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From: Greg Hands MP news@greghands.

Subject: News Bulletin from Greg Hands MP #484
Date: 25 September 2017 at 18:43

Issue 484 -Monday 25th September 2017

In this edition:

Since the last edition, Greg:

Greg Hands MPs Diary

Photo news: Was briefed by Metropolitan Police Commander Cressida Dick

Greg Hands meeting
Fulham residents and on site at Parsons Green station on the day of the Parsons
shopkeepers who assisted Green terror attack. Greg thanked all police, fire and other first
those affected by and
evacuated from the responders for the remarkably fast reaction to the despicable
Parsons Green terror attack attack.
on 15th September
Greg spoke with many constituents who were actually on the ill-
Hands in the papers: fated Tube train which came to a halt at 08:20 at Parsons
Minister for London Greg
Hands criticised the 'blanket Green on 16th September.
ban' on Uber Visited local shops, bars and restaurants around Parsons
Photo news: Green to offer thanks for their community support in the
Hands launches new solar aftermath of the bomb attack.
panel scheme
Visited local Fulham business, Ignis, to discuss its brand
Greg Hands to take over advertising agency, including the possibility of overseas
responsibility for trade
policy expansion. Greg had the chance to drive a Formula 1 car via
virtual reality.
Photo news:
Hands addresses "Think As Minister for London, strongly criticised Mayor Sadiq Khans
Asia, Think Hong Kong" blanket ban on Uber operating in London. For more, see below.
Addressed the Ealing Business Breakfast with Joy Morrissey
Photo news: of the Ealing Conservatives.
Hands visits Fulham firm
Ignis Greg visited Los Angeles, Chicago, and Colorado as part of
his US Trade and Investment tour.
Hands in the papers:
Labours next Brexit policy Met London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton to congratulate
is just about anybodys her on the forces Grenfell response and to discuss issues
around fire safety in London.
Photo news: Greg also visited Prague, Czech Republic, to discuss trade
Hands addresses British
American Business Council and Brexit with the Czech Government, Parliamentarians,
business, and media. It was 30 years to the day since Greg
Hands in the papers:
How Momentum is planning studied Czech at Univerzita Karlov.
a loony left takeover in Attended Cadogan Estates summer reception in Chelsea.
Was interviewed by Michael Lawrence of Asia House, on the
Photo news: great UK trade and investment opportunities in Asia.
Hands in Prague
Spent three days in Pakistan promoting trade and investment
Hands in the papers: between the two countries.
Hands announces trade
boost for Pakistan Opened the Indian company Wipros new digital hub, which is
creating 60 jobs in Edinburgh and 4,500 jobs across the UK.
Photo news:
Hands visits Greenwich Visited Bucharest to meet with Romanian Government
Peninsula Ministers, the Mayors office, and other opinion leaders.
Photo news: Was keynote speaker at the Think Asia, Think Hong Kong
Hands revisits university conference in central London.
where he studied the Czech
language Launched Taiwanese food specialists HanDians new UK hub,
investing 10m and creating more than 100 new jobs in London.
Greg Hands reassures local
EU nationals Welcomed Pedro Neuhaus CEO of the Lima 2019 Pan-
American Games organising team to the Department for
7 ways to contact International Trade. The UK is using its 2012 Olympic expertise
Greg Hands
to take a major role in the Peruvian games.
As Minister for London, Greg held a meeting with Knight
Dragons Sammy Lee, and witnessed the Greenwich
Peninsula development plan, Europes largest regeneration
site with 8.4bn investment and 15,729 new homes.
Held a meeting with Croydon Partnership (Westfield,
Hammerson) on landing key Croydon town centre development.
Launched the Governments major new social housing solar
panel project, which will provide free panel installation for
800,000 homes and save them 240 a year on energy bills.
Greg held two of his regular constituency surgeries at both
the Fulham Broadway and the (Chelsea) Kings Road branches
of Metro Bank. To request an appointment, please send an
email to or phone 020 7219 5448.

