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Exam Ref 70-768 Developing SQL Data Models

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SQL Server 2016 installation documentation

SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015

Chapter 1 Design a multidimensional business
intelligence (BI) semantic model

Dimensional Modeling Techniques

WideWorldImportersDW sample database

Installation instructions

Snowflake dimension design

Slowly changing dimension type 1

Slowly changing dimension type 2

Fact table surrogate key

SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015

1 Select Creation Method (Cube Wizard) Translations in Multidimensional Models (Analysis Services) https://msdn.aspx Ragged Hierarchies Select Creation Method (Dimension Wizard) https://msdn.aspx Defining the Unknown Member and Null Processing Properties https://msdn.aspx Ragged Hierarchies and HideMemberIf: an in-depth look Define Linked Dimensions https://msdn. HideMemberIf and MDX Compatibility Adventure Works 2014 Sample Databases Defining and Browsing Translations Ragged Hierarchies.aspx Warnings (Database Designer) (Analysis Services- Multidimensional Data) https://msdn.aspx SQL Server Analysis Services Discretization https://www.aspx Unary Operators in Parent-Child Dimensions Search for current updates to SSDT if link changes Defining Parent Attribute Properties in a Parent-Child Hierarchy Using Unary Operators to control Analysis Services hierarchy aggregations 2 .

com/2014/09/ssas-multicurrency-problem-part-i.aspx Create a PivotTable to analyze worksheet data Many to Many Revolution 2.aspx Browse a Model Using the Microsoft Cluster Viewer https://msdn.aspx A Guide to Currency Conversions in SSAS http://www.aspx Chapter 2 Design a tabular BI semantic model Comparing Tabular and Multidimensional Solutions (SSAS) https://msdn.130) SSAS: Multicurrency Problem (Part I) http://bifuture.130).com/en-us/article/Create-a-PivotTable-to-analyze-worksheet-data-a9a84538- bfe9-40a9-a8e9-f99134456576 3 .com/en-us/library/ https://sqljoe.aspx Data Mining Wizard (Analysis Services – Data Mining) hierarchy-aggregations/ SSAS: Reference materialized dimension might produce incorrect results Create a Finance account of parent-child type Dimension Analysis Services MOLAP Performance Guide for SQL Server 2012 and 2014 https://msdn.aspx Create a Currency type Dimension https://technet.aspx Create a Finance account of parent-child type Dimension https://msdn. Refresh command (TMSL) Bidirectional cross-filtering in SQL Server Analysis Services 2016 and Power BI Desktop https://blogs. Copy and Paste Data (SSAS Tabular) https://msdn.aspx Introduction to the Tabular Object Model (TOM) in Analysis Services AMO hierarchies-2/ Parent-Child Hierarchies whitepaper/ Using the SSAS Tabular Model.aspx Configure Analysis Services for Kerberos constrained delegation Power View: 08fc-407a-8a91-643fa848729a USERELATIONSHIP in Calculated Columns The VertiPaq Engine in DAX 98268d31-97e2-42aa-a52b-a68cf460472e Turn on Power View in Excel 2016 for Windows https://support. Week 5 – Hierarchies 2 5 Tips to Ensure Super Fast SSAS Tabular Models and present your data https://support.aspx 4 .com/en-us/library/ DateStream https://datestream.microsoftpressstore.aspx Hardware Sizing a Tabular Solution (SQL Server Analysis Services) https://msdn.

