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This agreement made on ____________ November, 2017 between the Seller as written overleaf of

Springsure District, hereafter called the Seller and Springsure State School P&C Association, hereafter called
the Auctioneer.


Both parties agree that Auctioneer will act as the Seller agent and conduct a public auction of personal and other
property of the Seller. The auctioneer will use his professional skills, knowledge and experience to the best advantage
of both parties in preparing for and conducting the auction. The auction is to be held on Saturday 18th November,
2017 at the Show Pavilions, Springsure Showgrounds. If the auction is postponed for any reason beyond either party's
control, the auction will take place at the date agreeable to both parties, otherwise, the Seller agrees to remove all
goods from the auction premises within seven days of the original auction date. The Seller agrees to turn over or make
available the items listed overleaf on the detailed consignment contract.

No item shall be sold prior to or withdrawn from the auction except by mutual agreement of the Seller and Auctioneer.
It is the Sellers intend to transfer ownership of said property to the highest bidder (absolute auction) except those
items specified in writing by the Seller to have a reserve bid.

The Auctioneer is responsible for the collection of payments made by cheque (including bad cheques), debts and
unpaid auction items. It is agreed that the Auctioneer will not accept absentee bids.

It is agreed that the Seller will remove, under the direction of the Auctioneer, all Turned-in items within 24 hours after
the close of auction unless a pick-up service has been agreed to.

The Seller is responsible for ensuring all items they present to the auction are in good condition and function in a safe
manner as intended by the manufacturer. The Seller acknowledges that all goods are sold as, where is, with no
guarantees of any kind, regardless of statement of condition made from the auction block. Sellers must provide
accurate and honest information as to the working condition of all electrical or mechanical items, in writing, before
any item will be accepted for auction. Sellers also acknowledge that Buyers shall rely entirely on their own inspection
and information provided by the Seller.

The Seller acknowledges that consignment of goods for auction does not pass ownership of those goods to the
Auctioneer in any way other than to act as an agent to sell the goods on their behalf and deduct agreed commissions
or other fees.

The Seller acknowledges that goods held in storage at the action site are stored at the Sellers own risk and the
Auctioneer advises Sellers to obtain independent insurance to protect items of value. Whilst every effort is made to
guard items throughout the auction process, it is agreed the Auctioneer is not responsible for the loss of any item
due to fire, theft, damage, etc. The Bidder / Buyer becomes solely responsible for all items purchased by him/her
immediately following his/her winning bid and are also advised to further guard his/her items at their own discretion.

It is agreed that all payments from Auctioneer to Seller will be transacted by an online direct account transfer using the
following account details:

BSB:______________Bank:________________ Account #__________________

Account Name:______________________________________________________

E-Mail: _______________________@____________________________________ .com .au

Seller agrees to hold harmless the auctioneer against any claims of the nature referred to in this contract.

This Auction and Contract are bonded in favour of the state of Queensland, Australia.

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Seller Initials:___________ Clerk initials:___________

Donor / Seller #: ______ Date____/November, 2017. PICK UP FEE $_______

Received by:___________________ DELIVERY FEE $______

SELLERS NAME:___________________________________ DRIVERS LICENCE #___________

ADDRESS:____________________________________________ State :___________________

____________________________________________________ Expiry Date:______________

____________________________________________________ Other ID: ________________

PHONE:__________________________ P/CODE:____________ ________________________

Qty 240 Brief Descriptor Serial Number Value Reserve Electrical / Joint Lot # Category
Volt $ $ Mechanical Lot Staff Staff Only
Working Only
Staff Only
Y/N Description Y/N
Y /N

Indicate here number of sheets required: 1 of __.

I (Seller consignor) hereby commission you (Auctioneer consignee) to sell the items listed above & on
the attached sheets to the highest bidder by public auction. I certify that I am the owner of the above
listed items and have good title and the right to sell them. I certify that the items listed are free from all
encumbrances. I agree to accept all responsibility for providing good title and for delivery of title to the
purchaser. It is agreed that the consignee is not responsible for the loss of any item due to fire, theft,
damage, etc. I understand that a 20% commission plus additional pick-up or delivery fees will be
deducted from the gross sales of my items. "No Bid" items will be disposed of at the discretion of the

_______________________ _________________________

Auctioneer Signature Seller Signature

Date: _____November, 2017. Date: _____November, 2017.

Clerk initials:___________
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