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1. Thermodynamics
2. Fluid Mechanics
3. Mechanics of Machines
4. Strength of Materials
5. Metallurgy
6. Metrology
7. CAD/CAM/Computer
8. Workshop
9. Drawing and Design Studio
1. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Hydrostatic forces on plane and curved surfaces
Forced vortex apparatus
Stability of Floating bodies
Meter calibration and flow test set up
Hydraulic Test Benches
Nozzle and Orifice flow apparatus
Laminar and Turbulent flow in pipes
Friction loss in pipes
Heat losses in pipe fittings.
Flow visualization apparatus
Flow of fluid round bodies
Hydraulic power circuitory and measurement units
Reciprocating pump system
Pelton wheel
Resistance to motion of air through banks and finned and unfinned tubes
Calibration and performance of flow measurement devices
Subsonic wind tunnel and accessories
Supersonic flow apparatus
2. Thermodynamics Laboratory
Temperature measurement apparatus
Power measurement apparatus (Compressor, Dynamometer etc)
Pressure measurement apparatus
Steam Boiler
Equilibrium of mixtures of Air and Steam, Quality of Wet Steam.
IC Engine apparatus
Calorific values of fuels
Analysis of products of combustion
Gas and Steam Turbine apparatus
Heat-Exchange apparatus
Free and Forced convection heat and mass transfer systems.
Thermal conductivity apparatus
Apparatus for the determination of radiative properties of Materials
Jet propulsion systems
Vapour power cycles
Positive displacement engines and compressors
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning cycles
3. Mechanics of Machines Laboratory
Free oscillation of point and distributed masses (Simple and Compound Pendulum).
Power transmission system (BELTS, GEARS, SHAFTS AND CLUTCHES).
Coefficient of friction apparatus (BELT, DRIVE, SLIPPING FRICTION).
Free and force vibration of single degree of freedom systems with and without
Static and Dynamic Balancing Systems
Power regulation (by Flywheel and Governors).
Demonstration of Coriolis and Centrifugal forces.
Gyroscopic motion
Journal Bearings
Vibration and Noise test set up
4. Strength of Material Laboratory
Apparatus for tensile, compression and torsion tests.
Simple bending apparatus.
Unsymmetrical bending apparatus
Impact tests apparatus.
Elastic behaviour of thin and thick-walled pressure vessels.
Creep and Fatigue
Theories of failure
Helical springs
Deflection of curved beams
Columns and struts
Strain Gauging, photo-elastic behaviour
5. Metallurgy Lab
Optical microscope
Polishing machines
Metallurgical Microscope with camera
6. Metrology
Taysurf surface apparatus
Slip gauges
Tool makers microscope
Micometer screw gauge
Angle Dekkor
Thread profile projector
Mechanical comparators
7. Computer Lab: Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture
Computation tool on Finite Elements such as CATIA; NASTRAN; ABAQUS; IDEAS;
Workstations (at least one (1) workstation to five (5) students)
CNC machines (lathe, milling, drilling,etc)
Multimedia facilities
Most importantly the laboratory is expected to install software packages such as
AutoCAD for drawing and other specialized packages for virtual laboratory.

8. General Mechanical Workshop

Wood processing machines and equipment (for sawing, surface planning, thicknessing,
mortising, wood turning, etc) comprising:
Lathe Machines
Drilling machines
Grinding machines
Folding machines
Work Tables
Tool Boxes
Gas and Arc. Welding machines and accessories
Casting facilities.
Wood Working Equipment:
Band saw-table size 700 x 980mm 3HP
Radial arm saw 3HP (with extra blades)
Circular saw blade diameter 400mm with external blades
Universal woodworker combined 4HP seven works model
Sing cylinder planner 4HP (Surface planner with extra blades)
Vertical Mortiser chain mortise 3HP with extra bits
Router drilling machine 3HP
Combined tennoning and scribing machine
Belt standing machine- 2HP (with extra sanding paper reels).
Tennoning machine
Vertical Mortising machine
Dovetailing Machine

Hand Tools (Carpentry):

