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Congregation or torah
program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
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program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
Congregation or torah
program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
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bOard Of directOrs

marc pershan

immediate past president Rabbi’s Letter 2
buzzy schwartz
Torah & Tefilla
executive vice president
Joel Gorenstein Minyan Schedule 3
vp membership
Daily Shiurim 4
scott burgher Holiday Shiurim 5
yvette miller Rabbi’s Mini-Series 5
vp youth
denise spiegel Israel Action 6
neeli sudin
Lectures & SIR 7-9
vp ways & means
Jonathan neuman
Jennie rothner Yad Or Torah Chesed 10
vp education
devorah Greenfield Women’s Group 11
mordechai turoff

vp house
Men’s Club 12
etai sooliman
andy stern Youth Programming 13-14
vp ritual
Jonathan Greenfield Community Happenings 15
howard levy

financial secretary Giving Opportunities 16
michael shiner

treasurer Meet Our Staff 17
bert Goldstein
Year at a Glance 18
recording secretary
deva Zwelling

corresponding secretary VISIt rabbi Zvi engel
larry leonard 3800 Dempster Street Rabbi of Congregation Or Torah
Skokie, IL
presidium-women’s Group
laura lerer Mon-Thurs 8:00 am - 4:30 pm sarah silverstein-bernstein
tamara ashman Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm Executive Director
first year trustees: cONtAct
Tel: 847-679-3645 marla kirshner
George hanus | sandy kanter
Jacob kupietzky | Josh legum Fax: 847-679-3665 Senior Administration Manager
tami miller | erik moscovitch herschel Joseph
second year trustees:
Youth Director
andrea alter | Jane best | Gary
hoberman | sima neiger
dov robinson
Congregati on or torah
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dear congregants,

nearly two centuries before John Steinbeck adapted the expression, the Scottish poet
robert burns was the one who first coined it: “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / gang aft
agley.” (in case your Scots’ english is a tad rusty, “gang aft agley” apparently means “often go
awry.”) the yiddish version of this expression brings god into the picture, a mentsch tracht und
gott lacht – a man struggles and god laughs.

chazal also considered a variation on this theme, based on Sefer tehillim:

I thought about my ways, and my legs return me to Your testimonies.”

even after carefully planning his daily schedule as a head-of-state, say the Sages, king david rec-
ognizes that he will always find himself returning to the places of his religious identity. “Master of
the Universe!” he would declare, “each and every day I calculate as follows: ‘today I am going to
this place, and then to this building will I go’—yet my legs bring me to the batei knessiyot and to
the batei midrashot.” (vayikra raba 35:1)

this midrash, says the midrashic commentator, r. david Luria, turns on the word raglai - my legs,
because it is a variant of the word hergel, meaning something habitual or ingrained. So deeply
embedded within his sense of self is the connection to shul and to learning torah—reflecting an
abiding love for these places where the Jewish people meet the almighty as a community—da-
vid hamelech is practically carried there by his legs; the link is visceral. the talmud (makot 10b)
puts it succinctly, - upon the path a person wants to
tread, that is where they are led.

here is a person who appreciates that, no matter the schedule he sets for the day, he will find
his way to places of prayer and of torah. while none of us can lay claim to the level of power
and responsibility of a king david, each of us can surely identify with the concept: whatever the
conscious planning for the future, a Jew ought to feel an innate connection to the place of tefilla
and talmud torah. we are blessed to have such a place in or torah.

please leaf through this program guide, filled with many opportunities to join together as a com-
munity—mainly for the core elements of our identity as Jews, torah and tefilla, but also for social
programs for people of all ages—to plan how, where, and with whom we will choose to spend
our time in the new year. Looking forward to another amazing year together, i remain,

Bvirkat Torah uMitzvot,
Rabbi Zvi Engel
program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
minyan schedule
weekday & Shabbat Davening

weekday minyanim

Monday-Friday 6:30 am & 8:00 am
Sunday 6:00 am, 7:15 am, 8:00 am

15 minutes prior to sunset

Late Maariv in the beit midrash
Sunday-Thursday 8:45 pm

*All Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv take place in the main
sanctuary unless otherwise noted.

shabbat minyanim

Friday Night
First 5-minute mark after candle lighting
Summer: Early Mincha 10-15 mins
prior to Plag HaMincha

8:00 am @ Beit Midrash
8:30 am @ Or Torah West
9:00 am @ Or Torah Main Shul
9:15 am @ Or Torah Bnei Akiva Minyan

15 minutes prior to sunset @ Devonshire

November 11, 2017, December 15, 2017,
January 26, 2018, February, 23, 2018. Please
see pg. 13 for more info.

