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2 Great Houses of Cardolan

MERPs Lost Realm of Cardolan module has been a corner stone of myany adventures in Middle Earth. My player
characters were caught up in numerous Princes and Barons political intrigues as they tried to gain prominency in
Cardolan. MERP published additional modules on Cardolan. Each module contained variations and additions to the
Great Families that ruled Cardolan. The purpose of this article is to reconcile the various deviations across the multiple
MERP modules. It also adds information on the lesser noble families supporting the Great Families. Like the Great
Families they served, they conspired against one another for prominency. The below represent the Great families and
their bannermen in no particular order.

The main source materials for this article came from MERPs Arnor, Lost Realm of Cardolan, Tharbad and a fan-
module Myths of Teregond. Whenever possible, the Non-Player Characters (NPC) source material is referenced in
parenthesis. Footnotes add further explanation. In other instances, the NPCs are invented to further add flavor to the

1.2.1 House of Girithlin

The most famous and influential noble house in Ithilien, House T elagar is descended from a page of Lord Isildur. The
original Lord T elagar won his title from the grateful lord after single-handedly driving off a pack of Wargs who had
surrounded Isildur and his steed in the Battle of Dagorlad. The current lord, Dromil, owns most of the famed horse
breeding grounds in South Ithilien and is one of the foremost suppliers of the Royal Cavalry. The houses symbol is
two black horses on a field of gold.

House Girithlin was founded towards the end of the Eraidoran Wars in the 27th century of the Second Age. Alkazor,
an ancestor of House Girithlin, was among the sorcerers, who successfully used magic to drive the Huorns out of
Minhiriath and into the Rast Vorn (Black Cape). The Girithli have always fought to keep the evils of the Black Cape
confined to the peninsula, and the Beffraen, a wild evil people, hold a special grudge against them.

Cursed Family: In its early history, they had a special relationship with the elves. This changed, when Encaldil the
Brash dishonored the family by trying to rape a she-elf. The Elves cursed House Girithlin for Encaldils brashness.
Every generation or so, the Curse afflicts a family member with madness. Since then, House Girithlin has an uneasy
relationship with all things, fey. The small folk says, there is a tell to the curse. Tiny golden sparks appear in the eyes.
The bigger they get the more prominent the madness.

Of all the Great Families, House Girithlin is the most militant and scheming. Currently, House Girithlin is run by
Earnil, who acts Regent while his nephew, Echorion, Heir to House Girithlin, grows of age. Earnil is respected by the
other Great Families and with good reason. They have suffered setbacks due to Earnils political shenanigans. Earnil
has placed spies in each of the Great Houses and plans to start a war with House Dol Tinare as a distraction for his
more nefarious plans to depose of his young nephew.

House Girithlin calls three minor Houses as their bannermen. They assist House Girithlin in governing and protecting
the lands and will answer in times of war. Of the three, two of the bannermen served on the Girithlins Small Council.
They are discussed in detail later on in this section. The sigil of House Girithlin is a yellow goral (goat) on a black
background. The below lists the members of House Girithlin.

Earnil the Regent

Despite the chaotic times, Earnil managed to increase House Girithlin wealth and
position among the Great Families. Earnil loves power and plans on deposing of
Echorion before he reaches of age. Sadly, he has the backing of other family
members such as Aarvellon. Earnil appears as a tall unmistakable figure in public,
noted for his brooding crimson robes, shiny dome head, and piercing grey eyes
with golden flecks. The smallfolk say the golden flecks represent the madness that
runs in House Girithlin. Perhaps they are right, for allof his noble mien, Earnil is
the most ruthless of the Great Families of Cardolan. He had has never been
directly implicated in any treachery, but he had lived too long not to have had the
rumor mill catch up with him. He only trusts his cousin, Aavellon. The two grew
up together and they both have a knack for intrigue.

The Small Council comprises of Aavellon, his cousin, the heads of House
Mablungion and House Frias, and Roensen, his spymaster. Earnil gets along well
with House Mablungion. The two houses are distantly related and often times the children of the two families are
raised together. The same is not true with the current head of House Frias, Valmer. Earnil sees too much of himself in
Valmer and that disturbs him. He knows about Valmers grandson, Valandil, love affair with Fireal of House Halanti
and he disapproves. He has told Roensen to make arrangements before the pair marry. The joining of the two lesser
houses pose a threat to House Girithlin. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Aarvellon the Quiet1

Aarvellon shares Earnils managerial skills and love of hatching devious plots but he lacks his cousins ambition. He
is content to rule from the shadows. He resides at a small fortress, Cithnenor, next to the small mining town of
Caranthel. He manages the copper mines with a firm but fair hand. He appears tall and majestic like the Dunedian of
old. He is a soft spoken man approaching old age with a stock of black hair peppered white and ice blue eyes. He
speaks so softly that it is sometimes hard for others to hear him. Aarvellon has no children of his own. He is very fond
of Falather, his nephew, whom he thinks will be the future of House Girithlin. He doesnt understand that his nephew,
Falather, will grow antagonistic should he learn of Aarvellon and Earnils plot to kill his best friend and cousin,
Echorion. (Arnor)
Mablung is a burly middle age man, once as strong as three men, now, a bit out of shape. He has a round face with a
disdainful look, like he smelt something bad, etched on his face. He is very outspoken and temperamental. His eyes
are cold blue with gold flecks. The smallfolk says theCurse runs strong in Malburg and one day he will go mad with
anger. It was his temper that got him in trouble with Earnil. He told him in not too kind words that he wasnt
managing the familys affairs properly. Earnil sent Malburgs pride and joy, his only son, to Tharbad. He worries
about the safety of his son. His other four sons have perished. Malburg is brother to Aarvellon and cousin to Earnil.
The smallfolks says he married late in life due to his temper. Malburg resides in Annon Baran, a river town, that
shares Malburgs temperamental personalities. He keeps the peace and manages the towns tolls. While he distrusts
elves (he faults them for the current state of affairs), he gets along well with the river folk who appreciate his straight
talk. (Tharbad)

Falather is good looking young chap with strange looking eyes. One eye is blue while the other is green. He shares
Malburg, his fathers temper, but unlike his father, he possesses the Girithili craftiness. He is the familys liaison in
Tharbad and lives in the familys estate on Kings Row. He is good friends with his cousin, Echorion and with
Barrendil of House Mablungion. Falather has fallen for a local red head name, Angie. Unbeknownst to him or his
family, Angie serves the Warlord and is seeking information on the Girithli defenses. Once she is through with the
boy, she plans to murder him and flee the city back to the Warlords Domains to get her reward. (Tharbad)
Rodrik is cousin to Earnil and manages the lands surrounding Galathilival, a small farming village just north of the
Black Cape. His manor lies in the center of the village and serves as the focal point of the community. Rodrik is a
stout man, broad, with large white whiskers and a brooding mien. He was once the captain of the guards at Minas
Girithlin until Earnil decided to retire his cousin to Galathilival. He has a wife and
several kids, which helps him administer the surrounding land. Rodrik is considered
House Girithlins best military tactician but he has seen enough of war and is quite
content with his new position.
Echorion II
Echorion is 24 years old, three years shy of his majority. A man of little natural
charisma, unimpressive in height or physique, he compensates with his refined
bearing. Echorion spent most of his life as a ward of Arthedain, the result of a foolish
war that his grandfather started and that cost his fathers life. Echorion pictures
himself as a Knight Errant, with the quest of destroying the evils that infest Cardolan.
He is, however, a man of considerable intelligence, who is likely to quickly absorb
and adapt to the reality he will find, if he ever succeeds in becoming baron. (Lost
Realm of Cardolan)

1.1 House of Mablungion2

House Mablungion has never failed to answer a call to war. But of late, House Mablungion has had second thoughts.
They are distant kin to House Girithlin by way of Taravel the Shipbuilder, an ancestor of House Girithlin in the early
Third Age. Barahir, currently heads House Mablungion and seats on the Small Council. He resides at Barad Eden, a

Earnils name changed to Aevellon in later MERP publications. I separated the two into separate characters.
Mablungion was the surname of a ready to run NPC from the fan module Myths of Teregond. I tied different NPCs to the surname.
small fortress, near Annithir, a small village. Their smallfolk tend sheep near the hills. They have been hit hardest by
the Warlords raids and are displeased that Earnil does nothing. Though they will not say it openly, House
Mablungion believes Earnil is doing it on purpose to weaken their family position. Smallfolk often associated House
Mablungion with magic. Unlike House Girithlin, they have no quarrel with Elves and some members even count them
as friends, much to the displeasure of House Girithlin. The symbol of House Mablungion is a red ram head on a black

Barahir often visits Annon Baran to carouse with Malburg at one of the local taverns. The two are best buddies and
grew up together. Like Malburg, he is known for his fiery temper. He is tall with long limbs, auburn hair with lines of
white and a large scar running on the left side of his face courtesy of a Befferan raider and despite being over ninety
years old, he is still healthy for a Dunedian. He heads House Mablungion and resides in a small manor outside Barad
Eden and manage the nearby village of Annithir. For oblivious reasons, he hates Befferans. The Befferans call him
Long Arms. Several of their raids have been squashed by House Mablungion due to
Barahirs leadership. The Beffrean plans on attacking his manor on a dark summer night.

Barrendil the Squire3

Barrendil is Barahirs first son and is under House Girithlins wardship until he becomes a
knight. Barrendil is thrilled. He wants to be a knight and best of all, he gets to hang out with his
buddy, Echorion. He will risk his life for his friend and, he might have to. Barrendil appears as
an auburn hair young man with freckles sprinkled on his face, dressed in black leather
breastplate with his family crest, the red rams head, embroiled on his chest. Unusual for a
Dunedian, he wears a scimitar hanging on his side. The scimitar is from one of his ancestors,
Gallon the Seafarer, who took it from a Corsair raider. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Balagom the Baker

Balagom is Barahirs youngest son and is a disappointment to his father. Balagom has always taken an interest in
books and discovered magic a talent for magic by mistake. One of his ancestors, Pavic the Bold was a wizard of some
renown and used his power against the Beffrean during the Troubles. Balagom found his books and is studying them
in hopes of following Pavics steps. Unbeknownst to his family, he is being tutored by an old crone with a large bear
as a pet. The old crone is Coel, a lesser Earth Maiar, who lives in the Dark Cape. It so happens, Balagom reminds Coel
of another young lad, she taught many generations ago, named Pavic. In return for his lessons, Balagom bakes honey
cakes for her and her bear. Balagom is often found at night baking honey cakes for this mysterious old crone. He
bakes the best honey cakes in Cardolan. Balagom appears as a short pudgy Dunedian with short dark hair and wisps of
facial hair. He tends to wear dark leather with a matching wool cloak. His leather jerkin carries House Mablungions
symbol on it. (Myths of Teregord)

Linulla the Fair

Linullas mom died while giving birth and is Barahirs last child. She is shockingly beautiful with long twisting raven
hair and forest green eyes and thick red lips. Her favorite color is white, which she wears all the time. She was named
after her grandmother, Linulla who ran House Mablungion when her husband, Caster died during the Great Raid. She
was a healer but her arts were not enough to spare her husband. Like her grandmother, Linulla is also a healer. She
will be sent away to Arthedian to the Sister of Niesse to further her studies. Barahir hopes to find a suitable match for
his daughter among the Great Arthedian Families to strengthen House Mablungion. Linulla is more interested in
healing the sick than entertaining any of his fathers schemes. She has become the favorite of the smallfolk.

1.2 House Frias

House Frias received their lands after their Great Grandfather, Thoron, and Great Uncle, Beren the Fat, heroically stop
the Beffraen advancement on Girithlin during the Great Raid. Before then, they were a rich mercantile family with ties
to Tharbad. The previous lords perished during the the Great Raid. They are a young House and are treated as such by
other noble families. They have a mercantile outlook and have been able to make the most of their meager
surroundings. Their lands lay between the Black Woods and the Baranduin River. Their principle village is Ait
Mellart, which sits on the western side of the Baranduin River estuary. Valmer sits on House Girithlins Small
Council. They provide House Girithlin with an annual tithe of amber. Being close to the Black Cape, they bear the butt
of any Beffraen raid. Many of their kin have perished at the hands of Beffraen raiders. Their smallfolks fish, tend
sheep and mine the amber beds near the mouth of the river. The symbol of House Frias is three trout flying on a water
blue background.

MERPs module, Tharbad, lists only his game stats. I provided him with a back story.
Old Valmer
Valmer heads House Frias. He is a grumpy old man with a face lashed with wrinkles, a bent back and a long wispy
white beard. He is over 130 years old but shows no signs of slowing. His eyes are glassy grey that burn with an inner
light. He hardly smiles, which is good because he is missing teeth. He wears flowing wool robes of various colors
and often sits on his high chair in his parlor reviewing the families accounts. He has started to invest in building
seaworthy ships to navigate the Black Cape and trade directly with Gondor and Saralainn. He travels every month to
Minas Girithlin to attend House Girithlins Small Counsel. He is on bad terms with the other members. He
understands that House Girithlin, along with the other Great Families, is on a downward spiral and seeks to relocate
his family to Gondor when the opportunity presents.

Vandel aka Black Fish

Vandel is Valmers only living son. He is a cross eyed man of great stature approaching his mid-fifties with shaggy
dark brown hair with a cleft chin. As a Dunedian, he is entering middle age. He proudly
wears a thick Saralaini moustache much to his parents disproval. He is normally seen on
his steed, a tan charger named Forcer. He is tasked with protecting House Girithlins
southern holdings. He has led several successful sorties against the Beffraen. He is
something of braggart but the smallfolk love him and consider him the second coming of
Thoron. His wife died to a strange disease. The smallfolk say it was a curse put on by the
Beffraen seeking revenge. He once tried to court Linulla of House Malburgion but Linulla
turn the man down at the urging of her father in fear of diluting the familys bloodline. He
has not sought another wife since.

