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Ancient Greeks Quiz 6) What is a vocabulary word for land

Key Version B surrounded on three sides by water?
a) Assembly
1) What is the key version? b) Citizen
a) A c) Estate
b) B d) Jury
e) Peninsula
2) What geographical circumstance
most likely led to the development of 7) What 3 seas surround the mainland of
city-states in ancient Greece? (DO Greece?
NOW 08/29/2017) a) Aegean, Ionian, Mediterranean
a) The fact that it mostly flat b) Aegean, Arabian, Mediterranean
b) Its closeness to Asia c) Arabian, Caspian, Red
c) An absence of rivers or coastlines d) Arabian, Caspian, Ionian
d) Its division into separate regions by e) Caspian, Black, Red
8) How much of the land in Greece could
3) A direct democracy is one in which be used for farming?
(DO NOW 08/29/2017) a) 4/5 (80%)
a) Representatives are elected by the b) 3/4 (75%)
people to make laws. c) 1/2 (50%)
b) All citizens participate in the law- d) 1/4 (25%)
making and governing process. e) 0 (None)
c) A few powerful leaders are voted in
by the people. 9) What did Greek farmers grow well?
d) An electoral college elects a president. a) Cotton and Grain
b) Cotton and Grapes
4) In what way were Athens and Sparta c) Grain and Olives
similar? (DO NOW 08/30/2017) d) Grain and Grapes
a) They were both democracies. e) Grapes and Olives
b) They were both military states.
c) They were both on the same side in 10)Where was the first Greek civilization?
the Peloponnesian War. a) Athens
d) They both resisted Persian advances b) Crete
into Greece. c) Delphi
d) Sparta
5) What was one result of Alexanders e) Troy
conquest of the Mediterranean world?
(DO NOW 08/30/2017) 11)Who was the king of Crete?
a) The collapse of Greek civilization a) Agamemnon
b) The rise of the Roman culture b) Helen
c) The development of democratic c) Homer
practices in all Greek city-states d) Mino
d) The spread of Greek culture to distant e) Paris

12)What is a government led by kings and 18) Who fought in the Trojan War?
queens? a) Athens and Sparta
a) Democracy b) Athens and Delphi
b) Military state c) Athens and Troy
c) Monarchy d) Sparta and Delphi
d) Oligarchy e) Sparta and Troy
e) Politics
19) Who was the blind Greek poet that
13)What were the people of Crete known wrote about the Trojan War?
as? a) Alexander
a) Athenians b) Bart
b) Minoans c) Darius
c) Persians d) Homer
d) Spartans e) Simpson
e) Trojans
20) What are the 2 most famous poems
14)In Ancient Greece, what were small about the Trojan War?
independent communities known as? a) Athens and Sparta
a) Acropolis b) A Tale of Two Cities
b) Empires c) Bible and Quran
c) Estates d) Iliad and Odyssey
d) City-states e) Hera and Aphrodite
e) United states
21)What is a government ruled by a
15) Who was the king of Mycenae? single ruler?
a) Agamemnon a) Democracy
b) Cyrus b) Oligarchy
c) Mino c) Tyranny
d) Paris
e) Philip 22) What is a government in which most
political power is held by small
16) Who invaded and destroyed the section of society?
Mycenaean civilization? a) Democracy
a) Athenian b) Oligarchy
b) Dorian c) Tyranny
c) Persian
d) Spartan 23) Rule by the people large numbers of
e) Trojan people participate in government?
a) Democracy
17) What was it called when writing b) Oligarchy
disappeared and the Greeks did not c) Tyranny
have a strong government?
a) Bronze Age 24) What government was used in
b) Dark Age Sparta?
c) Ice Age a) Democracy
d) Golden Age b) Oligarchy
e) Stone Age c) Tyranny

25) What government was used in
Athens? 31) Who won the Peloponnesian War?
a) Democracy a) Athens
b) Oligarchy b) Delphi
c) Tyranny c) Macedonia
d) Sparta
26) When there was a shortage of land, e) Troy
food, and other resources in Ancient
Greece who built their army to 32)Who started the Persian Empire?
conquer its neighbors? a) Alexander
a) Athens b) Cyrus
b) Crete c) Darius
c) Delphi d) Leonidas
d) Sparta e) Philip
e) None of the above
33) Who built the Royal Road?
27) What is a vocabulary word for a) Alexander
formation of heavily armed soldiers b) Cyrus
who move together as a unit? c) Darius
a) Aristocrat d) Leonidas
b) Citizen e) Philip
c) Jury
d) Phalanx 34) During the Persian Wars, where did
e) Politics Athenian soldiers force Persians
soldiers to retreat, and an Athenian
28) What is a vocabulary word that solider ran 26.2 miles to announce the
means military housing? victory?
a) Annex a) Athens
b) Artisan b) Marathon
c) Barracks c) Persepolis
d) Citizen d) Sparta
e) Fleet e) Troy

29) In the Peloponnesian War, who were 35) Who was the Spartan king that led
the supporters of Athens? 300 Spartan soldiers against the
a) Delian League Persians military?
b) Major League a) Alexander
c) National League b) Agamemnon
d) Peloponnesian League c) Leonidas
e) Trojan League d) Mino
e) Philip
30) In the Peloponnesian War, who were
the supporters of Sparta?
a) Delian League
b) Major League
c) National League
d) Peloponnesian League
e) Trojan League
36) 300 Spartan soldiers died fighting the
Persians at the Battle of __________?
a) Athens
b) Delphi
c) Marathon
d) Sparta
e) Thermopylae

37) Who was Alexander the Greats
a) King Agamemnon
b) Cyrus the Great
c) Darius the Great
d) King Mino
e) King Philip

38) Who was Alexander the Greats
a) Aristotle
b) Homer
c) Mr. Son
d) Odysseus
e) Paris

39) To discourage rebellions, what city-
state did Alexander burn?
a) Alexandria
b) Athens
c) Sparta
d) Thebes
e) Troy

40) In 330 B.C., what was the capital of
the Persian Empire captured by
Alexander the Great?
a) Alexandria
b) Athens
c) Jerusalem
d) Persepolis
e) Sparta