Not sure about times and dates? Visit under the “Zmanim” link.

Congregati on or torah
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Parashat Hashavua
daf yomi
w/ Rabbi Engel
w/Rabbi Barry Robinson
Mondays 9:15 am-10:00 am @ Beit Midrash
7:00 am
OT-SKokie Community Kollel
OT-Binyan Ariel Dirshu
Women’s Shiur w/Mrs. Yaffa Liberman
Daf Yomi B’Halacha
10:00 am on Shmuel Bet
Monday - Friday 8:30 am
OT-Binyan Ariel Daf Yomi Monday Evenings beginning August 7
w/Rabbi Yisroel Gluck 8:45 pm (Fall/Spring)
9:00 am 8:00 pm (Winter)
Talmud Yoma Ch. 8
halacha after mincha
w/Rabbi zvi engel
Shabbat Tefilla
Tuesdays 7:00 am-7:30 am
Soul of the Siddur
R’ Shalom Kohn Z”L Gemara Shiur Learn about the tefillot of
following the 8:00 am Minyan the weekdays and shabbat

Parashat Hashavua
Shabbat 45 min pre-mincha
(Elul) Rashi and his Beit Midrash Parsha & Pizza
(Spring): The Investigations of w/OT-YU Torah Mitzion Kollel
the Haamek Davar 5:45 pm

SUNDAYS thursdays
OT-Binyan Ariel Gemara Brachos Navi
8:35 am Thursdays 9:30 am-10:45 am
A Time for Election: Sefer Shmuel I
OT-Binyan Ariel Derech Hashem In the wake of the chaotic period of the Shof-
9:10 am tim, Sefer Shmuel focuses on the leadership
of Shmuel Hanavi, the election of Shaul as the
Open Beit Midrash first king of Israel, and the complex relation-
w/OT-YU Torah Mitzion Kollel ship between Shaul and a shepherd named
9:00 am - 11:30 pm David ben Yishai.

Rabbi Brand’s Shiur
w/OT-YU Torah Mitzion Kollel
9:00 am

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
i d a y
RAbbi’s mini-series

i u r im
with Ra bbi Zvi Engel
due to space considerations, please reserve a spot for
each mini-series a week prior to the event date. email thank you.

the machZor and
the matriarchS roSh haShanah
aug. 29, Sept. 5 , Sept. 12, 2017
@ 9:30 am - 10:45 am
exploring themes of the machzor
and the matriarchs in conjunction
with rosh hashanah SerieS i
“What is Modern Orthodoxy?
rambam: taLmud yoma & LawS oF
Where are we today?”
november 9, 2017 @ 9 am
renewing the conversation
mondays elul 8:30pm

Shabbat Shuva draSha
September 16, 2017
SerieS ii
after main minyan
“Shabbat & Yom Tov Tech”
chanukah Shiur 3 part Session- mid Level
december 12, 2017
@ 8:00 pm 1) Big Wheels: bicycles and Scooters
rabbi Zvi & Laurie engel’s home december 17, 2017 @ 9 am
2) From The Amazon: alexa and the kindle
purim Shiurim
January 21, 2018 @ 9 am
February 15 & 22, 2018
@ 9:30 am - 10:45 am 3) iron chef: kitchen appliances & gadgets
February 11, 2018 @ 9 am
practicaL peSach review
march 8, 2018
@ 9:30 am - 10:45 am
reviewing the basic halakhot of clean-
ing for pesach, product issues, etc. SerieS iii
“This is Not the end”
hagadda: 3 part Series-mid level
a brieF hiStory oF time
march 15 & 22, 2018 1) halachic estate planning
9:30 am - 10:45 am may 27, 2018 @ 9 am
Looking for divrei torah for your seder? 2) elder care: halachic considerations
June 3, 2018 @ 9 am
Shabbat hagadoL draSha
march 24, 2018 3)halachic will & healthcare proxy
after main minyan June 10, 2018 @ 9 am