Valandil is Valmers grandson and Vandels son. He is a dashing young man of intellect.
He has wavy chestnut hair and the classic Frias cleft chin. His eyes are a cold grey and
his lips thin. He is currently a ward under House Girithlin stationed at Tharbad to support
Falather of House Girthlins duties. His grandfather, Valmer, has also tasked his
grandson to talk to Tharbads Great Merchant houses to seek trade deals. The young boy
has fallen in love with a young healer named Firiel from House Halatani, liel to House Dol Tinare. Should the two
married, the union would threaten House Girithlin. Earnil has made arrangements with Roensen, his spymaster, to
prevent any such marriage. Valmer will start a small war should something happen to House Frias pride and joy.

Valerie the old

Valerie is Valmers wife and is almost as old as Valmer. Her white hair is wiry and hangs past her hips. Her face is a
crisscross of wrinkles. While Valmer is calculating, Valerie is the heart of the family and counsels her husband. She
acts as the communitys healer and cares for her remaining family members. Her bones hurt too much to travel far but
does what she can against the evils of the Dark Cape.

Selene is Valandils cousin by way of his deceased uncle, Turin, brother to Vandel. He died
during one of House Girithlin many border wars with House Dol Tinare. She has a healthy
dislike for House Dol Tinare and is planning to start another war by assassinating a member of
House Dol Tinare during a diplomatic visit. Roensen knows this and is hoping, along with
Earnil, to exploit her actions. With oak brown hair and sky blue eyes, Selene possesses an
athletic build. She disdains dresses and jewelry. She trains everyday with sword and shield.
The smallfolk look at her with awe and some even say she is the best warrior in the Girithlini
army. In times of war, she leads besides her uncle, Vandel. The men under her command
respect her. She is smitten with a local Dunedian boy by the name of Alfred, a tall lanky
fellow with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He, like his family, bakes. He counts Balagom of
House Malbungion as a friend. Alfred represents everything she is not, innocence, kind, and
proper. She hopes to marry the lad. Roensen is seeking to kidnap the boy in the hopes of
blackmailing Selene to perform nefarious deeds for the boys life.

1.3 House Merode

House Merode can trace their family heritage to the Second Age. They have always been supporters of the Faithful.
Gillian Merode received their lands from House Girithlin after the end of the Eriadorian Wars. They were ever faithful
until the Troubles when Mantel the Black led his House in revolt from House Girithlin and tried to establish an
independent fiefdom with Tinari support. Barahir Strongarm of House Girithlin squashed the rebellion, quartered
Mantel and slaughtered all the men over the age of thirteen. Barahir forced House Merode into the Pact, which meant
House Merode would place all future male children under House Girithlins ward. All that is left of House Merode is a
small homestead on the banks of the Baranduin River with some heads of sheep. House Merode desperately seeks to
re-establish their familys glory. The sigil of House Merode is a red falcon on a white background surrounded by
seven stars.

Imrahad heads House Girithlins third bannerman and leads what remains of House Merode. He is kept in Minas
Girithlin and functions as a knight. He is a thick muscular middle age man with a full beard and large hands. His dark
hair has swathes of grey and he looks like a natural born leader. The arms, he carries represent all that is left of House
Merodes heirlooms. Imrahad has a younger brother, Fillitir. He leads a small company of mercenaries known as the
Falconers. His men call him Fill. Two of his cousins serve as lieutenants. Fill served his Pact to House Girithlin but
was deemed unworthy of a warrior and was let go. House Girithlin hires the Falconers for numerous missions. (Lost
Realm of Cardolan)

1.4 Household
The folks listed below serve House Girithlin in one fashion or another. In some instances, they are hedge knights,
knights without lands, employed due to their training and skills. They seek employment and restoration of their
familys honor and name. Others serve House Girithlin in exceptional ways. On occasion House Girithlin lends their
services to their bannermen for short periods of time.

Roensen the Pig

Roensen is House Girithlins castellan and advisor to House Girithlin. None suspects that the small bald man with an
unusually large head and wide set eyes is House Girithlins spymaster. Roensen is fifty years old and greying. He
claims Dunedian blood but its faint. His face is heavily pockmarked and he has a turn up nose, which leads smallfolk
call him the Pig behind his back. Earnil and Aarvellon count him as a loyal servant. His network of spies has
allowed House Girithlin to be one step ahead of the rest of the Great Families. He is conceited to a fault and as result,
not well-liked. He has aspirations to elevate his standing by marrying Linulla of House Malbungion. Of course, he
knows House Malbungion would never entertain such a proposal. Unless, certain individuals from House Malbungion
were removed, he just might have a chance. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Riadeegha is a young twenty something buxom red head that Roensen has taken a fancy with. She works as a cook in
Minas Girithlin and spy for Roensen. Roesen buys her things. Unbeknownst to Roensen, she has taken several lovers
in Minas Girithlin including a young lad named Damien. Damien acts as a stable boy of low birth but in reality is a
spy for and member of House Dol Tinare. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

A rail thin man with greasy hair and a stubble that never seems to grow, Esseu is the head gardener of Minas Girithlin.
His knowledge of gardening is quite impressive. Smallfolks come to him for gardening tips. But Esseu is not what he
appears. He acts as Roensens head assassin. His team of gardeners is nothing more than a collection of thieves and
murderers. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Rhovanen is Aervellons lieutenant and hedge knight. His family once held lands in Tyrn Gorthad before the Wights
came. His family has served House Girithlin for three generations. The Smallfolk consider Rhovanen, an noble,
although none of the Girithlini houses would acknowledge it. He is head of House Faramirion and dislikes Roensen.
He plots against him and hopes to use his mistress against him. Rhovanen is past his prime and entering old age. He is
still skill enough to take most combatants down. He dislikes House Gorthad. He faults them for losing his familial
lands. His familys sigil is three lizards on blue field. The lizards represented the three estates that House Faramirion
once held. (Arnor)

Berondur is Rhovanens son and like him, a hedge knight. He sees himself as some gallant
knight seeking to restore his familys name and honor. He is a pudgy young man with auburn
hair, small eyes and ruby checks. He is still training to be a knight. He is often seen riding his
horse aptly named Stinky for its distasteful odor. The boy doesnt seem to mind.

Imrahad is listed as captain of the guards in MERPs Lost Realm of Cardolan. His back story is flesh out here.
Rhovanen was Roensen. For some reason, the name changed. I took advantage of the discrepancy and added a back story.
1.5 House Girithlin Members and other NPCs
House Girithlin is a patriarchal family. Women do not play a role in the Familys affairs. As result, the wives and
daughters are not listed. House Girithlin is very selective on who they married. Only Dunedians from good (and
wealthy) families are wedded.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Earnil 15 15 120 Ch/30 Y10 122ma 88cb 63 49 Warrior/Dunedain, Regent of House Girithlin. Deceitful
noble man. Carries the heirloom of House Girithlin : +20 Mithiril Mace inflicts extra Impact crit, +10 Mithiril Shield casts Bladeturn True once a day. Mithiril engraved Arm and
Leg Greaves negates 35% of all crits. +10 Chain Armor weighs the normal weight. Girithlin Boots made of magical leather that -20 to maneuver fumble rolls. Diplomacy 67,
Falsification 50, Public Speaking 35, Poison 50, First Aid 60, Climb 101, Ride 62.

Aarvellon 15 15 120 Ch/30 Y10 122ma 88cb 63 49 Warrior/Dunedain, Cousin, Knight of Caranthel, manages
the copper mines. Hates Beffraens. +20 Mithiril Mace, +10 Shield, +10 Chain Armor weighs the normal weight. Diplomacy 67, Falsification 50, Public Speaking 35, Poison 50, First
Aid 60.

Malburg 11 25 137 Ch/35 Y10 117ma 88lb 73 49 Warrior/Dunedain, Great Uncle, Knight of Annon Baran.
Mistrusts Elves. Administers Annon Baran. +20 Mithiril Mace called Girithlin Club, it provides an additional Impact critical, +10 Shield, +10 Chain Armor weighs the normal
weight. Diplomacy 50, Falsification 30, Perception 20, First Aid 50. (Tharbard)

Falather 7 5 104 Ch/35 Y10 106sw 82lb 43 29 Warrior/Dunedain, Son of Malburg, 2nd cousin and friend
of Echorion, manages estate in Tharbad, acts as ambassador.. +15 Sword, +10 Shield. Diplomacy 45, Public Speaking 35, First Aid 30. (Tharbard)

Rodrik 5 5 83 Ch/35 Y10 65sw 55lb 23 19 Warrior/Dunedain, Old Warrior. Cousin to Earnil and
Malburg, retired knight, manages estate in Galathilival. +15 Sword, +10 Shield. Diplomacy 15, Military Tactics 40, Public Speaking 15. Has two sons level 5 warriors. Knows one
Animist Base Spell list to 5th lvl, PP10, Base Spell Attack 0, Directed Spell Attack 5.

Echorion II 7 15 97 Pl/25 Y10 104ml 67cb 43 29 Warrior/Dunedain, Rightful Heir of House Girithlin,.+10
Lances, Half-Plate +15DB (already added), +10 Composite Bow, +15 Sword. Ride 67, Sing 40, Sailing 30, Knows two Animist lists to 5 th Lvl, 14PP, Base Spell Attack 0, Directed Spell
Attack +20.

Brandil 6 10 88 Ch/20 Y10 90sw 50lb 32 21 Rogue/Dunedain. House Girithlin representative in

Fornost Erain. Cousin of Earnil. +10 Sword, +5 Long Bow.

Angie 6 5 48 No/25 N 40da 40da 23 29 Thief/Urban Woman, Spy for the Warlord. Plans to kill
Falather. , Half-Plate +15DB (already added), +5 dagger of rust -10% to infect wound with a C crit or better. Stalk/Hide 37, Sing 20.

House of Mablungion
House Mablungion is one of the oldest Dunedian families in Cardolan and one of the few that can trace their ancestry
to the Second Age. They are closely tied to House Girithlin. The two families have married various times throughout
the centuries. The symbol of House Mablungion is a red ram head on a black background.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Barahir 9 10 101 Ch/30 Y5 101sw 67lb 53 29 Warrior/Dunedain, heads House Mablungion, a Knight of
Girithlin,. +15 Bitter magic sword that provides an extra A Cold critical, family heirloom from the 2 Age, +10 Shield with a design of a ram, symbol of Malbungion, +10 Chain

Armor weighs the normal weight. Star Gazing 30, Animal Husbandry (sheep) 50, Diplomacy 35, First Aid 35, Sailing 20, Herb Lore 30. (Tharbard)

Barrendil 5 10 64 RL/20 Y15 80sc 25lb 23 19 Warrior/Dunedain, First son of Barahir, Squire to
Echorion, He is under House Girithlins wardship. +15 Scimitar, +15 Wall Shield, +10 Black Leather Breastplate, 6 Mirenna berries. Animal Husbandry (sheep) 50, Public Speaking
20, First Aid 20, Herb Lore 20. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Balagorn 3 15 45 No/15 N 35sw 20da 13 0 Mage/Dunedain, rebellious son of Barahir. Seeks

adventure and fame in the Dark Cape, which his father forbidden him to enter. +5 Sword, 6 Mirenna berries. PP6, DS 50, BS 8. Knows Spirit Mastery, Essence Hand, and Light Law to
3 level. Weather Watching 25, Baking 45, Sailing 20. (Myth of The Teregond)

Linulla 5 15 65 No/15 N 55ss 25da 23 10 Animist/Dunedain, Beautiful raven hair daughter of

Barahir. Mablungions Bowl magical mixing bowl doubles the potency of herbs. Ring of Mablungion heirloom given to the House Mablungion by an elf for their assistance many
centuries ago, *2 PP, reduces healing times from herbs by 50% and glows red in the presence of poisons. 10 Arlan berries, 6 Mirenna berries and various other herbs. PP10*2, DS 35, BS
5. Knows Calm Spirits, Surface Ways, Muscle Ways, Purifications and Light & Sound Ways to 5 th level. Weather Watching 25, First Aid 40, Foraging 20, Animal Husbandry 20.

House of Frias
House Frias has a mercantile outlook. They have good relations with the Great Merchant houses in Tharbad. As a
result, they find themselves in competition against some of the large Houses such as House Tinare and House Calantir.
The symbol of House Frias is three trout flying on a water blue background.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Valmer 9 15 97 No/10 N 60sw 40lb 23 9 Rogue/Dunedain, heads House Frias, Old wrinkled man
with a long wispy bread. Manages the familys wealth. Calculating. Lives near Baranduin. +5 Sword. PP9, DS20, BS 0. Knows Spirit Mastery and Essence Perception to 5th lvl.
Mathematics 30, Weather Watching 35, Diplomacy 35, Sailing 20.

Vandel 11 20 119 Ch/10 Y15 120sw 93lb 53 39 Warrior/Dunedain, Hire and Pride of House Frias,
Heartbroken and resentful. +15 Sword, +15 Wall Shield, +10 Breastplate with House Frias symbol inlaid. Public Speaking 35, Diplomacy 55, Weather Watching 45, Sailing 35, Tactics
30. Rides a dun color horse called Silos 7 lvl highly intelligent, has faire blood.

Valandil 6 0 71 Ch/25 Y 88sw 53da 43 20 Warrior/Dunedain, Young son of Valmer. Stays with
Falather in Tharbad to represent the familys commercial interest. He is in love with young noble woman name Firiel of House Halatani, in Tharbad. Friendly with Falather. +10 Sword,
+10 Breastplate with House Frias symbol inlaid. 6 Mirenna berries. Poetry 25, Public Speaking 40, Mathematics 30, Weather Watching 25, Sailing 20. (Tharbad)
Valerie 5 5 63 No/5 N 15da 13da 23 11 Animist/Dunedain, Old woman with a big heart. Wife of
Valmer. Magic Mixing Bowl increases the potency of herbs by two, Frais Amber Necklace acts a *2PP. Various herbs, 6 Mirenna berries. Poetry 15, Singing 20, Herb Lore 35, First
Aid 60, Weather Watching 25. Knows Blood Law, Muscle Law, Calm Spirits, Herb Mastery and Bone Law to 5 lvl. PP15 *2, Base Spell Attack 10, Direct Spell Attack 50.

