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TA series temperature controller TA series temperature controller

Input:TC ( K J S E T R B )/Pt100 OR 4-20mA 0-10V etc.

PID: Fuzzy pid and self-tuning regulator

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Output :RELAY or SSR or SCR or 4-20mA for heating or NC NO
cooling controll, select freely 4-20mA B
2 alarms for 8 kinds of output function

Power supply: 85-265V AC/DC OR 12-30V AC/DC

Model Description
Input Signalblank:K J S E Pt100,0:4-20mA/0-10V,1:other Dimension
AL1:R:relay S:SSR T:SCR N:none
OUT2/AL2:R:relay S:SSR T:SCR N:none
OUT1:R:relay S:SSR T:SCR I:4-20mA D:0-10V
Power Supply:blankt: 85-265V AC/DC E: 12-30V AC/DC Dimension
Dimension:4:48H48W 6:96H48W 7:72H72W
8:48H96W 9:96H96W 10:80H160W
TA series temperature controller
Exp.TA4-RNR 48H*48W*80Lmm,output :relay ,AL1 ,power:85-265V AC/DC Size
Technical parameters

Power Supply 85-265V AC/DC or 12-30V AC/DC ,e5VA

display TC/RTD :-200-18004-20mA 0-10V :-1999-9999
Input Thermocouple:TJKEBS\R etc.RTDPt100Cu50 ,or 4-20mA/0-100mV/0-10V
OUT1 RRelay SSolid-state relay TSCR I4-20mA D: 010V
AL1 Output RELAY:3A/250V AC OR 5A/30V DC COS=1 ,8 kinds of output functions
OUT2/AL2 Output PID cooling controll or AL2 output
control ON/OFF or PID controll
Accuracy grade 0.3%FS2digit
Weight W250 g






Note:If any changes,please refer to the lable on the meter.