Congregati on or torah
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The safety and security of the State of Israel is our
constant concern, and helping Israel to thrive is our
constant privilege and responsibility.
AIPAC Shabbaton Congregation Or Torah’s Israel Initiative
with Prof. Gil Troy Or Torah stands proudly and resolutely with
Israel. The safety and security of the State of
October 21-22, 2017
Israel is our constant concern, and helping Is-
Friday, October 21 @ 8:00 pm rael to thrive is our constant privilege and re-
Oneg Shabbat sponsibility. We dedicate our time, tefilot and
Saturday, October 22 @ 11 am resources to making a difference for its citizens.
Shabbat Morning Lecture
The Israel Initiative reflects our desire to en-
Saturday, October 22 @ 4 pm hance and extend this commitment by estab-
Afternoon Program lishing a three-part program of education, ad-
vocacy and volunteerism, and to provide our
Join Congreagation Or Torah and the American members with the tools and resources neces-
Israel Public Affairs Committee for this special sary to make a meaningful contribution to our
weekend featuring Professor Gil Troy from Mc- support for Israel.
Gill University. There is no cost to attend this
event. It is open to the community. For ques- SAVE THE DATE
tions please contact Brittany Cohen at bcoehn@ Israel Bond Event or (312) 253-8968. November 4, 2017

AIPAC Policy Conf Delegation
Washington Convention Center
March 4-6, 2018
Act now to join thousands of other pro-Israel
activists for three of the most important days
impacting Israel’s future! Visit

Congregati on or torah
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p ec ial
&S res
c t u

Aseret Journal. He received semikhah Dr. Abraham Rosenbaum
Yemei from RIETS, where he earned
Teshuva the additional distinction of Abraham (Avi) Rosenbaum
Lecture advanced Yadin Yadin (Jew- has worked at the forefront
“Must we ish jurisprudence) ordination. of Next Generation DNA Se-
Forgive Rabbi Reiss also served as an quencing for the past 14 years.
Everyone?” associate at the law firm of Most recently at the Ion Tor-
RABBI yona REISS Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Ham- rent brand of Thermo Fisher
ilton in New York, as well as Scientific, where he was lead-
September 28, 2017 @ 7:30 the Director of the Beth Din of
pm ing a team developing tools
America from 1998-2008.
and assays for personalized
Rabbi Yona Reiss is the Av DR. SY Greenfield cancer treatment. He received
Beth Din (Chief Rabbinical Memorial Lecture his Ph.D. from George Church
Judge) of the Chicago Rabbin- Joint presentation at Harvard University, where
ical Council and a Rosh Yeshi- he participated in the develop-
“CRISPR - It May Change
va at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan ment of one of the first Next
the World, but at What
Theological Seminary at Yeshi- Generation DNA Sequencers
va University (RIETS), where November 21, 2017 as well as the analysis of the
he serves as the Rabbi L. Katz
first personal genome. Prior to
Cahir in Professional Rabbin-
that he received a B.A. from
ics. He previously served as
Yeshiva University and learned
the Max and Marion Grill Dean
of RIETS. Rabbi Reiss is a in the kollel at RIETS. Avi lives
summa cum laude graduate of in Waterbury, and serves on
Yeshiva College and went on the board of trustees of Yeshi-
to receive his law degree from Left: Dr. Abraham Rosenbaum Right: Rabbi va Ketana of Waterbury where
Menachem Rosenbaum
Yale Law School, where he was his five children attend school.
senior editor of the Yale Law