Photo news:
Greg Hands meeting Fulham residents and
shopkeepers who assisted those affected
by and evacuated from the Parsons Green
terror attack on 15th September

Hands in the papers:
Minister for London Greg Hands criticised
the 'blanket ban' on Uber
William Schomberg, Reuters
Saturday 23rd September 2017

LONDON (Reuters) - A British government

minister has criticized the London authorities for
deciding to strip Uber of its taxi licence, a major
setback to the U.S. technology firm that has
become a big player in the city's transport

The British capital's transport regulator deemed Uber unfit to run a tax
service and said its licence would not be renewed when it expires on
Sept. 30. London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a member of the opposition
Labour Party, backed the move.

"At the flick of a pen Sadiq Khan is threatening to put 40,000 people
out of work and leave 3.5 million users of Uber stranded," Greg
Hands, the government minister for London, wrote on Twitter late on

He said Uber had to address safety concerns and it was important that
there was a level playing field across the private hire market.

"But blanket ban will cause massive inconvenience to millions of

Londoners, showing that the mayor is closed to business &
innovation," Hands tweeted. "Once again the actions of Labour leave
ordinary working people (to) pay the price for it."

In backing the decision to strip Uber of its licence, Khan said: "All
private-hire operators in London need to play by the rules. The safety
and security of customers must be paramount."

Uber has said it will contest the decision. Regulator Transport for
London (TfL) said it would let Uber operate until the appeals process
is exhausted, which could take months.

Uber has turned to customers to help defend itself in other battles

around the world, and an online petition to support Uber in London
gathered nearly 430,000 signatures by early Saturday.

In Friday's announcement, TfL cited concerns about Uber's approach

to reporting serious criminal offences, background checks on drivers
and software that could be used to block regulators from gaining full
access to the app.

Photo news:
Hands launches new solar panel scheme

Greg Hands MP at the opening of the governments new scheme

to provide 800,000 social homes in England with free solar
panels, backed by UK firm Solarplicity and Dutch investor Maas

Greg Hands to take over responsibility for

trade policy
Lord Price has today (Sunday 3rd September) announced that he will
leave government, after serving as a Minister with the Department for
International Trade (DIT) and the former Department for Business,
Innovation and Skills (BIS).

A new Lords Minister will be appointed to the Department for

International Trade, with a particular focus on UK export promotion
which is of critical importance to the UKs future to ensure Britain is
firmly at the forefront of global trade.

Current Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Greg Hands, will
take overall responsibility for the Trade Policy portfolio, taking the
Trade Bill through the House of Commons and delivering a trade
policy for the UK through the Trade Policy Group.

Mr Hands joined the Department of International Trade when it was

established in June 2016 and brings to the role a wealth and depth of
knowledge of both parliament and government. He has held several
ministerial roles including Chief Secretary to the Treasury which saw
him attend Cabinet.

Existing DIT Minister, Mark Garnier, will become the Minister for
Investment and have responsibility for foreign direct investments into
the UK and UK investments overseas.

International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, said: Lord Prices hard

work and dedication has played a vital part in developing new and
existing trade relationships - meeting with more than 75 ministers from
overseas countries and hundreds of business leaders from across the
world. I know that everyone at DIT would want to extend their thanks
to him and wish him the best for his future endeavours.

I am also delighted that such an experienced senior minister as Greg

Hands, will be taking over responsibility for designing an independent
trade policy in the UKs national interest.

Greg Hands said: Over the past 12 months weve helped secure
more foreign direct investment projects than ever before, supported
thousands of UK businesses on their export journey generating
billions of pounds, and continue to promote the UKs trade values
across the world.

Im now looking forward to delivering a trade policy framework for the

UK, so that we can take advantage of new trading opportunities with
global partners once we leave the EU.

Lord Price said: It has been an honour to serve as Minister for Trade
and Investment and then Trade Policy following the EU referendum.

Having visited 35 countries since then I am certain that there is a

huge appetite to build new and develop existing trade agreements
with the UK. The Trade Policy team is well prepared for that work and I
wish them every success.

I previously said I would be working within government for a time-

limited period, and will now be leaving to pursue my wider business
and writing interests, while continuing to advocate the UKs global
trade ambitions.