Selene 8 15 94 Ch/25 Y10 94sw 69lb 43 20 Warrior/Dunedain, Cousin to Valandil. Holds a grudge
against House Tinare. She is a Knight for House Frias.. She is madly in love with a young baker named Alfie or Alfred. Helps Valandil. +10 Sword, +10 Breastplate with House Frias
symbol inlaid. Military tactics 20, Mathematics 10, Weather Watching 25, Sailing 20, First Aid 20.

Alfred 6 20 95 RL/20 N 73wh 68sp 23 20 Warrior/Dunedain, Local baker. Family is looking to

move to Arthedian. Is friends with Selene and Balagom. +5 War hammer. Various baking ingredients. Cooking 30, Sailing 10, Singing 20, Weather Watching 5

House of Merode
After traitorously going against House Girithlin, all that remains of House Merode is a small homestead on the banks
of the Baranduin River with some heads of sheep. Most of the male children of House Merode are under House
Girithlins ward at Minas Girithlin or at Brown Gate. House Merode desperately seeks to re-establish their family to
glory. The sigil of House Merode is a red falcon on a white background.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Imrahad 9 5 130 Ch/20 Y10 112bs 65cb 53 30 Warrior/Dunedain, Hedge Knight. Works for House
Girithlin, Knight of Minas Girthlin. Trains the guards. +10 Sword, Greyair Breastplate- inlaid with a falcon on a white background surrounded by seven stars is his family symbol,
provides +10DB and negates 70% of criticals, family heirloom. Helm of night vision +10 DB. Acting 20, Sailing 30, Heraldry 30. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Fillitir 7 10 100 Ch/30 Y10 96bs 68cb 33 20 Warrior/Dunedain, Hedge Knight, Younger brother to
Imrahad. Commands the mercenary group called the Falconers. Like his brothers seeks to restore his ancestral home. +10 Sword, +10 Black Scale Armor. Military Tactics 35, Brawling
35, Sailing 30, Heraldry 30.

Falconers House Girithlin normally hires Fillitir and his band but they do other contract work, although never against the interest of House
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Captains\2 5 10 85 Rl/30 N 95sc 65lb 52 36 Warrior/Dunedian, Cousins of Fillitir, Brandil and
Frandil. +5 equipment with War Horse.

Guards\40 3 0 60 Rl/30 N 70sc 45lb 38 27 Warrior/Lsr. Dunedian, Most served under House Merode
during its glory days. Each has a small horse, used mostly for transport.

House of Faramirion
House Faramirion comprise of hedge knights, knights without lands. They lost their property during the Second
Northern War and have come to the realization they will never reclaim their lands. Thus, they act as knights
bankrolled by a lord. They will not harm lizards which they believe brings luck.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Rhovanen 9 -10 97 RL/40 Y10 107ss 55cb 63 49 Rogue/Lsr Dunedain, +15 Short Sword. Perception 25,
Diplomacy 40, Forgery 45, Poison 20, First Aid 40. (Myth of Teregond)

Berondur 3 0 60 RL/40 N 76sw 26cb 35 33 Ranger/Lsr Dunedain, Son of Rhovanen and hedge
knight. Elenriss Star of Dunedain +10DB, +5 Sword and 4th lvl horse named Stinky, horse smells but is battle harden. PP3, DS 0, BS 1. Knows Natures Way to 3 rd lvl. Foraging +25,
Rope Mastery 25, Perception 25, Diplomacy 40, Forgery 45, Poison 20, First Aid 40. (Myth of Teregond)

Other Important Members in Girithlin

Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Roensen 7 -10 87 Ch/20 Y5 77ss 45cb 23 16 Rogue/Lsr Dunedain, Castelan of Barad Girithlin. Wants
to marry Linulla to entry nobility. +15 Magic Short Sword provides extra A electric crit. +5 Chain Mail. Diplomacy 40, Forgery 45, Heraldry 40, Cook 35, Act 35. (Lost Realm of

Riadeegha 4 35 46 No/20 N 40cl --- 23 6 Thief/Dunman, Roensen mistress and spy. Seduction 40,
Embroidery 30. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Esseu 6 30 80 SL/5 N 75mg 65ls 43 30 Thief/Dunman, Minas Girithlin gardener in disguise, but
really is Aarvellon and Earnils assassin. Leads a gang of thieves and murderers. +15 Maine Gauche, +10 Rope, +10 Leather vest, +5 Lock kit. Ambush 12, Trap Building 20, Forgery
20. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Thieves (4) 5 10 60 SL/15 N 65mg 55ls 23 27 Thief/Dunman, Friends of Essu. A more detail description
can be found in MERP Module, Lost Realm of Cardolan.

Damien 7 15 75 RL/15 N 70sw 65ls 33 27 Rogue/Dunedian, Member of House Tinare. Acting as

spy. +15 Sword, +10 Leather vest. Singing 15, Trap Building 20, Forgery 20, Seduction 35. Knows one Bard List to 7 th level. PP14, Base Spell Attack 7, Directed Spell Attack 45.
2.0 House of Tinare
House Tinare traces their lineage to the late Second Age, at the end of the Eriadorian Wars, to Eruthimare, a
Numenorean high born and lord of a small village called Tharbad. He married an Eriadorian princess to end the wars
and reconcile the two people. The two fell in love, lived happily and had many children. To this day, several of House
Tinare sport blonde hair courtesy of their Eriadorian princess ancestor. Eruthimare took the
local Eriadorian title that allowed his heirs to rule lands surrounding Tharbad. The marriage
came with a cost, King Tar-Telemmaite of Numenor did not look kindly on a marriage of a
high born Numenorean to a backward Eriadorian. He banned Eruthimar and his descendants
from court. The fortunes of House Tinare changed when it fought bravely for Elendil during
the War of the Last Alliance. Led by their female warrior, Nienna, she defeated her traitorous
son, Camrinir the Cursed in the War. Her actions solidified House Tinare place among the
Great Families. But, House Tinare holdings remained under Royal Charter until the Times of
Troubles when the new Cardolani King granted House Tinare their traditional holdings for their

HouseTinares lands consist of the highlands on either side of the Old North Road with the Redway, the old Dwarven
road, marking the southern boundary. In the early days of Cardolan, Mindo Tinare, near the Redway, was the seat of
power for House Tinare. Now, Metraith, the bustling town on the North Road, virtually in the centre of Cardolan,
serves as their capitol. Tinare lands are not fertile. House Tinare relies on the wool industry and their ancient right to
impose tolls on traffic on the North Road. The Princes have been unusually astute in investing this income in
mercantile ventures, causing them to be the only men ever granted the hereditary right to be called Dwarf-friend.

Since the downfall of Cardolan, House Tinare has been in a downward spiral. Their lands have been invaded
numerous times. With each passing raid, more and more smallfolk flee leaving untilled fields and the high roads have
less and less traffic. Prince Hallas heads House Tinare and his rule is absolute. House Tinare are far too numerous to
concern themselves with the plight of their bannermen. Once a year, the family gathers to discuss family matters.
Their bannermen also come. They have a say but no vote. Hallas plans spending the familys wealth on mercenaries
to rid Cardolan of the Warlord. His numerous heirs are nervous that he might squander their inheritance and ruin
House Tinare. His only true confident is his brother, Duin.

The symbol of House Tinare is a bushel of golden wheat upon a blue field. The symbol represents the fertility of
House Tinare. There are far too many Dol Tinare to list, the below are some of the more prominent members of House

Prince Hallas
Hallas is getting on in his years, even for a Dunadan, having reached his 164th year. In the last three years, Hallas has
lost his muscle tone, and his teeth, and has gained a pot belly. Hallas now wears his nightshirt on all but unavoidable
occasions of State. His wispy white hair and rheumy eyes belie his status as a lord of the Dunedain. Hallas does not
cling to life through pride or fear, for the one thing he has not lost is his wits. In his prime, he was ruthless and
avaricious and almost always on the winning side. Hallas largely restored the fortunes of his house in so doing, he
strayed from the paths of righteousness many times and Hallas has determined to do one good deed before he dies.
Ever practical, he has two options: ridding Cardolan of the Warlord, or restoring the ruined festival city of Arnath to
its former glory. Hallas' determination is often mistaken for senile obsession, but the old wolf probably is "good for
one last bite", as he is fond of reminding his impatient heirs. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Duin II6
Duin is a specimen of the men of Westernesse, handsome, noble bearing, skillful at arms and well-schooled in lore,
yet also able to not seem prideful. He manages the fertile lands south of Tharbad. His harvest has largely been
unaffected by recent depredations. He has offered the surplus grain to Tharbad to win the Cantors trust to use against
House Girithlin. He despises House Girithlin for his defeat at the Battle of Small River outside of Mindo Tinare. He
resides at Tharbad to represent the family affairs where his flock of little birds report to him any happenings in the
city. He worries that his brother, Hallas ventures are straining the familys coffers. (Tharbad)

Like his father, Duin, Ostomir is of princely bearing and excels in everything he does. Ostomir manages Anrnath, a
town on the North Road and ensues tolls are paid. Like his uncle Hallas, the dwarves respect him as a trustworthy
business man. Although his father has aspirations of him marrying into House Halatani, he has fallen in love with a

I made the Tinari family mentioned in MERPs module, Tharbad, comteparory with MERPs Lost Realm of Cardolan.
she-elf named Oriel, niece to the elf chief, Andovon. He rescued her from goblins while on night patrol and secretly
travels to Siragale to meet Oriel. Andovon, the elf chief, is against the union. He thinks only bad things will come of
it. And he is right, Earnil and the Warlord knows of Ostomir travels and are trying to set a trap. The Warlord would
like to ransom the young Tinari, while Earnil wants the boy dead. (Tharbad)

Osric the Ranger

Osric is a homely, freckled young man in his early twenties with blonde hair, who likes nothing more than sleeping on
a muddy ground while living off the land. The smallfolk call him, Duins other son as a jest but Osric takes it as a
compliment. The other Tinare members looked down on him but he could care less. He dresses in muddy covered
boots, weather torn dark cloak and a faded leather jerkin. He leads a small band of Dol Tinare rangers in the wild and
reports what he finds. He counts Andovon, Gandalf and Minastir, Arthedian commander of San Ford, as friends. They
find his information useful. His rangers escort Ostomir to Siragale. He has good relations with House Mack.

Miatta the Fair

A daughter of Duin, she is the fairest of House Tinares children. She often visits Firiel at Tharbad and helps her tend
to the sick. Ellena of House Halatani has shown interest in her due to her ability with magic. She hopes to be a
wizard. She resides at the Thalion Palace with her best friends, Egale and Tempi. The Harans Death Brothers
singled her out to be kidnapped in the hopes of receiving an ample ransom.

Celeduar is hier to House Tinare. Like Duin, his uncle, he worries that his father might squander all the familys
wealth. Tall, thin, with bright blue eyes, auburn hair and a stern face, Celedur is never without his military gear. He is
currently leading House Tinare forces against the Warlords armies. He despises Elfwine of House Mack and has
thought of killing the fool himself, if he were not bannerman to his house. He is trying to come up with a face saving
way to demiss Elfwine before he puts the army in danger. (Arnor)

Unlike his father, Celedur, Barahir is a short man with a pot belly. His face is round and has a look of a bakers son
than a prince. Normally, he manages the town of Metraith and the surrounding farms but he is leading a contingent
against the Warlords army. Like his father, he suspects that his grandfather might be squandering his family
inheritance. He is planning to dispose of Faradil, his cousin. He suspects Faradil of plotting to kill his father. He has
hire a sleazy assisin by the name of Icar. His stooges are to waylay Faradil in Tharbad during one of his many parties.
Unbeknownst to Barahir, Icar is an agent of Angmar. He plans on doing away with both members of House Tinare.

Elegant and ambitious, she is friends with Firiel of House Halatani and Silmarien of Tharbad. She travels to and from
Fornost to represent House Tinare at the Arthedian court. Celedur, her father, hopes to marry her to one of the Great
Arthedian Houses, but Florwen has other ideas. Out all of Hallas grandchildren, she is best suited to lead House
Tinare. She sees the futility of staying in Cardolan and wants to lead House Tinare to Gondor. For now, the young
lady is content to lead from behind. She has her fathers ear. She has a strange relationship with her cat, Pita. The cat
is really part fey and is very protective of her. She suspects that Ellena of House Halatani is plotting to leave but has
not told her father of her suspicions.