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
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rabbi menachem women of yeshivat har etzion corporate lawyer at kramer,
roSenbaum in migdal oz in gush etzion. Levin in new york and Sharir,
he is the author of an inter- Shiv in tel aviv. he left law and
menachem rosenbaum teach- net shiur entitled “talmudic cofounded his first software
es bible and talmud at ida methodology” with over 5,000 start-up in 1999 in Jerusalem.
crown Jewish academy. he subscribers a weekly shiur on he has cofounded a number of
has previously taught a phi- pirkei avot with over 1400 startup and investment ven-
losophy seminar, classes on subscribers and has delivered tures and also served as a vice
prayer and other subjects in hundreds of audio shiurim president at idt corp. (nySe:
Jewish thought when he was featured on the yeshivat har idt) where he led m&a trans-
kollel fellow of the yeshiva etzion “audio beit midrash” ( actions and was part of idt’s
university torah mitzion kollel. kmtt) as well as on yu torah venture Services group.
he went to yeshiva university online.
for his b. a. in philosophy and ben earned a b.a. in econom-
studied for semicha at rietS. schOlar in residence ics from yeshiva university
menachem lives in west rog- JOint presentatiOn and a J.d. from columbia Law
ers park with his wife aliza “lET THERE BE BuSInESS: School, where he was a harlan
and three children ezra, de- vEnTuRE CAPITAl In Fiske Stone Scholar. he also
vora and mordechai. ISRAEl” has smicha from both rietS
February 9-10, 2018 and r. Zalman nehemia gold-
schOlar in berg in Jerusalem. ben sup-
residence ports a number of non-profit
rabbi initiatives, including serving on
the boards of made in Jerusa-
dec. 8-9, 2017 lem (a non-profit supporting
technology entrepreneurship
rabbi moshe in Jerusalem) and the ou is-
Left: ben wiener right: michael eisenberg
taragin has been a ram at rael. he is married with seven
yeshivat har etzion in gush children and in his spare time
ben wiener
etzion for the past 19 years. clears his head by running
he has Semicha from the rab- marathons.
ben wiener is the Founder
bi isaac elchanan theological and managing partner of michaeL eiSenberg
Seminary, a ba in computer Jumpspeed ventures, a ven-
Science from yeshiva college, ture capital fund based in Je- michael eisenberg is an equal
and an ma in english Litera- rusalem, israel that he founded partner at aleph, an early
ture from city university. rab- in late 2013. Jumpspeed in- stage venture capital fund with
bi taragin previously taught vests in Jerusalem-born or $330mm under management.
talmud at columbia university, based software startups and aleph serves israeli entrepre-
lectured in talmud and bible is the only venture fund dedi- neurs who want to build high
at the ibc and JSS divisions of cated to Jerusalem startup op- growth, scalable, global busi-
yeshiva university, and served portunities. nesses. Since its founding in
as assistant rabbi at the Fifth
2013, aleph has invested in 12
avenue Synagogue. ben began his career in law companies including wework,
after graduating from colum- houseparty, Lemonade, wind-
in addition, rabbi taragin cur- bia Law School, first serving ward, honeybook and nexar.
rently teaches at the Stella as a clerk on israel’s Supreme
k. abraham beit midrash for court and then as a practicing prior to aleph, michael was a

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
general partner at Benchmark Scholar in ability of rabbinical arbitration
Capital which he joined in July residence agreements and awards in U.S.
2005 and continues as the Dr. Michael courts.
(Avi) Helfand
partner responsible for Bench-
April 13-14, 2018
mark’s Israeli portfolio. Mi- Scholar in
chael has focused on Internet residence
Dr. Michael Nechama
and software-enabled-services (Avi) Helfand is Price
investments since 1995 and an expert on religious law and May 4-5, 2018
has invested in and sat on the religious liberty. A frequent
board of Israel’s leading com- author and lecturer, his work Nechama Price
panies and start ups, such as considers how the state treats is the Director (Nasdaq SHOP, religious law, custom and of Yeshiva University’s Gradu-
acquired by EBAY), Conduit, practice. He is currently an ate Program for Advanced
SeekingAlpha, Gigya, WeWork, associate professor at Pepper-
Talmud Studies (GPATS), from
Wix (Nasdaq WIX),  Answers. dine University School of Law
which she earned certification
com (Nasdaq ANSW), Tradeum and co-director of Pepperdine
University’s Glazer Institute for in 2003. She is a Senior Lec-
(acquired: VERT), and Picture-
vison (acquired: EK). Jewish Studies. He received turer in the Bible and Judaic
his J.D. from Yale Law School Studies departments at Stern
Michael writes a blog on Me- and his Ph.D. in Political Sci- College, where she has been
dium on topics ranging from ence from Yale University. teaching since 2004. Nechama
politics to technology and earned a Masters Degree in
macro-economics, He was a His academic articles have
Jewish Education from Azrieli
appeared in numerous law
contributor to Graduate School, and an MA in
journals, including the Yale
(Hebrew) and is the author of
Law Journal and the New York Bible from the Bernard Revel
the Hummus Manifesto, the
University Law Review, and Graduate School. She is also
seminal piece on Israel’s inno-
Duke Law Journal. Professor a graduate of the inaugural
vation scene. In 2016, Michael
Helfand also often provides class of the American branch
published two books: “Thus
commentary on clashes be- of Nishmat’s Yoetzet Halacha
Shall Be Done to the Jew” (He-
tween law and religion, writing
brew Version, English Version Program, and currently serves
for various general audience
by Sela Meir Publishing, ) on as a Yoetzet Halacha (Halakhic
publications, including the
Jewish Identity and Megillat Wall Street Journal, Los An- Advisor) to the communities
Esther; and “Ben Barukh”, a geles Times, USA Today, and of Englewood, Tenafly, Livings-
commentary on the Jerusalem the Forward, and has provided ton, West Orange, and Long
Talmud, Tractate Brakhot. legal commentary for various Branch NJ. Nechama is a com-
news outlets, including the munity scholar and speaks all
Michael also serves on a few New York Times, PBS, and
over North America. She lives
education-oriented non-profit Huffington Post.
in Bergenfield, NJ with her hus-
boards and lectures frequently
on the topics of Venture Capi- In addition to his academic band & four children.
tal, Israel and Entrepreneur- work, Professor Helfand is
ship. Michael lives in Jerusalem, an executive board member
Israel with his wife and eight of the Beth Din of America,
children. where he also serves as a
consultant on the enforce-

