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Catch 22s bedevil lighthouse rehab
Paul Mann ing three mitigation actions: The minimum necessary
Mad RiveR Union Reinforcing the lighthouse in is not defined because there are
TRINIDAD Trinidad is its existing location adjoining major drawbacks to all of the
pursuing an emergency permit Edwards and Trinity streets; re- presumptive solutions, so there
to stabilize the Memorial Light- locating it to a more stable site; is no predicate at the moment
house against ongoing land- or rebuilding it, perhaps of light- for the permit application. Lan-
McKMOORINGS McKinleys slides, but the way ahead is piled er material like fiberglass, and guage will have to be crafted by
bronze boots are anchored high with difficulty. moving it to a new location. SHN in partnership with the
in marble. Feet of clay We may now be in a position No alternative sites have been Trinidad city planner and man-
is a biblical phrase denot- where there are no options left identified, however. And there is ager.
ing non-apparent charac- on the table, Geosciences Chief no money and little time before The Coastal Commission
ter flaws which can lead to Gary Simpson of SHN Consult- the rainy season starts to pursue says whatever is done under an
ones downfall. Union file photo ing Engineers & Geologists, Eu- any of the three approaches, de- emergency permit cannot be
reka, said last week. He gave veloped by SHN. permitted on a permanent basis.
Should his a geology lecture at Humboldt
State University.
Numerous Catch-22s form a
singular conjuncture:
Any attempt to move the es-
timated 40-ton lighthouse as lit-

feet of clay Severe time constraints are

complicating a bakers dozen of
The emergency permit ap-
plication must be limited to the
tle as 20 feet sliding it over on TROUBLED IN TRINIDAD The Me-
giant rollers risks breaking up morial Lighthouse could tumble

make McK
technical, geophysical, political minimal, least intrusive repair the concrete superstructure and down the bluff if nothing is done.
and policy dilemmas surround- work. LIGHTHOUSE A3 Matt filar | Union

go away?
Kevin L. Hoover
Mad RiveR Union
ARCATA Whether the re-
cent rise in opposition to the
statue of William McKinley on
the Plaza is another period-
ic surge limited to activists or
holds wide appeal throughout
town is not yet clear.
But advocacy for the bronze
mans removal is being voiced
in multiple venues, from the re-
cent Town Hall meeting to the
City Council and Historic Land-
marks Committee (HLC) meet-
ings and of course, online.
REDWOOD PRIDE Sundays Pride Parade/March 2017 was
Activists would like the city
an LGBTQIA+ event of inclusion, celebration, reflection
to remove both the statue and
and action for the greater North Coast region. And fun,
the boulder-mounted plaque too! Above, the Marching Lumberjacks beamed with hap-
across from the Jacoby Build- piness. An honor guard, left, displayed the many colors
ing, which notes the venerable of pride. Right, a juggling marcher. Redwood Pride calls
structures historic designation. on the community for awareness, healing, and change
McKINLEY A4 at photos by Matt filar | Union

Blue Lake Fire pursues tax GREEN RUSH

Patrick Evans Almost 1,800 completed grow apps

Mad RiveR Union
BLUE LAKE The Blue Daniel Mintz production ordinance.
Lake Fire District, which Mad RiveR Union The first step toward approving per-
manages the Blue Lake HUMBOLDT In what Humboldt mits is reviewing applications and deem-
Volunteer Fire Depart- Countys Planning Director has described ing them to be complete and ready for
ment, will lose a large part as a tremendous achievement, the num- processing. Most of the applications were
of its income when a ser- ber of completed commercial marijuana considered to be incomplete so getting the
vice agreement with the permit applications will reach 1,800 by the majority of them in shape marks a mile-
Blue Lake Rancheria ex- end of this month. stone in the countys progress.
pires in 2019. The update was reported at the Sept. Once commercial operations are per-
In response, the fire 19 Board of Supervisors meeting. During mitted, theyre subject to another layer of
district has submitted a a discussion on how to apply commercial bureaucracy taxation.
special tax measure for marijuana excise taxes fairly, Planning Di- The permit applications update was
the consolidated district rector John Ford was asked about the per- part of a discussion on changing the way
election in November to GIMME SHELTER The Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Depart-
centage of marijuana cultivators who have excise taxes are billed. Seeking to apply its
plug the anticipated gap ment needs an indoor space to store vbehicles.
been fined for violations. excise tax on commercial marijuana pro-
in funding and cover ris- patrick evans | Union
Ford said that 30 applicants have been duction fairly, the county will focus collec-
ing costs of operations and district fire chief. The Blue pires in June 2019. The deemed to be out of compliance with the tion based on the date of permit approvals.
maintenance. Lake Rancheria entered Rancheria was not avail- countys regulations and 60 permits have The idea is to prevent billing of the taxes
The Blue Lake Fire Dis- a service agreement with able for comment before been approved. for an entire year in cases where new culti-
trict receives $75,000 per the district to fund the Fire the Union went to press. For months, county planning staff has vation has only been possible for part of a
year from the Blue Lake Chiefs salary in 2006, but The fire districts pro- been reviewing the more than 2,300 per- year due to the timing of permit approvals.
Rancheria, which most- decided it will not renew posed tax, Measure Y, mit applications submitted under the late Supervisors directed staff to implement
ly covers the salary of the the agreement when it ex- BLUE LAKE A3 2016 deadline of a commercial marijuana CANNABIS GROWS A5

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COAST SEAFOODS Make money by making the government your customer
Poised for permit approval noRtheRn CalifoRnia PRoCUReMent
teChniCal assistanCe CenteR
to help businesses navigate the
sometimes daunting procurement
registrations, and marketing to
federal and state agencies.
Paul Mann dates and on actions to prevent EUREKA Does the govern- process. PTACs are nonprofit organiza-
Mad RiveR Union the loss of shellfish cultivation ment buy what you sell? On Tues- The federal government is the tions that provide free advising
HUMBOLDT Coast Sea- baskets. The company must day, Oct. 17 businesses in Hum- largest economy in the world, and services and trainings throughout
foods expects final approval this also account for lost equipment boldt and Del Norte counties will the State of California ranks num- the nation.
fall of state and federal certifi- that is recovered. have the unique opportunity to ber six, just ahead of France. Nor- Norcal PTAC holds monthly
cations of its shellfish harvest- Patrol all active harvest- learn the basics of government cal PTAC Program Director Kristi- workshops and seminars, pro-
ing permit through September, ing areas after a storm or high contracting and get an overview of na Kunkel said. Small businesses vides one-on-one counseling, and
2025. winds and recover lost or dam- state and agency buying at a free can learn how to make the govern- offers a bid matching service for
The North Coast Regional aged aquaculture equipment. It workshop, Introduction to Gov- ment their next customer and find businesses in their area.
Water Quality Control Board is Coast Seafoods responsibility ernment Contracting. out which government agencies The Oct. 17 event will be held
and the U.S. Army Corps of En- to retrieve all such equipment The Northern California Pro- buy what they are already selling. at Caltrans Building, 1656 Union
gineers have the final say, after and debris from the shoreline. curement Technical Assistance Topics covered at the Introduc- St., in Eureka from 9 a.m. to noon.
the California Coastal Commis- All unmarked gear has to be Center (Norcal PTAC) and the tion to Government Contracting Admission is free.
sion approved a greatly revised marked within 18 months and California Department of Trans- Workshop include an overview of For more information and to
farming plan Sept. 14 at a meet- employees have to be trained in portation (Caltrans) will host the state and federal agency buying, register for Introduction to Gov-
ing in Cambria, San Luis Obis- debris retrieval. Clean-ups must Introduction to Government Con- advantages of doing business with ernment Contracting, visit Intro-
po County. be recorded and documented. tracting workshop in an effort the government, certifications and
The extensive revisions man- Avoid water-going opera-
date the company to reduce tions during black brant hunt-
its Humboldt Bay footprint by ing days, typically Wednesdays,
roughly 21 acres (300 to 279) Saturdays and Sundays from THE WATERFRONT Humboldt Bay Harbor MCKINLEYVILLE MUNICIPAL ADVISORY
and shift 42 acres over to the early November to mid-Decem- Working Group welcomes Jason Nguyen COMMITTEE The McKinleyville Municipal
western areas of the bay near ber. (pronounced Ween) to a forum it will hold Advisory Committee will discuss landscap-
Bird Island and Mad River In the event Coast Seafoods today, Sept. 27 from 12:30 to 1 p.m. at ing on Central Avenue and will get an up-
Slough. discovers any Native American the Samoa Cookhouse, 908 Vance Ave. in date from the Working Group on Race when
Over a period of about two- human remains, burial goods, Samoa. Lunch will be served from noon to it meets today, Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. in the
and-a half years, the compa- archaeological objects or oth- 12:30 p.m. Nguyen will be presenting his Middle School Conference Center at 2275
nys total operational footprint er cultural resources, Eureka plans to develop his Eureka property on Central Ave. in McKinleyville. The advisory
would be scaled back and re- Operations Manager Greg Dale the waterfront and other properties nearby. Nguy- committee will receive an update from the Working
configured by nearly one-third. will serve as the point of con- en emmigrated with his father from South Vietnam Group on Race regarding a proposed discussion or
To that end, Coast Seafoods tact. to the U.S. in 1989. They were the last of his family some sort of workshop proposed regarding racism.
would be confined to about 279 When an archaeologi- to emigrate (his grandfather was a South Vietnam- No action will be taken. The committee will also
acres of intertidal oyster aqua- cal resource is uncovered in ese military officer). A young entrepreneur at age discuss extending the Central Avenue Landscaping
culture and deploy 30 existing ground-disturbance operations, 19, Nguyen has owned many businesses, moving to Zone all the way north to Murray Road.
floating shellfish cultivation the company must immedi- Humboldt County four years ago. He owns cabins
rafts for the next eight years. ately notify the Tribal Historic near Miranda and is helping the community there. FISHING MEETING Fishing Community Sustainabil-
Buttressing the scale-back, Preservation Officers (THPOs) He also volunteers in the State Military Heritage ity Planning for Eureka is having two informal public
the Coastal Commission im- designated by the Blue Lake Command, preserving California military museums. meetings where everyone is welcome to submit their
posed 12 strict conditions on Rancheria, the Bear River Band Come hear his vision for a prosperous Eureka future. input into the process of creating a plan for the fu-
the companys bay operations of Rohnerville Rancheria and Baked ham will be served for lunch at $16 and ture of their port. The first meeting is today, Sept.
to meet the demands for stron- the Wiyot Tribe. soup and salad is available for $12. To RSVP please 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Wharfinger Building at 1
ger safety and accountability by As soon as feasible after call (707) 441-1974 or email Charles.Bean@Yahoo. Marina Way in Eureka.
environmentalists, wildlife ad- such a discovery, the Coast- com. The second meeting is Friday, Sept. 29 from 6
vocates, hunters and boaters. al Commission stipulates, the to 8 p.m. in Shelter Cove at the Community Center.
Nixing Coast Seafoods origi- company shall retain a qual- PUBLIC SAFETY TASK FORCE Arcatas Public Safety This is an opportunity for all to share their input for
nal proposal to enlarge its 300- ified archaeologist with local Task Force meets today, Sept, 27 at 6 p.m. in City the future of their ports. For more information con-
acre farm by some 260 acres, experience to consult with Council Chamber, 736 F St. Agenda items include tact project leader Laurie Richmond of Humboldt
the commissions renewal per- Commission staff, the Harbor public comment; a discussion of the recent Town State University at (707) 826-3202 or
mit protects several thousand District, the three THPOs, Coast Hall meeting; a review of public safety priorities; dis-
acres from further develop- [Seafoods] and other applicable cussion of safety solutions; discussion of a possible
ment. regulatory agencies to employ meeting with bar owners and retailers of alcoholic CITY COUNCIL SPECIAL SESSION The Arcata City
The company must: best practices for assessing the beverages to discuss responsible alcohol sales and Council meets in a community information study
Carry out an eelgrass moni- significance of the find and de- consumption; a possible site visit to encampment session Thursday, Sept. 28 at 6 p.m. at City Hall,
toring plan with a five-year term veloping and implementing a near Windsong; a discussion of the task forces report 736 F St. Arcata. After public comment, the council
Monitor black brant forag- mitigation plan if avoidance is to the City Council; the Cahill Park Pathway Project; will review the status of the David Josiah Lawson ho-
ing in eelgrass beds not feasible. drafts of Public Safety Quick Reference Guides in En- micide investigation, then discuss student and com-
Submit a Vessel Manage- Ground-disturbance farm- glish and Spanish; and more. munity safety strategies.
ment Plan with a map showing ing operations are to be halted
the travel routes and landing or immediately if potentially sig-
ARCATA MAIN STREET Arcata Main Street has hired Jeanette Todd as its new executive director. Todd, who
cultivation bed access sites that nificant historic or archaeolog-
started work Monday, replaces Nancy Stephenson, who left her post earlier this summer for a job with the
the companys vessels use in ical materials are discovered.
Redwood Coast Energy Authority. Todd was the station manager for KMUD radio and continues to serve
cultivation areas; and set forth Examples include, but are not
as its community development director. She will work part-time for Arcata Main Street through the end of
procedures to limit the herd- limited to, concentrations of
November, and then will work full time. Arcata Main Street organizes the Halloween trick-or-treating on the
ing or flushing of black brant or historic artifacts (e.g., bottles,
Plaza, a Day of the Dead celebration, the Season of Wonder and Light and the Oyster Festival. Main Streets
shorebirds. ceramics); prehistoric artifacts
board meets the second Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m. 761 Eighth St. Unit C in Arcata.
Conduct visual inspections (chipped chert or obsidian, ar-
December through February, row points, groundstone mor-
to determine if Pacific her- tars and pestles); culturally al- DEMOCRATS ENDORSE The Humboldt ka. All Democrats are welcomed to attend.
ring has spawned on eelgrass, tered ash-stained midden soils County Democratic Central Committee en-
on aquaculture materials or associated with pre-contact Na- dorsed Bonnie Deister for Area 1 College of ON THE BALLOT On Nov. 7, voters will also
in substrate. The inspections tive American habitation sites; the Redwoods Area 1 Board of Trustees and decide the fate of a proposed Peninsula
must comply with the survey concentrations of fire-altered Dan Kelley for Area 2 College of the Red- Community Services District, which would
protocols of the California De- rock and burned or charred or- woods Area 1 Board of Trustees during the include Samoa, Finntown and Fairhaven.
partment of Fish and Wildlife ganic materials; historic struc- committees September meeting. The elec- In Blue Lake, voters will consider a special
(CDFW). ture remains such as stone- tion will be held Nov. 7. tax to help provide funding for the Blue
Report by Dec. 31 each lined building foundations, The Democrats next meeting will be 7 p.m. Lake Fire Protection District. (See story,
year on planting and harvesting wells or privy pits. Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 129 Fifth St. in Eure- page A4.)