DIT is focused on delivering the best international trading framework

to support UK prosperity and open trade. This includes:

- bringing together policy, promotion and financial expertise to break

down barriers to trade and investment, and help businesses succeed
- delivering a new trade policy framework for the UK as we leave the
- promoting British trade and investment across the world
- building the global appetite for British goods and services

Over the last 12 months DIT has grown to a global workforce of over
3,200 people operating in 108 countries. The Trade Policy Group that
includes policy and country specialists, as well as expert economic
analysts and lawyers, has grown 5-fold.

Last month internationally recognised expert Crawford Falconer was

appointed as Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser to act as head of
profession for trade negotiators, bringing over 25 years of public
service in trade and foreign affairs.

Photo news:
Hands addresses "Think Asia, Think Hong
Kong" event

Greg Hands MP addressing the Think Asia, Think Hong Kong

trade and investment event in London earlier this month.

Photo news:
Hands visits Fulham firm Ignis

Greg Hands MP visits Fulham business, brand marketing agency


Hands in the papers:

Labours next Brexit policy is just about
anybodys guess
Greg Hands MP, City A.M.
Friday 1st September 2017

Last year, the public made it

clear that they wanted change
when they voted to leave the
European Union. The referendum result was not a vote for the status

I voted to remain as did many in the City but we must respect the
democratic will of the people and get on with securing the best deal for
everyone in the United Kingdom. We have now triggered Article 50,
and there is no going back.

Since the referendum vote, the Conservatives have set out a clear
plan to guide the country through the crucial exit talks and deliver what
the British people voted for, seizing the opportunities offered by Brexit.
This plan is in place so that everyone, from the owner of your local
corner shop to multinational businesses investing in our capital city,
knows when and how Brexit will happen.

In that time, the Labour party has been doing everything it can to
frustrate the process, creating confusion, concern and uncertainty on
the way.

Labour is playing politics with the future of our country.

This week, Labours shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer,

announced another change in the partys Brexit policy ahead of the
third round of the negotiations with the EU. Starmer stated that Labour
wanted to seek a transitional deal that keeps the UK in the Customs
Union and the Single Market after the two year Article 50 process has

But within hours of the announcement, it had already started to


Starmer was contradicting his leader, his shadow chancellor and

indeed himself having previously stated that we couldnt have
membership of the Single Market unless we were inside the EU.

Senior Labour figures, including Lord Mandelson and Heidi Alexander,

then lined up to suggest Britain could remain in the Single Market

The past week just confirms what we have seen from the opposition
party all year: Labour has no idea about what it wants as we leave the

This is Labours tenth plan in just 14 months from calling for the
immediate triggering of Article 50 on the morning of the referendum
result, to firing shadow frontbenchers for voting to stay in the Single
Market, and now calling for the UK to stay in the Single Market long
after Britain leaves the EU.

Its only a matter of time before their position changes again. Labours
stance on Brexit is just not credible.

This uncertainty and flip-flopping does not provide clarity for you, your
family, or businesses across the UK. You want to know exactly what
Brexit will mean for you, the City, and Britains place in the global
economy. This is why the Conservatives have set out exactly what we
want to achieve from leaving the EU.

We know that as we exit the EU the country will face new challenges,
but since the referendum we have set out a clear plan for how we deal
with these changes.

Weve announced what we want to achieve from our negotiations,

including taking back control of our borders and our laws, protecting
workers rights, building new trade agreements with other countries,
strengthening our precious union, and maintaining a deep and special
partnership with the EU.

And weve recently gone further, publishing position papers on what

we want our relationship with the EU to look like once weve left.

The Conservatives have committed to clarity and certainty, so that

everyone knows just how things will change as we depart the EU. And
businesses have responded. In the past week, weve seen Aston
Martin and Nissan both putting their faith in Britains future by
announcing new deals and investment.

However we voted in the referendum, we must now pull together and

get on with delivering the very best Brexit for everyone. While Labour
is busy changing its position from one week to the next, we are
making steps to negotiate a deal with the EU that avoids unnecessary
disruption, and seizes the opportunities of Brexit.

We need to channel our energy towards a successful Brexit deal that

works for everyone in this country and guarantees our long term

Photo news:
Hands addresses British American
Business Council

Greg Hands MP addressing the British American Business

Council in Los Angeles last month.