Congregati on or torah
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Yad Or Torah chesed
as we have grown as a community, so too have the needs of our
members. yad or torah was established as a committee of volunteers willing to lend a
helping hand. during many life cycles and challenges that occur in our members’ lives,
we at yad or torah want to embrace our families. whether you or someone you know
needs help, please contact either the shul office, tami miller at or
elaine rothner at

save the dates
September 1- September 24, 2017
September 18, 2017 YAD OR tORAH cOAt DRIVE
FOOD DRIVE FOR tHE ARK october 15, 2017
September 10, 2017
MAOt cHItIM pAcKING DAY February 4, 2018
September 17, 2017

cOmmUnity resOUrces the ark 773.761.4005
Seymour h. persky building
chicago rabbinicaL 6450 n. california ave
counciL chicago, iL fOOd cOllectiOn
2701 howard St., chicago iL 773.973.1000
773.465.3900 Sherra & JeSS bLoomenkranZ
6647 n. whipple ave
Skokie eruv chicago cheSed Fund chicago, iL 60645
847.679.eruv(3788) 7045 n. ridgeway ave 773.274.5682 Lincolnwood, iL
847.679.7799 Laurie babendir
Skokie mikvah 8620 hamlin ave, Skokie iL
4242 w. dempster ave, 847.677.5527
Skokie, iL 60076 niLi hotLine 847.302.5527 (cell)
(west off crawford & east of 847.636.9723
Skokie blvd.) please leave a message debra SoLovechik
847.568.8710 773.791.8961
skokie_mikvah nilihotline please contact corinne
engelhart, corinnehart@aol.
ShaLva chicago mitZvah com for more information.
24/7 help/crisis Line campaign
773.583.hope (4673) 866.697.2224

JvS chicago chicago center For
5150 golf road, Skokie iL torah and cheSed-
847.568.5150 reFoenu 6333 n. troy St., chicago, iL

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
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Women’s Group
The Or Torah Women’s Group is a social and fundraising arm
of our synagogue. Under Co-Presidents, Tamara Ashman &
Laura Lerer, we endeavor to fill our calendar with a variety of
programs to meet the needs of our membership. We hope that
we can inspire you to be part of our exciting programs. We
welcome help and suggestions.

2017-2018 Calendar
Fun activities this year will include: Simchat Torah Dinner, Two
Night Cooking Demo with Sylvia Fallas, Chanukah Carnival,
Murder Mystery Purim Event, Women’s Group Health Event,
Graduation Kiddush

To get involved with the Or Torah Women’s Group, contact
Laura Lerer at or
Tamara Ashman

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
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Men's Club
Or Torah Men’s Club provides a wide variety of programs and
activities that reach out to all members of the congregation -
building camaraderie, friendships, and warmth. A goal for the
Or Torah Men’s Club has been to raise funds to support our
Youth Department as well as Chesed Funds and the needs of
our synagogue and greater community.

Stay Tune For Upcoming Events In January, March, and July!

Save the Date for 4 CUPS on March 25, 2018

To get involved with the OT Men’s Club,
email men’

Congregati on or torah
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youth programs
Events + Learning + Groups

August 27, 2017
Cupcake Wars
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
3rd-5th graders are invited to bake it off
and create and decorate the world’s
best cupcakes! Batter will be spilled,
legends will be born and prizes will be

October 6, 2017
OT Youth Sukkah Hop
Kids of all ages are invited to hop
along as we learn torah, eat treats and
collect prizes at three succahs! The
Hop begins at Or Torah at 4:15pm and
ends at the Engels.

October 21, 2017-
March 3, 2018
Motzei Shabbat Parent/Child Learning
1 hr After Shabbat Ends
Parents and kids of all ages are invited
to learn and grow together each week
in this Beit Midrash learning program.
Pizza and a raffles each week!

October 22, 2017
Noah’s Ark
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Kids of all ages are invited to experience
animals like never before! Enjoy pony
wheels, animal games, facepainting
and more!