While the Union strives for accuracy, we also strongly recommend that you verify dates and times
prior to setting out to attend any of the following public meetings. Were not the same person we were
GOVERNING BODY Next MeetiNg MeetiNg LocatioN More iNforMatioN a year ago, a month ago, or a week
Wednesday, Council Chamber,
Arcata City Council
Oct. 4 Arcata City Hall ago. Were constantly changing;
Meets first & third Wednesday
at 6 p.m. 736 F St., Arcata
Experiences dont stop. Thats life.
Tuesday, Arcata Station Classroom
Arcata Fire District Board of Directors
Oct. 17 631 Ninth St., Anonymous
Meets third Tuesday
at 5:30 p.m. Arcata
Blue Lake City Council Skinner Store Bulding
Oct. 10
Meets second & fourth Tuesday behind City Hall council/agendas
at 7 p.m.
Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation &
Conservation District
Sept. 28
Woodley Island Marina
Meeting Room
Meets fourth Thursday at 7 p.m.
Humboldt Bay Municipal Thursday, Boardroom, Humboldt Bay
Water District Oct. 12 Municipal Water District,
Meets second Thursday at 9 a.m. 828 Seventh St., Eureka The Mad River Union, (ISSN 1091-1510), is published weekly (Wednesdays)
by Kevin L. Hoover and Jack Durham,
Humboldt County Tuesday, Board Chambers, 791 Eighth St. (Jacobys Storehouse), Suite 8, Arcata, CA 95521. Periodicals Postage Paid at Arcata, CA.
Board of Supervisors Oct. 3 Humboldt Co. Courthouse, Subscriptions: $40/year
Meets every Tuesday at 9 a.m. 825 Fifth St., Eureka POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the
Mad River Union, 791 Eighth St., Suite 8, Arcata, CA 95521
Manila Community Thursday, Room I, Manila Community Deadlines & Departments
Services District Oct. 19 Center, 1611 Peninsula Dr., Letters to the Editor & Opinion columns: Noon Friday
Minutes_and_Forms.htm Press Releases: 5 p.m. Friday Ads: Contact Ad Dept. Legal Notices: 5 p.m. Friday
Meets third Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Manila Press releases: (707) 826-7000
Letters to the Editor/Opinion: (707) 826-7000
McKinleyville Community Wednesday, Azalea Hall, Advertising: (707) 826-7535
Services District Oct. 4 1620 Pickett Rd., Entertainment: (707) 826-7000
Legal notices: (707) 826-7000
Meets first Wednesday at 7 p.m. McKinleyville
Jack D. Durham, Editor & Publisher
McKinleyville Municipal today, Middle School Conf. Center, Kevin L. Hoover, Editor-at-Large, Publisher
Lauraine Leblanc, Scene Editress
Advisory Committee Sept. 27 2275 Central Ave., McKinleyville-Municipal- Jada C. Brotman, Advertising Manager
Meets last Wednesday at 6 p.m. McKinleyville Advisory-Committ Rick Macey, Sports Editor

Wednesday, Trinidad Town Hall, Andrew George Butler, Paul Mann, Daniel Mintz, Rick Macey, Janine Volkmar
Trinidad City Council Reporters
Oct. 11 409 Trinity St., Matthew Filar, Photographer
Meets second Wednesday
at 6 p.m. Trinidad Bob Doran, Patti Fleshner, Mara Segal Columnists
Karrie Wallace, Distribution Manager
Louise Brotz, Subscription Outreach Coordinator
Westhaven Community Wednesday, Westhaven Fire Hall,
(707) 677-0798 Marty Burdette, Proofreader Extraordinaire
Services District Oct. 18 446 Sixth Ave., 2017 The Mad River Union
Meets third Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Westhaven

Time is up for saving Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse

Paul Mann ter arriving before then. majority of this disturbance could be remediated. Con-
Mad RiveR Union Probably the quickest way to stabilize the lighthouse is struction would require excavating two feet below the ex-
TRINIDAD SHN Consulting Engineers and Geolo- reinforcing it with a series of piles along the southern and isting surface grade.
gists, Eureka, warns that whatever is done to shore up the western edges of the 45 by 50 foot plot, according to SHN. Further, there is a clearly stated risk that the light-
Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, it had better be soon. They would provide protection throughout the rainy sea- house might suffer significant structural damage while
In a Sept. 19 report to the Trinidad Civic Club, SHN son, but Simpson stresses that they are only a very short raising, moving and lowering it onto a new foundation.
Geosciences Director Gary Simpson said of the three mit- stopgap, not a lasting solution. Engineers dont know if the 40 ton concrete spire is re-
igation approaches the company has outlined, the main Under this approach, the lighthouse would remain di-
inforced with steel or whether the cement was mixed with
obstacle to each is the limited amount of time before the rectly adjacent to the continuing landslide.
sand when it was built in 1949.
next rainy season. Alternatively, relocating the structure 20 feet east on
Simpson emphasized, Many options are limited solely the same parcel would likely provide significant addition- Simpson agrees that before proceeding, the integrity of
by the inability to achieve positive results before the rains al lifespan. the concrete would have to be investigated, perhaps with
begin again, say in mid-October. The trouble with this model is the heavy soil disruption remote sensing, to determine if the one-foot thick sidewalls
At a club meeting Sept. 20, however, the veteran engi- it would inflict, which would run athwart zoning rules and would be strong enough to withstand the heavy stresses in-
neer cited the Farmers Almanac forecast of an early win- strong tribal objections. Even so, Simpson demurs, the volved in shifting the superstructure even a short distance.

