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Inter. J. of Phytotherapy / Vol 5 / Issue 1 / 2015 / 33-36.

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International Journal of Phytotherapy

Anuradha D.
Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept of ATVA, DRBRKR GAC, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Primary dysmenorrhea is common in adolescence; dysmenorrhea secondary to a cyst or inflammation or
other organic pathologic process is rare. During adolescence many girls find it difficult to assume, either
physiologically or psychologically, the new demands which the process of maturing into an adult female has put
upon them. It is therefore necessary to understand the endocrine and reproductive systems of this age group and also
their worries and conflicts. It is important to know that dysmenorrhea does not occur in the absence of ovulation and
that cramps can be evidence of underlying tension and worry. For most girls who have this complaint, a thorough
but thoughtful examination, reassurance, a careful explanation of the association between ovulation and
menstruation and a little attention to them, will suffice. Others who have the sort of worries and conflicts which
plague this age group should be given an opportunity to express their feelings and relieve their tension. In an
occasional adolescent, incapacitating menstrual cramps may be the somatic focus of a disorder which will require
psychiatric care. When both the physiologic and the psychologic characteristics of adolescents are kept in mind, the
physician can at least do much to insure these patients a more satisfactory adjustment to womanhood and perhaps
also to relieve their discomfort.

Key words: Dysmenorrhea, Adolescence, Treatment.

Pathogenesis active, and vaginal examination is not normally required
It is thought to be due to a release of in this group of patients. Investigation of dysmenorrhoea
prostaglandins and leukotrienes in the menstrual fluid, is primarily aimed at ruling out underlying pathology and
which in turn produces vasoconstriction in the uterine may include any or all of the following as appropriate to
vessels, causing the uterine contractions which produce the individual.
the pain. The prostaglandin release may also be
responsible for gastrointestinal disturbance which may History
occur in association with dysmenorrhea [1-16]. Age at menarche, Cycle length, Whether the
cycle is regular, Duration of bleeding, Timing of pain in
Assessment relation to period, Smoking history, Whether the patient is
A presumptive diagnosis of primary sexually active, Contraceptive history, Any features
dysmenorrhoea may be made on history or abdominal suggestive of underlying pathology (eg vaginal discharge,
examination alone in young patients who are not sexually intermenstrual or postcoital bleeding, dyspareunia).

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Using asafetida gum fried in ghee and massage. Investigations Spinach. Thus it facilitates to the abdomen. stimulates menstruation. Abdominal and/or back menstruation.-Vaginal septum (rare). boil it in a cup of water. contributing to clary's Lifestyle changes . MRI scan.- Partially imperforate hymen (rare). Asoka (Saraca indica) Drink pineapple juice. time a stress use a few precious drops of jasmine oil to patients should therefore be informed of this relationship relieve uterine spasm and menstrual pain and bring a calm and assisted in any attempts to stop smoking. progesterone. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on food or correct irregular periods. so that the blood flow gets Bamboo acts as an emmenagogue which increased. Meditation and yoga are techniques useful to relieve the The uterus may be fixed or retroverted due to adhesions. A decoction of the herb can Dysmenorrhea. Blackberry. an estrogen-like chemical.longitudinal studies have looked at effectiveness in treating amenorrhea. leaves. The plant has a day.the uterus may be Fresh green vegetables. Filter it make the flow reduced. Its leaves are prescribed for this purpose. Warmth the female hormone. which in turn can relax the muscles. Yogurt. help reduce menstrual cramps. Examination Omega 3 fatty acids are also useful to reduce menstrual Abdominal/vaginal examinations are indicated if cramps. symptoms of Dysmenorrhea. J. Magnesium is useful to relieve menstrual cramps. Pineapple contains bromelain The bark of the asoka tree is given to women which is known for its muscle relaxant properties.if sexually active. Hence it bamboo is prescribed to promote and regulate the helps to relieve menstrual cramps. month can reduce the pains during menstruation and also Take a piece of ginger.generalised tenderness in the pelvic area. filter it and drink this water twice a day. Vaginal examination . mixed with goat’s milk and a spoonful of honey for a Herbal teas like – Mint. Sources – Nuts. A warm bath. specially cabbage and spinach. Take 17 to 18 Basil menstrual flow. Bloodwort (Achillea millefolium) The hot infusion of leaves of the bloodwort is Cinnamon is also useful to relieve pain of taken as an emmenagogue. clarity to mind. Ginger increases the flow of blood to pelvis and present. Transvaginal ultrasound. High Whatever your favorite herb or tea. enlarged and tender with a typical 'boggy' feel. Cervical smear. of Phytotherapy / Vol 5 / Issue 1 / 2015 / 33-36. Inter. Ginger has an antispasmodic action that relaxes the smooth muscles that cause menstrual cramps. when appropriate. Green leafy vegetable and whole grains.if uterine enlargement or adnexal mass is effect. Patients may be concerned about the possibility of underlying pathology and. Endometriosis . camomile or mint. Lying in the supine position etc. Self-help techniques Useful some Ayurvedic Herbs Anecdotally. try adding a teaspoon vaginal swab. boil in water. Management Do not use ginger. sclareol. raw carrots and in the reproductive tract. however if you are experiencing heavy General measures bleeding as it will make it worse.regular. nodules may be palpable in the uterosacral ligaments. chlamydial swabs. intake of Bamboo (Bambusa bambos) a warm drink is helpful. broccoli. and pain risk factors for dysmenorrhoea and have found a clear with menstruation. cod liver oil. adominal pain. The herb also yields an oil while taking tea. When one feels congestion in the pelvic region. Aromatherapy can be very effective against menstrual reassurance and an explanation of the mechanism of pain and cramps. Laparoscopy helps relieve blockages that can cause cramps and and Laparotomy with biopsy. who experience extreme blood loss during menstruation Carrot and Beet root juice is advisable 2 to 3 times a due to leucorrhea or uterine fibroids. Peas. many women find the following Asafetida (Ferula fetida) measures to be helpful in relieving the symptoms of Asafetida is known to increase the secretion of dysmenorrhoea: Tea . Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)oil contains menstrual pain may be helpful. Pelvic of freshly grated ginger to enhance both flavor and ultrasound . Sources – Flax seed oil. and Chamomile. As a special treat to yourself during a association between smoking and dysmenorrhoea. cramps. sexually active: Adenomyosis . ~ 34 ~ . stimulating effect on the uterine wall and the mucus layer Take dietary fiber via Orange pulp. and drink it once a day or one can increase the amount of ginger in cooking. Regular consumption of the leaves of the Basil contains pain killing active compounds.