November 11, 2017
Tot Shabbat
15 mins after Mincha
For kids ages 2-6 and their parents.
Do You Have Small Children or
Grandchildren? When and how will
you introduce them to shul?Come
daven in a special monthly minyan
(full kabbalat shabbat and maariv)
in the Or Torah Beit Midrash focused
on giving our youngest members an
opportunity to dance, sing, and hear
a Shabbat story! Please note that kids

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
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need to be supervised by their parents at all 11:00 am - 1:15 pm
times during the davening. Kids of all ages are invited to enjoy an amazing
art project purim treats and more!
November 24, 2017
College Oneg May 19, 2018
8:00 pm Leil Shavuot Learning
@ Rabbi Zvi & Laurie Engel’s Home All high school and middle school students
are invited to learn and grow as we prepare
December 15, 2017 for matan torah! The evening will end with
Tot Shabbat Cinnabon, ice-cream and more!
15 mins after Mincha
See details from Nov. 11 Tot Shabbat on pg. 13.

December 16, 2017
Laser Tag at Or Torah
6:00 pm-8:00 pm Ages 6 Weeks old +
(3 -5th Graders Boys & Girls)
Meets at 8:30 am in the far right
Kids are invited to have a blast with laser tag classroom.
at Or Torah. Cost: $15

December 17, 2017 Preschool Groups
Women’s Group & Youth For children who are pre-schooled
Chanukah Carnival aged and potty trained. The Preschool
group meets at 8:30 am in the far left
January 12, 2018 classroom.
Teen Oneg
8:00 pm Kindergarten-
@ Rabbi Zvi & Laurie Engel’s Home
grade 2
Meets at 8:30 am in the Poochie’s
January 20, 2018
classroom. Children will enjoy games
Movie Night
and Shabbat tefilot while spending time
Kids in kindergarten, first and second grade
with group leaders who are dedicated to
are invited to come in their PJs, enjoy pizza,
ensuring your child’s enthusiasm for the
popcorn and a movie! Cost:$5
Shul experience.
January 26, 2018
Tot Shabbat grade 3-5
15 mins after Mincha Meets at 9:15 am. Children will enjoy
See details from Nov. 11 Tot Shabbat on pg. 13. team games, raffles, and will learn
Shabbat tefillot.
February, 23, 2018
15 mins after Mincha GIRLS - X ROOM
See details from Nov. 11 Tot Shabbat on pg. 13.
or torah bnei akiva
February 28, 2018
Purim Extravaganza
teen minyan
7:30 pm Grades 6-12 at 9:15 am.
Kids in kindergarten, first and second grade
are invited to come in their PJs, enjoy pizza, NEW! Stay tuned for the Or Torah
popcorn and a movie! Cost:$5 Teen Education Committee led by Ari
Best & Hannah Jacoby.
March 1, 2018 =
Purim Extravaganza
Congregati on or torah
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community happenings

September 2, 2017 November 11, 2017 February 2018
New Members Event Kristallnacht Event Snow Birds Event in Boca Raton

September 16, 2017 December 15, 2017 February 28, 2018
Pre-Selichot Kumzitz Young Couples Chanukah Dinner Leil Purim Dinner

October 5, 2017 December 17, 2017 March 25, 2018
Open Sukka Chanukah Carnival Men’s Club 4 Cups Event

October 12, 2017 January 12-13, 2018 April 12, 2018
Simchat Torah Dinner YU Coast to Coast Shabbaton Yom Hashoah Memorial Event

November 3, 2017 January 2018 August 26, 2018
Empty Nesters Dinner Or Torah Dinner OT Community Picnic

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
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Giving opportunities
Celebration or Commemoration?
Please consider one of the sponsorship opportunities below as a meaningful & symbolic gift.

$54 A Day of Learning Shalosh Seudot
$180 A Week of Learning $225 Sponser Shalosh Seudot
$3,600 A Year of Learning
Daf Yomi Contact the shul office for more info
$180 Day of Daf Yomi
$540 Week of Daf Yomi OR TORAH SIMCHA TREE
$1,800 Month of Daf Yomi Dedicate a leaf on the Or Torah Simcha Tree
$3,600 Seder of Daf Yomi for $1,000*

Seforim Dedicate a stone for the Or Torah Simcha Tree
$54 Dedicat an Artscroll or Koren Siddur for $18,000**
$54 Dedicate an Artscroll Megillah or
Machzor *Discounted rate of $540 offered if you purchase a leaf
at the time of reserving the shul for your simcha
$72 Dedicate a Chumash
**Purchase of a stone includes 18 leaves on the Simcha
Yarzheit Plaques
$500 Yarzheit Plaque Engraved in your loved You can turn in the form below, go to our
ones memory website (,
or call the Or Torah office for more
Condolence Cards information about sponsorships and/or
$5 Mail a condolence card on your behalf dedications.
$10 Condolence Card 5-Pack