Permits, policy challenges Tribes want lighthouse moved elsewhere

Paul Mann
Mad RiveR Union Paul Mann ing in to take away our resources, re- able to get a response from the Cali-
TRINIDAD Permits and standing policy will deter- Mad RiveR Union sulting in the horrific transformation fornia Coastal Commission. We asked
mine how far Trinidad and the Civic Club can go in trying TRINIDAD The Trinidad Civic of our people. the matter be set for hearing one
to save the landslide-threatened Memorial Lighthouse. Clubs preference for keeping the Me- The Tsurai Study Area is in part a year ago, however, since that time,
Trever Parker, Trinidad city planner, says the applica- morial Lighthouse in its current loca- Yurok Tribe home and burial ground, we have seen projects done that di-
tion for an emergency permit authorizing limited, short- tion collides head-on with potent and one of the most researched archaeo- rectly impact that appeal. The 2012
term action is guided by the communitys Local Coastal longstanding tribal opposition. logical sites in California. appeal concerned Tsurai objections
Program (LCP), a zoning ordinance certified by the Cali- Although votaries of the structure Tsurai officials boycotted last to a landscaping and beautification
fornia Coastal Commission. consider it a poignant tribute to those weeks meeting, rejecting the Civic project of the lighthouse grounds, in-
The relevant LCP language states, The emergency lost at sea, Native Americans experi- Clubs invitation to attend. cluding the removal of a fence along
work authorized under approval of any emergency per- ence it as a diabolical symbol of set- In an email the day before, Sarah the southern boundary that overlooks
mit shall be limited to activities necessary to protect the tler genocide, racism and rapacity. Lindgren-Akana notified Fleschner, the harbor. A dispute arose over the
endangered structure or essential public service. At an omnibus Civic Club meet- The Tsurai Ancestral Society is no exact specifications and the extent of
Parker explained in an interview last week that the ing last week, Yurok representative longer attending the meeting. We the work.
emergency permit application requires a profession- Frankie Myers cautioned that al- have not agreed to any of the recom- Lindgren-Akana expressed a will-
al justification. SHN engineers have provided it with though there is tribal support for pre- mendations that SHN made... and ingness to pursue further discussion,
their conclusion that the lighthouse is at immediate risk. serving the lighthouse, it should not are surprised Mr. [Gary] Simpson is but rebuffed the characterization of
The hard part is specifying how much and what kind remain on the coastal bluff adjoining disregarding the concerns the Yurok SHNs remedial recommendations as
of work will be carried out on an emergency basis. Ex- the Tsurai Study Area below Edwards Tribe, California Coastal Conservancy an urgent necessity.
ample: what constitutes the minimum necessary repair? Street. and Tsurai Ancestral Society spoke of Although they have been labeled
A new temporary foundation? A new permanent foun- We would like to move it to a safe at the August 8th Tsurai Management emergency, we do not agree that the
dation? Moving the lighthouse 20 feet or building a new location, he said. Team meeting. Memorial Lighthouse preservation
one made of fiberglass? Patti Fleschner, Preservation Com- Lindgren-Akana continued, I project would fall in that category,
The difficulty is that all of the possible repairs in- mittee chair, responded that no one would like to remind everyone in at- Lindgren-Akana objected. The proj-
volve a good deal of soil disturbance, which is anathema has come forward offering to donate tendance that this project is subject ect now before the city and California
to tribe officials. They are said to oppose an emergency land. Nor is there funding to buy an to Policy 69, and the City of Trinidad Coastal Commissions discussion, will
permit, although it cannot be appealed. A full permit is alternative parcel, even if one could and Coastal Commission have an ob- again, directly impact our appeal. We
subject to appeal and that is a virtual certainty. be located on stable ground. ligation to the Tsurai Study Area, and request that the matter be brought
The emergency application will be drafted jointly by Myers replied tactfully but firmly to protect the cultural resources that to the Tsurai Management Team, as
SHN, the Civic Club, City Manager Dan Berman and by that the edifice is an object of trauma will be impacted by the recommenda- they are the governing body for the
Parker. The information in the proposal does not have to and loss to Native peoples, a monu- tions now listed by Mr. Simpson. Tsurai Study Area. We request the
be exhaustive, as is required by a full permit. ment to destruction and atrocities. She added, As we stated in our California Coastal Commission at-
The emergency proposal must take into consider- In soft, almost inaudible tones, he previous email, our purpose for at- tend that meeting as well, as they are
ation, however, what would follow in, say, three to six said that historically the lighthouse tending was to discuss our 2012 Civic a signing party in agreement with the
months with the filing for a full permit. The latter would on Trinidad Head guided ships com- Club Appeal, since we have not been Tsurai Management Plan.
authorize the emergency repairs retroactively and spell
out the next phase of preservation.
Work can start immediately once the emergency per-
mit is approved, Parker said. She cautioned however Lighthouse| Structures guts remain a mystery
that there is no guaranteed timetable for approval of the
regular permit. FROM A1 construction might cost. son noted the unpredictable impact
Were going to have to go through a full permit pro- one-foot thick walls. The all-volunteer Trinidad Civic of remediation. If the edifice broke
cess eventually, Parker said. Technically the full permit Each of several reinforcement Club, owner of the 45 by 50 foot light- up in place, it would present a safety
[application] has to be submitted within 30 days, but I actions would rupture culturally house plot, has no fiscal resources to hazard even if it didnt topple over the
think we could say three to six months, maybe, to get sensitive soil and jeopardize price- hire contractors or rebuild the replica steep slope down to the harbor.
that [long-term solution] figured out. less archaeological materials sacred lighthouse elsewhere in the commu- Demolition would be highly intru-
Policy prescriptions figure in what rehab measures to Native Americans, who want the nity. sive as well, in view of the need for
are authorized and they could be show-stoppers for ma- lighthouse removed for good. Some Fundraising takes time, too; heavy equipment access.
jor repairs or relocation. A rule titled Policy Three stip- support preservation elsewhere, how- $11,525 has been collected to date, Furthermore, Johnson said, We
ulates, Structures, septic tank systems and driveways ever. $5,000 of it from the Trinidad Cham- dont know if [the lighthouse] is
should not be located on unstable lands. Structures, sep- Permitting, zoning, deed, bound- ber of Commerce. steel-reinforced or the strength of the
tic tank systems and driveways should only be permit- ary and title issues bedevil the chanc- The coastal bluff where the light- concrete; so there are a lot of uncer-
ted on lands of questionable stability, or within 100 feet es for saving the edifice. house has sat since 1949 is perma- tainties with moving the lighthouse
upslope of unstable lands or lands of questionable sta- Court action may be necessary nently and intrinsically unstable, as even a short distance laterally.
bility, if analysis by a registered geologist indicates that in connection with the deeds, to re- is the entire quake-prone California Despite the many objections, SHN
the proposed development will not significantly increase solve ambiguities, according to City littoral. No preservation measure will underscores that the structure should
erosion, slope instability or sewage system failure. Councilmember Jim Baker. Yet time last forever because Trinidad sits on be reinforced or moved before winter
The bluff and slope where the lighthouse stands are is of the essence on all fronts with the an active fault zone. rainy season begins around mid-Oc-
geologically and seismically unstable. rainy season about to set in, making Preliminary to, or concurrent with, tober.
Policy 69, regarding the Tsurai Study Area, declares in potential landslides bigger and more the application for an emergency per- The head of the landslide is in the
part, There shall be no disturbance, vegetative remov- likely. mit, Melissa Kraemer of the Coast- parking area adjacent to Edwards
al or construction, except for a protective fence around Cost is another obstacle. Even on- al Commission suggested that more Street, the main thoroughfare to the
the burial ground, on lands designated as Open Space site reinforcement with underpinning geologic studies are needed. Simpson Trinidad harbor and pier.
within the Tsurai Study Area without approval of the for short-term stabilization might run concurred that a bluff retreat analysis Some 45 feet of marine terrace sed-
lineal descendants of Tsurai, Trinidad Rancheria, City upwards of $70,000 to $100,000. is in order. iments straddle bedrock known as the
of Trinidad and the State Historic Preservation Officer. Alternatively, the expense might be Whatever the near-term corrective Franciscan mlange (heterogeneous
The lighthouse parcel and the Tsurai Study Area adjoin at least $100,000 or reach $150,000 action reinforce, relocate or rebuild rocks), what Simpson calls the clas-
another, to the consternation of the tribe. Parker add- if the lighthouse were moved 20 feet theres a lot of disturbance no mat- sic raisin pudding.
ed in an email, We have more specific provisions in our east and positioned where the mar- ter what you do, says SHN retired re- The mlange is oozing out to the
zoning ordinance to implement these policies, but the itime bell now sits. If you were gional manager Roland Johnson. He beach at the foot of the slope and it
policies are the basis for the regulations. It is not clear going to move it anywhere else, says is acting as a consultant to the Civic has been pulling the carpet out from
that Policy 69 applies, due to the uncertainties regarding Simpson, youre going to have to Club. underneath since the 1960s, result-
the [lighthouse] parcel boundary. I dont think it does, build a new replica. Speaking at an omnibus club meet- ing in the pull at the edge of the slope
based on the citys certified Land Use and Zoning Maps. There are no estimates of what re- ing last week in the Town Hall, John- where the lighthouse sits.

Blue Lake | New tax? The district also needs to cover the cost
of renovating the Blue Lake fire station or
Last year we had a water tender that
rusted through the tank, rotted the tank,
Blue Lake Volunteer fire department for
30 years. The department has changed tre-
FROM A1 building a new structure to accommodate rotted the brackets that hold the tank on mendously in that time he said, expanding
would raise an estimated $109,000 per more engine bays. the frame, Stonebarger said. operations and securing funding with the
year for the district. Measure Y would be- The department has outgrown the ca- The water truck was only 20 years old, 10 help of grants and service agreements.
gin in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, establish- pacity of its fire station, originally built in years shy of its replacement date, but had Weve been living our life on grants,
ing a flat tax rate based on the use of tax- 1976, and two of the departments engines to be taken out of service. The cost of re- trying to survive, Id really like to see the
able property. The lowest tax would apply are parked outside year round. The inad- placing engines has almost doubled in the community help us, Stonebarger said.
to vacant and unimproved property at $75 equate storage is taking a toll on vehicles past decade. The departments newest en- The role of the department has become
per year, while the highest tax would fall on and equipment Stonebarger said. gine was purchased in 2002 for $262,000, more complicated he said. Volunteer fire-
industrial property at $400 per year. A sin- Its a great recipe for failure, he said. while a fire engine now costs $425,000, fighters deal with fires caused by new fuel
gle family residence would pay $125 a year. The department parks one of its water Stonebarger said. types, vehicle rescues made more technical
Measure Y would replace a special tax tenders and its wildland urban interface If Measure Y fails the department will by changes in car construction, and more
passed in 2000 which raises about $40,000 engine, a fire truck capable of responding struggle to keep vehicles and volunteer frequent calls for drug related medical
per year for the district, or 17 to 18 percent to emergencies in urban and rural or wil- firefighters in the field Stonebarger said. emergencies.
of the districts $250,000 annual operating derness areas, outside during the summer. He predicts that the department will lack Nothing has gotten easier, Stonebarg-
budget, according to Fire Chief Ray Stone- During the winter the wildland engine up to date equipment and adequate train- er said. Maintenance and training has to
barger. is taken out of service and stored inside ing for volunteers. match the increasing difficulty of the work
Stonebarger said his position will like- where it is picked over by rats, while the It puts the community at risk and fire- and the districts income has to match the
ly be eliminated if Measure Y fails and the departments water trucks are left outside fighters at risk, its hard to put volunteers increasing cost he said. As things start
district does not find other revenue sourc- to endure the harsh Humboldt winter and in that position, he said. breaking down, we just are not gonna be
es. rust away. Stonebarger has been a member of the able to respond, thats the whole fact of it.

