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Cinamaker and Agora.

io Showcase Next Generation Micro-Channel Video

Production Tool at RTC 2017

Atlanta based startup Cinamaker collaborates with to create the Agora Cinamaker
Studio, a custom integration of Cinamakers multi-camera HD studio and Agoras global real-time

Beijing, China, September 24, 2017 --( Cinamaker founder and CEO Benjamin Nowak has
traveled to Beijing for this year's Real-Time Web Solutions Conference (RTC). At the conference,
Nowak lectured on the subject of Next-Generation Micro Channel Video Production. More
importantly, perhaps, Nowak announced Cinamaker's partnership with, a leader in global
real-time cloud-based communication headquartered in China.

The Agora Cinamaker Studio is the mobile creator's studio. Using just a tablet and up to six
synchronized smartphones or other cameras, the Agora Cinamaker Studio allows creators to livestream
and record multi-angle videos with real-time switching, a newsroom style graphics engine, and
audio-mixing along with many other features. Cinamaker has one U.S. patent and its early
proof-of-concept app won an award at the SXSW ReleaseIt competition in 2016. The company has
already licensed its mobile based platform to Panasonic's broadcast camera division.

Today, and Cinamaker have officially begun their partnership. The crowd at RTC was the first
to hear Nowak's announcement of the collaboration as well as the first to see a live demonstration of the
new Agora Cinamaker Studio. The initial integrated product features include: the ability to sync up to
six local or remote cameras including both Cinamaker capture assistants and Agora remote capture
assistants; Simultaneous streaming to plus additional RTMP destinations; Switching, audio
mixing, and graphics engine; And the ability to receive an audience stream simultaneously with the
camera stream preview on any Agora assistant devices.

With this mobile, app-based production studio, creators can expect professional studio production
capabilities and advanced production workflows that enable faster content creation with a greater
potential for creator and audience interaction.

Cinamaker's SVP and head of Corporate Development, Gary Baker, commented, "We are excited to be
working with to blend Cinamaker's native-mobile video tools into Agora's platform, which is
destined to enhance their user's video production, distribution and best of all audience engagement. We
are thrilled to be partnering with Tony Zhao and the team and one of the world's largest
real-time video platforms."

More about Cinamaker

Cinamaker is the only mobile-native, professional-grade solution for multi-camera HD live streaming and
recording, offering the lowest cost of entry and the easiest setup and operation of any comparable
solution. By integrating tablet computers, smartphones, and cameras over a wireless network, Cinamaker

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enables super-fast video production workflows from shooting to sharing, and will be made even faster
with as its primary vendor for global, real-time communications.

Cinamaker believes in creating powerful, professional tools for video production and making them
accessible and affordable for everyone.

Media inquiries can be directed to or 415.484.3361.

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