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The Sixth Sephira

Tiphareth Beauty (Truth)

Key words: The realm of higher consciousness. Seeing the Beauty within all creation. The Divine
Child within. The Beauty of the perfection of all that is. The Truth of the completeness of all that is.
Tiphareth holds the vision of the harmony of all things. It is the central point of equilibrium on the
tree. The great force of spirit materializes on the physical plane. Known also as Mediating

Tiphareth is the realm of all healing, the center of the tree, the location from which to harmonize all
forms of manifestation. The center of the meeting point between human and Divine. Abundance,
health, harmony, success, connection with our own higher consciousness. The light within the
center of all Beings, including our Earth. This is the site of incarnation thus the magical image of
the Divine Child.

This is the place where we connect with our own Higher Self, our Holy Guardian Angel (H.G.A.).
Our intentions to make this connection is when the Great Work begins. This Great Work is the
commitment and inspiration to work intentionally for the evolution of our soul.

Tiphareth is the balance point of equilibrium. A 2-way switch that offers both Force and Form
it manifests to form the subtle 5 Sephiroth above, and offers spiritual principles to the denser 4
Sephiroth below.

Devotion to the Great Work. The perfection of the unfolding of the Universe. Victory over
adversity, bringing light to the darkest hours.

Mediating Intelligence the role of the Mediator. Connector and harmonizer of all the other realms.
The mystery of sacrifice. To sacrifice to the greater good is NOT martyrdom. Rather, it is a process
that releases and breaks up a dense or static form of energy into higher frequencies that are returned
in free circulation to the cosmos.

Raphael, the Angel of Healing, creates wholeness through the principles of balance and equilibrium.
This realm is where we connect with our own abilities to heal, which come from seeing and
manifesting the Beauty (wholeness) within all creation, including the Beauty and Truth that lies
underneath the unpleasant or unrealized.

In Tiphareth we connect with our inner Sun our solar plexus that strengthens our own strong and
shining heart. Without this connection we flounder and are lost in chaos of the other realms. The
elementals, when severed from Tiphareth, descend into demonic or black magic states. To heal
nature and the natural world we must have access to the solar principle of this realm.

In our personal lives, Tiphareth is expressed through all forms of healing and the path of emotional
balance. Learning to listen within, maintain equilibrium, and walk the tightrope of physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual balance. The quality that develops through this realm is of
compassion. The challenge in this sphere is to hold compassion for others rather than pride, while
pursuing ones own spiritual expansion (The Great Work).

The Alchemy Mastery School

The Position on the Tree
Tiphareth mediates between the lower worlds and the upper. Connects the lower four Sephiroth
(the personality) with the upper four (Higher Self). Kether is the Divine Spark of light.
In various worlds, its Kether on a lower arc, Yesod on higher arc. (from point of view of Kether its
a child, from Yesod its a king, from transumation of Force its sacrificed god.

Tiphareth in the Four Worlds

Atzilut Archetypal Jehovah Aloah va Daath, Manifestation of the Divine in Knowledge,
Wisdom, and Balance
Briah Creative Archangel: Raphael, The Healer. Supports all forms of healing & wholeness.
Yetzirah Formative Malachim, the elemental forces of nature, the keepers of balance. The forces
that keep solar systems and atoms all in order.
Asiyah Material The Sun. The heart, the vital center of our material world.

Gifts of Tiphareth: Vision of the Harmony of things. And Vision of the Mysteries of the

Magical Images: The Divine Child (the site of incarnation), Sacrificed God (Mediator); and
resurrected King (connected with Kether and the Sun) reflected in life of Christ.

