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Parts of the Essay Cite Significant Your Argument

Discussions by the authors (to be supported with

readings from at least
three different sources)
Literature review 1. The theory of the The argument if put to a
Critical period debate is choosing sides
Hypothesis between Yes or No. Using
PPV, my stand is on the
(see RRL on page 2)

The Debates on the 1. Whether age is a

Critical Period Hypothesis factor in learning a
second language.
2. Whether there exist the
critical period or were
there different critical
periods for different
language and or
Opinions that support the 1. The existence of the
CPH for L2 Acquisition critical period of
language acquisition
varies with age as a
factor of great
The introduction to 1. Factors that influence
several essays about CPH second language
for Language Acquisition acquisition. Its
similarities, differences,
and implication on
English teaching as a
second language.
Conclusion: According to CPH for language acquisition, the best age for students
in their country to learn English is about nine years old.

I disagree on the conclusion made on CPH for language acquisition.
DENG Fei and ZHU Li-qins research on Analysis of Critical Period Hypothesis in
English Teaching as the same basis, 6 7 years old is the best age for second
language acquisition. Further, this bracket extends through puberty wherein age is
a factor. For males, 9 12 years old; for girls, 7 11 years old. Blah lah blah balhhhh

Examples? ..personal observation

Charlane T. Aragon

ELT 202