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Data sheet A1011 HSLAS GR 55 2017-04-19

A1011 HSLAS GR 55

General Product Description

ASTM A1011 is a standard specification for hot-rolled, steel sheet and strip and coils of carbon steel, structural steel, high-strength low-alloy
steel, high-strength low-alloy steel with improved formability, and ultra-high strength steel. The specification covers steel sheet, strip, and coils
in thicknesses less than 0.230 in. A1011 High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel (HSLAS) Grade 55 has a specified minimum yield strength of 55 ksi.

Grade Product Type Thickness Width
(Inches) (Inches)
HSLAS Grade 55 Class 1 Coils 0.079- 0.229 39.4- 73.2
Inquire availability.

Mechanical Properties
Tensile testing is performed in the longitudinal direction.
Grade Product Type Thickness Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation in 2 1)
(Inches) (min ksi) (min ksi) (min %)
HSLAS Grade 55 Coils 0.079- 0.229 55 70 20
Class 1
For thicknesses from 0.097 in. down to 0.079, the minimum Elongation is 18%

Chemical Composition
(Heat analysis, wt. %. maximum, unless indicated)
Grade C Mn P S Ti 1) V 1) Cb 1) Ni Mo Cu 2) Cr
(wt %) (wt %) (wt %) (wt %) (min wt (min wt (min wt (wt %) (wt %) (min wt (wt %)
%) %) %) %)
HSLAS 0.25 1.35 0.04 0.04 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.20 0.06 0.20 0.15
Grade 55

Class 1
One or more of Cb, V, and Ti may be added. When added the min for that element applies, if not added then there is no minimum requirement
Copper steel with 0.20% minimum Cu.

Contact Information

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