States. It is well known for its magnificent scenery. The city
population of Seattle is close to 600,000.
is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and water. Seattle is built on
E. Although Seattle is younger than most other major cities, it has
hills facing two lakes and Puget Sound, a body of water that leads
become an important center of trade and industry and is home to
to the Pacific Ocean. From the hills of Seattle there are spectacular
some of Americas leading companies. Because of the location of
views of snow-covered mountains. The Olympic and Cascade
Seattle in the western part of the United States near the Pacific
mountain ranges surround Seattle, and there is a view of nearby
Ocean, it has become a port city and a key center for trade with
Mount Rainier, an active volcano over 14,000 feet high that is
Canada, Mexico, Europe, and many Asian countries. It is
covered with ice and snow.
sometimes called the Gateway to Asia. For many years, Seattle
B. Although the state of Washington borders Canada to the north, the
has been a prosperous city with major industries and corporations
climate of Seattle is fairly mild since it is near the ocean. The winter
such as aerospace, Starbucks, and many more. Today, Seattle is a
temperatures are not very cold, falling below freezing only a few
wonderful cosmopolitan city with a thriving economy.
days per year. However, the sky is often cloudy, and Seattle has a
F. Seattle has a mild climate, successful industries, and great natural
reputation as a city that gets little sunshine. In fact, it gets less rain
beauty, and it is well known for the high level of its education and
than several other major American cities.
cultural attractions. One of the major architectural sites in the city is
C. Seattle was named after a Native American Indian chief who was
a beautiful, large public library, which opened in 2004. Designed by
friendly and hospitable. He and his people, the Suquamish, helped
a prominent Dutch architect, the library has a contemporary design
the first American settlers who moved to the Washington area in the
and many high-tech features. Seattle has earned a reputation as a
second half of the nineteenth century. Chief Seattle signed a peace
progressive city. In several surveys, Americans have chosen Seattle
treaty with the U.S. government in 1854 that allowed U.S. citizens
as one of the most desirable places to live in the United States.
to settle in the area. In signing the treaty, Chief Seattle hoped to
avoid the fighting that had occurred in other parts of the country
when settlers moved into Native American lands.
D. The Suquamish had lived in the Washington area for many
generations, and they lived peacefully with the new settlers when Sources: Ready to Read More by Karen Blanchard & Christine Root

they arrived. The city of Seattle was founded in 1869. The Reading Questions 1 5
The Reading Text 1 has six paragraphs A F. FALSE (F) if the statement contradicts the information
From the following heading 1 8 choose a suitable title for each
NOT GIVEN (NG) if there is no information on this
paragraph. Write the correct number on answer sheet. WRITE ONLY
6. Magnificent mountains surround Seattle.
Headings 7. Washington is found south of Canada.
1. A short description of the city of Seattle 8. Chief Seattle was an American settler.
2. Some key businesses in Seattle 9. Alaskas population grew because of the gold war.
3. The gold in Alaska 10. Seattles status makes it a desirable place in.
4. The locals of the city of Seattle
Reading Question 11 15
5. The mountain in Seattle Complete the text below with words from the passage. Choose NO MORE
THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage for each
6. The weather in Seattle answer.
7. The coexistence of the natives and the settlers of Seattle The state of (11) __________ is found farthest north and west of the United

8. Seattle, a suitable place for holiday States. The city of Seattle is found in Washington. The landscapes and

Paragraphs water surrounding Seattle make its scenery (12) _______. Seattle is very
1. A =
close to the ocean. Therefore, Seattle has a reputation as a city with fairly
2. B =
warm (13) _______. Every year, the winter temperatures are not very cold,
3. C =
falling below freezing point. The weather conditions and hospitality of
4. D =
Seattle attracted many settlers. The chief of Seattle was (14) _________ to
5. E =
the settlers. He and his people lived peacefully together with the settlers.
Reading Question 6 10
The settlers also became part of Seattle. Both the natives and the settlers
Do the following statements agree with the following given in the Reading
Passage 1?
helped to (15) ___________ the region of Seattle.
In the correct space on your answer sheet, write
Questions 16 20
TRUE (T) if the statement agrees with the information
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
Write only the correct letter on your answer sheet. Use ONE WORD FOR EACH ANSWER.
16. The state bordering Canada in the south is _________ Write the words in the correct space on your answer sheet.
A. Seattle. 21. In the writers opinion, Seattle is one of the advanced cities that is
B. Washington ___________ for people to live in.
C. United States 22. The cloudy sky, little shine and the less rain helped the city of Seattle in
building its _____________.
17. The active volcanic mountain surrounding Seattle is _________
A. Olympic Mountain.
Questions 23 25
B. Cascade Mountain.
C. Rainier Mountain. answer.
Write the answer in the correct space on your answer sheet.
18. The Native Americans are also known as the ________
23. Who assisted the first American settlers who arrived in Washington?
A. Suquamish.
B. Americans settlers. ___________________________
C. Settlers of Washington.
24. What made Seattle a port city in the western part of the United States?
19. In 1897, the population of Seattle increased because __________ ____________________________
A. many people from Alaska passed through the city.
B. many people from Alaska remained to develop the city. 25. How did people get Alaska to look for gold?

C. many people were searching for gold in the city. ___________________________

20. Seattle is described as the Gateway to Asia because ________

A. of its location.
B. its an important center of trade and industry.
C. it is home to some Americas leading companies.

Previewing Vocabulary
Questions 21 22 Match the words in the left column with the meaning in the right column.
Complete the sentences below with words taken from Reading Passage.
No. Word Meaning
_________ a formal written agreement between
1 Settlers
two or more countries.

2 Progressive _________ very impressive or exciting

3 _________ clearly; expressing your ideas,

opinions, or feelings so that they influence.

4 Eloquently _________very successful

_________ people who go to live in a new place,
5 Headquarters usually where there were few people before.
_________using the most modern information,
6 Thriving
machines, and so on

7 _________ consisting of people from many

different parts of the world

8 High-tech _________ supporting new or modern ideas

_________ friendly, welcoming, and generous to
9 Spectacular visitors
_________ the opinion that people have of
10 Hospitable someone or something because of what has
happened in the past
_________ a building of office that is the center of
11 Treaty
a large organization