Virtue: Devotion to the Great Work Gods: Osiris, Dionysos, all Sun gods and givers of
Vice: Pride illumination
Planet: Sun Body: breasts (lungs, heart, solar plexus)
Color: Golden Yellow Chakra: Solar Plexus and Heart
Metal: ; Stone: ; Plant: ; Fragrance: Rose, Jasmine
Tools: The Lamen (magical pendant), Rose Cross, Calvary Cross, Truncated Pyramid, The Cube.
Sacred Geometry: The cube and unfolded the Rosecrucian Cross Intelligence unfurled and
revealed; Also Star of David, two interlocking triangles.

Associated Tarot Cards: the four - 6s and the Princes

The success of Tiphareth is achieved through effort applied within each of the realms.
6 of Wands, Victory, Jupiter in Leo, Lord of Victory.
6 of Cups, Pleasure, Sun in Scorpio, Lord of Joy.
6 of Swords, Science, Mercury in Aquarius, Lord of Earned Success.
6 of Discs, Success, Moon in Taurus, Lord of Material Success.

Primary Path: 24 Path of Imaginative Intelligence Linking Tiphareth with Netzach

Tarot Card: Death - Change, Transformation, Death and Rebirth
Ruled by: Scorpio
Hebrew letter Nun means fish, stands for Scorpio. The fish is a symbol of the
resurrection in Christianity (Christ transcended death).
Imaginative Intelligence: Principle of change understood through the Mind

The Alchemy Mastery School

Other Associated Paths
13 High Priestess Inner oracle Connects with Kether (1)
15- Emperor Building a firm base of inner knowledge Connects with Chokmah (2)
17 Lovers Understanding Divine Marriage, Connects with Binah (3)
20 Hermit Encountering Inner Light, Connects with Chesed (4)
22 Adjustment Taking full responsibility (Eakins calls this the Karma card) - Connects
with Geburah (5)
25 Art (Temperance) Alchemy, Integrating Your Essence, Connects with Yesod (9)
26 Devil Releasing fear and attachment to external authority, Connects with Hod (8)

Suggested Practices for the Month Principles and personal practices for experiencing the
experience the energies of Tephirath involve integrating all of the previous realms and experience.
Listen for the still voice within. This is your Higher Self speaking to you.
Each day state your intention to be fully available to connect with your highest purpose,
your Great Work.
Intend for the experiences of Inner Balance, Flow of Compassion
Approach all of the previous practices from the vantage point of your inner being.

Practices from Netzach include:

Center yourself and visually explore (meditate on) the perfection of a rose.
Listen to a piece of classical music with headphones on in a dark room.
Make love, focusing on the exquisite pleasure and the Divine within the Other.
Go into the woods, sit by the ocean, walk through a meadow, or watch a thunderstorm.
Open yourself up to the FEELING of it - the perfection, power, and balance of Nature.
Visit an art museum and appreciate (without intellectually analyzing) the beauty there.

Practices from Hod include:

Empathetic Listening. Holding space for clear communication. [A listening exercise - practice waiting
3 seconds in conversation before responding (your partner doesnt do this just you)]
Releasing Projections. In circumstances of conflict, ask silently with quiet curiosity, Could there be
another way of seeing this? - (see article Praying to Ones Self)
Presence. Modah Ani Morning Prayer. I accept. I surrender. Acknowledges the wonder and awe
upon awakening to the first moment of consciousness. Provides opportunity to elevate
consciousness at beginning of the day. Modah Ani invites the Creator into our space. -Rabbi Wolf.
Explore. Use the tools of Hod. Learn new names, new mantras, and new co-creation activities.

Practices from Yesod include:

Mindfulness Embodiment during physical activity; Connection (bonding) during
communication; Refocusing (choosing appreciation) during emotional or mental
The Virtue of Yesod is Independence; the Vice is Idleness. Work on your independence,
acting thru your truth and note what areas bring out the laziness in you. Work to change
where appropriate.
Contemplate past lives and/or dreams.
Work/play with divination tools; listening to your inner voice; honoring your feelings.
Pay attention to synchronicities, and symbolic language.
Practice imagination and strengthening your inner sight.

The Alchemy Mastery School