Faradil stands 64 tall, with dark brown hair and eyes. He generally wears silk robes with a surcoat of fine mail
underneath while about in Tharbad. His allowance from his uncle, Celedur, allows him to maintain 30 well-equipped
solid street fighting men as bodyguards. Faradil has a mercurial personality. At one moment he is hosting parties in
Tharbad and the next day is sulking in his parlor. Many considered him to be too moody to rely on. He resides in
Tharbad under the protection of his other uncle, Duin, to escape the wrath of Celedur for attempting to poison him. He
understands that Earnil of House Girithlin has become interested in stopping the marriage of Firiel of House Halatani
and Valandil of House Frias. He knows the couple and is going to stop House Girithlin. He just dont know how. He
is a friend of Renn of House Halatani. (Tharbad and Arnor)

2.1 House Halatani

House Tinare has many branches that have broken off and established themselves. The most prominent of these is
House Halatani. Unlike House Tinare, House Halatani possesses elfish blood, which is marked by their unusual white
hair. House Halatani has lost several family members due to the wars and is having second thoughts about serving
House Tinare. Ellena, an old woman in charge of House Halatani, has aspiration of marrying one of her daughters or

This character is mentioned in both Arnor and Tharbad.
nieces to some Gondorian noble family with the hopes of moving her family south. Should House Tinare discover her
plans, Ellena might succumb to an accident. House Halatani manages farm lands on either side of the river
Greyflood and paid an annual tithe to House Tinare. Their smallfolk raise crops and sheep. Their lands suffered
greatly over the years and it is becoming harder to safeguard their holdings east of the Greyflood. Ellena has begun to
consolidate the homesteads east of Greyflood to Dinach, a seedy town, some twenty miles north of Tharbad. Some of
Cardolans best healers come from House Halatani. The House Halatani sigil is a red four petal flower on a white

Ellenaappears as your typical grandma, small, white hair, wrinkly and old with great caring eyes. She is over 140
years old. She is often found in the garden trimming a rose bush or in the kitchens baking. But dont let appearances
fool you, her biting wit is more than a match for any Cardolan lord. She took over the family affairs when her husband
led a failed attack on Dol Calantir fortress in the south during the War of the Three Houses. Her family has been
ravished with deaths and she is tired of losing more of her family. She is quietly concentrating her family wealth for a
move south to Gondor. She hasnt told House Tinare of her plans in fear of retaliation. She resides in a manor outside
Dinach, which is House Halatani current seat of power. The manor is currently under repairs to strengthen its walls.

Palomire is Ellena younger brother. He lives in Rosethrone, the traditional seat of power for Halatani. Rosethrone lies
some sixty miles southeast of Tharbad and borders Dunland. In the height of Cardolans glory days, the lands were
firmly in the kingdoms control. But since the death of the king, it has become dangerous to manage lands on the
eastern side of the Greyflood River. Ellena has advised Palomire to move closer to Tharbad but Palomire is thick
headed. He is a tall burly man. His round face is concealed behind a bushy white beard and hair. The smallfolk call
him Big Pal on account of his size. His daughter is a thick bone woman with long silver hair and alabaster white
skin. She has been kidnapped by the Temple of Justice, an evil Dunnish cult, to be sacrificed. The family is
scrambling to organize a rescue. They have asked for House Tinare for assistance and they received two young
knights, Fallen and Oscar of House Tinare to help. (Dunland)
Firiel is a beautiful young woman who has fallen for Valandil of House Frias. Ellena doesnt like
the pairing but she wants her granddaughter to be happy. House Tinare is too busy with their
intrigues to notice a potential power pairing of two lesser houses but it hasnt escaped the
attention of House Girithlin. House Girithlin is planning for some unfortunate accidents to
prevent the marriage. The marriage of House Frias and House Halatani could upset the balance
of power in Cardolan. Firiel lives in Tharbad attending to the sick. She is a healer and like most
female members of House Halatani, her hair is silver-white in color. (Tharbad)
Darnes recently moved from his estate on the eastern side of Greyflood to Dinach to be with his
mother, Ellena. He is the heir of House Halatani. He lost his wife and kids to a goblin raid two years ago and is
melancholy ever since. He is always seen around Dinach in armor leading a patrol which has made Dinach much
safer. He appears as a strongly built man with a mop of silver hair and silver eyes and never smiles. Smallfolk say the
blood of the first born runs strong in him. Ellena is looking to pair his son with a young lady from one of the Great
Merchant Houses of Tharbad. She doesnt has to look hard. They are lining up at her
door. Darnes, though, is still grieving the lost of his wife and kids.
Renn the Thief
Renn is something of an oddity for House Halatani, not because he has brown hair and
chestnut eyes but, because he is a known criminal. His parents perished when he was
four. Ellena, his aunt, sent him to a prestigious school in Tharbad, only for the school to
expel the lad due to extensive fighting. Instead of returning home, he sent his time on the
seedy side of Tharbad. Ever since, he has been in and out of trouble and an
embarrassment to House Halatani. Recently, he has been thrown into jail by the Cantor
of Tharbad for stealing jewels. Ellena bail him out. In gratitude and to satisfy his love of
adventure, he has volunteered to help a diplomatic delegation to House Girithlin along
with Gael of House Mack, to seek their assistance in defeating the Warlord. He has never
been near the Black Forest and hopes to see it. He does not understand how treacherous
House Girithlin is, but House Girithlin never has met a rascal like Renn the Thief.

Palomire and his daughter is noted in MERPs Duland module as Dunedain lords. I tied them to House Halatani.
2.2 House Mack
The previous Dunedain nobles died out during the Second Northern War and House Tinare rewarded a Northman
named Mack, to manage its western lands. Since House Mack are Northmen, they do not pose a threat to House Tinare
as none of the other noble houses would recognize a Northman as their lord. House Mack is led by Alfec, a small wiry
man of middle age with blonde hair and a small nose. He has carefully managed his holdings and sends his tithe
without failure. Of all the noble houses, he treats his smallfolk kindly, like they are his kin. Due to their location, they
have escaped the ravages of war but the emergence of the Warlords Domains has changed the situation. Some of his
smallfolks now pay tribute to the Warlord and House Mack has lost several sons to the Warlords raids. He hopes that
Prince Hallas attention on the matter will solve his problems. While Hallas and Celedur hold House Mack with
respect, other Tinari members do not. He counts Aethelan, Lord of Pinnath Ceren, a friend and asked him for help in
defeating the Warlord. He is also on good terms with Barth of House Gorthad. He provides much needed trade to
House Macks lands. House Mack sigil is a black horse rearing up on its hind legs on a white background.

Alfec represents the tenth generation of House Mack. His family manages the mining villages of Harbarist, Allimir
and Thaenor. He has sent his son, Elfwine, to help House Tinares fight against the Warlord. Earnil of House Girithlin
holds a special grudge against House Mack. Alfecs grandfather stroke down Earnils father sixty years ago during
the War of the Three Houses and he has been seeking revenge on the family. Alfec lives in a manor in Harbarist,
which is House Mack seat of power.

Elfwine the Drunk

Elfwine tries to drain his sorrow with ale and wine. His two older brothers and wife were slain during a raid by the
Warlords trolls, six months ago. When House Mack answered House Tinares call to war against the Warlord, Alfec
sent Elfwine to lead House Macks men. Normally, Elfwine is a competent leader. But under his current state, he can
barely walk straight much less ordered his men to battle. His men are worried. They are
planning to kidnap the drunk and drag him back to Harbarist before he leads the men to
their death. (Arnor)

Gael is Alfecs youngest son. He has spent the better part of his childhood under wardship
to House Tinare in Metraith and has only recently returned to House Mack. He acts like a
Dunedian lord despite his Northman heritage and he seems better suited in the cosmopolitan
city than an out of place town like Thaenor, a sleepy fishing village. He tries his best to help
the smallfolk and they appreciate him. His wife recently gave birth to their first son. Gael is
a soft spoken young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He just turned twenty. He is
going to Minas Girithlin with his wife and newborn on a diplomatic affair for House Tinare.
He does not understand the grave danger he will be in as Roensen, head spy for House
Girithlin and Selene, of House Frias, plan on murdering him.

2.3 Household
Household of Dol Tinare is a cast of traitors, saviors and misfits. They all serve House Tinare in one fashion or
another and their motives vary from loyalty to treachery. On occasion House Tinare lends their services to their
bannermen for short periods of time.
Egale is the healers daughter and resides in Thalion. The girl is pretty and fun loving. She is always clowning around
with Miatta and Tempi, her best friends. She also chit chats with Gandalf, whenever he is passing through. He likes
her fun loving personality and she also gives him news about House Tinare. She has no idea that her father is planning
on betraying House Tinare. (Arnor)

Lengha is Egales father and House Tinares chief healer. He is a lithe little man with beady eyes and a crooked nose.
He plans on killing Hallas and steal his funds. (Arnor)

Tempi is a pretty red head from Tharbad. Celedur spotted her beauty and took her home. She has a bit of street in
her. Miatta and Egale, her best friends, are trying to teach her to be a proper lady. (Arnor)
Maynard the Bastard
Maynard is a crusty big man with tawny hair and a rat face. He has a foul temper. He is Celedurs bastard. The fact
that he will never be accepted as a Tinare, bothers him. He is the knight of Brildil, a tower south of Metraith, and
manages the surrounding lands. He visits Metraith often. He is in liege with Lengha to destroy Prince Hallas and his
family. He doesnt know that lengha and Hathor are in liege with Angmar.

Captain of the guards at Thalion, Guilrod is another of Celedurs bastard. He doesnt get along with Maynard. The
two have fought several times with Guilrod getting the better of him each time. He is a short stocky man with legs the
size of tree trunks and arms the size of boulders. He is well respected by his men and by Ostomir and Osric. They
count him as an older brother, unlike Maynard. He trained them both in arms as well as most of the Tinare soldiers.

Hathor is House Tinare steward and has been their steward for several decades. He holds House Tinares complete
trust. Little do they know that his real name is Tarmoresar the Unsee and an Angmarean spy. The Warlord has sent
word to him to act. He is planning with Lengha to slaughter several members of House Tinare and trap Hallas soul.
He always has two servants which are really Saronic Agents in disguise. Ellena

2.4 House Tinare Members and other NPCs

House Tinare has far too many distant relations to address here. Many are clerks and administrators in various mercantile ventures
in Tharbad and Arthedian. Others are soldiers and captains in the Tinari army. They all have one purpose, to serve House Tinare.
The ones listed are among the more important members of House Tinare, presented in order of importance. All Tinari members
carry a dwarven stone which convey the individual a friend of dwarves. This provides a +10 to Influence and Leaderships when
dealing with Dwarves.

Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Hallas 19 -30 74 Pl/20 Y5 83ss 67lb 33 27 Rogue/Dunedain, Prince of Dol Tinare. +20 Sword of
Tinare dwarven make, mithiril sword. +10 Plate Armor weight and negates 20% of critical rolls to body. Medalion of Truth detects lies and forgeries. +15 Long bow. PP19,
Directed Spells 0, Base Spells 0. Knows Physical Enhancement, Illusions, Spell Ways, Essences Ways, Spirit Mastery and Essence Perceptions to 5 th level. Music 54, Star Gazing 40,
Navigate 60, Read Runes 20, Diplomacy 45, Trickery 25. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Celedur 15 10 150 Pl/50 Y10 150ha 110cb 73 47 Warrior/Dunedain, Son of Hallas, Good friend with
Ostomir, Heir to House Tinare. +15 Singing Ax does an secondary Crush Critical and sings when swung in combat. Brass plate armor +10 DB reduces all bodily criticals by one.
PP30, DS 10, BS 5. Knows Detections, Spell Resistance and Self Healing to 5 lvl. Diplomacy 35, Public Speaking 35, Star Gazing 30, Tactics 35, First Aid 30. (Lost Realm of

Barahir 13 10 148 Ch/65 Y10 125ss 130cb 63 27 Warrior/Dunedain, Son of Celedur, Knight of Dol Tinare,
trains squires and soldiers. Resides in Metraith and manages the surrounding farms. +10 Mithiril Short sword. PP26, DS 0, BS 5. Knows Spell Resistance and Self Healing to 5th lvl.
Tactics 35, Foraging 20, Public Speaking 35, Weather Watching 30, First Aid 50. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Duin 10 15 97 Ch/35 Y5 87sw 80lb 53 33 Bard/Dunedain, Brother to Hallas, Knight. Represents the
familys interest in Tharbad. Tinares Sword crafted by elves long ago, it is +15 and provides an additional electric A critical. +5 Shield, +10 Chain Armor weighs the normal
weight. PP20, DS 50, BS 10. Knows all Bards list to 10th lvl. Diplomacy 55, Music 45, Star Gazing 40, Singing 60, Public Speaking 35, Read Runes 60. (Tharbad)

Ostomir 11 5 114 Ch/15 Y10 100sw 88lb 63 39 Warrior/Dunedain, Son of Duin, Knight of Arnath.
Ensues tolls are paid on the North Road. He is in love with Arelia, a Sinda Elf. +10 Sword named Puncher it hits like a two handed sword. +10 Shield, +10 Chain Armor weighs
the normal weight and negates 20% of body criticals. Tactics 45, Foraging 35, Perception 40, First Aid 50, Herb Lore 25. (Tharbard)

Arelia 8 20 79 SL/35 N 65sw 70lb 53 59 Animist/Sindar, She-elf. +10 Sword the normal
weight. Amulet of Safron Bright red ruby that is a *3PP and adds +20 to all healing spells. Foraging 45, Perception 50, First Aid 60, Herb Lore 35, Cooking 30, Acrobatics 50, Elven
Lore 20, Dunadain Lore 30. Knows all Animist Spell Lists to 8 th level. PP24*3, Base Spells 16, Direct Spells 70.

Oscar 10 20 107 RL/30 N 104sw 89sb 67 57 Ranger/Dunedain, Sent to help House Halatani recover
their daughter. +15 Sword of Orc Slaying it is the normal weight. Tinare Brooth once belonged to Cassien, *2 PP, adds to Stalk&Hide +10 and protects against all elemental attacks
+10. PP20*2, Directed Spells 40, Base Spells 0. Knows Sound&Light Ways, Concussion Ways to 10th level and all Ranger Lists to 10th level. Diplomacy 25, Stalk&Hide 55, Foraging
35, Singing 25, Weather Watching 30, Herb Lore 35.

Tinari Rangers 5 15 76 RL/20 Y10 70sw 65lb 50 40 Ranger/Lsr. Dunedain. These 4 rangers follow Oscar.
They provide recon and are from House Tinares lesser branches, second and third cousins. +10 Sword. Most know 2 Ranger Spell Lists to 5 th level.