Hands in the papers:

How Momentum is planning a loony left
takeover in London
Greg Hands, Conservative Home
Tuesday 15th August 2017

So far, pragmatists in the Labour

Party might claim that the rise of
Momentum has been more bark
than bite in London. Although they
have plenty of supporters in the capital, thats true of Labour in
general, who have perhaps some 200,000 party members across the
32 boroughs. Nevertheless, normal Londoners might end up bitten in
the Borough Council Elections on 3rd May 2018.

Until this summer, the old guard of moderates had Momentum under
control. Take Lambeth, where this website previously reported the
activity of the hard left. Despite the local Momentum branch occupying
a library to oppose the council, the Labour moderates appear to have
blocked every lunatic who tried to become a candidate. Even in a
ward chaired by legendary 1980s hard-left Council Leader, Red Ted
Knight, they avoided deselections of sitting councillors.

Lambeth was the only Labour borough to complete its selections

before the General Election was called. The rest had to postpone and
suddenly face a different scenario. Not only are Momentums
members energised by the Corbyn surge in June, but Labours
regional party has lost key officials. Crucially, the borough panels can
no longer rely on the regional party to back their decisions.

Well see you in your CLP

Now the Corbynites are on the march. An early sign was the
deselection of a Southwark councillor last month, which prompted an
open letter to Labours NEC. The letter objected to a young LGBT
woman of colour [being] deselected in favour of a white man who
doesnt live in the ward. Thats a definite basis for concern, but not
the only one, it seems. In her own statement, Cllr Jury-Dada referred
to factional swipes and internal Labour party fighting.

The nasty side of Momentum activists was also on display at a

Haringey Council meeting, where Labours leader, Claire Kober, was
barracked for proposing a standard definition of antisemitism. Aside
from the troubling undertones of this behaviour, near the end of the
footage, one activist jeers, Well see you in your Constituency Labour
Party! It doesnt take much imagination to guess why. Another
Borough Council Leader in East London is openly telling even those
outside of the Labour Party of the campaign of harassment, including
the claim of a large object being thrown through their window at home.

Council Leaderships

How many senior councillors and group leaders are actually at risk? In
Hounslow, ex-Guardian journalist Dave Hill says council leader Steve
Curran is understood to be seriously concerned about surviving as a
member for Syon ward. Elsewhere, the problem for leaders is more
likely to occur when their newly-elected hard-left councillors arrive at
town halls.

Imagine those first Labour group meetings, where they decide their
nomination for the Leader of the Council, if Momentum has a dozen or
more representatives? Or the outcomes across the other nominated
positions, as old factions are given new life?

Even the directly-elected Labour Mayors arent off-the-hook. The three

incumbents John Biggs, Philip Glanville and Sir Robin Wales
narrowly survived trigger ballots last year, after a bitter internal
process. Will they be able to appoint their desired cabinets, or get their
policies through full council? And unhappily for Lewisham, Labour is
only now selecting a successor to Sir Steve Bullock, with Corbynites
on the shortlist of five.

What you vote for wont be what you get

As the Minister for London, Im hearing lots of reports about panicking

moderates, with some administrations in effective lockdown. That isnt
great for their residents, but my primary concern is Londoners thinking
they have their normal choice next May, before getting an unpleasant,
post-ballot-box surprise.

For example, the voters of Islington could endorse the manifesto and
record of Richard Watts, only to get Momentums NEC member,
Claudia Webbe. A lurch (further) to the left might be popular, in the
short-term, on Corbyns home turf. In boroughs like Southwark, it
would come as a shock.

Worse still, in boroughs where Labour are trying to take control, they
will offer an entirely false prospectus. Look at Wandsworth, which has
an excellent Conservative council. The Opposition is led by Simon
Hogg, a bland Blairite, who will no doubt reassure voters that the low
tax and good services they have come to expect would continue under
Labour. But this is hogwash twice over, as residents could get his
Corbynista deputy, Candida Jones.

Those with long memories will recall that the London Labour Party has
form here. In 1981, Labour moderates won that years GLC election,
and their leader Andrew McIntosh was looking forward to
implementing his manifesto. Within 24 hours of the polling stations
closing, he had been deposed by a group of Labour councillors
espousing a much more radically leftist agenda, led by one Ken

Its been a long time since the loony left ran councils. Perhaps the
closest recent example is the Greens in Brighton, where chaos soon
followed. Londoners need to be reminded whats at stake.