Alonso C. especially in the last week through Ayurveda. This includes fried foods. 20(6). You can also do knee-bends. Grass (Cymbopogon citratus) phant. 3. 237-43. 411-6. 71(2). Sahanan (Compactness). A decoction of dill is prepared with the leaves of Mix some sesame seeds in a glassful of water. depressive symptoms. Fold your legs and bring the knees up to your chin. Cold climates can sometimes cause painful and irregular periods. Diagnosis and management of dysmenorrhoea. Inter. twice daily when you have menstrual pains. So I emphasis that patient must take the It can be taken in the form of a tea. Meat. drumstick. have problems of excessive menstruation. ayurvedic medicine under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician. 2005. but in Ayurveda. ~ 35 ~ . 1134-8. 44(3). Lemon grass is used in painful and difficult menstruation. 13. REFERENCES 1. Seeds of chicory are prepared into a decoction to treat Among vegetables. poultry and dairy products Chicory (Chichorium intybus) must be avoided. Repeat this ten times. each and every patient is an individual entity Ayurveda it is prescribed regularly for menstrual and the treatment also differs from patient to patient. contain omega-3 fatty acids which help to ease the spasms during menstruation. An ayurvedist given in cases of painful menstruation. which can be used in the treatment of female reproductive Fish is a good dietary indication for painful periods. J. Have salads with boiled beetroot in them. Drink this parsley to treat such problems. and anxiety. It helps women who have delayed Home Remedies periods to get their periods on time. kalk. Agni (Digestion) all these The Indian aloe is a stimulant of the uterus. sour foods and protein-rich pulses. Negriff S. painful. This fragrant herb is efficient in stimulating menstrual cycles. It’s not as simple as in modern medicines. Lemon Kalpana (swaras (Juice). 2009. Indian Aloe (Aloe vera) Vyayam shakti (Exercise). Panch Kashay treatment of painful and irregular periods.) is based on this principle. Fish disorders. Saar. Young anemic girls Fry asafetida in ghee and add a teaspoonful of it to are prone to spasmodic menstruation. association with smoking. periods. Huang B et al. Potato. 332(7550). Hermal (Peganum harmala) There are several classical preparations and herbs in The hermal is a little-known herb. b) Lie on your back on a firm bed. French L. churna (powder). 4. BMJ. him. Continue leaves are made and placed in the vagina for women who this for about ten minutes. Lift one heel and then the other. 2001. Suppositories of its chair’s back. Coe CL. Prakriti parikshan. Menstrual symptoms in adolescent girls. J Adolesc Health. Dietary Treatments The following dietary tips are beneficial to women who CONCLUSION have painful or irregular periods:. Am Fam Physician. snake gourd. yellow pumpkin and eggplant must Dill (Anethum sowa) be avoided. which can be quite buttermilk. An infusion of ginger sweetened with The following exercises help in reducing the pain of sugar is taken for correcting such problems. of the menstrual cycle. Indian makes a clear picture of the individual by understanding a Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) patient as a whole and also decides what kind of mode of The jatamansi is a very popular Indian herb used in the preparation to be used for the patient. 2. Disruptions of social relationships accentuates the association between emotional distress and menstrual pain in young women. or have beetroot Ginger (Zingiber officinale) juice. 2006. bitter gourd and cucumber are good for dysmenorrhea. problems of obstructed menstruation. Have this once a day in case of dysmenorrhea. Farquhar C. white pumpkin. Dysmenorrhea. Proctor M.a) Take a firm chair Henna (Lawsonia alba) and stand behind it holding your hands firmly on the Henna is a cooling agent. Rogi problems such as painful menstruation and irregular Nidaanhas its different parameters. menstruation:- Yoga is also part &part of ayurveda. of Phytotherapy / Vol 5 / Issue 1 / 2015 / 33-36. 285-91. Dorn LD. papaya. Health Psychol. Hence it is parameters are studied by an ayurvedist. Dysmenorrhoea can be successfully manageable Avoid all constipating foods.

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