Florwen 9 30 87 No/30 N 74ss 59sb 47 57 Bard/Dunedain, Single granddaughter of Hallas, . +10

Short Sword it is the normal weight. Ring of Dol Tinare simple mirithil band set with an oval ruby, the ring is a *3PP and adds +10 to bardic spells, it also provides +20 DB (not
added). Has a black cat named Pita that is a faire (10 th lvl). They communicate on several different matters. PP27*3, Directed Spells 65, Base Spells 9. Knows Spell Resistance, Spirit
Mastery, Spell Ways and Self Healing to 5th lvl and all Bards Lists to 10th lvl. Diplomacy 55, Seduction 25, Singing 55, Music 50, Public Speaking 35, Weather Watching 30, Faire Lore

Miatta 5 20 63 No/30 N 55ss 40da 27 17 Mage/Dunedain, Single granddaughter of Hallas, Resides

in Thalion. She is very compassionate for others, studying to be a mage. Kallums Book of Spells has all Mages lists to 10th lvl. PP15, DS75, BS10. Knows Spell Ways, Essences
Perceptions, Light Law, Cold Law and Fire Law to 5th lvl Singing 35, Music 20, Public Speaking 25, Star Gazing 25, Read Runes 80, Faire Lore 35.

Faradil 14 15 145 Ch/25 Y10 139sw 100da 57 47 Rogue/Dunedain, nephew of Celedur, Playboy, party
goer, resides in Tharbad, +10 Magic Sword that doubles the bleeding rate of all criticals. +10 Dwarven Mail that encumbers as Rigid Leather, +10 throwing daggers which causes target
to glow green (5th lvl resistance roll) for 1-10 hours. Carries a multitude of herbs. Administration 35, Diplomacy 35, Seduction 45, Singing 25, Trading 45, Poison Lore 30. Tactics 35,
Foraging 20, Public Speaking 35, Weather Watching 30, Herb Lore 20, First Aid 50. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Turin 7 15 90 SL/25 N 90ss 60sb 40 30 Rogue/Lsr. Dunedain, bastard of Duin, Captain of

Faradils Bodyguard and friend. +5 shortsword.

Bodyguards 4 (29) 10 65 SL/20 N 65ss 55sb 35 25 Warriors/Urban Men. 29 Solid street fighters. Loyal.
Protect Faradil.
House Halatani Members and other NPCs
House Halatani was once a prosperous family. Its men served as captains of armies or of industrial and its women
served the public good as healers. This was before the events of the Roosters Mayhem. During the Mayhem, brothers
fought sisters, gold was spent on fickle mercenaries and their business ventures went bust. This was followed by the
Blight. Many died while caring those infected with the strange illness. Now, House Halantani is great only in name.
The current family head, Ellena, is seeking to leave Cardolan to safer lands. In a few, their Elvish heritage is strong
and they posses limited night vision.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Ellena 10 5 73 No/20 N ---- ---- 13 19 Animist/Dunedain, heads House Halatani. Frias Amulet
family heirloom, a gold amulet set with a yellow amber that provides +10 to DB, Essence and Channeling RR, it is also a *3PP and provides 50PP for Surface Way to 10th lvl daily.
PP30*3, DS65, BS20. Knows Sound & Light Ways, Purification, Concussion Ways, Detection Mastery, Surface Ways, Blood Ways, Bone Ways, Muscle Ways, Herb Mastery and Plant
Mastery to 10th level. Weather Watching 40, Star Gazing 45, Diplomacy 55, First Aid 65, Sailing 20, Herb Lore 50.

Palomire 9 15 105 Ch/35 Y10 105bs 85sb 53 59 Warrior/Dunedain, Younger Brother of Ellena. Knight of
East Greyflood. Manages estates east of the Greyflood River. A bear of a man with wooly blonde hair. Fair and just to his smallfolk. Smallfolk call him Big Pal. +20 broadsword, +10
short bow, +5 arrow, Halatanis Ring provides +15DB. Mathematics 20, Weather Watching 20, Foraging 35, Herb Lore 20. (Dunland)

Kireil 2 25 15 No/30 N 30da 20da 23 10 Sage/Dunedain, Ellena is pushing Kireil to take the hand
of some Gondorian lord. Rebellious daughter of Palomire. Wants to be a Seer of Athedian. Magic earrings adds +10 DB, +20 dagger. Knows Singing 30, Dancing 25, Weaving 15.

Firiel 9 10 62 No/10 N 42da 57sb 43 20 Animist/Dunedain, Beautiful granddaughter of Ellena.

She is in love with Valandil of House Frias, Ellena wants to break the couple apart and marry her to a Gondorian lord. Lives in Tharbad healing folks. Halatanis Pendent magical jade
and silver pendent is a *3PP and will cleanse one infection/poison per day. Magic mixing bowl doubles the potency of herbs. 10 Arlan berries, 6 Mirenna berries and various other herbs.
PP27*3, DS 68, BS 18. Knows Sound & Light Ways, Purification, Concussion Ways, Detection Mastery, Weather Ways, Blood Ways, Bone Ways, Muscle Ways, Herb Mastery and
Plant Mastery to 10th level.. Weather Watching 25, First Aid 60, Foraging 20, Herb Lore 40. (Tharbad)

Darnes 9 25 110 Ch/30 Y10 112sw 110lb 63 40 Warrior/Dunedain, Son of Ellena, Knight of West
Greyflood. Lost his wife and son in a raid. Looking to marry again. +10 Sword, +15 Chain Armor, 6 Mirenna berries. PP9, DS --, BS --. Knows Purification and Concussion Ways to 5th
lvl. Weather Watching 25, Sailing 20, Tactics 45, Diplomacy 35, Herb Lore 40.

Renn 15 30 97 Rl/50 N 87ss 85da 63 40 Thief/Dunedain, Adventure seeking nephew of Ellena,

Ambidetrous, Trap Finder all traps are Easy to detect and disarm. A group with Renn will (if he does not find it) receive damage on any trap that strikes. +20 Magic Short Swords
called Heartseeker and Livertaker when used together they add +10 to MM, they also double all bleeding results. Ring of Protection adds +10 to DB (added to above DB) and all
Magical resistance rolls. +10 Rigid Armor (added to above DB). Healing Ointment heals 1-30 hits. 6 Mirenna berries. Acrobatics 30, First Aid 35, Underworld 45, Gambling 25,
Weather Watching 25, Sailing 20, Trap Building 40, Trickery 55, Diplomacy 25, Herb Lore 40.

Fallen 6 10 81 RL/30 N 77sw 80lb 43 32 Ranger/Dunedain, Bastard of House Tinare, Friends with
Oscar the Ranger, sent to help Palomire rescue his daughter. +10 Sword, +10 Rigid Leather, +5 Leg Greaves. Various Herbs. PP6, DS --, BS --. Knows Purification and Concussion
Ways to 5th lvl. Weather Watching 25, Foraging 20, First Aid 20, Cooking 10, Herb Lore 20.

House Mack Members NPCs

When Prince Tyrion installed a Northman named Mack as lord of his western domains, he did so, for political reasons.
His domains rest south of the Red Hills (Pinnath Ceren) which are home to free and progressive Northmen. By placing
a respected Northman as lord, Tyrion hoped to stop any idea of rebellion and create trust between the folks of the Red
Hills and his western domains. And so, ten generations later, House Mack still rules. The current lord is Alfec. Of all
the lords, the lords of Mack are closest to their smallfolk. House Mack has endeared the hatred of House Girithlin and
enmity of several members of House Tinare due to their Northman heritage.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Alfec 12 15 98 Ch/20 Y10 116sw 91lb 63 49 Warrior/Northman, heads House Mack, Knight of Dol
Tinare, manages the Dol Tinares western lands, has consolidated considerable wealth. Pragmatic level head man. +10 Sword of Orc Slaying, +10 Shield. Tactics 45, Animal Husbandry
40, Diplomacy 35, Mathematics 30. Has tan and white warhorse called Spot, 6 lvl.

Elfwine 12 -5 130 Pl/20 N 105ms 90cp 53 59 Warrior/Northman, Drunken son of Alfec, He lost his
family to the Warlord. Knight of Dol Orme, Heir of House Mack. +10 broadsword, +10 composite bow. Mathematics 20, Tactics 20, Weather Watching 20, Foraging 35, Herb Lore 20.

Gael 12 25 94 Ch/15 Y10 109sw 84sb 60 50 Rogue/Northman, 2nd oldest son, takes after Alfec. Has a
pretty wife and a little baby boy. Knight of Dol Tinare. Helps Alfec manage estates. +10 sword, +10 short bow. Knows Singing 30, Tactics 40, Animal Husbandry 45, Diplomacy 35,
Mathematics 40.

House Tinare Household NPC staff

Household of House Tinare is a cast of traitors, saviors and misfits. They all serve House Tinare in one fashion or another and
their motives vary from loyalty to treachery. On occasion, House Tinare lends their services to their bannermen for short periods
of time.

Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Egale 1 20 25 No/20 N 30cl 20we 23 16 Scout/Urban Woman, Chief Cooks daughter. Lives in
Thalion. Pretty lithe girl. Does not know that her father is betraying House Dol Tinare. Friends with Gandalf and Tempi. Stake & hide 80, Cook 25, Act 15. (Arnor)

Lengha 4 0 60 No/20 N 50da --- 13 6 Animist/Urban Man, Father of Egale. Family Physician
Traitorous, plans to kill Hallas for wealth. PP8, DS 20, BS 8. Knows Concussions Way, Muscle Ways, Organ Ways and Herb Mastery to 5th lvl. First Aid +75, Herb Lore 60. (Arnor)
Tempi 2 15 29 No/20 N 25cl 30cl 23 10 Bard/Urban Man, Mistress of Celedur. Friend of Egale.
Seduction 40, Dance 40, Singing 40, Music 40. (Arnor)

Maynard 11 10 87 Ch/10 Y10 87bs 67lb 53 30 Rogue/ Lsr Dunedain, Bastard son of Celedur. Knight of
Dol Tinare, hates House Mack. In liege with Lengha to destroy House Dol Tinare. Doesnt know that Lengha and Hathor are in liege with Angmar. Employs 20 guards. Wants to rule
House Dol Tinare. Tawny hair rat face man. +10 Sword, +10 shield. Acting 20, Sailing 30, Trickery 30.

Guilrod 9 15 105 Ch/40 Y10 115bs 95lb 63 19 Warrior/Lsr Dunedain, Bastard son of Celedur. Knight of
Dol Tinare, station at Thalion. Captain of the Guard, Knight of Dol Tinare. Trains guards. Close to Celedur and Gael. +15 Sword of wolf slaying. Tactics 45, Music 20, Diplomacy 40.

Hathor 10 0 80 Sl/30 N 76sw 26cb 35 33 Sage/Lsr Dunedain, old man who acts as Stewart to
House Dol Tinare. He really is Tarmoresar the Unsee, an Angmarean Spy. Always has two helpers who are Saronic Agents in disguise. Ellena of House Halatari does not like him. He is
plotting with Lengha to kill and trap Prince Hallas soul. +5 Sword, Tome of Dark Channeling 1-10th spells. Dark Rituals 85, Read Runes 65, Perception 25, Diplomacy 40, Forgery 45,
Poison 20, First Aid 40. (Arnor)
3.0 House of Dol Calantir
Of all the Great Families, House Calantir holdings are the smallest, but richest, agriculturally. Their fertile lands lie
south of Tharbad hugging along the river Gwathlo (Greyflood). Their farms produce numerous products including a
sweet red wine called Dornfelder, which claim to fame as being the best wine in Arnor. House Calantir relies on the
labor of their smallfolk for much of their wealth and as result they are notorious for being arrogant and prideful
appropriate to the ancient Numenorean imperialists.

House Calantir was founded in the 27th century of the Second Age in the aftermath of the Eraidoran Wars. The
founder, Ioreth was a vengeful woman who hung her Eraidoran enemies by their ankles for days until they died. She
burned the forests to make way for Numenorean colonists and pushed all non-Numenoreans out. She, later in life,
became paranoid and thought her former victims were coming back from the dead to destroy her. She might have
been right. One night, the guards found her standing on her vanity desk screaming about shadows coming from the
river. The next morning, she mysteriously drowned in the Greyflood River. Her alabaster face contained a crazed
terrified look. Ever since, every couple of generations, a terrible accident happens to the family which the smallfolk
claims are the acts of fey taking their vengeance on the family that destroyed their forest and homes.

House Calantir was always a provincial House. More concern with the weather than politices of the Royal Court. It
was Anscar the Bold, in the early days of Cardolan that moved the family from their fertile lands in the south to the
north closer to Tharbad. He built Argond, a stronghold of beauty, just a days ride to Tharbad. It was a political
statement to the other Great Families. House Calantir was major player in the Kingdom. He developed ties to the
Royal Court and commercial interests in Tharbad. He prevented House Tinare from assuming their rightful place in
the Court and ensured that their lands would be managed through a Royal Charter. House Calantir has always held the
impurity of House Tinares bloodlines in contempt. But in the process of establishing House Calantir as a power,
Anscar started a practice of being an absentee landlord and became out of touch with their smallfolk. This would led
to resentment and provide a rally cry for future revolts.

During the Troubles, House Calantir became antagonistic against its bannermen. Dol Calantir was too small to host
numerous minor Houses and House Calantir was fearful that an upstart House would supplant them. They forced their
bannermen out. Several of the Houses moved to Tharbad and became great merchant such as House Calamiri and
House Finwarin. They never forgave House Calantir for their treachery. Two Houses remain. House Silanir provides
Calantir with much wealth and House Delbarad acts as House Calantir brutal enforcers. House Calantir relies on their
army comprises of thugs, cutthroats and unsavoury mercencies to maintain the peace.

