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brand guidelines

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our brand is young
and bold, with a
dash of madness
At Zomato, we're on a mission Our brand is a reflection of This handbook has been
to ensure that every meal, for our personality we're bold, created to provide a clear
everyone, is a great without being in-your-face; understanding of our brand
experience. We're doing just innovative, in a manner that personality and the use of our
that by constantly innovating simplifies rather than logo and colors to create
our product to disrupt the complicates; young, without effective brand
restaurant industry, so we can being immature; and most communication.
change the way the world eats. importantly, witty, without
Forever. being boorish.
our visual style
is minimal,
mature, and has
Visual elements and typography must complement each other
to contribute to the user experience. Simplicity and effective-
ness of communication are key; we needn't indulge in creativity
for creativity's sake.
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02 logo & units

our logo
the spoon
The spoon is more than just a logo. It is our identity, and represents
us in situations as wide as a Sunday Brunch spread. It symbolizes our
love for (and obsession with) food, and those who share this passion.
We have a basic logo units that can be used
Primary logo with wordmark
depending on the medium and the context.

To be used on all corporate collateral

and to be treated as the default logo
unit. This is used where the logo needs
to be used as a brand identifier.
color variations
The logo may be used in three combinations primary red with the black wordmark, primary
red with the white wordmark, or white with the white wordmark. The wordmark is only ever
used in two colors: black, and white.

The primary logo is always solid, with a white spoon laid on top of the red square. The white
variation may be treated as hollow, where the background color/image can be seen in the
shape of the spoon.
primary logo
with wordmark
01. Spacing 03. Colors

Always leave sufficient relief area The red icon (#CB202D) and the black
around the icon on all four sides. The wordmark (#2D2D2D) is our primary
space between the icon and wordmark logo unit.
cannot be changed.

02. Alignment and proportions

Dont change the size of either the icon

or the wordmark disproportionately.
The height of the wordmark is exactly
the same as that of the spoon at its
broadest point.
logo yays and nays
As far as possible, try to align the icon to a corner of the layout (especially when using the icon
without the wordmark) and avoid using the red logo on a dark background.

Under no circumstances should you:

rotate/tilt/flip the logo add gradients, shad-

ows, outline or textures
to the logo

stretch the logo non-propor- use multiple logos

tionally together or make a
pattern out of them

use the logo in colors other change the size of the

than the brand shades of red, spoon inside the square
white, and black

put the logo on a solid color use our old logos in any
background that interferes form of communication
with the colors of the logo
rating widget
This widget conveys the overall rating of a restaurant. Not only does it signify the quality of a
restaurant but also denotes the experience of our foodies. The colour of the rating goes from
red to dark green, with shades of orange and yellow, to show the 1 to 5 rating scale.

Usage Guidelines:
The widget must not be altered in
any way (color, size, proportion, fonts)

The widget must be backlinked to

Zomato website/mobile app
powered by Zomato
We use this widget to convey to our users that the information displayed is a property of
Zomato. Use the white design for dark backgrounds and red/black for light backgrounds. As
far as possible, use the white background, maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the page.

Usage Guidelines:
To be used only when content from
Zomato is being used by the partner.

The Powered by Zomato widget must

be placed as close to the content as powered by powered by
possible, and should not be modified in any way.

The partner must give Zomato attributions

and back links for the content used.

powered by
30 31

03 colors
C 10 M 100 Y 90 K 0

Peppercorn Feta Tyrolean

C0 M0 Y5 K95 C0 M0 Y0 K0 C3M3Y3K0
Were constantly growing as a brand, and these guidelines are
intended to enable a uniformity in the way we communicate.
Things at Zomato move extremely quickly, which means portions
of this booklet may well have become redundant in the time it
took you to read through to this page.

But for now, however briefly, this is the end.

Zomato Brand Guidelines | May 2015
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