Dubious doings coming to a Vortex of Sketchiness near you
Saturday, September 11:57 a.m. An able doing so with the man napping there. an apartment buildings parking lot com- and following female passersby. In what
unruly element coalesced under the Plaza 4:49 p.m. Two men who definitely werent plained to police that his wife wouldnt let seems to be an emerging pattern, one of the
palm trees, committing unspecified Arcata custodians, roofers or even chimney sweeps him in to use the bathroom, and by the way, burly boors wore a blue shirt.
Municipal Code violations and casting their roamed the rooftop of an S Street school. They hed like to have his phone back. 1:19 p.m. A man who said he is with the
surly spell over the square as Arcatas peace- got down, but continued to loiter about for a 7:06 p.m. Dude! No matter how ferocious military and was supposed to be repairing
able folk tried to enjoy their festive Farmers time just to prolong the discomfort factors. your public argument with a woman on a Ninth Street building until some software
Market. These pouting palm punks, these Monday, September 4 6:54 a.m. A 18th Street may be, theres probably, no, malfunctioned said he left a bag out front,
intemperate tree toughs, these traveler at a low-rent Valley West definitely no good reason to hit the dog. and someone took it.
free-range frond fusspots, these motel always a promising con- Tuesday, September 5 12:03 p.m. A 2:12 p.m. A free-lance feeb stood at the
pouty, prickly Plazoids, these... fluence of forces committed a layabout chose a Valley West Boulevard ele- end of Heather Lane and projected his yell-
these... these leering, lingering, trifecta of turpitude by peering mentary school to do his smoking and booz- ings at someone who was inside a nearby
low-budget lubberwort-lurk- into the guests vehicles and open ing, right there in front of the little kids. apartment building.
abouts were presumably cited for room doors, digging through the 5:09 p.m. The downtown Carport of Des- 10:31 p.m.
their al fresco effrontery. trash and acting aggressively with tiny, Adventure and Interspecies Romance Up on the street known as Garnett
4 p.m. After mouthing off to an employee. (yes, that happened; dont ask) hosted a Someone was Annoyance Incarnate
people on the Plaza, a man with a 7:30 a.m. A parents restrain- new set of campers he in a blue shirt, she They blasted their music
bandaged hand and an eye patch followed a ing order and/or custody swap agreement in yellow leggings who made its drafty Until someone grew sick
woman to her vehicle for reasons unknown states that the child isnt to be in contact confines more homey by peeing on the Of noise that they wanted stopped, darn it
but likely unwholesome. Fortunately he with cannabis. And yet on returning from ground there. As the two set up camp, they Thursday, September 7 12:48 a.m.
broke off the low-speed pursuit and headed dads place, the 4-year-old spoke of seeing were urged to move along. On Garnett the music raged on
back to his discomfort zone. lots of plants upstairs. Wednesday, September 6 11:40 Though one complainant thought this wrong
Sunday, September 3 11:27 a.m. 4:07 p.m. After declining the opportu- a.m. A woman reported that while on the Because of the hour
As area residents can tell you, the South nity to give some of her money to a pan- Plaza the day before, she saw a vehicle with The musical power
H Street entrance to the Arcata Marsh & handler in Northtown, the blue-hoodied, exhaust loud enough to give someone a That blasted, had lasted too long
Wildlife Sanctuary is some sort of Vortex of blue-mouthed beggar called a woman some heart attack. She said she wanted to do 3:20 a.m.
Sketchiness, where all manner of strange- nasty-bad things. Her boyfriend wanted her civic duty and report it. At last Garnetts music was quelled
loids gather for dubious doings. This time it him admonished. 12:46 p.m. The Plazas reality-distortion And yet the rude noises still swelled
was a geezer in a blue shirt releasing squir- 6:18 p.m. Two men fought on the Plaza, field was peaking this day, as a business As self-absorbed loudies
rels into the delicately balanced marsh and despite the small statistical sample, complained about the alt-banjo player out Kept everything lousy
ecosystem because, he explained, he didnt they maintained the approximate ratio front who was screaming obscenities as By going outside, where they yelled
want them in his house. of shirts-to-shirtlessness among Arcatas his musical number. 10:56 a.m. A woman evicted from a Bald-
11:50 a.m. Someone wishing to work in a free-range, feral menfolk: 50 percent. 12:50 p.m. A gaggle of galoots at Eighth win Street residence took to sleeping in the
Janes Road school garden wasnt comfort- 6:45 p.m. A man working on his car in and I streets made idle sport of harassing yard and inviting people over.

McKinley| The Plazas statue and plaque seen as symbols of grave historical injustice
FROM A1 premacy. She called the statues McKinley was adorned as Santa
If the city doesnt act to removal non-negotiable, and a Claus and biblical figures during
de-McKinley the Plaza, a fallback positive step. Christmas, with innumerable Pla-
plan is to pursue the initiative She was heartened by the citys za events taking place in his shad-
process and qualify a ballot mea- designation last year of the sec- ow all year round.
sure for next year. Meanwhile, ond Monday of October as Indig- Unhappiness with his pres-
getting the Jacoby plaque either enous Peoples Day, but feels that ence rose in popularity during
revised or removed appears much that doesnt go far enough. the 1990s and early 2000s, when
easier to do, and even likely. Peters first preference is for Food Not Bombs, then being
Historic Landmarks the city to do the right thing prosecuted by the city for lack of
Committee and take out the statue via a City Health Code compliance, called
Last week, the HLC assembled Council decision. The City of Ar- him the dead white male and
for its monthly meeting, and got cata is fully empowered and has joked that the scroll he brandish-
an earful from those whod like the opportunity to be on the right es was a restraining order.
to see the longtime Plaza fix- side of history for a change, she In 2005, during one of the pe-
tures uninstalled. The committee said. riodic upwellings of protest about
is considering an application to As for putting statue removal the statue, the city roughly esti-
have the Plaza designated a his- to a vote, thats a waste of our mated removal costs at $70,000.
toric district with the state Histor- time and energy, Peters said. Its not clear what environmen-
ic Preservation Office. A key con- Why would we waste the time tal documents, if any, would have
cern of the McKinley opponents is and money on that when its a to be generated over the statues
that doing so could complicate the symbol of oppression? removal both a Negative Decla-
statues removal by locking in the Her initial preference for a ration of Environmental Impact
town squares historical features. post-McKinley Plaza is to have no NOT LONG FOR THE PLAZA This plaques indefensible language about or even an Environmental Impact
According to Senior Planner replacement, an idea others have Indian troubles is spurring its revision and/or removal. Submitted photo Report have been mentioned.
Alyson Hunter of the Commu- embraced. It would be great to pain, especially since the Plaza state historian II with the office of Its also been suggested that
nity Development Department, have open space there, she said. was once a place where Indian Historic Preservation told the city the descendants of Zehndner and
who serves as staff liaison to HLC, She suggested that the statue be body parts scalps, arms and in an email that changing the lan- Patigian be tracked down and
such a designation wouldnt nec- melted down, its metal constitu- legs, among other pieces of anat- guage is doable. asked about their wishes for the
essarily lock McKinley in for all ents re-used. omy were trafficked as trophies Said Burg, Is there a local par- 111-year-old sculpture.
time. Indian troubles of conquest, and for bounty. ty (such as the city of Arcata, or In late 2015, a group called
It does not prohibit change in As the McKinley debate rag- Its troubling, Peters said. the building owner) willing to pay Transform the Heart of the Com-
the future, Hunter said. Howev- es on, particularly in online fora Its hurtful. It creates an atmo- for a new plaque and mount it? munity held a purposeful meet-
er, more scrutiny would be ap- where fans and foes alike have sphere of lack of safety. If so, we can revise and approve ing at the Hotel Arcata. A petition
plied to any fundamental chang- questioned each others intel- For perspective, Peters sug- new plaque text at the staff level, drive to remove the statue was to
es, presumably at the state level. ligence, consensus about the gested changing out the noun because this California Histori- ensue following the holidays that
Several individuals at the plaque on Eighth Street across Indian to black in the objec- cal Landmark is later than #770 year, but it never materialized.
meeting detailed their objections from the Jacoby Building is far tionable term. Black troubles, (plaques prior to #770 are more One key venue at which the
to the statue and plaque in unerr- easier to come by. Its got to be she said, makes clear the inherent problematic sometimes.) current wave of anti-McKinley/
ingly respectful but frank and ur- changed, removed or both. racism. Burg would like a plaque with plaque advocates havent made an
gent fashion. The 1963-vintage wording des- A young woman of color at the revised wording to remain. appearance is the Parks and Rec
For his actions during the ignating the building as California HLC meeting who said she was I think it would be preferable Committee.
Spanish-American War, McKin- Registered Historical Landmark a Humboldt State graduate and to address the language issue on The Plaza is a public park,
ley is seen as a symbol of con- No. 783 includes the statement: Farmers Market worker said the the plaque and replace it in place, and two years ago, local Arme-
quest, imperialism and genocide From 1858 through 1864 it plaque makes her feel unwelcome where it is more visible, than re- nian students twice gained that
of the type which led to the dec- served periodically as a refuge in on the Plaza, especially since move the plaque to a less visible committees approval in concept
imation of indigenous people time of Indian troubles. during the settlement era, she location and leave it as-is, he for an interpretive plaque to be
during Arcatas settlement by Use of the term Indian trou- might have been one of the people said. Language changes must be mounted at McKinleys base.
European-Americans. The stat- bles to encapsulate the indige- whose body parts were traded. approved by staff, including send- The plaque would have re-
ues presence is unsettling to both nous peoples resistance to having I can never feel fully comfort- ing our office a copy of the draft framed the statue in the context
Native Americans and those who their civilization decimated hasnt able there, she said. PDF of the plaque prior to casting of historical imperialism and
see it as enshrining extremely found many, if any defenders. Ultimately, the language in for verification of revised plaque genocide.
negative values. HLC Chair Don Tuttle ac- the designation is going to have language. The students proposal made it
Tia Oros Peters, executive di- knowledged that while a plaque to change, said Community De- McKhistory as far as the City Council, where it
rector of the Seventh Generation to inform people about the build- velopment Director David Loya. George Zehndners 1906 gift was ultimately defeated on a 32
Fund for Indigenous Peoples, had ings historic designation is rea- He said the city is working with to Arcata, the McKinley statue vote.
previously said that McKinley is a sonable, the sign itself is terribly the buildings owners on revised by Armenian-American sculptor The Parks and Rec Committee
manifestation of colonial oppres- worded. language. Haig Patigian, used to play a sub- has no meeting scheduled for Oc-
sion [which] elevates white su- Peters said the sign causes her On Sept. 14, William Burg, stantial role in Arcatas civic life. tober, and next meets Nov. 8.

HELP FOR BURN VICTIM & Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir has INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY veloped an Indigenous Peo-
CHURCH The Arcata Interfaith Gos- been rehearsing and performing The Seventh Generation Fund ples Day Resolution signed by
pel Choir is sponsoring a GoFund- at the Arcata Presbyterian Church for Indigenous Peoples is host- the City of Arcata, notes the
Me campaign to help the victim since 1992. ing Stand for Indigenous Peo- events Facebook page. Let us
and the help rebuild the entryway The campaign has a goal of ples Day: Rights, Honor & Jus- stand together in celebration
of the Arcata Presbyterian Church, $10,000. All proceeds will go di- tice Thursday, Oct. 12 at noon and solidarity of Indigenous
burned in a fire earlier this month. rectly to the Arcata Presbyterian on the Arcata Plaza. Peoples Resilience and Power
The victim was treated for se- Church to repair the damage from Attendees are asked to wear by recognizing this Day, and
vere burns to his face and hands the fire and to help defray the cost red, and traditional clothes every day we continue to de-
at a local hospital and is now be- of treating the burn victim. You can and other items. Last year we colonize, revitalize, and thrive
ing treated at the UC Davis Medical contribute to the campaign at go- declared and established In- here in Wiyot Traditional
Center Burn Unit. The church was digenous Peoples Day in this Territories and everywhere
severely damaged in the fire. The an-church-arson. region, and successfully de- in the world.