The biggest issue in our capital is housing. Even young professionals

with good incomes are struggling to buy without help, while many
graduates in their 20s and 30s have no chance. Their frustration is
one reason for Labours election gains.

Yet the lefts answer is always the same, whatever the question: more
social rent.

There is an obvious need for well-run council housing in London, but

none of those younger Londoners trapped renting would ever qualify
for a social tenancy. Nor is it what they want. They want to get on the
housing ladder.

What will happen in Momentum boroughs when the developers they

regard as social cleansers try to build new homes to buy? How many
homes are their Planning Committees likely to approve? The
frustration of younger voters could be about to get a lot worse.


Another dread phrase for Momentum is privatisation. One of the

great Conservative successes in local government was contracting out
poorly-run, in-house services. The benefits are so clear that every
Labour borough in London has copied it. Not all of them are great at
specifying and managing their contracts, but their local services
depend on commissioning.

Again, what will happen with the hard left running these councils? With
councillors who despise their own contactors and express their
solidarity with the more militant unions? If your rubbish collection gets
missed and your street isnt cleaned by one of these new Labour (but
definitely not New Labour) Councils, dont be surprised.

Will the Mayor of London intervene?

There is, of course, someone with the power to intervene in boroughs

decisions, particularly on planning. Someone whose standing in the
Labour Party could help moderate council leaders to survive.

Yet if you google the terms Sadiq Khan, Momentum, and criticise,
the most youll find is some ageing chastisement of the Mayors
nominee for Party Leader. As the date of the next Labour leadership
contest slips over the horizon, Khan as a future hope of some
moderates isnt of present assistance.

Unexpected events can be wonderfully revealing. After courting the

Corbynites to beat Tessa Jowell, the Mayor faces his own reselection
battle. He, of course, will be acutely aware of what happened to one of
his predecessors in 1981. Londoners, meanwhile, will get to see
where Sadiq Khans priorities lie.

The task for London Conservatives

From the outside, it is obviously difficult to know just how much

momentum Momentum, its members and its fellow travellers have
really got. They have to turn up and vote in tedious party meetings, for
a start. The Labour moderates are frequently better organised and
have actually read the rule book, but their panic is genuine.

Theres a risk we wont know until it is almost too late to warn.

Although Labours selections should be wrapped up before Christmas,
official nominations are published less than a month before poll day.

This is where the readers of this website can help. If youre a London
councillor, and a Labour colleague lets slip they have been
deselected, let me know. If you follow a local left-wing activist on
Twitter and they say they are a candidate, let me know. If youre a
member of the Labour Party worried about your borough, with full
anonymity, you can let me know.

Please send any information on Labours selections to

The loony left could be making a comeback in the capital. The task for
London Conservatives is to ensure Londoners arent misled next May.

Photo news:
Hands in Prague

Greg Hands MP at the British Embassy in Prague speaking to

diplomats and staff about the UK's future trade Policy.

Hands in the papers:

Hands announces trade boost for Pakistan
The News
Thursday 21st September 2017

KARACHI: Britain is likely to

maintain GSP Plus-like trade
cooperation with Pakistan after
Brexit, its Minister of State for
International Trade Greg Hands said on Wednesday, as part of United
Kingdoms efforts to improve trade ties with emerging market

Pakistan is a growing economy and considering the size of its

economy and how fast its growing, we are considering maintaining
GSP Plus scheme like facility (for Pakistan) in post Brexit, Hands told
newsmen on a visit to Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The generalised scheme of preferences (GSP) Plus status, granted

from January 2014, permitted nearly 20 percent of Pakistani exports to
enter the 28-member countries European Union (EU) block at zero
tariff and 70 percent at preferential rates. Pakistan was among the
nine countries including its textile rivals Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
that won the GSP Plus status.

Pakistan, however, could graduate from GSP Plus anytime till 2023 for
noncompliance with anyone of the 27 conventions related to human
and labour rights.

