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Job Title :Fire Oficcer 1

Department :BFP
Job Analysiss Name :Legen A Dingding
Date :April 16, 2017

Until it was organized as the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) under R.A No. 6975, provide field
training for new fire officer, investigate the causes of the fire incident; perform a variety of technical
task related to assigned areas of responsibilities; and perform other related duties.


The Bureau of Fire Protection agency was created by the virtue of RA 6975 primarily to
perform the following functions;

Be responsible for the prevention and suppression of all destructive fire on; Building,
houses and other structures, Forest and Land transportation vehicles and equipment; Ship
and vessels docked at piers or wharves anchored in major sea ports; Petroleum industry
installation; plane crashes and other similar activities.
Be responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Code of the Philippines(PD 1185) and other
related laws;
Shall have power to investigate all causes if fires and if necessary, file the power complaint
with the city or provincial prosecutor who has jurisdiction over the case;
In the time of national emergency, all element of the BFP shall upon direction of the
President, assist the AFP in meeting the national emergency.


Fire officer work can be physically demanding stressful, and dangerous especially during the
time fire incident many people lost their lives and properties. Officer regularly work at accident scenes
and other traumatic events as well as deal with the death and suffering that they encounter. The
month of march that is what we called the fire prevention month because of the alarming increase of
fire incident happening across the country during this particular period., for the fast years, statistic
show that the most effected type occupancy of fire is residential, it is imperatives that shall focus
more-on the prevention of residential fires., fire officer conduct house to house inspection, inspection
of small/medium establishment for insuring public safety measure.

Qualification requirements listed below which represent the education/training, knowledge
and ability.

The education of fire officers begins in the academy, but continue on the job. Prospective fire
officers must have college graduate in any four years course, and (Proboard), before interring fire
officer academy training program. Which includes classroom learning as well as physical fitness
exercise. Recruits later receive hand-on training from veterans officer in skills such as how to prevent
and suppress destructive fires, investigate its causes, response to man-made and natural disasters,
and enforce other fire-related laws with the active involvement of the community.


Knowledge of providing fire officer in every municipality the state of ensure public safety,
promote economic development through the prevention and suppression of all kinds of destructives
fires, ability to analyzed and interpret the laws, or IRR to ensure adherence to standard fire prevention
and safety measures.