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Congregati on or torah
meet our staff
RABBI rabbi of congregation or torah
EL office: (847) 679-3645 ext 222

now in his tenth year as the rabbi of or torah, rabbi Zvi engel strives to help his
congregants get closer to hashem, to the torah, klal yisrael, and to medinat yisrael.
rabbi engel serves the broader Jewish community through his involvement as the
president of the chicago rabbinical council, as a member of the executive commit-
tee of the rabbinical council of america, as a member of the hillels of illinois gov-
erning commission of the Jewish united Fund/Jewish Federation of metropolitan
chicago, and as a member of the aipac national council. rabbi engel studied at
yeshivat har etzion, received his rabbinical ordination from the rabbi isaac elchanan
techological Seminary (rietS), and holds a b.a. in english Literature from yeshiva
university. he and his wife Laurie, are the proud parents of four children, and he en-
joys running, cycling, playing guitar, and laughing!

RI- executive director of congregation or torah
E St
H SIL EIN office: (847) 679-3645 ext 226
SA BERN Sarah Silvestri- bernstein received her bachelors in biology & psychology from ye-
shiva university’s Stern college for women. Sarah has served as the executive direc-
tor of congregation or torah for the past two years working to help members realize
the potential of what they want their community to look like. Sarah is responsible
for the full spectrum of synagogue management: building and grounds, facilities,
security, the website, calendar, communications, marketing, programming, and fun-
draising. She prides herself on working collaboratively with committee members
and on reaching out to all ages and all corners of the synagogue’s population. previ-
ously, she served as a qualified intellectual disabilities professional at clearbrook/
the Libenu Foundation. Sarah and her husband Josh have been married for 5 years
and have two children, olivia and Liam.

Senior administration manager
MA HNE office: 847-679-3645 ext 221

K marla kirshner received her bacherlor’s degree in accounting from northeastern il-
linois university. She has been employed at congregation or torah for the past 26
years. marla and her husband mark have lived in Skokie and are member of congre-
gation or torah for the past 29 years. they have four children.

L youth director of congregation or torah

herschel Joseph has been the youth director at congregation or torah for the past
six years. herschel grew up in Los angeles, attended yeshivat torat Shraga in Je-
rusalem for two years, and graduated yeshiva university with a b.a. in political Sci-
ence. herschel is also a former fellow of the Legacy heritage teacher training Fel-
lowship and has an m.a. in Jewish education from the azrieli graduate School of
Jewish education and administration. herschel and his wife Jessica, a Skokie native
and practicing occupational therapist, live in Skokie with their two children, akiva
& elisheva.

Congregati on or torah
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Congregation or torah
year at a gLance 5778 | 2017-2018
September november 4, 2017 February 9-10, 2018
September 1-18, 2017 israel bond event Sir ben weiner &
pre-rosh hashanah Food drive michael eisenberg
november 9, 2017
September 2, 2017 rabbi’s mini Series February 11, 2018
rabbi’s mini Series
new members event
november 11, 2017
kristallnacht commemoration February 23, 2018
September 9, 2017 tot Shabbat
Shaliach tzibbur melave malka
november 11, 2017
February 24, 2018
tot Shabbat
September 10, 2017 murder mystery purim event
maot chitim packing
november 17- 18, 2017 Feb 28, 2018
yachad Shabbaton at or torah Leil purim dinner
September 16, 2017
pre-Selichot kumzitz november 21, 2017 march
Sy greenfield memorial march 1, 2018
September 17, 2017 Lecturedr. abraham rosenbaum & ot youth purim extravaganza
maot chitim delivery date rabbi menachem rosenbaum
march 25, 2018
September 24, 2017 december men’s club 4 cupS 2018
yad or torah coat drive december 8-9, 2017
Sir rabbi michael taragin apriL
September 28, 2017 april 12, 2018
Sy memorial Lecture rabbi yona reiss december 15, 2017 ot yom hashoah program
young couples dinner
april 13-14, 2018
december 15, 2017 Sir dr. avi helfand
october 5, 2017
open Sukkah tot Shabbat
april 22, 2018
women’s group health event
october 6, 2017 december 16, 2017
ot youth- Laser tag april 29, 2018
or torah youth Sukkah hop
ot-JuF dessert reception
december 17, 2017
october 12, 2017
rabbi’s mini Series may
Simcha torah dinner
may 4-5, 2018
december 17, 2017 Sir nechama price
october 15, 2017 women’s group & youth
yad or torah blood drive chanukah carnival may 6, 2018
amy kahan memorial Lecture
october 20-21, 2017 January
aipac- ou Shabbaton January 20, 2018 may 19, 2018
men’s club event ot youth Shavuot night Learning
october 21, 2017
motzei Shabbat parent/child January 21, 2018 may 27, 2018
Learning begins rabbi’s mini Series rabbi’s mini Series