Marketing gauge
Mortise gauge
Spirit level Universal
Mortise Chisel 6.4, 9.6, 12.7, 16mm
Flat chisel 6.4, 9.6, 12.7 16mm
Bevel edge chisel 6.4, 9.6, 12.7, 16mm
Round chisel 6.4, 9.6, 12.7, 16mm
Smooth plane Jack Plane, plough plane
Wood rasp
Hand saw or panel saw
Rip saw, cross cut
C Clamp
F Clamp
Wood bench vice
Jack plane
Hand drilling machine/ratchet brazed bit
Sanding machine heavy duty
Surface and thickness 100 150mm blade
Extra knives carpentry machine planner and thicknesser
Air Compressor Tank capacity 500 litres complete with accessories type spray gun
and air blow gun
Hydraulic Garage jack 1, 2, 6, tons
Hydraulic workshop Crane 2.5 tons
Battery tester, cell tester, Acid Tester
Battery fast and slow charger (6 24 V, 20 A)
Battery service equipment
Spark plug tester and cleaner
Hydraulic mobile crane 1.5 5 ton
Wire rope winch 1500 3000kg
Chain host
Pedal operated grease gun
Hand lever grease gun
Exhaust gas tester
Standard tool box mechanics
Standard tool box for electricians
Electric hand drill 100mm
Electric two speed drill 23 mm
Electric hand drill 13mm
Straight electric hand grinder 125mm
Angle electric hand grinder 230mm
9. Drawing and Design Studio
Adequate space and drawing boards are to be provided based on the population of students to be
served. Students are to take off with exposure to drawing board practice to handle diverse
drawing assignments. Such exposure is highly required notwithstanding the emergence of
software packages for drawing such as Microsoft Visio and Auto CAD.

As you are aware, our 500 Level and spill over engineering students will undergo a
one year intensive training at FUT Minna.
Information reached us in the afternoon on Monday13 th May, 2013 that the Vice
Chancellor of FUT Minna and his management team met with our students and
welcomed them to FUT Minna on the same day. At the meeting, some issues that
bother on documentation of the assignment given to FUT Minna by the NUC
arose. Hence, there was need for us (Dean and HODs of the Faculty of
Engineering, University of Abuja) to travel to FUT Minna on Tuesday, 14 th May,
The HODs went with a prepared list of students in their respective departments
together with the photocopies of their completed identification forms in their
students file which has a fixed passport photograph. These documents were
submitted to the Deans office, School of Engineering, FUT Minna.

On arrival to FUT Minna, we discussed with their Dean of Engineering and HODs
and also our 500 level students at different for forum. In the course of our
discussion with the students they raised issues on:
The need for a formal letter from the NUC to the VC FUT Minna as raised
by FUT Minna VC in a meeting which they had on the previous day.
Accommodation problems
A formal handing over of the 500l students by University of Abuja officials
to FUT Minna.

The aforementioned issues were discussed with the VC, FUT Minna and Dean of
Engineering appropriately. According to the VC of FUT Minna you had discussed
with him on the students training program where you promised to follow up on the
same issues at NUC, Abuja. Thereafter, the VC FUT Minna directed his Dean of
Engineering to attain to our students. Hence, our students at Minna would
commence their registration at the Department/Faculty on the following day and
settle down as they prepare towards the commencement of their lecturers which
has been scheduled for Monday, 20th May, 2013.

We came back to Abuja safely.


Prof. O.B. Oloche

Ag. Dean of Engineering


MEEN 814 (Advance Machine Tools) Exam Result

S/N MAT. NO Exam/60 CA/40 Total/100 Grade

1. Msc/Eng/12288/2011-2012 42.35 23 65 B
2. Msc/Eng/12850/2010-2011 32.2 18 50 C
3. Msc/Eng/1540/2011-12 49.85 23 73 A
4. Msc/Eng/9169/2011-2012 28.33 21.5 60 B
5. Msc/Eng/866/2011-2012 37.8 23 61 B
6. Msc/Eng/11943/2011-2012 44.8 22 67 B
7. Msc/Eng/246/2011-2012 27.125 18 45 F
8. Msc/Eng/5051/2011-2012 44.63 23 68 B
9. Msc/Eng/16067/2011-012 43.4 23 66 B
10. Msc/Eng/6533/2011-2012 40.95 23 64 B
11. Msc/Eng/5195/2011-2012 30.98 23 54 C
12. Msc/Eng/4053/2011-2012 51.28 24 75 A
13. Msc/Eng/11338/2011-2012 49.35 23 72 A
14. Msc/Eng/6930/2011-2012 33.78 23.5 57 C
15. Msc/Eng/5900/2011-2012 44.1 23 67 B
16. Msc/Eng/15364/2011-2012 33.47 18 51 C
17. Msc/Eng/02614/2010-2011 34.13 18 52 C
18. Msc/Eng/15524/2011-2012 46.2 23.5 70 A
Signed Examiner: Engr. Dr I.M.Dagwa