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2017 Priorities

2018 Priorities

Supply Chain (DSP) Management System

New Product Development Management System
Customer Service Management System
Sales & Marketing Mnagement System
Corporate Standard

Factory Standard

Factory SOP/ WI
Tech Guideline
Policy 1st

Available/ Not

Integrated Management System

A Quality Management System Available
A1 Food Safety Management System Available
HACCP Available
Definition of CCP & OPRP
Quality Monitoring Scheme
Definition of Production Quality LogBook
Log Book of Processing Material Reception
Log Book Sugar Receiving Facilities
Log Book Raw Sugar Warehouse
Log Book Raw Sugar Transfer
Log Book Afinasi
Log Book Karbonatasi/ Fosfatasi
Log Book Deep Bed Filter
Log Book IER
Log Book Evaporator
Log Book Sugar Boiling
Log Book Recovery Boiling
Log Book Sugar Drying-Cooling
Log Book Sugar Sieving
Log Book Sugar Storage
Log Book Sugar Packing & Packaging
Log Book Final Product Warehouse
Log Book Process Cooling Tower
Log Book Process Air Compressor
Definition of PWP Quality LogBook
Log Book Raw Water Reception
Log Book Water Plant
Log Book Boiler House
Log Book Steam Turbine
Log Book Power Plant Cooling Tower
Log Book Power Plant Air Compressor
Log Book Ash & Coal Handling
Log Book Waste Water Treatment Plant
Definition of Quality Document Control
Personell Hygiene
Definition of Standard Personell Hygiene
Personnel Hygiene audit checklist
Good Manufacturing Practices
Technical Standard on GMP
Definition of Factory GMP Audit regular checklist
Good Laboratory Practices
Technical Standard on GLP
Definition of Factory GLP Audit regular checklist
Definition of Lab Measurement Procedure for analysing ALL Quality LogBook
Lab Equipment Sanitation
ICUMSA Analysis Procedures
Polarisation of Raw & White Sugar
Reducing Sugars in Cane Raw Sugar by Lane+Eynon
Reducing Sugars in White Sugar, Knight+Allen EDTA
Glucose and Fructose in Raw and White Sugars using HPAEC
Raw Sugar and Specialty Sugars Solution Colour at pH 7
Ash in Raw Sugar by Single Sulphation
Conductivity Ash in Raw Sugar
Determination of PH
Starch in Raw Sugar by the BSES method
Sugar Moisture by Loss on Drying
Conductivity Ash in Refined Sugar Products
Insoluble Matter in White Sugar
Particle Size Distribution of White Sugar
ERH of Crystalline Sugar Products
Floc Tests A + B
Refractometric Dry Substance (RDS %) of Molasses
Moisture in Molasses, Cane Raw Sugars, Speciality Sugars
Reducing Sugar & Total Reducing Sugars in Molasses
Calcium Oxide in Lime
Sucrose-soluble Alkali in Quicklime
Understanding Solubility of Sucrose in Water
Physics-Chemistry Analysis Procedures
Water Hardness Analysis
p & m Alkalinity
Conductivity Measurement
TDS & TSS Measurement
Silica Measurement
Phospate Measurement
Chlorine Measurement
PH Measurement
Density and Viscosity Measurement
Moisture Measurement
SV 30 Measurement
COD Measurement
BOD Measurement
Microbiology Analysis Procedures
Total Mesophilic Bacterial Count, Membrane Filtration Method
Sampling of Refined Sugar Products for Microbiology
Total Mesophilic Bacterial Count by the Pour Plate Method
Slime-forming Bacterial Count
Yeast and Moulds
Thermophilic Spore-Forming Bacteria
In-Line/ Process Lab Analysis Procedures
Brix Measurement
PH Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Purity Calculation
Crystal Size Measurement
Crystal CV Measurement
Definition of Lab Document Control
Hygienic Engineering
Technical Standard on Hygienic Engineering
Monthly Hygienic Audit Checklist
Accuracy on Instrument Calibration
Technical Standard on Instrument Calibration Accuracy
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for weighing scale
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for PH Sensor
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for Temperature Sensor
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for Conductivity Sensor
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for Metal Detector
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for RH Sensor
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for Brix Sensor
Accuracy Measurement Procedure for Lab Equipments
Log Book of Instrument Accuracy
Product Recall Procedure
Corporate crisis management procedure
Corporate communication flow for recall mechanism
Factory Procedure flow recall mechanism
Release Mechanism
Sampling Technique & Storage
Factory Sampling Plan
Control of non-comformities
Reject handling mechanism
Sampling & Release LogBook
Product Traceability
Coding & Identification Mechanism
A2 Production & Asset Management System
Managing Production Performance Available
Working Instruction of Processing Material Reception
Working Instruction Sugar Receiving Facilities
Working Instruction Raw Sugar Warehouse
Working Instruction Raw Sugar Transfer
Working Instruction Afinasi
Working Instruction Karbonatasi/ Fosfatasi
Working Instruction Deep Bed Filter
Working Instruction IER
Working Instruction Evaporator
Working Instruction Sugar Boiling
Working Instruction Recovery Boiling