Forget incorporation. Try this...
I note with interest recent articles and letters to the
editor regarding the fate of the McKinley statue on the
Arcata Plaza, most expressing a desire to see the statue
removed for obvious reasons.
Having lived in unincorporated McKinleyville for
many years, I have become disenchanted with the towns
moniker for the same obvious reasons. But the idea of
seeking to incorporate McKinleyville so its inhabitants
can determine their own destiny including a possible
moniker update seems to be a legal and political im-
possibility according to those in the know.
So I have a proposal. Let adjacent Arcata annex
McKinleyville, while at the same time removing the
McKinley statue from the Arcata Plaza. Thus, several im-
portant issues could be resolved at the same time.
Some may argue that the ways of Arcata are too pro-
gressive for poor, backwards McKinleyville. Yet being
the never-ending, unincorporated rump of Humboldt
County may be an even worse fate.
Ideally, McKinleyville should be an independent, in-
corporated city in its own right. But that seems to be an
idea whose time may never come.
Ben Waters

Flushing money down the drain
Arcata residents who are homeowners need to be in-
formed about the new Ordinance 1461. If your home is
25 years or older, you must submit to this test to get a
Certificate of Compliance in order for escrow to close
when you sell your home. News Item: Public Safety Task Forces effectiveness limited
This is an account of our family dealing with the City
of Arcata Building Department. My husband went to the by lack of Vitamin P participation by the public.
Building Department to get the process started for the
sewer lateral replacement test. It is a lengthy and costly
Check to the city: $4,939. Check to the plumber: A short history of alt-Arcatas public safety revolution
$1,100. Total: $6,043.

We passed the test and my husband went down to City he transformation of Arcata other petty crime have sprung. Hold- park improvements, public art, com-
Hall to check up on when we would receive our certificate didnt happen overnight, and ing dialogue with the campers, the munity policing, homeless assistance,
and inquire when we would receive our refund check. there was nothing mystical residents and the homeless individu- transportation improvements and a
Would you believe the assistant who handles the sewer about it even though its almost like als came to know each other. host of other civic enhancements.
lateral replacement test had no record of our transac- a magic wand has been waved over Respectful relationships devel- Eventually, the surging spirit of
tions? He came home for his file folder with copies of all Arcata. oped, with a few adventurous resi- community even pervaded reform-re-
transactions. We did receive our certificate and refund It began in November 2016, when dents spending nights in the camps in sistant downtown. With the new-
check. Now we are moving to another state in a few days. the City Council acted with urgency, order to better understand the travel- ly-formed bonds between housed res-
My reason for writing this letter is to inform the citi- wasting no time in forming the Pub- ers everyday lives and challenges. idents and the unhoused, street folks
zens of Arcata of the total ineptness of the Building De- lic Safety Task Force. Interviews for With each visit, the neighborhood became protective of the town, and
partment. Make sure you make copies of all transactions. membership took place prior to the folks took away some of the garbage somewhat self-policing.
Ordinance 1461 is a ripoff. first December meeting, with the task and debris in the area. In time, the Their mellow harshed by their
The city workers who came to do the testing and dig- force formed up then and there, and travelers became more scrupulous peers over obnoxious behavior like
ging to find the hookups did a great job. They were excel- in time to meet before years about their camps tidiness. aggressive panhandling, shoplifting,
lent people to work with. end. As the travelers and resi- yelling obscenities and vandalism,
I have lived in Arcata for 61 years. I will not miss the Taking a cue from the City dents became familiar with among other quality of life-deteri-
city government, but I will miss family and friends. Council, and with the assault each other, crime dropped, orating activities, non-contributors
Margaret Stafford on a child in Cahill Park still and so did the camps pop- became uncomfortable and departed
Formerly of Arcata very much front of mind, ulation. for less-challenging climes based on
members of the Westwood Some residents pursued buzzkill power alone.

Cannabis grows | Coastal Village neighborhood filled

Council Chamber for the
an informal adopt-a-tran-
sient program, helping
Crime rates dropped, and con-
versely, overall comfort rose. Unin-
v FROM A1 task forces first meeting. those who wished with cer- tended consequences included a per-
a marijuana taxation system that restricts collection to pe- The raw citizen energy tain needs ranging from ceptible decline in yelling, and with it,
riods that begin with permit approval, site inspection and propelled the task force to basic sanitation supplies to the local newspapers Police Log lost
confirmation that no violations are being committed. address that neighborhoods food, even transportation to a significant portion of its comic grist.
In another marijuana-related action, supervisors took issues with dispatch, backing the Ca- medical and other appointments. No one minded, particularly the writ-
action to prevent cultivators from bypassing county re- hill Park Pathway Project. It held its Some of the travelers were given er, who no longer had to figure out
view of grows in coastal zones. February meeting on site at Mosgos, jobs around the neighborhood, mow- new ways to say the same old thing.
Described as a clean up item by Supervisor Ryan taking its agenda to ground zero. Area ing lawns and other tasks. Many citizens found public en-
Sundberg, the coastal zone prohibition formalizes the residents attended and signed up for The inchoate success became the gagement gratifying, and chose to
countys status quo. a number of neighborhood projects, talk of the town, and was much dis- volunteer for positions on the citys
The countys commercial marijuana production ordi- including Neighborhood Watch and cussed at task force meetings. Before many advisory committees and com-
nance only applies to non-coastal areas so production of informal community patrol efforts. long, other Arcata neighborhoods missions.
marijuana in coastal zones is already unpermitted. Not wishing to wait for the task wanted a piece of the action. The massive, multi-neighborhood
The ordinance is being revised and Ford said that the forces monthly City Hall meetings The South G/H neighborhood, resurgence throughout Arcata was
coastal ban on cultivation, manufacturing, processing and no longer content just to inef- through which many marsh campers well noted in local media, then re-
and distribution will stay in place until the new ordi- fectually complain on Facebook and pass, inspiring many a petty crime gional, state and national. HOW
nance is certified by the states Coastal Commission. NextDoor, Westwooders started complaint, was next to step up, mod- ARCATA DID IT: One Towns
What it really does is maintain the status quo and it does gathering on their own, with every- eling Westwoods success. Bootstrap Transformation,
not allow people to end run the county and go and apply for thing from neighborhood barbecues, At the other end of screamed the cover of TIME
a state license without local authorization, he continued. block parties, multi-home yard magazine.
The states commercial marijuana licensing system sales, play dates and more. v
is set to begin in January. Ford explained that when the Neighborhood represen- Of course, very little of
state receives license applications, referrals to the county tatives were appointed to this actually happened at
will be made regarding compliance with local rules. attend not just task force, least in this world. Maybe
If you cant answer yes or no, you say nothing and if but other city committee in some alternate Arcata else-
you dont have an ordinance prohibiting it, you cant say meetings such as Parks & where in the multiverse the folks
its not in compliance, he said. Rec and Economic Develop- town, Valley Wests there have been woke enough to seize
An updated, revised ordinance is expected to be approved ment, where issues were further many and diverse neighborhoods, the opportunity. Here, not so much.
and in effect by early January, with Coastal Commission
discussed and amenities requested. from River Community Homes to Attendance at the Public Safety
certification gained in the first or second quarter of 2018.
The Westwood reps returned to the various apartment complexes and Task Force is minimal and mostly
Sundberg is on the boards Medical Marijuana Sub-
hood with weekly reports. mobile home parks, also sent reps to episodic, flaring when a major crime
committee with Supervisor Estelle Fennell. He is also a
Noting the attention lavished on task force meetings. occurs but mostly limited to a few
state coastal commissioner and said he doesnt antici-
Westwood, neighboring Janes Creek The task force returned the inter- concerned citizens.
pate any problems with certification.
Meadows got into the act. Westwood- est, holding both its regular monthly Even the members attendance is
I dont think theres an anti-cannabis sentiment on
the Coastal Commission so I think that once our staffs ers mentored that neighborhood into meetings and some special ones in less than impressive, with frequent
work out the details and it all complies with the Coastal establishing something similar, and it rec rooms and businesses in partici- absences at the monthly meeting and
Act, it will move through, Sundberg continued. took off with similar fervor. pating neighborhoods throughout the a quorum sometimes barely achieved.
Supervisor Mike Wilson said the county will be The two neighborhoods collabo- city from Valley West to Sunny Brae, Meanwhile, online fora are on fire
standing in the way of two administrative behemoths, rated on nightly group walks, noting Curtis Heights to the Arcata Bottom, with moralizing and calls to action.
referring to the potential for disagreements between the local trouble spots and areas of poten- Windsong Village to Pacific Union. Its slightly galling to hear criticism
commission and the states marijuana regulation agency. tial improvement. One area of special Even upscale Diamond Drive and Cal- of the task force as ineffectual, espe-
He asked Ford if other counties were making the same interest was the pathway linking the ifornia Avenue areas got into the act. cially by those who dont add their
administrative maneuver. two subdivisions, where a number of (One outlier was chronically rogue contributions. Bodies of this nature
Nobody has really thought through this so we are homeless camps had sprung up. Oth- Eye Street, which declined to partici- are effective only when they catalyze
alone, Ford said. er camps on Westwoods west side, pate. It did organize, however, solely public energy. Lacking that, they be-
Good luck to the others, Wilson rejoined. in the county jurisdiction, got similar in order to secede from Arcata and come debating societies doomed to
Supervisors directed staff to prepare a coastal pro- outreach. form its own virtual island nation.) prepare a report few will read.
hibition ordinance. Staff was also directed to re-define Residents of the two neighbor- With citizen support burgeoning, The task force meets tonight,
the countys current regulations to be applicable to both hoods visited the camps, from which grants began to flow. These made Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 6 p.m. (see
medical and recreational marijuana. it is suspected some burglaries and possible new playground fixtures, Democracy in Action, page A2).

Intensity of county cannabis regulation debated

Daniel Mintz dences, lighting setbacks and a ban in, said Southern Humboldt attorney
MAd river Union on using generators in Timber Pro- Eugene Denson, adding that requir-
HUMBOLDT Concerns over duction Zone areas. ing growers to upgrade private roads
making permit approvals too expen- But the county received about is unrealistic and unfair all youre
sive and restrictive to entice com- 2,300 permit applications under the going to do is drive them back into the
pliance are emerging as Humboldt deadline of its existing ordinance, black market.
County updates its commercial mar- with about 60 having been approved After working with multiple cli-
ijuana regulations. Theres also a con- so far. Some residents believe that ents, probably close to 100 of them, I