Britain has been seeking to boost global trade ties following its last
year vote to leave the EU. Pakistani officials, also seeking a GSP
Plus-like deal with post-Brexit Britain, viewed the UK leaving the EU
will hit the countrys exports.

Hands said he is in Pakistan to discuss bilateral trade and issues

relating to the fresh UK investment in the country but said no plan to
sign any free trade agreement with Pakistan will roll over the terms of
the current EU agreement.

We realise the need of further improvement in trade volume between

the two countries and we have aimed at boosting our bilateral trade to
the level of $3 billion in the next phase, the UK minister said during a
three-day trade mission to Pakistan.

The UK is Pakistans biggest trade partner in Europe with bilateral

trade close to $2.18 billion in 2016.

Pakistan's exports were $1.557 billion against imports of $0.610 billion

from the UK. The balance of trade is in Pakistans favour.

The country, facing a steep fall in exports, desperately needs

concessional markets to narrow its ballooning trade deficit, which
surged 33.52 percent to $6.290 billion during July-August of fiscal

A wider trade gap also inflated the July-August current account deficit,
which widened 102 percent to $2.601 billion in the first two months of
the current fiscal year.

The minister said the British export credit agency, UK Export Finance
had doubled Pakistan specific export facilitation fund to 400 million
from 200 million to promote bilateral trade.

Pakistan is an exciting market for British business with 200 million

plus consumers the UK will ensure a smooth transition in its existing
trading arrangements after Brexit.

Hands said many UK-based companies are already working in

Pakistan and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would
attract new investment from Britain.

British firms can be an important part of CPEC in the delivery of

infrastructure projects as the UK businesses are well-placed to
capitalise on new opportunities in the region.

China has pledged around $57 billion to develop infrastructure in

Pakistan as part of CPEC. Chinese investment will support and build
power plants, railways, and roads that will cross the Himalayas to
connect western China with Gwadar to boost trade.

Photo news:
Hands visits Greenwich Peninsula

Greg Hands MP visiting the Greenwich Peninsula with Knight

Dragon's Sammy Lee to discuss his growing investment in

Photo news:
Hands revisits university where he studied
the Czech language

Greg Hands at the Charles University, Prague, where he studied

Czech language in 1987.

Greg Hands reassures local EU nationals

Greg Hands MP has been writing to all EU nationals in his
constituency of Chelsea & Fulham to reassure them that the
Government is seeking to protect their rights in the UK and to enshrine
these rights in law.

Greg is writing following the Governments recent publication of its

Policy Paper, Safeguarding the position of EU citizens in the UK and
UK nationals living in the EU, which makes clear how the British
Government intends for EU citizens wanting to remain in the UK to be
able to do so. This policy paper confirms the proposed creation of a
new settled status for EU citizens who arrive before a cut-off date,
which is yet to be specified and which will be agreed as part of the
UKs negotiations with the EU. Under the Governments proposals,
applicants who already have five years continuous residence in the
UK would immediately be eligible for settled status.

EU citizens looking to remain in the UK would be asked to apply for

documentation under a new, simplified, and more accessible scheme,
but for the time being they dont need to take any further action. There
would also be protection for the existing healthcare arrangements for
both EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU. This includes
seeking continued participation in the European Health Insurance
Card scheme for all UK nationals and EU citizens, including for
temporary visits.

The issue is of personal importance for Greg as not only are 17 per
cent of his constituents EU nationals, but Gregs own wife is from
Germany. Furthermore, Greg has lived in both Germany and the
Czech Republic, and as a result of his commitments as Minister for
International Trade he frequently visits other EU countries. Greg
speaks five European languages.

Commenting on this issue, local Member of Parliament, Greg Hands,

said: EU citizens are an integral part of the economic, cultural, and
social fabric not only of our constituency of Chelsea & Fulham, but of
the entire country, which is why I have always been clear that their
rights should be protected.

I want to emphasise that, for the time being, no action needs to be

taken on the part of EU citizens in Chelsea & Fulham, and I would
encourage anyone who has any concerns on this issue to contact me.

To view the Governments Policy Paper in full, please follow the link:

7 ways to contact Greg Hands MP:

By Phone: 020 7219 5448
By email:
By post: Greg Hands MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
In person: Click here for details of how
to book an appointment at
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