The current head of House Calantir is Finaduilas III, a young single woman. She controls the most significant dowry
in Eriador; she will marry when she sees fit. She intends to play the Great Game and win it. She has let her corrupt
Stewart to triple the tax on her smallfolks. With the back-breaking taxes and the raids from the Warlords Domain,
the smallfolk are brimming for a rebellion. She hopes to use the rebellion as a distraction for her more nefarious
activities in Tharbad. And if something does go wrong; she can always use her Stewart as an excuse. House Delbarad
is always inching to draw blood.

The sigil of House Calantir is three swords pointed up on a yellow background. The below lists the members of House

Celeph II
Celeph is a hawk of an old man with a large protruding nose and thin lips. His checks are hollow and his burning eyes
set deep under a heavy brow. Pox scars ravaged his face courtesy of the Blight that affected much of Cardolan and
killed his wife and kids. He wears a thin grey beard in an attempt to cover it. His grey hair is combed back to reveal a
high brow and widows peak. He dresses in black often warped in a black wolf cloak. Celeph has led the family affairs
for many years as Regent before handing it over to Finduilas. He isnt active in House Calantirs political intrigues but
Finduilas still comes to him for advice. Celeph resides in Argond and travels to and from Tharbad. A veteran of
several wars, he commands House Calantirs army. He lets House Delbarad do most of his dirty work. Celephs
accuses the Warlord for killing his brother and looks down on the Saralainn. He seeks to one day defeat the Warlord
and drive the Saralainn out of House Calantirs former holdings. (Tharbad)
Finduilas III
It is not unusual for either women or mages to rule the principalities of
Cardolan, but Finduilas is the first to combine these attributes. She is in
her early adulthood, on the short side for a woman of pure blood, and
rather plain looking-although it is said that when she unveils her light green
eyes they pierce one to the soul. Finduilas appears to be very self-absorbed;
she is content to leave the day-to-day governance of her realm to her Uncle
and subordinates. The practice allows her time to study magic and to plot.
She would not be troubled to discover that her retainers pursue the same
oppressive policies that characterized her forbearers. In most things,
Finduilas is a traditionalist, favouring an archaic style of robes that does
little to complement her face or figure. Finduilas has long been considered a
minor personage in the politics of Cardolan; that status is about to change.
Having mastered the magic, she is finally taking an interested in her family
and in politics. She has found to her delight that the balancing and
manipulation of political forces is an interesting analogy to her magic.
Finduilas has decided to play to win, simply for the sake of the game. She
cares nothing for either the potential rewards or consequences of her actions.
This frivolous attitude does not detract from her abilities. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Unlike his cousin, Finduilas, Berengar isnt interested in politics. He is interested in cultivating and drinking wine. His
talent has improved House Calantirs wine stocks to such a degree that the Arthedian Royal Family has asked for a
regular shipment. He is only a few years older than Finduilas and the two grew up together. Although Finduilas is an
introvert; Berengar is an extrovert. He enjoys being the centre of attention. He is currently in Arthedian managing the
familys wine business but travels south on occasion to overseas the vineyards. When out and about in town, he
dresses flamboyantly in silk robes and turned up slippers. But in the field, among his grape vines, he dress much like
the smallfolk working for him. The smallfolk love Berengar, unlike his uncle and cousin. They think of him as a
throwback to a time when House Calantir cared more about their crops and homesteads than fighting another minor
war. Celeph thinks Berengar weak while Finduilas secretly admires him for his flamboyant personality and charisma.
Berengar hopes to take some grapes south to Gondor and establish a vineyard there in safer envirornments.

3.1 House Silanir9

The prestigious House of Silanir claimed descent from both Cirdan of Lindon and the Line of Isildur. The Line of
Silanir started in the early part of Third Age, when Valandil, King of Arnor, granted his youngest son, Silanir, a small
Arthedian backwater town called Caras Celairnen. Silanar married a Teleri elf named Nollien, who was related to
Cirdan the Shipwright. The family prospered and in better times, one of their children ventured to Dol Calantir and
with the permission of House Calantir, who was overjoyed to have such a prestigious family, established a small
village along the Greyflood called Silanir. House Calantir hoped to further their bloodline through marriage with
House Silanir. But for whatever reason it never happened. Instead, House Silanir provides their monthly tithe in wine
barrels (considered to be some of the best). They established a vineyard and maintain contact with Andovon Pathdal,
an elf chielf, who passes along messages to their northern cousins. House Silanir initially did well but it soon was
caught up into the Great Game and suffered heavily during the Troubles. The current head of the family is Jeyne, a
woman who loves all things gardening. She is having a hard time protecting her village against the onslaught of the
Warlords trolls and the thuggish elements in Calanti forces. She started a militia designed to protect her holdings and
people. She is no friend of House Delbarad. Their Sigil is the Flying Crane on a green background.

Like all members of House Silanir, Jeyne is tall. She is easily the tallest person in the village of Silanir. With raven
hair, emerald eyes and ivory skin, she looks and acts as a noble Dunedain should. She lost her husband and most of
her children to the Warlords trolls and hates them. Although ninety years old, she is in her prime for a Dunedian.
Several suitors come by seeking her hand including Celeph II and Earnil but she has thus far turned them down. It is
said that Earnil of House Girithlin loves her. But her true love, nowadays, is to tend her vineyards and gardens. During
the War of the Three Families, her family sent her to live with House Halanti. They treated her kindly and she is on
good turns with them especially with Ellena. Smallfolk from all reaches of Dol Calantir come to her to be healed. Her
manor doubles as a hospice. She is on good terms with Berengar whom shares her love of plants and wine and with
Pelendur of House Gorthad, much to the discernation of House Calantir. The two are kindred spirits and share an

House Silanir is noted in Arnor. I added this branch because there is a town named Silanir.
appreciatation all things elfish. The two have mutual elvish friends. Jeyne is seeking to move her family back to Caras
Celairnen once she gains vengeance on the Warlord.

Like his mother, Daven is tall with the classic features of high born Dunedian. He is currently stationed at Argond and
serves under Celeph command as his lieutenant. He wears an ugly scar that runs across one side of his face with pride,
courtesy of a troll, he dispatched. He lacks House Calantir pretensions and gets along quite well with the smallfolk.
He enjoys the outdoors more than anything. He often ventures into the wilderness.
Sometimes, he meets with Andovon Pathdal, the elf chief, and the two combat the
evils of the Warlord together. Unbeknownst to him, several members of his regiment
want to ransom the young man. One of them is an agent for the Warlord. The
Warlord despies House Silanir and plans something sinister for Daven.

Dirhavel the Alchemist

Older brother to Daven, Dirhavel is well-versed in the books of lore and magic of
ages past. He is quick-witted, habitually wears blue or violet, and loves the stars.
Unlike the other members of House Silanir, he takes an active role in politics. He
resides in Tharbad where he can take part in his schemes away from Calanti
interference. Currently, he is seeking to rediscover the lost formula for silima, first
synthesized by Feanor to create the Silmariis. By doing this, Dirhavel hopes
somehow to aid the cause of Cardolan against the evil of the Witch-king and his
minion, the Warlord. Thus, he will occasionally hire small groups of adventurers to
seek out rare and precious ingredients (e.g. fine sand or crystal, powdered laen, etc.) to complete this great work.
Unlike Daven and his mother, Jeyn, he doesnt want to leave Cardolan. He believes there is still hope for Cardolan.

3.2 House Delbarad10

House Delbarad has a foul reputation. During the Troubles, they proved their worth to House
Calantir by performing horrendious deeds. They have become House Calantirs enforcer and
captians of House Calantirs army of thugs. Smallfolks and the other Houses call them, the
Blacks. They are not welcomed in Silanir nor anywhere else. Their seat of power is a manor
called Blackmanor located in the town of Althil. They also hold the town of Delbarad, where the
family lived many generations ago. They are of mixed blood and resent House Silanir for their
blessed long life. The current lord is a bear of a man name Donnor. Their sigil is a black

Donnor the Black

Donnor is as brutal and savage as they come. One would think he is an Orc dressed as a man
but he is far too big to be considered an Orc. A giant of a man, he has black moppy hair and
bushy beard. He wears black fur and scale mail. A good day for Donnor is killing
remorselessly villager or leading the torture of helpless villagers. Often referred to as The
Black", Donnor has an insatiable bloodlust. He is quick to anger and never shows any fear of
acting on it, since no one dares stop him. He shows great loyalty and respect toward House
Calantir. Donnors short fuse and utter lack of a conscience often showed his lack of honor.
Donnor is not very bright, relying solely on his physical instincts to get the job done without
thinking of the long-term consequences. Daven described Donnor as a man without a
strategic thought in his head. His weapon of choice is an enormous great sword named
Boom. It is so big that most men are unable to swing it even with two hands. Donnor is
strong enough to wield it one-handed. Donnor has three sons, Beron, Cerwyn and Jonnel.
They are all big powerfully built men much in the image of their father, Donner. They also
share his blood-lust and serve in Calanti army as knights. His sons ranged from 25 to 31 in age. Jonnel has a drinking
problem and is a double agent for Angmarean agents in Tharbad. Collectively they are called the The Blacks.

3.3 Household
More than any of the Great Family, House Calantir relies heavily on its smallfolk to manage the day to day operations
of their estates while they go off to lavish parties and conduct political intrigue against the other Houses. Unlike the
other Great Families, their army is composes of thugs, thieves and other miscreants. The Steward, Dagobert, handles

I took the idea of this House from MERP module, Arnor. In one of its quests to rid the Warlord, it mentions a Calanti knight taking over a town named
the day to day operations of running House Calantirs estates. He has assembled a team of thugs to act as his Reeves to
enforce House Calantir will on the small folk. The only other person of importance is Ilran, a hedge knight, and
Captain of the Guards.

Dagobert ranked among the common folk, he claims a trace of Dunadan blood. Dagobert is noted as the finest dresser
in Cardolan. He over indulges and has grown exceedingly fat. Dagobert plays the
fawning sycophant, though he has a steel trap for a mind and is the greediest man ever
to hold such high office. His terror tactics extract taxes at three times the norm but less
than half that amount reaches the princess' coffer. When Finduilas took an interest in
goveming, she soon discovered Dagobert's malfeasance. Although she respects his
skill and his gall, Finduilas allows Dagobert's corruption to go unabated, since he will
be a useful scapegoat if her plots go awry. Dagobert suspects neither the guile nor the
intelligence of his princess. Dagobert indulges some of his wealth to a courtesan, a
lady named Marna who really is a Tinari bastard spy. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Some men are destined to suffer. Ilran is such a man. He is a hedge knight. His grandfather lost his estates during the
Second Northern War and his family has been without land or wealth. Only the family name remains. He has been
fighting for one lord or another for twenty five years unstop. He is a noble, just man caught in an unjust world where
might equals right and not the other way around. He appears to be in his late forties, his auburn hair has a hint of
white, and his face always seemed sad even when he smiles. He has lost much and doesnt hope to ever regain his
familys lands nor wealth. The only family possession he still has is his long sword named
Dagmor. His forbearers carried the sword into battle many times and he does so now. But he is
not sure, he is fighting for the right cause. He currently finds himself as Captain of the Guards
with the duty of guarding Princess Finduilas. The mercenary men, he commands look to him as
some sort of hero from some begone era where men kept their words and fought for goodness.
He detests those serving House Delbarad. He still carries his family sigil of the House of
Oscrini, a red bull on a Green field. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

3.4 House Calantir Members and other NPCs

Arrogant, proud and haughty, House Calantir looks down on others. While House Calantir live plush lives in their
secure warm fortesses away from their domains, their smallfolk face high taxes from corrupt Reeves and raids from
the Warlords minions. House Calantir doesnt care as long as it doesnt affect their bottomline.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Findulias III 16 30 101 No/60 N 98ra --- 20 70 Mage/Dunedain, Princess of Dol Calantir. Finduilas
Ring- +10 to Directed Spells, Base Spells and *3PP. Rapier +15 OB. Magic Robes - +15 DB. Calantir Necklace - pearl necklace that provides the initiative 50% of the time. PP32(*3),
Directed Spells 110, Based Spells 37. Knows All Mage lists to 10 lists and Physical Enhancement, Essence Hand, Illusions, Unbarring Ways, Spell Ways, Essense Ways, Spirit Mastery,
Essence Perceptions to 10th level. Interrogate 80, Seduction 76, Use Items 54. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Celeph 12 10 121 Pl/50 Y10 114sw 110lb 53 47 Warrior/Dunedain, Uncle to Finduilas. Captian of
Calantir. Commands the army. Calantir Sword - +15 of Troll-Slaying, weighs normal weight, family heirloom. Kraken Beak Armor - +20 DB, protects as Plate Armor, encumbers as
Rigid Leather (bonus already added). PP22, DS 10, BS 5. Knows Detections, Spell Resistance and Self Healing to 5 lvl. Diplomacy 35, Miltary Tactics +55, Public Speaking 35,
Interrogate 60. (Tharbad)

Berengar 9 15 107 RL/20 N 55ss 45lb 43 32 Animist/Dunedain, Cousin to Finduilias. Arthedian

representative. Loves to party and make wine. +10 Mithiril Short sword. Pouch of Wine doubles the potency of any wine. PP36, DS 70, BS 18. Knows all Animist Spells to 10th level
and Closed Channelling to 5 level. Foraging 20, Gardening +35, Herb Lore 45, Public Speaking 35, Weather Watching 30, First Aid 30.

May 5 15 47 No/5 N 37da --- 17 23 Bard/Dunedain, Aunt to Fndulias and sister to Celeph. A
socialite and represents the familys interest in Tharbad. An assortment of herbs and posions. Diplomacy 25, Singing 60, Public Speaking 35, Posion Lore 20.