Worrisome Waters
trasting concern that growers who
have submitted permit applications
the county has proceeded too quickly,
allowing some growers to set up im-
will tell you that this process has been
so burdensome on people that its not
under the countys current system pactful operations. even funny, said Nicole Paul-Almand
LOYAS LORE Community Development Director David will have skirted requirements that In my opinion, the fact that many of the Agdynamix consulting firm.
Loya offers climate change and sea level rise informa- aim to shield neighborhoods from the of the more than 2,000 pending per- She added that with the fast pace
tion during last Saturdays Farmers Market. KLH | Union odors and traffic related to cultivation mit applications could be approved of everything, I think there are a lot of
sites. before the Board of Supervisors people being left behind... and I think
October is Sea Level The challenge of balancing reg-
ulation compliance with impact re-
adopts a revised ordinance and
thus not be subject to all these good
a lot of people are discouraged from
coming forward.
Rise Awareness Month duction was discussed at a Sept. 21
Planning Commission workshop on a
requirements is a huge problem,
said Fieldbrook resident Sue Leskiw.
Commissioner Alan Bongio said
that the initial process was rushed
new draft of a commercial marijuana As in past discussions, residents of and he supports requiring that new
City of ArCAtA
ordinance. Fortuna neighborhoods near county standards be retroactively applied to
ARCATA Do you worry that government wont do
Having road access to cultivation areas where permits have been ap- already-permitted operations.
enough to protect us from a changing climate? Wonder-
sites meet higher standards is among proved said theyre impacted by the County Planning Director John
ing how your life would look if you downsized your per-
other new requirements proposed in skunky smell of marijuana. Ford advised caution on that and
sonal carbon footprint, or if its even possible?
the draft. One of the Fortuna residents said there was disagreement among com-
In this series of six meetings, led by Patrick Carr,
County Planner Steve Lazar ex- the impacts are being over-stat- missioners. Commissioner Ben She-
we consider the practical options for reducing climate-
plained that the new version of the ed, however, telling commissioners phard said hes very troubled by the
changing pollution from our Humboldt lifestyles. Focus-
ordinance requires special permits that she lives 30 feet from one of the prospect of retroactive application of
ing on our housing, transportation, and the food we eat,
for cultivation sites served by roads greenhouses and detects no odor. new rules. If theres anything thats
we consider what it would mean the pros, the cons, and
that fall below a Category Four stan- Residents of an Elk River Valley going to scare the hell out of appli-
all that goes along if we were to live closer in balance
dard, which sets an 18- to 20-foot subdivision said theyre concerned cants, thats certainly going to do it,
with the climate. Sponsored by the Arcata Recreation
road width. about permit approvals in their area, he continued. Shepherd added that
Division, join Climate Conversations on Wednesdays be-
Existing cultivation is now mostly as their privately-maintained roads expecting permit applicants to ac-
ginning Oct. 4 to Nov. 8 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Pre-regis-
served by dirt roads that are narrow- are all below the Category 4 standard. cept different rules after their permits
tration is required.
er, outside of the county-maintained On the flip side, some people have been approved will drop a huge
Enroll for this free course at
system and shared by multiple pri- warned commissioners that making rock in the pond.
Learn more about Climate Conversations by contacting
vate landowners, Lazar said. the permit process too costly and re- The workshop was continued to
Patrick Carr directly at (707) 672-5039.
Other added standards include re- strictive could backfire. Oct. 5. A public hearing on the new
Special sea level rise event Oct. 7
quiring special permits in areas near It costs tens of thousands of dol- ordinance draft is set for the commis-
October is Sea Level Rise Awareness Month in Ar-
cities, 300-foot setbacks from resi- lars to get these permit applications sions Oct. 19 meeting.
cata, and the city is embarking on a public awareness
campaign regarding potential effects of sea level rise in
Arcata, and strategies the City Council is considering in
Bike sharing comes to Humboldt State campus
A Community Sea Level Rise Awareness Event takes HUMboldt StAte Im very excited to have this up motes alternative transportation,
place Saturday, Oct. 7 beginning at 1 p.m. Join City staff HSU Humboldt State University, and running, said Morgan King, cli- says Arcata City Engineer Doby Class,
for a trail walk along areas affected by sea level rise. The in conjunction with the City of Arca- mate action analyst with HSUs Office who is coordinating the Zagster proj-
walk will start at the Marsh Interpretive Center parking ta, launched the Zagster bike share of Sustainability. Bike-sharing is a ect. Zagster gives students, residents
lot and will visit areas currently affected during high and service on Sept. 18 to help students, cost-effective approach to relieving and visitors easy access to bikes to
king tides, as well as expected impact areas. staff and faculty get around campus traffic and parking constraints while ride our local trails and enjoy what
Meet at the Arcata Marsh Amphitheatre after the trail and town while reducing their carbon having positive benefits to health and Arcata has to offer.
walk at 2:30 p.m. for city staff presentations, a question footprint. the environment. With this program, HSU Housing & Residence Life
and answer time, and an opportunity to provide feed- The project was given a significant we are able to offer the campus com- paid for the Jolly Giant Commons
back that will be passed along to the City Council. Be part boost by a donation from former HSU munity a convenient, cheap, and fun station. The station at Harry Griffith
of the public process and make your voice heard! Zoology Professor Manuel Kaster. transportation option. It makes it that Hall is supported by a $31,684 gift
See the winning artists work from the Sea Level Rise There are five bikes at each Zagster much easier for people to leave their from Kaster, an avid cyclist who often
Awareness Art Contest at Pastels on the Plaza, and speak station, located at Jolly Giant Com- cars at home. rode his bike from his home in Arcata
with City staff again on Oct. 13 at Arts! Arcata. mons and Harry Griffith Hall. To use The program has been years in the to campus. He passed away in May at
the bikes, you must sign up through making. King began looking into the the age of 86.
KLAMATH RIVER WATER PROBLEM The Yurok Tribe the Zagster app. Riding a Zagster bike possibility of bringing bikes to cam- The program is one of the several
Environmental Program, during its weekly water qual- costs $2 per hour, up to $30 per ride. pus in 2012. Since then, hes worked strategies outlined in HSUs Climate
ity tests on Sept. 12 and 13, detected record-breaking People who plan to use the bikes of- with several HSU departments and Action Plan, which offers guidelines
levels of microcystin, a contaminant emitted by a toxic ten should consider the annual mem- HSU students who have studied the on ways to reach CSU system-wide
algal species called Microcystis aeruginosa in the Lower bership, which costs $20. This option logistics, costs and benefits of such a emissions goals. Zagster also adds
Klamath River. The test results contained 10 to 30 times gives you the first hour for free each program. to HSUs growing suite of alternative
more of the toxin than common health standards deem time you borrow a bike and costs $2 King is collaborating with the City transportation: the Zipcar car-shar-
safe and were the highest since testing began in 2006. per additional hour. of Arcata, which plans to launch four ing program; Zimride, an online ride-
This year, high rates of microcystin first showed up in Bikes are reserved with the Zagster stations: at the Arcata Plaza, the Ar- sharing service that connects drivers
late August, which prompted Tribal and public health app and can be returned to any sta- cata Transit Center and additional and passengers for local or long-dis-
officials to warn residents against contacting a 200-mile tion, including the ones planned for locations in the downtown area. The tance trips; and the JackPass pro-
stretch of the river below the lower four Klamath dams. Arcata. They come with a basket and City of Eureka has also expressed in- gram, which allows HSU students to
In addition to causing injury to the livers of humans and a built-in lock that allows riders to se- terest in joining the Zagster network, ride many Humboldt County buses
other mammals, exposure to the toxin is also harmful to cure bikes mid-trip without having to says King. without paying fares.
the eyes, skin and throat. return them to designated stations. The City of Arcata actively pro-


Bestofof 2014,
Best 201416
& 2016
& 17!
Operated since 2012
823 H Street 616 2nd Street
On the Plaza, Arcata Old Town Eureka Oasis Kiva Heavenly Sweet

(707) 822-4800 (707) 443-7017 Over 30 Different Strains

%F Humboldt Back &

10 p h
u r
your ou bring
Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
Neck Pain Center
when his ad
in t 1670 Myrtle Ave., Ste. B | Eureka, CA | (707) 442-2420 839-6300
M-F 10:00a - 6:00p | Sat & Sun 11:00a - 5:00p 1585 Heartwood Dr., Ste. B, McKinleyville

Humboldt Sanitation
Full Service Transfer Station
and Recycling Center
All types of solid waste disposal and
Certified Recycling Buy-Back Center too.
Open Mon Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm
2585 Central Ave. McKinleyville 839-3285
SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
Hell Week
of Horrors


mour in Ferndale Reps Little Shop of Horrors, a role
he has wanted to play since age 9, when his father
took him to his first live theater, a production of Little
Shop of Horrors. Photo by AlexAndrA blouin

How the little theatre

becomes the Little Shop KICKING HER CANCER Nicole Nada in 2012, when she biked to Marin County to start treatment for breast can-
cer. Top right, Nada with her oncologist, Dr. David Gullion of the Marin Cancer Center. Photos courtesy nicole nAdA
Lauraine Leblanc
Mad RiveR Union
FERNDALE Center stage, a pink hippo and a mer-
Arcata Scoops sweetest survivors story
maid sing through the alphabet. The pair are cast mem- Janine Volkmar set the tone for the whole experience.
bers of Ferndale Repertory Theatres newest production, Mad RiveR Union It helped me get through my cancer.
Alan Menken and Howard Ashmans rock musical Little ARCATA Nicole Nada has good It made me feel strong and in control.
Shop of Horrors, which opens this Friday. If you dont reason to support the Breast and Gyn It was empowering to do something
recall either a hippo or a mermaid in the horror-comedy, Health Project. It was early 2012; she with my body. She rode every day
theres no need to question reality; dress rehearsals were had just been diagnosed with Stage during her chemotherapy, sometimes
yet to come, so on this particular day, some of the cast III breast cancer and didnt want just toodling around, so slowly.
elected to come to rehearsal in footie jammies. Theyre to go home yet. Someone told me I Meanwhile Garrett ran the busi-
running through their vocal warm-ups. shouldnt be around my children for ness in the daytime and made the ice
Last Wednesday, Sept. 20 was the hump day of tech several hours because of the risk of cream at night. What was really im-
rehearsal week (aka Hell Week, according to accompa- contamination from my CAT scan, pressive, he said, was that we picked
nist Laura Welch) and the cast and crew are finally get- she said. I went to the Breast Health up as a family and did that, with two
ting onstage, after weeks of rehearsing at a church. The Project and I remember it was raining little tiny kids.
cast runs or, rather, walks through the second act as and they were just closing. It helps you to see what is import-
lighting designer Michael Foster and team program the Nicole was touched and amazed ant in life, Nicole added.
light cues. Actors are getting to handle their props for the by the response from the nonprofit Since then, Nicole has had no rec-
first time and perform their scenes on the set, some of organizations volunteers and staff currence of the cancer. Shes gone to
which is still under construction. that day. They just shifted gears so nutrition school and started another
Director/Choreographer Alexandra Blouin is finally fast, she recalled. Come, sit here, business, Shifting Gears Nutrition.
getting to see what works and what doesnt, and is mak- have some tea, they said. Bonnie Arcata Scoop is thriving as well, and is
ing changes large and small. Artistic Producing Direc- [Etz-Mott, a volunteer] and Brenda a magnet for families as well as a place
tor Leira Satlof is on hand too, seemingly everywhere at [Elvine-Kreis, Client Services coordi- to get organic ice cream made with lo-
once, repeatedly asking everyone not to step on the met- nator] sat with me for an hour. cal ingredients. My goal is always to
al tracking installed in the aisles (prior to putting down And their support continued. I'll make the best ice cream I can, Gar-
carpeting), taking a critical look at everything, making never forget Bonnie, said Nicole. rett said. He believes that using fewer
concise suggestions for improvements and graciously Every single Thursday for the entire ingredients is the path back to making
showing around a stage-struck reporter. eight months of my treatment, she old-fashioned ice cream.
Its chaos, but its an organized chaos. called and left me an encouraging FIVE YEARS LATER Nicole and Gar- The couple wanted to create a fam-
Besides pulling together a show, the folks of the Fern- message. rett Nada soaking in the sunshine ily-friendly space, they said, one that
dale Rep, the little theatre that could, are also in the Nicole and her husband Garrett outside Arcata Scoop. creates memories for people. To fur-
midst of a remodel. The lobby has been expanded, with Nada are returning the support in JAnine VolkmAr | union ther that goal, they had a fifth-gen-
some of the far back seating removed. The concessions the sweetest possible way. The cou- cancer treatment, earning pledges on eration carousel builder from Port
area is coming together. The swanky new seats (com- ple owns Arcata Scoop, the beloved the way. She raised $10,000, half of Townsend, Wash., build them a
plete with cupholders!) are installed. Like Satlof, Carl ice cream shop at 1068 I St. in Ar- which went to the Breast Health Proj- coin-operated wooden rabbit that chil-
McGahan is also everywhere, splitting his time between cata. They are participating in the ect (as it was then called) and half to dren can ride and a double seated ride
building permanent fixtures, constructing a prop refrig- 14th annual Sales for Survivors, held the Marin Cancer Care. Her husband with four giraffe sentinels, called a bal-
erator and working out issues with trapdoors and pup- throughout the month of October. and two children followed in their ancoire. Theres also a play area where
pets. By the time you read this, the Ferndale Rep will be Local businesses donate 10 percent van, with the whole family stopping children can sell wooden treats at a
a plush, comfy modern theatre, the set will have a snazzy or more of sales on designated days to to camp on the way. smaller version of the shops counter.
fake fridge and a trapdoor may have rounded edges that the project, in honor of Breast Cancer I wanted to figure out a trip for We wanted a whimsical feel, they
you will never see. Awareness Month. The Scoops day is the family before I started chemo, said. Weve had the rabbit around six
There are technological improvements too. The crew Friday, Oct. 27. Restaurants, taverns, Nicole explained. I was lying in bed years and there are children who have
are equipped with new headsets, allowing those in the stores, vendors at the Farmers Mar- and it came to me. Before morning, I grown up on the bunny, Nicole said.
back of the house to communicate with those out front. ket, nurseries, bakeries, tattoo stu- had gone on Google Maps and made a Garrett reminds customers that
Its a new experience for veteran accompanist Welch, dios, breweries and spas from Trini- table of where we were going to camp they can preorder custom packed
who has to get used to hearing voices in one ear while dad to Garberville are participating. all six nights. pints for the Sales for Survivors day.
playing the keyboard. Because the band is backstage in Proceeds support the organization, She had remarkable communi- We hope that people will buy as
this production, she can see the stage only through a nar- which offers cancer resource services ty support. We had a cooler full of much as they can to support it, he
row opening. No worries; she also has a new flatscreen free of charge. Founded in 1997, the Ball jars of juice and broth, she said. said.
monitor linked to a camera, which will give her a view of nonprofit has helped over 2,700 cli- Twenty friends rode to Eureka with For information on other business-
the entire stage. At the moment, though, the picture is ents as they faced breast or gyneco- me, and then I was on my own. Seven es supporting the Sales for Survivors,
very fuzzy, an impressionistic blur of blues and oranges. logical cancer concerns. or eight of the docs from Marin met see page B4. If you or someone you
Satlof and I move out of the way so that techs can, liter- The Nadas have donated to the me in Bodega and rode the last 50 love is coping with breast or gyneco-
ally, focus. project before. Nicole rode her bicycle miles with me. It was amazing. logical cancer, contact the project at
LITTLE SHOP B2 from Arcata to Marin County for her The bike ride, according to Nicole, (707) 825-8345 or

