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IR question bank corrections

All corrections has been implemented in latest CAO

question bank data base and 3rd edition of books


95- Which of the following meteorological watch office(s) can issue SIGMET?
A) OIII. *
D) A & B are correct.


66- When you are using approved lighting system, by activating the mike 7 times within 5
seconds which lights will be available or off?
A) Medium intensity is available
B) REIL off
C) Highest intensity is available *
D) REIL in lower intensity

196- On a non-precision approach with FAF, what is the maximum permissible descent
gradient during the final approach?
A) 3
B) 5%
C) 6.5% *
D) 4.5

137- The QITAO in NOTAM code means:

A) ILS CAT II is operational *
B) LLZ is operational
C) OM is operational
D) DME is operational
320- Which document specified the power or thrust setting which are needs for engine
anti-icing during departure?
B) Flight manual
D) Aircraft operating manual *

350- The aircraft identification of aeroplane equipped with mode S shall correspond to
which item of flight plan?
A) 5
B) 6
C) 7 *
D) 8

441- REF Mehrabad chart (10-9), which runway elevation is airport elevation?
A) 11R
B) 11L *
C) 29L
D) 29R

454- REF Dubai chart (12-1) the numbers shown on the line of descend angle means?
A) M/S
B) ft/S
C) ft/min *
D) M/min

Annex 2:

67- All aircraft flying in the vicinity of an aerodrome and all traffic operating on the
maneuvering area of an aerodrome is:
A) Controlled traffic
B) Known traffic
C) Aerodrome traffic *
D) Air traffic
176- In areas where a vertical separation minimum of 300 m (1000 ft) is applied
between FL290 and FL410 inclusive an aircraft on a magnetic track of 350 would be
expected to fly at:
A) FL405
B) FL370
C) FL390
D) FL400 *

192- The Approach Control Service is an Air Traffic Control Service:

A) For IFR flights arriving and departing.
B) Provided for IFR and VFR flights within a Control Zone.
C) Provided for IFR traffic within a Control Zone.
D) Provided for the arriving and departing controlled flights. *

Annex 6:
163- All turbine engine aircraft with maximum certificated take-off mass in excess of
.or authorized to carry more than , for which the individual certificate
of airworthiness is first issued on or after 1 Jan 2004, shall be equipped with GPWS
which has a forward looking terrain avoidance function.
A) 5700 kg 9 passengers *
B) 27000 kg 30 passengers
C) 15000 kg 15 passengers
D) 15000 kg 9 passengers

Annex 10:

6- What does the instruction MAHAN 345 STANDBY 118.9 FOR TOWER mean?
A) MAHAN 345 should standby on the current frequency.
B) MAHAN 345 should change frequency to 118.9 on which aerodrome data are being
C) MAHAN 345 should contact TOWER on 118.9.
D) MAHAN 345 should listen on frequency 118.9 on which TOWER will initiate further
communications. *
17- Which word or phrase shall be used when giving authorization to proceed under
specified conditions?

58- The correct abbreviation for G-ZULU is:


117- When an aircraft station receives the call "ALL STATIONS MEHRABAD RADAR, STOP
TRANSMITTING MAYDAY" it is requested:
A) To continue normal communication on the frequency in use.
B) Not to interfere with the distress communication. *
C) To assist Mehrabad RADAR in handling the distress traffic.
D) To leave the frequency in use.

125- Aircraft E-BC has been instructed to contact Shiraz TOWER on frequency 119.0,
what is the correct response to indicate that it will follow this instruction?
A) Shiraz TOWER E-BC.
B) Will change to TOWER E-BC.
C) Changing over E-BC.
D) 119.0 E-BC. *

DOC 4444:

69- When an airplane is at initial approach altitude, what shall be ceiling till the pilot
request visual approach?
A) Equal to initial approach altitude.
B) Lower than initial approach altitude.
C) Higher than initial approach altitude.
D) All answers are incorrect. *
119- Regarding Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS):
A) It can only supply limited services to the users and under no circumstances may it supply
ATC services. *
B) Its purpose is to supply ATC services but it is not a state organization.
C) It has the same privileges and prerogatives as an ATC organization but its activity is
neither continuous nor regular.
D) Its only purpose is to relay ATC information to the aircraft in flight or on the ground.

Human Performance:
142- An increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood leads to:
A) An increase of acidity in the blood.
B) An increased respiratory rate. *
C) A reduction of red blood cells.
D) An improving resistance to hypoxia.

284- If a passenger has had scuba diving for 3 hours during the last 2 days, the minimum
time before flying is:
E) 12 hours
F) 24 hours *
G) 36 hours
H) 48 hours


149- The main advantage of electric gyros is:

A) Light weight, high RPM, constant speed, inexpensive.
B) High RPM, only require low voltage DC, constant speed, sealed casing.
C) High RPM, high moment of inertia, rapid build-up of speed, constant RPM. *
D) Sealed casing, constant speed, high precession rate, low cost.

125- If the temperature of a parcel of air ------- it can hold ------- water vapor than before
and relative humidity will -------.
A) Rise - less - decrease.
B) Drop - more - increase.
C) Drop - less - decrease.
D) Rise - more - decrease. *

162- When isobars widely apart:

A) The gradient is considered to be weak. *
B) The wind flow is strong.
C) Air flow from the cool less dense air to warm less dense air in a slow speed.
D) All of above are correct.

185- Standing waves are likely when:

A) Wind speeds are uniform with height.
B) The atmosphere is uniformly stable.
C) The wind direction is at 45 to the ridge of the hills.
D) None of the above. *

251- An air mass is stable when:

A) Lifted air returns to its original level. *
B) Temperature in a given area drops off very rapidly with increasing altitude.
C) Pressure is constant.
D) The lapse rate is 1 C per 100 m.

Radio navigation:

65- At a distance of 18 NM from the localizer transmitter, the horizontal extent of the
localizer coverage is:
A) 10 NM wide.
B) 10 NM wide.
C) 10 from the runway extended center line. *
D) 2.5.