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May 12, 2016

Dear Screening and Selection Committee:

We have written this letter to communicate a Statement of Fact to clear up any confusion about a recent
complaint that was filed regarding a wrongful termination complaint.

In December of 2012, Dr. Anthony Tricoli was appointed as the newest member of the Board of Directors for
the Boys & Girls Club of the Monroe Area. In March of 2013 the organizations Executive Director stepped
down. At the same time the organization was experiencing great difficulty in making its payroll, and we knew
we needed an experienced CEO to lead the organization at this time. The Board unanimously requested that
Dr. Tricoli step into this lead and help the Board to turn its finances around.

Within short order, we came to realize that the weakness in budget/finance was directly linked to a general
weakness in organization and operations. We were very happy that we had selected Anthony to be at the
helm at this pivotal time in our history.

One of our communities most respected businesses offered to cover the cost of a professional assessment of
the Clubs employee management practices and policies. A review such as this had never been completed in
the history of this organization. The Board accepted this offer, and we contracted with the recommended
agency, SESCO Management Consultants (from Knoxville) for a complete Human Resource Assessment.

The completed HR Assessment indicated a lack of accountability for all operational aspects of the organization,
including but not limited to attendance, programs, grants and general performance of the employees. In
addition, the employees riled up against Dr. Tricoli for SESCOs suggestions to slowly begin to create a strategic
plan, employee evaluations, a budgeting process which involved organizational units, job expectations, and
generally any type of change whatsoever. The consultant said I can only imagine the turmoil that simple
business practices such as expecting regular hours and attendance creates. It is also my opinion that
regardless of who sits in the seat of the Executive Director anyone attempting to instill change within the
organization would be met with obstructive behaviors Employees are asked to think more. They dont
like the changes and what that entails, and [the employees] have directed their animosity towards anybody in
a leadership role [Dr. Tricoli]. Indeed, Anthony received the brunt of the animosity of the former staff
members because he was the person occupying the leadership seat at the time most of the change was
needed. Anthony was the lightning rod for the staffs complete resistance to the changes which were
recommended by SESCO and which the Board directed Anthony to begin implementing.

As was indicated in the professional HR Assessment, the employees were not interested in any change to the
organization whatsoever. As a Board, however, we had to gain control and direction of the
organization. Following the direction of the Board and under the guidance of HR professionals, several very
reasonable changes were made slowly, including changes to the budget, and as a result many personnel
challenges cropped up immediately. Complaints were made regarding the reduction of credit cards from nine
to two. Complaints were also levied regarding the need for a strategic plan, and creation of a budget that was
segmented by organizational units.

What followed was an exodus of some employees who were not in favor of any change, a few of whom
complained as they left the organization. Fortunately, all complaints have been appropriately addressed and
no longer exist. Recently however, one last claim has surfaced from a former volunteer and her mother, and
we are now in the process of responding to these frivolous and untrue charges.

As such, the organization now has pending litigation. This claim is against the organization, not Anthony
Tricoli; and Dr. Tricoli is neither a defendant nor a named party in this claim. The Board arranged for a hearing
of these complaints with all of the complainants. Unfortunately, none of the employees accepted to offer to
meet with the Board to discuss their complaints. The complaints addressed operational decisions of the Board
and which Anthony was directed to implement. Moreover, the Board has found absolutely no evidence to
support the outlandish allegations contained in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is frivolous, and we have responded as such to the court. The Board of Directors believes this
complaint is nothing more than a malicious attempt to harm the good name of Anthony Tricoli, and to
attempt a deep pockets money grab by a former disgruntled volunteer and her mother.

Let us also be clear on this point: if there was any truth or question to any of the claims made in this complaint
we would have removed Dr. Tricoli immediately from his oversight of a program where children and youth are
in attendance.

The Board continues to maintain the highest vote of confidence, trust, and faith in Dr. Tricoli, and we continue
to entrust him with the responsibility to lead the staff and programs of this organization. The Boys and Girls
Club of the Monroe Area is financially in the best condition it has been in due to the leadership and business
acumen of Dr. Tricoli. The fundraising challenges to our organization in a rural county in East Tennessee are
great to say the least. Without Anthonys leadership, the continued existence of the Club would be doubtful.

We, the undersigned (on behalf of all Board members) are happy to respond to any questions you might have
regarding this most unfortunate situation which has occurred to an extraordinary organization and its leader.

Paul Willson Joseph H. Crabtree, Jr.

Chairman of the Board (current) Incoming Chairman of the Board
(423) 745-0261 (423) 744-3939