Worship Ministry Report • January 18, 2009

Each year turns out to be a busy and eventful one for the Hannaford Worship Ministry and 2008 was no exception. This was the first year that regular rotations were scheduled to allow a variety of guest worship leaders and outside groups involved in our weekly worship gatherings. The Youth Worship Band, R.J. Chambers & Friends, and Gary Blom & the Band were regular contributors. We also had the blessing of hosting the Covenant Players drama group, and the India Children's Choir.

Growth Through Inside-Out Worship
To better understand and to "champion" the application of inside-out worship, the Praise Team began exploring and discussing the book InsideOut Worship: Insights for Passionate and Purposeful Worship by Matt Redman and others. We've been meeting each week during the second service message to pray for one another and to discuss another section of the book as it relates to our Christian walk and role in worship. We've also brought our discussion online for all worship ministry participants to follow and contribute. You can review our topics and discussion reviews on the blog listed below (1).

Learning From Others in the Body
How we approach worship has a direct effect upon our effectiveness and our positioning to be able to grow both spiritually and numerically. Sometimes we need to learn new things and "unlearn" old things. So as part of our musician and technical training this year, we scheduled two field trips to Journey Church in Bozeman. Journey has great worship and tech teams and does an excellent work for the Lord. Our trips were great times of learning while attending their worship service and then meeting with their tech teams, musicians, and leadership to learn more about how and why they do things.

Community Impact Focus in Worship
For Easter, our worship service focused on how Jesus was “Given” for us. Hannaford gave away nearly $600 to those who attended our Easter Sunday worship services – a one-dollar bill for each person. The challenge? Pass on the blessings that Christ has given us, by using the dollar to bless another. The GIVEN project was an opportunity to give back to others what was once given to us through Christ. The GIVEN project was a success with many in our congregation participating and blessing individuals in our community in many ways. In fact, Jesus' message through the GIVEN project so resonated with our community, that it was featured both on the CBS News and the national radio network K-LOVE. You can view more on the GIVEN web pages listed below (2). The concept behind GIVEN, the giving of Jesus' love without the expectation of something in return, gave way to a new outreach effort at Hannaford called The Next Step. We are still seeing new ministries formed like Feed The Homeless, After School Tutoring, and others. Another way the Hannaford Worship Ministry gave back to our community was through our involvement with the National Day of Prayer event on the capital steps. A group of Hannaford musicians provided music for the event to prepare the atmosphere for prayer.

Impact: 2008 Hannaford Fall Conference
A lot of time and effort goes into the Hannaford Fall Conference including the worship, video, tech, and programming. Every time the conference comes around, we end up planning four different services for that single week! This year, the worship in the general sessions was off the hook! We had a large number of pastors and leaders request resources and express their gratitude for how Jesus spoke to them during the conference. There was a specific workshop on Worship That Makes An Impact that especially challenged pastors this year. The web page for general session and workshop audio files is listed below as well as a link to conference resources (3).

Worship Ministry Report (cont’d) • January 18, 2009
Online Presence
While few of us actually see all the back-end work that goes into our website, we hear that a majority of our new guests are a direct result of our online presence. There were several significant technical advances made this year. We moved the entire website and email system to a new hosting company giving us a more reliable online presence, personalized hannaford.org email addresses, as well as the capability to use MySQL databases to develop a browser-maintained website. Implementation of these have already begun. Our new hosting has also allowed a move from recording our messages on cassette to CD - and then adding those messages to the website as podcasts and mp3s (4). We've also added new online communication tools such as Hannaford News, Kids New Hotline, Outdoorsmen News. See the links below for more (5).

Christmas Worship
The Christmas season is always the busiest time for worship ministry. Our worship tech teams did an awesome job of support for the Christmas Dessert Theater: Doc's Holiday. Throughout December, we had a number of families involved with the Advent Candle Lighting, we participated with the Feed The Homeless ministry, Christmas caroling at God's Love Homeless Shelter, and our Christmas Eve Worship Services featured acoustic worship and our traditional candle lit Christmas caroling.

Now that the season of Advent is behind us, what is next? What new adventures will this new year bring? You may not have made the connection, but the word "Advent" is the root of the word “Adventure.” In other words, the Advent season, the arrival of our Christ, should naturally lead to or result in action. An “Adventure,” if you will, where we go on a bold and uncertain quest, leaving behind our safety and comfort. We find that Jesus did not come into this world to die on the cross in order to make us safe. He died and resurrected to make us dangerous. He did it to set a mission before us to take Spirit-led risks in order to enlarge His kingdom and make His name famous in our community and all the world. For worship at Hannaford, 2009 will be a year of adventure as we seek to respond to what the advent of Christ means in our lives and community. It is time to move forward from what is safe and comfortable and seek out the bold risks that Christ is calling us to make. No matter your role in the worship life of Hannaford - occasional guest, regular attender, musician, vocalist, technician, ministry leader - no matter what your worship involvement is like, you are being called to a deeper level of worship and intimacy with Jesus. What will that look like? Do I need to spend more time in God's Word? Will I seriously explore faith for the first time? Will I be more sensitive to the older crowd or younger adults in my communication? Am I being led to sing louder or raise my hands in gathered worship? Will I step up to the place of service that He's been leading me into? Are you ready for the adventure? Respectfully Submitted in Christ,

Pastor Eric

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