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Scope of Services

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP (BHFS) will provide the Office of the Governor, State of
Colorado (the Office) federal government advice and government relations services on a full
range of federal laws, legislation, rules, and pending rulemakings. For purposes of this
engagement, the Office is understood to include the Governor and his executive staff.
Specifically excluded from BHFSs representation are those executive agencies headed by a
separately elected board or official (e.g., the Department of State or the Department of
Education). To the extent there are any potential conflicts that could arise during the period in
which BHFS represents the Office, those will be addressed on a case by case basis if and when
they arise.

BHFS will immediately begin working with designated members of the Office to devise a
strategy to pursue and execute and address the policies, programs and regulatory issues
identified as priorities by the Office. Lieutenant Governor, Donna Lynne and Chief of Staff, Doug
Friednash will serve as the primary points of contact for the Office.

BHFS will monitor all key issues identified by the Office for the State of Colorado as well as
issues that BHFS determines may be of importance to the Office.
BHFS will draft documentation, including appropriation requests, legislative language and
justifications, fact sheets, policy papers and testimony related to any key issue or other matter
identified by the Office.

In connection with any matter undertaken pursuant to this Scope of Work, BHFS will work
closely with relevant federal officer or agency, including but not limited to the Colorado
Congressional delegation, congressional staff, leadership of all applicable congressional
committees, federal agencies and White House as BHFS may determine in its professional
judgment. BHFS may, with the consent of the Office, also work with other similarly situated third
party stakeholders that share common interest with the Office (e.g,, City of Denver, CML, CCI,
University of Colorado, Colorado State University, Denver Health, other States).

BHFS will examine all options of federal support as well as examine changes to legislation or
regulations that would deliver additional funding from federal programs.

BHFS will work with us to track competitive, discretionary, and formula grant opportunities and
utilize its relationships within federal departments to identify and secure funding.

BHFS will schedule regular in person or telephonic meetingsevery 7 to 10 dayswith the

designated Office contacts to align goals and priorities, track progress on key issues, and
provide updates on federal policymaking impacting the State of Colorado. BHFS will also
provide written alerts when BHFS determines in its professional judgment there are major
developments on issues of importance to the Office.

BHFS will provide a monthly statement detailing actions taken on behalf of the Office, and will
include details, and persons contacted.

BHFS will allow designated representatives of the Office to utilize BHFS offices while in
Washington, DC as reasonably needed.
Scope of Services

BHFS will provide scheduling support and staff meetings between the Governor, Lieutenant
Governor, Executive Team, and Cabinet with members of Colorado delegation, leadership, staff,
federal agencies and White House as needed.