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a IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE DENNIS GALLAGHER . Dennis Gallagher sold pornography out of Christ the King Catholic High School for his own personai profit. . Dennis Gallagher is under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney for involvement in a Buildings Department scandal that includes allegations of bribery, corruption, free gifts, and special treatment for his political friends. . Dennis Gallagher has switched his political party enrollment several times during the past ten years. 4, Dennis Gallagher has collected almost | million dollars of your tax money in salary as a paid bureaucrat during the past ten years. . Dennis Gallagher supports candidates for public office who support domestic partnerships and government benefits for gay and lesbian couples. v w a It is important to get out and vote on Election Day. It is also important to make an informed choice about who will be our next representative on the New York City Council. Some candidates do not always tell the whole truth about themselves. Hopefully this information helps you decide who deserves and doesn’t deserve your vote: Remember you can always write in a candidate not on the ballot if you so wish. God Bless America. Thank You Mayor Giuliani for eight great years