Working Instruction Sugar Drying-Cooling
Working Instruction Sugar Sieving
Working Instruction Sugar Storage
Working Instruction Sugar Packing & Packaging
Working Instruction Final Product Warehouse
Working Instruction Process Cooling Tower
Working Instruction Process Air Compressor
Managing Power Plant Performance Available
Working Instruction of Raw Water Reception
Working Instruction of Water Plant
Working Instruction of Boiler House
Working Instruction of Steam Turbine
Working Instruction of Power Plant Cooling Tower
Working Instruction of Power Plant Air Compressor
Working Instruction of Ash & Coal Handling
Working Instruction of Waste Water Treatment Plant
Standard Factory Reporting
Maintenance System Available
Manual Book Inventory
List of Equipment
List of Operational Parameter for each equipment
Key Machine Parameters of Processing Material Reception
Key Machine Parameters Sugar Receiving Facilities
Key Machine Parameters Raw Sugar Warehouse
Key Machine Parameters Raw Sugar Transfer
Key Machine Parameters Afinasi
Key Machine Parameters Karbonatasi/ Fosfatasi
Key Machine Parameters Deep Bed Filter
Key Machine Parameters IER
Key Machine Parameters Evaporator
Key Machine Parameters Sugar Boiling
Key Machine Parameters Recovery Boiling
Key Machine Parameters Sugar Drying-Cooling
Key Machine Parameters Sugar Sieving
Key Machine Parameters Sugar Storage
Key Machine Parameters Sugar Packing & Packaging
Key Machine Parameters Final Product Warehouse
Key Machine Parameters Process Cooling Tower
Key Machine Parameters Process Air Compressor
Key Machine Parameters Water Plant
Key Machine Parameters Boiler House
Key Machine Parameters Steam Turbine
Key Machine Parameters Power Plant Cooling Tower
Key Machine Parameters Power Plant Air Compressor
Key Machine Parameters Ash & Coal Handling
Key Machine Parameters Waste Water Treatment Plant
List of PM 03 Maintenance
CIL Inspection
Standard Maintenance Reporting
Maintenance Procedures:
Maintenance Belt & Screw Conveyor
Maintenance Bucket Conveyor
Maintenance Sentrifugal
Maintenance Agitator
Maintenance Tank & Silo
Maintenance IER System
Maintenance Deep Bed Filtration
Maintenance Evaporator System
Maintenance Vacuum Pan
Maintenance Rotating Equipments
Maintenance AHU
Maintenance Boiler
Maintenance Cooling Tower
Maintenance Dosing Pump
Maintenance Dryer & Cooler
Maintenance Siever
Maintenance Packing Machine
Maintenance Steam Distribution System
Maintenance Condenser
Maintenance Control Valves
Maintenance Hand Valves
Maintenance Electric & Control Panel
Maintenance & CIP Process Piping
Maintenance Compressed Air & Pneumatic System
Maintenance Steam Turbine
Maintenance Electrostatic Precipitator
Maintenance Generator
Maintenance Power Distribution System
Maintenance Condensate Line System
Maintenance Sand Filter & Carbon Filter
Maintenance Reverse Osmosis System
Maintenance Ion Exchage System (Water Plant)
Maintenance Deaerator
Maintenance Blow Down Line
Maintenance Waste Water Treatment System
Maintenance Ash & Coal Handling
Maintenance Building & General Facilities
Maintenance Gearbox
Maintenance Instrument Switch
Inventory System Not Available
List of Spare Part List
List of Spare Part Category Classification
Instrument Calibration System
Instrument Maintenace & Calibration Procedures:
Maintenance & Calibration PH Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Pressure Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Vacuum Pressure Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Conductivity Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Temperature Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Brix Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Density Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Level Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Flow Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration O2 Sensor-Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Volt Meter - Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Ampere Meter - Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration rpm Meter - Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration RH Sensor - Transmitter
Maintenance & Calibration Portable Equipments
Electrical Equipment Standard
Automation & Instrument Equipment Standard
Mechanical Equipment Standard
Standard for manufactured equipment Available
Technical Drawing
As Built Drawing in place for whole factory
Cleaning in Place System
CIP Procedure & Checklist: Tank & Silo
CIP Procedure & Checklist: Vacuum Pan
CIP Procedure & Checklist: Evaporator
CIP Procedure & Checklist: Process Pipe
CIP Procedure & Checklist: Water, Hot Water, & Condensate Pipe
CIP Procedure & Checklist: Steam Pipe
Proces Safety Management
ATEX Asessment Template
ATEX Equipment Safety Checklist
Boiler Inspection Standard
Boiler Safety Checklist
High Risk Process Assesment Standard
Pressure Tanks/ Equipment Safety Checklist
Electrical Safety Checklist
A3 CAPEX Management System Available
CAPEX Procurement
CAPEX Accounting
CAPEX Proposal Template & Checklist Available