House Silanir Members and other NPCs

Opposite in demeanor to House Calantir, House Silanir enjoys the support of its smallfolk. House Silanir manages the
town named Silanir and its surrounding area. Their manor called Crane Hall lies just outside of town. They report
directly to House Calantir to the cringe of Stewart Dagobert and his reeves. Smallfolk reports seeing elves and other
fey visiting Crane Hall at night. Because of their elven background, House Silanir receives a +10 to influence all fey
and elves.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Jeyne 13 15 67 No/20 N --- --- 40 50 Animist/Half Elf, Head of House Silanir in Cardolan.
Hates the Warlord. Silanr Ring- +10 to Healing Spells, lessens the recovery time from healing spells in half, *2PP. Pouch of Potency doubles the strength of herbs. PP26(*2), Directed
Spells 85, Based Spells 26. Knows All Animist lists to 10th lists and all Closed Channeling to 10th level. Foraging 35, Public Speaking 45, Herb Lore 35, First Aid 65, Cooking 55, Star
Gazing 35, Weather Watching 25, Elf Lore 35, Fay Lore 10.

I expanded Ilrans background.
Daven 11 20 120 Pl/50 Y10 121sw 110lb 53 67 Warrior/Dunedain, Son of Jeyne. Lieutetent to Celeph.
Hates the Warlord and House Delbarad. Magic Sword - +15 of Wight-Slaying, weighs normal weight. Scale Mail protects as Plate and offers +15 DB, encumbers as Chain Armor.
Diplomacy 35, Foraging 35, Cooking 45, Miltary Tactics +55, Public Speaking 35, Elf Lore 20.

Dirhavel 11 10 77 No/10 N 20da -- 35 32 Mage/Dunedain, Elder son of Jeyne. Active in Politices.

Mithiril Ring - *5PP. Magic Pouch will speak to the composition of any item placed inside. PP33*5, Dirested Spells 120, BS 33. Knows all Mage Lists to 10th level, all Alchemist
lists to 5th level. Knows Spell Wall, Detecing Ways, Elemental Shields, Unbarring Ways, Spirit Mastery to 11th level. Foraging 20, Smithing 80, Earth Lore 45, Elf Lore 20, Dunedian
Lore 25, Star Gazing 35, Use Items 60, Cooking 10. (Tharbad)

Ulk (the dog) 5 15 95 No/35 N 80bi/40Cl --- Davens dog, Ulk is Davens constant companion. Smell 60, Track 60,
Stalk/Hide 45, Ambush 5. Specail Powers: Guard Dog - +10 vs wolves and other wolf kinds.

Cato 7 10 88 SL/20 Y 70ss 82sb Rogue/Half-Orc. Segreant in the Calanti army. Spy for
Warlord, plotting to kidnapped Daven for the Warlord. Has 4-8 warriors (3rd level) working for him.

Silanir Militia - House Silanir maintains a militia, whichs chain of command lies outside the Calanti army of thugs.
The Militia bears House Silanirs sigil, a flying crane on a green background on their leather jerkin shirts. They
possess high morale and are called up for defensive purposes, even, sadly enough, against the thuggish Calanti forces.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Captain\1 9 20 109 Ch/25 Y15 101bs 77lb 66 39 Warrior/Mix Dunedan, Goes by the name, Allen Grey.

Lietentant\5 5 15 70 Ch/20 Y10 85bs 70lb 46 29 Warrior/ Urban, High Morale, +5 equipment and horses.

Freemen\50 3 10 55 Ch/15 Y5 55bs 60lb 35 20 Warrior/ Urban, Experienced warriors, fight on foot, +5
equipment, loyal to House Silnar.

House Delbarad Members and other NPCs

House Delbarad acts as enforcers for House Calantir. Their foul reputations precede them and most of the other
Houses will not parley with them. Smallfolks call them the Blacks, not just for their distinctive black armor but for
their violent ways. Like House Silnar they report directly to House Calantir and not to the Stewart Dagobert.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Donnor 10 15 115 Ch/40 Y15 120(2-H) 75lb 60 40 Warrior/Mixed Dunedian. Head of House Delbarad. Foul
and mean spirited. Called the Black. Boom- +10 two hand sword adds an additional Impact Crit. Gaunlet of Stone - +10 to Unarmed combat, allows hands to strike like maces.
Torture 35, Interagation 45, Unarmed Combat 85, Trap Building 45, Tracking 45.

Beron 8 20 90 Pl/50 Y10 101ba 110lb 53 47 Warrior/Mixed Dunedain, Son of Donnor. Sadistic.
Battle axe- +10 OB, provides an extra Unbalancing Crit. Spike Collar negates 50% of head criticials. Kraken Beak Armor gift from House Calantir, acts as Plate, encumbers as Rigid
Leather, provides +20 DB. Foraging 35, Cooking 45, Torture 30, Unarmed Combat 70, Trickery 30.

Cerwyn 9 15 94 Rl/40 Y10 100sw 90lb 65 55 Ranger/Mixed Dunedain, Son of Donnor. Hates House
Tinare. +10 Sword. +10 Shield. Black Arrow - +10 to OB (not added), it travels twice the normal distance and provides an Impact critical of lesser severity. PP9, Directed Spells --,
Based Spells --. Knows all Ranger Lists to 9 level. Knows Foraging 20, Posion Lore 30, Tortore 25, Trickery 30, Trap Building 20, Brawl 90, Ambush 5.

Jonnel 7 10 84 Ch/35 N 90ha 81lb 40 55 Rogue/Mixed Dunedain, Son of Donnor, drunk and
Angmarean spy. +5 Hand-Ax of Rust any critical provides a 5% of infection. +10 Black scale mail negates 30% of all body criticals. Torture 45, Underworld 40, Posion Lore 30, Brawl
75, Seduction 40, Rope Mastery 20, Trickery 30, Ambush 5.

Blacks\11 6 10 70 Ch/30 Y5 80sw 70lb 30 35 Rogue/Urban, Cousins and personnel friends of Donnor
and his sons. All sadistic and foul temper. Acts as knights in the Calanti Army. +5 equipment and horses. All possess some degree of tortore and unarmed combat skills.

Household staff and other NPCs

House Calantir doesnt trust anyone to elevate them to any position of consequence. Stewart Dagobert ensures taxes
are paid and acts as a magristrate of the peace (although a fairly corrupt one).
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Dagobert 8 10 97 Ch/40 Y10 84mg 74lb 40 20 Scout/Urban Man. Corrupt Stewart of Calantir. +15 main
guache, returns once a day. +10 shield. Pen set +15 Forgery. Magic Key will open any non-magical lock once a day, once per lock. Trickery 45, Rope Mastery 30, Falsificaitons 50,
Read Runes 30.

Ilran 7 10 80 CH/35 Y10 82sw 40cb 53 47 Warrior/Lsr. Dunedain, Hedge Knight and Honorable
Captain of Guards at Balost. Dagmor- magical sword, +20 OB, shines as a bright as a torch upon command, Of Slaying Demons and Undead. +10 Full Chain Mail. Perception 30,
Ambush 2, Military Tactics 20, Cooking 15, Dunedain Lore 20.

Marva 5 15 64 No/20 N 50sw 30lb 45 25 Bard/Mixed Dunedain, a bastard of House Tinare.

Mistress of Dagobert and spy for House Tinare. Knows Forgery 20, Seduction 50, Trickery 35.

Kallen 6 10 66 Ch/20 N 70ha 61lb 40 55 Rogue/Mixed Dunedain, Spy for House Girithlin. Is a
soldier stationed at Balost.
4.0 House of Tyrn Gorthad
The House of Gorthad has always been a prideful family. They remind folks of how the Numereons were before they
fell from grace. The House Gorthad rules the northern rim of Cardolan. Its lands are windswept grass paire set upon
the ancient barrows of kings and queens. The family fell on bad times and like the other Great
Families felt besieged but, unlike, the other Families, it never recovered. Its downfall, started
during the Time of Troubles, when the Cardolan King fell in Rhudaur due to a foolish military
expidetion. The land was torn apart with war. House Gorthad felt the bunt of the war. To
make matters worst, Gardeleg, Lord of House Gorthad, at the time, fell under sway of his wife,
a secret agent of Angmar. She convinced the foolish Lord to turn to darkness. His evil magic
wrought destruction, near and far. It took the combined strength of the Artedian and Tinari
lords along with the dwarves of Moria to put the mad Lord Gardeleg down. When the Second
Northern War started, roughly a hundred and fifity years later, Angmar struck hard at Tyrn
Gorthad. The climatic battle of the war was fought in Tyrn Gorthad in 1409. The Royal House
of Cardolan perished in the battle and most of Tyrn Gorthads inhabitants. After the battle,
those that lived, fled. House Gorthad has ruled over a desolate land, ever since.

Now, the Barony controls a fraction of the lands his ancestors once ruled. He rules from a small fortress beside the
North Road called Minas Malloth. Wights, undead spirits, occupy most of their lands. The only saving grace is that
House Gorthad still has a large population of Hobbits and Northmen on its western lands between the Old Forest and
the Brandywine River. Most of their bannermen are now hedge knights wandering Cardolan as sell swords. House
Gorthad under the direction of Pelendur pounders what to do. His House is a vassal of Arthedian. His familys coffers
nearly emptied. His twin sister, Pelewen, urges action on the invading undead spirits. But he lacks the means to do
anything. He still plays the Great Game with the other Families but House Gorthad is a minor player.

The sigil of House Gorthad is a white owl, which flies the windswept lands of Tyrn Gorthad, upon a grey field. The
below lists the members of House Gorthad.

Pelendur, current Prince of Tyrn Gorthad, is an impressive man with jet black hair
and grey eyes. Standing 67 tall, he could pass for one of the Kings of old. He is
always found wearing the burnished cuirass and greaves of his forefathers. He bears a
heavy burden and it shows in his sad eyes and sloping bearing. He guards one of the
most sacred lands in Endor, the tombs of the Kings of the Edain dating back into
the dim mists of the Elder Days against the horror of undead spirits that seeked to
take possession of the hallowed ground. Pelendur is a soft-spoken man who treats
King and small folk with equal honor. He participates in the intrigues of the other
Great Families as he has to maintain his charge, but this distresses him. A master of
ancient lore and languages, he feels more comfortable in a parlor filled with books
than commanding an army. Elves hold the Prince in the highest regard. He counts
Gandalf, the brethren Elladan and Elrohir, and several others of power as friends.
(Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Among the most beautiful women in Cardolan, she is also the most eligible. Several of the Arthedian nobles have
asked her hand in marriage. Since her brother has not married, it means Pelenwen children would inherit the House of
Gorthad. However this ignores her intrinsic virtues as an accomplished cleric, skills that are desperately needed in the
Barrow-downs. In her own way, Pelenwen is as devoted to the realm as is her brother and she is not inclined to marry.
Pelewen has pearl white skin, which offsets her braided black hair, which falls below her waist. Shy. Her quiet manner
adds to her beauty for many. She stands an elegant 6' tall and favors simple white dresses. These qualities belie her
grit and detennination as Pelenwen often accompanies forays against wight-infested barrows. Her magic is more than
a match for the wights. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Petry is Pelendurs second cousin and acts as the familys representative in the Royal Arthedian Court in Fornost. He
is slender and quick, with sharp features and laughing gray-green eyes. He has a pointed chin beard and threads of
silver in his hair. He oftens wears a silver owl (a symbol of his family) to fasten his cloak. He clearly enjoys the
intrigues of court life at Fornost. He is intelligent and, like most from House Gorthad, reserved. He remains loyal to
House Gorthad. He is courting Genna from the House of Nornin, a Great Family in Arthedian. He hopes to increase
his station in life as well as ensure House Gorthad, a valuable allied in the times to come. While he gets along with
this cousins, Pelenwen and Pelendur, he doesnt appreciate Barthogan. He finds him to be an uncouth dwarf of a man
who would sell his own mother given the opportunity.

Barthogan Barth
Barthogan is different from the rest of his family. For one, he is a midget standing a mere
four feet five inches tall. His height has some advantages. The hobbits along the
Brandywine River feel comfortable dealing with someone their size, even if he is a bit
rawdy. Second, he doesnt share his cousins devotations and reserved manner. He is
outgoing and likes to indulge in earthly pleasures. He can be found visting brothels and
taverns, much to his familys dismay. Pelewen and Pelendur keep their thoughts to
themselves. Petry is vocal about is displeasure with Barth. But Barths business acumen
is the only thing keeping the family from bankruptcy. He buys long leaf from the hobbits
and sells it at marked up prices in Tharbad and Fornost. He travels with a hedge knight
name, Falstaff, a chubby, vain, boastful warrior with the talent to back it up. Falstaffs
family once served House Gorthad many generations ago. He acts as Barths bodyguard.
House Girithlin and House Tinare have attempted to assassinate the poor fellow and for
good reason. His business ventures competes (and wins) head on with House Girithlins and House Tinares. He is
good friends with Renn of House Halatani and Gael of House Mack. Barth is the youngest member of House
Gorthad. He has stubby limbs and a small nose, a black mop of hair on his head. He has a sarcastic wit.

4.1 The Red Hills Folk

The closest thing to a bannerman that House
Gorthad has is the Red Hills Folks. The Red
Hills folks rebelled against House Tinare during
the Roosters Mayhem. House Gorthad saw an
opportunity to hurt their old emeny and
supported the rebellion. Eradan of House
Gorthad crushed Tesli of House Tinare at the
Battle of Red Hill granting the Red Hills folks
their freedom. They have never forgotten the
help, House Gorthad gave. In gratitude, they
have sent their sons and daughters to serve under
House Gorthad. The Red Hill folks reside on a
cluster of red hills along the Brandywine River
south of the Old Forest. They ruled themselves through an elected Council. The Council handles disputes and
maintains the peace. The leader of the Council is given the surname Hill. Council members are elected every two
years. They allow for a representative from House Gorthad, in this case Barth, to attend the meetings. The
representative has a voice but no vote. Their current elected lord is Aethelan Hill, a no nonsense type of man. The
Red Hills are also home to a small clan of red goblins. They wont dare confront the Red Hills folk. They lack the
strength but they are bidding their time.