Waking Up White Book Study

Waking Up


Myself in the
Story of Race
Thursday, October 5, 5:30 - 7:30 by Debby Irving
Community Craft Night: Pizza Party! $10

Book study
Thursday, October 12, 5:00 - 8:00 Friday afternoons
Costume Clinic
from 2 to 4 p.m.
Wednesday, October 18, 5:30 - 7:30
$5 Friday,
Designing Outside the Box
September 29th
Friday, October 27, 5:00 - 8:00
$10 Grace Good Shepherd
Costume Clinic
1450 Hiller Avenue
Little Shop | What are the spinny things for? Still, halfway through the evening, his ice
packs have already completely melted. Reviewer bows out
FROM B1 line. They watch Blouin act out differ- Satlof makes a note to get a second set. f youve ever had to write a book report,
Its technology in the service of magic. ent ways to place the phone receivers, The rehearsal progresses in a roughly you may, like me, find that nothing takes
For those unfamiliar with the show, suggest some of their own, and finally chronological order, so the group runs the fun out of something like having to
Little Shop of Horrors, based on a make it work. Theres a lot to go through through the climactic "Sominex/Supper- critique it. Lately, Ive been feeling that re-
low-budget comedy/horror Roger Cor- here, conclude Blouin and Satlof, so they time II number a couple of times. Theres viewing theatre is deeply unfair. It involves
man film, is a musical about Seymour schedule a special, a rehearsal specifi- an issue, though: urchins Crystal (Stevy nitpicking a single performance there usu-
(played by Morgan Cox) a Skid Row cally for this number. Marquez), Ronette (Emma Johnstone) ally isnt time to see more
floral assistant who discovers an exotic Without transitions, the cast runs and Chiffon (Jessie Rawson) are standing than one before deadline.
bloodthirsty plant, which he names Au- through number after number. DellAr- center stage, blocking the action. Blouin Its emotionally difficult to
drey II after his crush, Audrey (Jessica te alum Lucius Robinson (who plays sa- has them move stage left, arranging them critique the work of people
Kaufman). Soon, Seymour finds himself distic Orin Scrivello, DDS in Act I) runs on the staircase there. Now, we can bet- in your community, people
fly-trapped into making one bad decision through a scene in which he plays a num- ter see Seymours realization that all he you admire, many of whom
after another as the ever-growing plant ber of characters enticing Seymour to loves is lost. Even without costumes, in are working for very little,
brings him fame and fortune, while de- sign contracts. In the production, he will rehearsal and out of context, actor Mor- if any, compensation. BEHIND THE
manding ever fresher and larger servings
of human flesh.
rapidly change costumes, but for now
hes in street clothes. As he emerges in
gan Cox delivers such a powerfully emo-
tional moment that I find myself with two
At worst, theatre reviews
can turn into annotated
At this particular rehearsal, the cast his second character, Satlof, walking by, fat tears running down my cheeks. I can synopses of the play, giving
is running through Act II, in which the whispers to me, Hell be dressed like a only imagine how moving it will be when away more than they should, with comments
plant is fully grown and the flower busi- woman now, but Robinsons falsetto its all put together. about the quality of individual performances,
ness is booming. The act opens with a had already clued me in on that. As they Toward the end of rehearsal, the cast of costumes, lighting, sets. Sometimes a re-
music number, Call Back in the Morn- run through the scene again and again, runs through the closing sequence. The viewer runs out of room and cant comment on
ing, a seemingly chaotic, yet tightly cho- Cox and Robinson hit the same cues urchins are to pick leaves from Audrey every aspect of a play, leaving someone out.
reographed flurry of activity: shop assis- and deliver their lines perfectly despite II to propagate the plant, so the actors So, to coincide with the start of the Unions
tants run to and fro, Mushnik (Warren multiple interruptions and distractions. mime the action. Where are the leaves? fifth year, Im taking a break from reviewing,
Hardison), Seymour and Audrey struggle They make it look easy, but only because asks Satlof. Prop leaves are produced, in favor of previewing, bringing you the back-
to keep up with orders and the phones they, like the rest of the cast, have already and, after some discussion, placed on the story behind the play, starting with Ferndale
are ringing off the hook. clearly put in a lot of hard work. floor by the plant. The actors run through Reps Little Shop of Horrors. I think of it as
The ringing phones present a techni- Then the group moves along to the the sequence again, picking the leaves akin to a special feature youd find on a DVD,
cal challenge. Sound designer Dillon Sav- next scene and the next, keeping at it for and putting them in pots. Satlof makes something to enhance your experience. I hope
age has to time them properly, so that a well over three hours, just this one eve- a note to get some florists foam. Set de- you will enjoy reading these stories as much as
ring precedes each actor picking up a re- ning. signer Cecilia Beaton magically produces I will telling them. See you at the theatre!
ceiver. The play is set in the 1960s, so the Puppeteer Jeff Cooper spends most of some from her bag. And the show goes
phones are old-school rotary landlines. that time encased in the giant foam rub- on. You can contact Scene Editress Lauraine
Theres a bit of a learning curve here: ber Audrey II puppet rented for the play. There's still so much to do, nine days Leblanc at
Blouin half-jokingly explains to the ac- For some of that time, Cooper stands, out from opening night. The analog wall
tors some of whom are millennials who supporting the weight of the puppet and clock on set, for example, has to be rigged
admit to never having used such a phone holding up its lower part with his arms. to actually read six oclock by the end of YOUTH CHOIR SEASON BEGINS The Arcata In-
that putting someone on hold requires When the puppet moves and speaks, he Call Back in the Morning. It may seem terfaith Gospel Choirs Youth Choir begins its
laying the receiver down, not back into uses his whole body to move the appara- like a trivial thing, but its details like new season Thursday, Oct. 5 and holds re-
its cradle. Youve just hung up on them, tus, making the plants lips sync with its these that add polish to a show. hearsals Thursdays from 5:45 to 6:30 p.m. at
she explains. What are the spinny things voice, provided offstage by Craig Woods. And with this much polish, Ferndale the Arcata Presbyterian Church at 11th and G
on the phones for? quips one of the cast When Audrey II is at rest, he even makes Reps Little Shop of Horrors promises to streets. Singing in the Youth Choir can be fun,
members. the puppet breathe. Its a masterful be quite a gem. exciting and rewarding. Youth Choir members
The actors patiently run through the performance from someone you can easi- Little Shop of Horrors runs at the get performing experience and learn singing
sequence over and over. When Blouin ly forget is onstage the whole time. Ferndale Repertory Theatre, 447 Main technique, choir skills, soloing and movement.
or one of the tech crew call out Hold, Its hot in there though. Cooper wears St. from Sept. 29 through Oct. 29 Fridays Children from the ages of 5 to 14 are welcome;
everyone immediately stops what theyre a T-shirt with large pockets sewn on; and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays no prior singing experience is necessary. The
doing. They then wait patiently as new these hold ice packs to keep him from at 2 p.m. Order tickets online at Fern- Youth Choir is an interfaith choir that sings Af-
directions are issued, try out variations overheating. Blouin conscientiously calls, by calling the box office at rican American Gospel music. Interested youth
on their choreography and blocking, re- for Cooper to emerge from the puppet ev- (707) 786- 5483 and at the door begin- are invited to attend a rehearsal. (707) 822-
set and pick up the action from a cued ery moment hes not required to perform. ning 30 minutes before curtain time. 4444,,