microsoft.sqlbi.aspx#DirectQuery Hybrid Mode in Tabular BI Semantic Model – Part 1 FORMAT_STRING Contents (MDX) https://msdn.aspx Microsoft Locale ID Values https://msdn.aspx Grant custom access to dimension data (Analysis Services) 5 Analysis Services PowerShell Reference https://msdn. Memory Settings in Tabular Instances of Analysis Services http://www.aspx What’s New in Analysis Services Stairway to MDX http://www.aspx VBA functions in MDX and DAX DAX Formula Compatibility in DirectQuery Mode (SSAS 2016) Descendants (MDX) Chapter 3 Develop queries using Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) MDX Function Reference (MDX) CREATE MEMBER Statement (MDX) DAX Properties https://msdn.aspx Passing Parameters to MDX Shared Datasets in SSRS SUMMARIZE Function DAX Order of Evaluation in CALCULATE Parameters https://www. Best Practices Using SUMMARIZE and ADDCOLUMNS ALL Function (DAX) https://msdn.aspx Using ALLEXCEPT versus ALL and VALUES All the secrets of SUMMARIZE Grant custom access to cell data (Analysis Services) SUMMARIZECOLUMNS Function (DAX) Revising ALL() ADDMISSINGITEMS Function (DAX) 6 SSAS Dynamic Security User Access Security Architecture Customer Numeric Formats for the FORMAT Function The Additive Design of SSAS Role Security https://blogs.aspx Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project Predefined Numeric formats for the FORMAT Function https://technet. Variables in DAX https://www.aspx Statistical Functions (DAX) Time Intelligence Functions (DAX) https://msdn.aspx Date and Time Functions (DAX) Clever Hierarchy Handling in DAX Math and Trig Functions (DAX) Configure Services Accounts (Analysis Services) DAX Patterns http://daxpatterns.aspx Filter Functions (DAX) DAX Operator Reference Chapter 4 Configure and maintain SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Analysis Services Operations Guide Logical Functions (DAX) 7 .aspx New DAX Functions CALCULATETABLE Function (DAX) Vertipaq Operators 8 .com/en-us/library/ RAMMap utility SQLCAT’s Guide to BI and Analytics http://download. Operator Properties 7BF3C672DF9D/SQLCAT' Synchronize Analysis Services Databases Coreinfo utility https://technet.html DAX Query How to Cluster SQL Server Analysis Services Part 1. Part Analysis Services MOLAP Performance Guide https://msdn. Part 2.aspx Create and Manage a Remote Partition (Analysis Services) Thread Pool Properties DAX Query Plan.aspx Analysis Services Operations Guide https://msdn. Introduction DAX Query Attach and Detach Analysis Services Databases Hardware Sizing a Tabular Solution (SQL Server Analysis Services Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project Backup and Restore of Analysis Services Databases https://msdn.

aspx Baselining Tabular Model Processing with a trace file Whitepaper.blogspot.aspx Use Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) to Monitor Analysis Services Part 1: The Storage Engine Cache The VertiPaq Engine engine-cache/ Analysis Services Operations Guide https://msdn.aspx?p=2449192&seqNum=6 Performance Tuning of Tabular Models in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services Group Attribute Members (Discretization) 9 .com/en-us/library/ How to warm up the Analysis Services data cache using Create Cache statement? https://blogs.aspx MaxParallelism Property in Sequence Command (TMSL) cache-using-create-cache-statement/ Building a Better Understanding DAX Query Plans Analysis Services MOLAP Performance Guide Tool for baselining MOLAP Processing Performance Tuning of Tabular Models in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services Monitor Analysis Services with SQL Server Extended Events https://msdn.prodata.

microsoft.aspx Performing Batch Operations (XMLA) Translations in Tabular models (Analysis Services) 10 .aspx Analysis Services MOLAP Performance Guide https://msdn.aspx Create and Manage a Remote Partition (Analysis Services) https://msdn.aspx Set Partition Writeback https://msdn.aspx Write-Enabled Partitions Set the Partition Slice Property (Analysis Services) Defining and Browsing Translations https://msdn.aspx Proactive Caching (Partitions) Set Partition Storage (Analysis Services-Multidimensional) Error Configuration for Cube. and Dimension Processing (SSAS – Multidimensional) https://msdn.aspx Improve SQL Server Analysis Services MDX Query Performance with Custom Aggregations Processing Objects (XMLA) performance-with-custom-aggregations/ Partition Wizard DRILLTHROUGH Statement (MDX) https://msdn. 11 .com/en-us/library/mt654273.