Aethelan, Jans Son

Although Aethelan has no rank above that of any of the other freeholders of Pinnath Ceren (Red Hills), he commands
great respect and is the closest thing the Red Hill folks have to a leader. He serves on the Council and is the Hill.
Aethelan is no friend (of the Dunedain or any strangers). He is, however, a man of honor who reveres the dead buried
in the Barrowdowns, some of whom are his own distant ancestors. Aethelan initiated the sale of Haruella to House
Gorthad. He allowed his son, Renly, to war with them for asummer. This example has been followed by agood
number of his peers. Aethelan is a great barn of a man. Though he stands only 5' 11", he outweighs most Dunedain
and hardly an ounce of his body is fat. He is entering old age but he is still hale and can wield his ax with a fury.
Aethelan can not be mistaken, for his beard has retained its black color while his hair has tumed as white as snow. He
remains on friendly terms with Barth, who is a drinking buddy of his and with House Mack. He is no friends with
House Girithlin and House Tinare. They continue to try to subjugate the Red Hills.
4.2 Household
House Gorthads household consists of hedge knights that once were bannermen to the House in better times and
Arthedian knights.

Bronn Hawkwood
Bronn is a hedge knight, who currently serves House Gorthad as Captian of the Guards. He is sarcastic, with a black
sense of humor, and a pragmatic, amoral philosophy for life. However, he is not completely heartless, nor is he
sadistic. Despite Bronn's avaricious nature, which is sneered at by more honorable knights, he is a skilled and
dangerous fighter. Bronn has a lean, wolfish appearance, with dark hair, dark eyes and stubble of beard. Unlike other
hedge knights, he shares no allusions to claiming back his ancestry lands in Dol Calantir. He is entering old age and is
seeking to marry a wealthy House and live the rest of his life in comfort. He gets along well with Barth. He hates
House Delbarad. It was House Delbarad that brutally forced his forebearers off their lands. Bronn doesnt carry a sigil.
He is courting a plump girl from House Visconti, a minor Arthedian noble house.

Aleesha is from the Red Hills. She is serving her time as an apprentice and maid for Pelenwen. She is learning a good
deal from Pelenwen who is move than happy to teach her the healing arts. Aleesha hopes to open a hospice in the Red
Hills to care for her folks. Pelenwen and Aleesha make unlikely companions. Aleesha is several heads shorter, with
bright red hair, and dressed in homely wool trousers. Renly, Aethelans son, is madly in love with the lass. She teases
him but she isnt ready for marriage. She has much learning to do.

Ubaldo of House Visconti

The third son of Lord Jon of House Visconti (a minor house serving Arthedian), he had no hope
of taking over the family lands. So, he went seeking adventure. He fought Orcs along
Arthedians northern border, ventured to the Northern Wastes chasing malevont spirits with the
Lossoth (snow men), and fought a giant in the Misty Mountains. He, now, finds himself serving
as representative of the Arthedian Crown to House Gorthad. He commands a company of men to
aid House Gorthad. It was his knowledge of the undead that the Crown thought useful in Tyrn
Gorthad. He has seen dead men walk and fought against the Witchkings undead spirits in the
Northern Wastes. He carries a Rune Knife from a Spirit Walker, he once loved, Ara was her name. She follows him
where ever he goes. The spirit is but a shadow of the woman he loved. It torments him. Ubaldo is a slender dark hair
man with watery blue eyes circled by black rings. He possesses a haggard weather worn look with a stubble of beard.
House Visconti sigil is a black rooster on a white field.

Rynne is a short fat man with puffy checks, a low brow and white pastey skin. He is a member of the Seers of Fornost,
sent to report back on the progress against the undead spirits in the barrow downs. He also reports on the Cardolan
intrugies as well. Unlike others in his order, he is not bound by morals. He partakes in very vice known to man and
then some. He dabbles in magic but his true talent is writing. He is composing a series of poems which he hopes to
garner attention from the Royal Society of Poets. Pelenwen finds him offensive which is a shame because he could
be of help. Angmarean spies try to turn him but they fail to understand that his nature is not evil but hedonistic. He
has a considerable tolerance for drugs and alcohol. He wears the customary black robes of his order. He is searching
for a lost book called the Book of Kells. Supposedly it contains lost knowledge and is seeking a party of adventurers
to assist him.

4.3 House Gorthad Members and other NPCs

The once mighty House Gorthad is barely holding on. They rule over one town while granting the halfings of
Brandywine River their automony. House Gorthad still plays the Great Game but they are a bit player.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Pelendur 13 10 104 Pl/60 Y5 128bs 112lb 50 40 Warrior/Dunedain, Prince of Tyrn Gorthad. Gorthad
Bane- +15 magic broadsword, of slaying Undead, and provides light on command (acts as +20 light damage to Undead). Numenorean Steel Bow - +20 OB and double normal range.
Amulet adds +25 to Channeling RR. Gorthad Greaves magical greaves that are non-encumbering and negates 40% of arms and legs critical rolls, +5 DB (added). PP13, Directed Spells
10, Based Spells 0. Knows Dispelling Ways, Unbarring Ways and Spell Walls to 5th level. Forgaring 30, Perception 60, Use Items 54, Dunedian Lore 40, Caving 40, Heraldry 35,
Military Tactics 35. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Pelenwen 11 35 132 No/15 N 89qs 25sb 43 47 Animist/Dunedain, Twin Sister of Pelendur. Hardy,
Magical Sash that adds +10 DB. Pelenwen Ring - *3PP and allows the user to maintain concentration spells without concentrating x4/day. +10 quarterstaff. Pelenwen Necklace gift
from the elves, negates 30% of all head critical rolls. Mithril Earrings provides +20 to acrobatic rolls. +5 Sling with +5 Silver bullets that are Blessed. PP33*3, Direct Spells 75, Base
Spells 11. Knows all Cleric Spell Lists, Sound/Light Ways, Organ Ways, Blood Ways, Bone and Muscle Ways, Purifications, Detection Mastery, Calm Spirits, Surface Ways,
Protections, Spell Defense, Natures Movement and Natures Lore to 10 th Level. Acrobatics 30, Embroidery 55, Forgaring 40, First Aid 60, Disarm Traps 15, Caving 30, Leadership 60,
Perceptions 55, Undead Lore 30, Dunedian Lore 10. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Petyr 9 15 87 RL/20 N 95ss 45lb 43 32 Rogue/Dunedain, Cousin to Pelendur and Pelenwen.

Represents family interest in Fornost. +10 Short sword. Foraging 20, Diplomacy 35, Public Speaking 35, Weather Watching 30, First Aid 30, Dunedian Lore 20.
Barthogan 11 10 107 No/15 N 67da --- 37 53 Scout/Dunedain, Dwarf and cousin to Pelendur. Gets
along with halfings and the Red Hills folks. Tolerance - +10 to Poison and Alcohol RR. +10 Westernesse Dagger of Slaying Undead. Pipe increases potency of any herb insert in the
pipe. Deck of Cards allows +10 to gambling to owner. PP22. DS 20, BS 0. Knows Dispelling Ways and Unbarring Ways to 5th level. Diplomacy 25, Gambling 35, Seduction 40,
Singing 20, Public Speaking 35, Military Tactics 30, Appraisal 40, Posion Lore 20, Influence 30.

Falstaff 9 20 137 Ch/25 Y10 120sw 80cp 47 23 Warrior/Dunedain, Fat, vain Hedge Knight and protector
of Barthogan. +10 Sword.+15 Chain Mail encumbers as Rigid Leather, negates 20% of body criticals. Has a Mearas Horse named Mithril (7 th lvl), it feels that Falstaff is too fat, almost
human intelligence. +15 Short Sword of Slaying Orcs (heirloom from his family). Foraging 45, Gambling 20, Underworld 30, Miltiary Tactics 20, Cooking 30, Unarm Combat 75,
Singing 10, Sailing 30.

Red Hill Folks and other NPCs

The Red Hill Folks answer to no lord but serve House Gorthad willingly. Several families send their children to serve
as wards under House Gorthad. They do this, to provide their children with an apprenticeship, skills that they would
otherwise not receive in the Red Hills. House Gorthad does send a representative to their proceedings. The
representative has a voice but no vote. Nevertheless, the Red Hill Folks are the closest thing that House Gorthad has to
a bannerman. Their enemies are House Girithlin and House Tinare. On occasion they come into conflict with
Arthedian but for the most part, the Arthedian royal family respects the Red Hills automony. Aethelan is considered
the Hill of Red Hill Folks or Lord for the other Great Houses.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Aethaln 10 25 155 SL/20 N 132ba 25ha 50 30 Warrior/Northman, The Hill of Red Hills. Wolf Hide
+10DB, Battle ax +15 of Slaying Metal Armor. Possesses many herbs. Preception 67, Herb Lore 50, Foraging 35, First Aid 52, Track 35, Caving 20. (Lost Realm of Cardolan)

Nole Ironrust 7 20 72 Sl/25 Y5 79ss 65sb 33 57 Warrior/Goblin. Leader of the Ironrust clan inhabiting
the Red Hills. Ironrust is a magialsecond age Short Sword that is Of Slaying Men. Tatics 30, Trickery 30, Sneaking 35, Forgaring 40, Caving 20, Trap Building 20, Leadership 10.

Hobash 8 10 145 RL/25 N 100cl 30ro 45 30 Rogue/Wood Troll, Representative of the Warlord. A
black wood troll. PP8. DS 10, BS 0. Knows Reverse Purifications and Calm Spirits to fifth level.

Red Hil Militia - The Red Hill militia is only for defensive purposes. They lack any standard gear. The Hill leads the defenses
of the Red Hill.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
The Hil\1 10 25 155 SL/25 Y15 132ba 25ha 50 30 Warrior/Northman. See Aethaln.

Mounds\9 5 15 70 SL/20 Y10 75bs 70lb 46 29 Warrior/Northmen, High Morale, +5 equipment and

Freemen\90 3 10 55 SL/15 Y5 55sp 60lb 35 20 Warrior/Northmen, Fight on foot,.

Ironrust Goblins They lack the numbers to challenge men, directly. Instead, they venture in the dead of night to create
mischief on the mannish settlements such as stealing sheep, souring milk and burning fields. They are reclusive.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Leader\1 7 20 72 SL/25 Y5 79ss 65sb 33 57 Warrior/Goblin. See Nole Ironrust.

Goblins\30 4 15 55 SL/20 Y 55ss 50lb 26 29 Warrior/ Goblins. Weak morale when directly facing

Household staff and other NPCs

House Gorthad staff resembles its reliance on others. Ubaldo commands an Arthedian contigent of soldiers. Renly
and Aleesha are examples of Red Hills folks serving House Gorthad. Rynne is a Seer of Fornost who acts as advisor
to House Gorthad. The only major NPC serving directly under House Gorthad is Bronn, a hedge knight.
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Bronn 10 15 107 Ch/40 Y10 114bs 74lb 40 30 Warrior/Dunedian. Hedge Knight and Captain of the
Guards. Hates House Delbarad.Friends with Ubaldo +15 Magical broadsword call Thorcist, it is inlaid with silver and of Slaying Trees and Plants. Trickery 25, Rope Mastery 30,
Tactics 30, Gambling 20.

Renly 7 10 80 CH/35 Y10 82ba 65lb 43 27 Warrior/Northamn, Son of Aethaln and squire for Bronn.
Adores Aleesha. +10 Battleax. +10 Full Chain Mail gift from Bronn. Caving 30, Military Tactics 20, Cooking 15.

Aleesha 5 15 64 No/20 N 50sw 60sl 35 25 Animist/Northamn, Appretaince and best friend to

Pelenwen. +5 Sling with +5 Silver bullets that are Blessed. PP10, DS 35, BS 5. Knows all Animist lists to 5th level, knows Repulsions, Blood Ways and Surface Ways to 5 th level. First
Aid 40, Foraging 35, Herb Lore 20, Undead Lore 10.

Ubaldo 9 10 110 Ch/30 Y15 110sw 81cb 40 55 Rogue/Dunedain, Of a minor Noble House. Commands a
contigent of Arthedian men. Is cursed with a ghost, Ara. +10 Broadsword. +15 Shield. Runeknife - +10 OB of Slaying Undead, the knife is cursed as it attracts the undead.
Administration 25, Tactics 30, Tracking 55, Undead Lore 20, Dunedian Lore 10. .

Ara 5 15 55 No/50 N 75cl 45shock bolk -- -- Ghost/Undead love of Ubaldo, tied to the cursed
runeknife. Torments Ubaldo every couple of nights. Ghost Abilities Acts as Large Creature Critical, Ignores all bleeding and stuns results, Harmed only by magic, 3 rd level Fear,
Recieves damage from spells attacks, Drains Constitutiion points.

Rynne 11 10 75 No/30 N 50da --- 37 53 Seer/Dunedain, Member of the Seer of Fornost and
advisor to House Gorthad. Seeks the Book of Kells. Tolerance - +10 to Poison and Alcohol RR. Black Robes of the Seers adds +20 DB (already added to DB). Gold Ring set with a
Ruby acts as *2 PP. Magic Wand casts +20 lightening bolts x3 per day. Book of Seers a rune book containing all the Seers spells to 15th level. PP33*2. Direct Spells 80, Base
Spells 9. Knows all Seer lists to 10th level, Knows Sound & Light Ways, Purifications, Spell Defense, Surface Ways, Detection Mastery, Calm Spirits to 10th level. Gambling 15,
Seduction 20, Singing 20, Public Speaking 35, Star Gazing 45, Weather Watching 30, Read Runes 45, Mathematics 30, Dunedian Lore 20, Elven Lore 20, Undead Lore 10, Fey Lore 25.