Project Execution Compliance Assessment Available

Change Management Policy & Template

Conflict Resolution
CAPEX Comissioning Checklist
Project Document Control Available
Civil Engineering
Civil Specification
Civil Installation Standard
Bill of Quantity
Installation Machieneries
Electrical Installation Standard
Mechanical Installation Standard
Instrument Installation Standard
Project Safety Management
B Safety Management System
Factory Safety Management System
Process Safety
Project Safety
Contractor Safety Checklist
High Risk Equipment Safety Checklist
Work Permits
Working at height
Hot Works Permit
Electrical Work Permit
Engineering Safety
Warehouse Safety
Transporter Safety
C Environmental Management System
Water Management System Not Available
Water Mapping Diagram Not Available
Log Book Water Usage
Water Usage Reporting Not Available
Energy Management System Not Available
Steam Line Diagram Not Available
Steam Usage Reporting Not Available
Factory Energy Balance Not Available
Log Book Energy Usage
Energy Efficiency for main equipments Not Available

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COE Samora Quality Management System Oct-16

COE Samora Food Safety Management System Nov-16
COE Samora HACCP Template Dec-16
COE Managing Production Performance Oct-16

COE Managing Power Plant Performance Oct-16

COE Samora Maintenance Strategy Oct-16
COE Standard for Manufactured Equipment Dec-16
COE Managing Capital Investment Project Oct-16

1. CAPEX Project Charter

COE 2. CAPEX Document Design Checklist
1. QA Checklist Mechanical
COE 2. QA Checklist Electrical & Automation
3. QA Checklist Civil

Project Team Folder Arrangement in Google Drive

Not Available
Not Available
Quality Log Book Berisi Parameter Quality berupa CCP
dan OPRP yang didapat dari analisa
HACCP termasuk Mnufacturing Recipe
Integrated Operator Log Book
Machine Log Book Berisi Parameter operasi Mesin yang
didapat dari analisa Manual Book Yang didefinisikan per unit operasi

Water Log Book Berisi Parameter untuk mengukur

konsumsi air
Energy Log Book Berisi Parameter untuk mengukur
konsumsi energi