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2nd Terminal Examination-2017

Class- III
Time: - 2hr 15min F.M: 80

1. Answer the following questions : ( Dont Copy ) ( any 10 ) 10 X 3 = 30

a) Name the organ system in our body.
b) What is the function of the digestive system?
c) What step should we take while crossing?
d) What is first aid?
e) Why should we not play with fire?
f) How many planets are there in our Solar system? Name them.
g) What is Revolution? In how many days the sun Complete one Revolution
h) Define rotation. What is its effect?
i) What does air contain?
j) What is Condensation?
k) Define Weather, Weather forecast.
l) What is the shape of the Earth?
m)What rules should you follow in the play ground?
n) What are the different places of the moon?
o) Why do stars look small?
2. Answer any two questions ( Dont Copy) 5 X 2 = 10
a) How can you celebrate Diwali Safety?
b) What are New Moon and Full moon day?
c) Write a short note on the Sun.
d) What are the contributions of Indians in the fields of astronomy?
3. Match the following : ( Copy ) 6
1. Rainy Day a) flowers blooming
2. Summer Season b) accident
3. Stormy day c) Umbrella
4. Spring season d) hidden sun
5. Foggy day e) cotton clothes
6. Cloudy day f) uprooted trees
4. Write down True / False ( Dont Copy ) 5
a) Steam is also called water vapour.
b) All living things do not need water.
c) Moving air is called wind.
d) We can see air.
e) The Earth is the ony planet known to support light.
5. Give one Word answer. ( Copy ) 4
a) The shape of Earth.
b) The movement of earth around the Sun.
c) The movement of Earth on the axis.
d) The path taken by the earth round the Sun.
6. Fill up the Blanks. ( Copy ) 5
a) The nest of a _________ looks like a deep cup.
b) A _________ uses sticks to make big nests in tall trees.
c) A _________ stitches leaves for making its nest.
d) A _________ make its nest in the bark of trees.
e) An ________ builds its nests in the hollow of a tree or a wall.
7. Multiple choice questions. ( Dont Copy ) 10 X 1 = 10
a. Time taken by the earth to complete on rotation is ________.
b. The earth completes one revolution around the sun in about _______.
c. The actual shape of earth is _________.
d. Rotation of earth causes ___________.
e. The light & boat shaped body of birds help them _________.
f. Birds do not have these types of feathers ___________.
g. During down stroke wings ___________.
h. The digestive System helps us to _________.
i. Nervous system ___________.
j. Our circulatory System __________.
8. Draw a diagram & colour it. 10
Seasons OR Five sense Organs .