January 26, 2018 June
october 22, 2017
tot Shabbat June 2, 2018
ot youth- noah’s ark 2017 or torah grauation kiddush

october 27-28, 2017 January 28, 2018
June 3, 2018
Shabbat project at or torah or torah dinner rabbi’s mini Series

october 29-30, 2017 February June 10, 2018
February 4, 2018 rabbi’s mini Series
women’s event- two night
tanielle miller memorial Lecture:
cooking demo Sylivia Fallas
r. david Fohrman auguSt
august 26, 2018
november February 4, 2018 ot community picnic
november 3, 2017 yad or torah blood drive
empty nester’s dinner

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
J o i n C o n g r e g a t i o n O r To r a h a n d
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee for an


Gil Troy
Professor, Department of History and Classical Studies at McGill University

Friday, October 20, 2017
8:30 pm Congregation Or Torah
Oneg Shabbat 3800 Dempster Street  Skokie
Saturday, October 21, 2017 There is no cost to attend.
11:00 am This event is open to the community.
Shabbat Morning Lecture
For questions please contact Brittany Cohen
4:00 pm at or (312) 253-8968.
Afternoon Program

Gil Troy is a leading presidential historian and one of today’s most prominent
activists in the fight against the delegitimization of Israel. He is a professor of history
at McGill University, a visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution and a Research
Fellow in the Shalom Hartman Institute’s Engaging Israel Program.
Professor Troy has edited two books and written ten, including biographies of
Ronald Reagan and Hillary Rodham Clinton. He also authored Moynihan’s Moment:
America’s Fight Against Zionism as Racism, which tells the inside story of the 1975
UN resolution that called Zionism a form of racism.
Professor Troy has been widely published and quoted in the American, Canadian,
and Israeli media. He writes a weekly column for the Daily Beast on forgotten American history, putting
current events in historical perspective, as well as a weekly column for the Jerusalem Post often republished
in the Huffington Post.

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Wishing all a happy, healthy
and prosperous 5778

David Strulowitz JD, LLM
4709 W. Golf Road, Suite 1120, Skokie, IL 60076
phone 847.779.0687| fax 847.512.0980

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
private banking

Private Banking with
Global Advantages
And A Personal Touch

Leumi Marc Pershan | Private Banking
1 North Lasalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602 Tel: 312.419.4077 | Mobile: 312.498.7960
Part of the Leumi Group

Bank Leumi USA® is an FDIC insured, New York State chartered bank. Leumi and Bank Leumi are marketing brands operated by Bank Leumi USA®.
Bank Leumi USA® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank Leumi le-Israel, B.M. and part of the Leumi Group.

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Maria G. Greenberg
To you it’s about making the
right choice...To us, it’s personal.
Whether you are looking for someone Contact Karen Neuman
to help an aging parent part-time or for more information
need more comprehensive assistance, or a free consultation Serving the real estate needs
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• Companionship Care
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• Meals & Nutrition
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• Household Duties Phone: (847) 425-5204
• Respite Care
• Hospice Care Support Services
• Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
Each Home Instead Senior Care® franchise office is independently
owned and operated. © 2017 Home Instead, Inc.

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abby polin
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Abby J. Polin (IL:31.0012095 NMLS:49492) is an agent of Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. (IL:MB.0004263 NMLS:2551) an Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee located at 701 E. 22nd St., Suite 125, Lombard, IL 60148. Telephone 630-
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Kiddush menus
for all budgets.


Our catering manager makes it
easy to plan
your event!

When quality & taste matter,
choose the Sandwich Club.

Stephanie Harris, Manager
to place your order

4507 Oakton St. Skokie, Il 60076 / (773)-329-6167

program guide 5778 | 2017-2018
Congregati on or torah
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program guide 5778 | 2017-2018

3800 Dempster Street, Skokie, IL 60076 | TEL: (847) 679-3645 |
Congregati on or torah