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Subject : English

Class : 5 Budi
Time : 11.10 a.m. 12.10 p.m.
Date : 3rd August 2017 (Thursday)
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Natural Disasters
Enrolment : 40 students
Proficiency level : Intermediate
Module : Writing

Content Standard Learning Standard

3.3 By the end of the 6-year primary 3.3.1 Able to create texts using a variety
schooling, pupils will be able to write and of media with guidance:
present ideas through a variety of media
using appropriate language, form and a) linear

Lesson Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Write and transfer the information from the poster to create a simple informal
letter (controlled writing).
2. Write an informal letter using the information given in the text.

Educational Emphasis:
Thinking skills Students will need to think critically on the form of a
message to complete the task

Language Content:
Informal letter Dear_________.
I would like to invite you to (name of the event).
It will be held at____________ on the __________. The
event will start at _________ to ___________. Some of
the activities during the event includes___________,
____________, and _____________.

Previous knowledge:

Students know how write simple sentences.

Anticipated problem:
Students might not know how to organize the letter.

Proposed solution:
Teacher guides pupils throughout the lesson by showing a format for them to

Teaching Aids / Resources:

Task sheet 1

Stage Language Teaching-learning Rationale Remarks

content activity
Question: 1. Teacher elicits
Set What do you students knowledge To trigger the -
Induction know about on the topic. students prior
(4 minutes) floods? 2. Teacher asks several knowledge.
question on the topic. To attract their
3. Teacher shows a interest.
video of a flood
4. Teacher introduces
the lesson.

Pre- writing Informal letter 1. Teacher shows a To teach simple - Manila

(15 minutes) format format of writing an informal letter card
informal letter. format.
2. Teacher explains To prepare pupils
what information are for the next
necessary in the activity.
3. Teacher explain
certain vocabulary in
the text that the pupil
might find it hard to
Informal letter
While- format 1. Teacher asks pupil to To practice using - Textbook
writing refer to the textbook. the format. - task sheet
(14 2. Teacher distributes To prepare pupils 1
minutes) task sheet 1. for the next
3. Pupils are to transfer activity.
the information on the
poster, to complete
the informal letter.
4. Teacher checks
pupils answer.

Post- Informal letter 1. Teacher ask pupils to To provide - textbook

writing format refer to the text in the challenging
(14 minutes) textbook. activity from
2. Pupils are to write an simple to difficult
informal letter to a To apply the skills
friend describing their learnt: writing
situation if they were simple sentences.
to be a victim of a
3. Pupils are told that
they may use the
format that have been
4. Several pupils are
chosen at random to
present their work in
1. Teacher asks pupil on
Closure the importance of To summarise the -
(3 minutes) knowing about natural lesson.
2. Teacher concludes
the lesson.