SCI-FI PINT & FRY NIGHT See local comic Kim Hodges. There more information, visit the Ap- Marcia Mendels, Chris Man- Lifes Toughest Decisions: Deal-
Robot Wars (1983) and other will be a raffle during the show, pearances page on the USAF speaker, Laura Krueger, Jeff Kel- ing With Dilemmas, features a
psychotronic weirdness, trailers, with each ticketholder receiving Band of the Golden West website: ley, Robert Keiber, Kate Juliana, screening of the award-winning
short films and strange giveaways two free tickets at the door. Ad- Marla Joy, Jesse Jonathan, Julie short film The Last Race, the
today, Sept. 27 at Arcata The- mission is $25 for this 18 and events/index.asp. Froblom, Violet Dinning, Mor- story of a family forced to decide
atre Lounge, 1036 G St. Doors over show; advance tickets are gan Corviday and Jan Bramlett. whether to donate the organs of
open at 6 p.m. and the main fea- available at Wildberries Mar- MOKKA MUSIC Belles of the Le- Tickets are $15/$13 for students a loved one. Admission is free, as
ture starts at 7:30 p.m. In 2041, ketplace, the Minor Theatre box vee play old-timey tunes Friday, and Playhouse members and are are the coffee and snacks. (707)
a renegade Megarobot pilot and office and Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. at Caf Mok- available at Wildberries Market- 672-2919
an archaeologist must team up ka, 495 J St. in Arcata. There is no place, or
(despite personal differences, a cover for this all-ages show. (707) (707) 822-1575. TOXIC FAITH Ways that religion
reluctant romance, and official TRAVIS BRASS FREE CONCERT 822-2228 is sometimes harmful will be ex-
pressure to cease and desist) to The U.S. Air Force Band of the RADIO CLASH Its DJ night at plored at Lifetree Caf, Camp-
thwart rebels attempts to res- Golden West presents a free con- PAUL SIMON TRIBUTE AT THE the Alibi, 744 Ninth St., Sat- bell Creek Connexion at the
urrect a hidden Megarobot. Ad- cert by the Travis Brass in HSUs PLAYHOUSE Some of Hum- urday, Sept. 30 with Blanca- corner of 13th and Union streets
mission is free with $5 minimum Fulkerson Recital Hall Friday, boldts finest musicians return to tron, Gabe Pressure and Zero in Arcata, Sunday, Oct. 8 at 7
purchase of food or beverage. Pa- Sept. 29 at 7:30 p.m. The Travis the Arcata Playhouse, 1251 Ninth One spinning starting at 11 p.m. p.m. The program, titled Toxic
rental guidance is suggested. Brass is part of the U.S. Air Force St., Saturday, Sept. 30 at 8 There is a $2 cover for this 21 Faith: When Religion Hurts,
Band of the Golden West from p.m. for a repeat performance of and over evening. features a filmed interview with
TOM RHODES AT THE MINOR Travis Air Force Base, Calif. Com- a celebration of the music of Paul Sam Brower, the private investi-
World-famous comedian Tom prised of two trumpets, French Simon, spanning his career from MAKING TOUGH DECISIONS gator who cracked open the case
Rhodes returns to Arcata for the horn, trombone and a tuba, the his early days with Art Garfun- How to make difficult decisions that led to the arrest of Warren
first ever live standup comedy Travis Brass performs for a wide kel through his forays into South will be explored at Lifetree Caf, Jeffs, the leader of the polyga-
show at the Minor Theatre, 1001 variety of musical events such African and Afro-Brazilian influ- Campbell Creek Connexion at the mous Fundamentalist Church
H St., Arcata, Thursday, Sept. as military ceremonies, patriot- enced music. The evening will corner of 13th and Union streets of Latter-day Saints. Admission
28 at 9 p.m. The event, hosted ic shows, veteran appreciation feature Mark Weston, Tofu Mike, in Arcata, Sunday, Oct. 1 at 7 is free, as are the coffee and
by James Stephen, also features events and formal concerts. For Joel Sonenshein, Leslie Quinn, p.m. The program, titled Making snacks. (707) 672-2919

VENUE Wednesday, sept. 27 thursday, sept. 28 Friday, sept. 29 saturday, sept. 30 sunday, Oct. 1 MOnday, Oct. 2 tuesday, Oct. 3

Arcata Theatre Lounge 6 p.m. Sci Fi Pint 9 p.m. 6:30 p.m. On the
1036 G St., Arcata & Fry Night HSU Downtown Spot Improv Comedy
Blue Lake Casino 9 p.m. Karaoke 9 p.m. Claire Bent 9 p.m. 9 p.m. Karaoke
777 Casino Way, Blue Lake with KJ Leonard & Citizen Orange Uptown Kings with KJ Leonard
Cher-Ae Heights Casino 8 p.m. 9 p.m. 9 p.m. 8 p.m. Karaoke
27 Scenic Dr., Trinidad Free pool Backstreet Doug Fir & the 2x4s with DJ Marv
Humboldt Brews 9 p.m. Sweetwa- 9 p.m. Elevate! 9:30 p.m. Melvin 9:30 p.m. Melvin
856 10th St., Arcata ter String Band ft. Lukas Felt Seals & JGB Seals & JGB
The Jam 9 p.m. 9 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 10 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m.
915 H St., Arcata Whomp The Getdown Motherlode Reggae Night Sundaze 12BC Productions Comedy Night
The Logger Bar all day 9 p.m. 9 p.m. 6 p.m. all day all day
501 Railroad Ave., Blue Lake NFL Kingfoot Disco Dance Night Potluck Free pool Ping-pong
Mad River Brewing Co. 6 p.m. RLa w/ 6 p.m. 6 p.m. Redwood 6 p.m.
101 Taylor Way, Blue Lake Paula & Don Fred & Jr. Ramblers FireSign
Redwood Curtain Brewery 8 p.m. 8 p.m. Blase and 7 p.m.
550 South G St., Arcata Highway Poets the Stellar Jays Trivia Night
Six Rivers Brewery 2 p.m. DJ JDub 8 p.m. 8 p.m. Karaoke
1300 Central Ave., McKinleyville 9 p.m. Claire Bent Trivia Night with DJ Marv

now open
11 p.m.
On the Plaza

Full menu available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

WELCOME TO WILLITS IN ARCATA It's set in Willits, it's
got '80s action star Dolph Lundgren, a scruffy drifter Crossing the Atlantic
named Opossum played by one of the Culkin broth-
ers, meth-addicted weed farmers, an "ominous con- Press release
venience store clerk" obsessed with Bigfoot, unlucky CREAMERY DISTRICT Seven-time All Ireland ac-
teens just looking for some hot springs, and maybe cordion player John Whelan from Ireland and Amer-
even aliens (or are they?): its Welcome to Willits, and icana roots band Low Lily from Vermont have joined
its coming to Arcata! Based on their acclaimed SxSW forces in a collaboration they call Crossing the Atlantic,
short Welcome to Willits: Sundown, the Ryan brothers and are bringing the show to the Arcata Playhouse, 1251
wrote this film collaboratively while one of them was in Ninth St., Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 8 p.m.
federal prison on cannabis-related charges, mailing Exploring the musical traditions of Ireland and Ameri-
the script back and forth and meeting in the prison's ca, this diverse and energetic show will showcase the fine
visiting center. This is a filmmaker Q & A session you talents of these seasoned performers. Alongside fiery upt-
don't want to miss! The film opens at Arcatas Minor empo Irish jigs and reels will be traditional American folk
Theatre, 1001 H St., Friday, Sept. 29, then moves to The songs, original songs and instrumentals on button accor-
Miniplex, 401 I St., Arcata and runs there throughout dion, fiddle, guitars, mandolin and lush, layered vocals.
the month of October starting Wednesday, Oct. 5. Although Whelan grew up near London in Dunstable,
There will be a special spooky gala screening, which England, he was raised on the fiddle and pipe music of
includes a free glass of champagne and a filmmak- Ireland. Dunstable has a large Irish community, and his
er Q & A with the director and screenwriter Saturday, father, Denis, was from Irelands County Wexford. Ours
Oct. 28, also at The Miniplex. Doors open at 5 p.m was a very traditional household, said Whelan. My fa-
and the movie starts at 6 p.m. Tickets for the Oct. 28 ther didnt have any major vices his only addiction was
screening are $15; visit to Irish music. Whelans father carried a reel-to-reel
welcome-to-willits-gala for tickets to this screening. tape recorder to many shows, collecting hours of live mu-
To purchase tickets for the Sept. 29 screening at the sic; songs of home elicited sentimental tears, even when
Minor, visit the words were not in English. It was not the words but
MINARC/actual_book?perfcode=43156. Score tickets the emotion of the music that moved me, said Whelan.
for screenings at the Miniplex at miniplex.ticketleap. By age 14, already a seasoned winner of numerous accor-
com/welcome-to-willits. dion championships, Whelan recorded his first album,
Pride of Wexford the album is still in print and selling
steadily. Since his debut, Whelan has recorded six more
Fond farewells Lab director Brian Tissot sends a
regular HSU marine lab newsletter.
Finding Focus and begins at 10 a.m.
Light refreshments are provided. A
albums, and has been featured on numerous compila-
tions. Find out more at

ave Hoskins of Humboldt Sign up by emailing tissot@hum- $10 donation is suggested. Please call The Vermont-based band Low Lily explores the roots
States Fred Telonicher Marine or go to (707) 496-5350 for reservations and and branches of American folk music, creating a unique
Laboratory has retired after a Ocean Friendly Garden Program location as seating is limited. brand of acoustic music that is rooted yet contemporary.
40-year career at the lab. The marine Rebecca Price Hall, stormwater CASA Kid Walk Low Lily Liz Simmons on vocals and guitar; Flynn Co-
laboratory technician has been a major specialist with the City of Trinidad, in- Court Appointed Special Advo- hen on vocals, guitar and mandolin; and Lissa Schneck-
fixture at the lab and influenced legions vites Trinidad residents to learn about cates for Children holds its 15th an- enburger on vocals and fiddle are all masterful players,
of faculty and students during his ten- the Ocean Friendly Garden Program, nual CASA Kid Walk Saturday, Oct. composers and arrangers with deep relationships to tradi-
ure, which began as a student in 1976. which offers incentives to gardeners to 7 at 6 p.m. starting at Madaket Plaza, tional music styles ranging from bluegrass to Irish, Scot-
He then became the lab janitor in 1977, create low-impact development in their Eureka. tish, New England and Old Time Appalachian sounds.
eventually became a lab technician in yards that help improve water quality Members of Trinidad Civic Club Born in San Francisco, Simmons developed a unique
1979 and later moved into the senior and groundwater involving conserva- support this walk each year and con- vocal, guitar and songwriting style that draws from her
lab technician position. tion, soil permeability and tribute to the program for foster chil- childhood raised by itinerant folk musicians, and her stud-
Fellow lab tech Grant rainwater retention. Find dren in Humboldt County. Find out ies in the folk and ballad traditions of Ireland, Scotland,
Eberle wrote, Dave rarely out more by contacting her more about forming or sponsoring a England and America as well as contemporary folk music.
complains about difficult job at (707) 499-6454 or stop by team by calling (707) 443-3197 or vis- Cohen, an Ohio native, holds a degree in composition
assignments or challenging her office at 463 Trinity St. it the CASA office at 2356 Myrtle Ave., from Dartington College in England, and an MA from Mills
working conditions. Here, Whitehawk at Westhaven Eureka. College, and has toured worldwide with numerous notable
at the marine lab, there are Teresa Whitehawk will Rest in Peace Pat Koutouzos acts in traditional and contemporary acoustic music.
many areas we need to ac- present a talk and read from Heartfelt sympathy to husband Schneckenburger grew up in Maine as an active mem-
cess that are under walkways Stories From the Twisted Dennis Koutouzos and the family of ber of the folk community, graduated from The New En-
or on top of aquaria and are Hairs, her collection of 10 Pat Koutouzos, who died this month gland Conservatory of Music and has performed inter-
usually cold, wet and dirty. short stories spanning the after several years struggling to re- nationally as a solo artist and with Solas and Childsplay,
He rarely complains, but just puts on 1970s to the present, Saturday, Sept. 30 cover from a stroke. Pat was involved among others.
his old jacket and goes to it. He has of- from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Westhaven Cen- in so many positive things in Trini- Together as Low Lily, these relatively young but
ten been asked to fill in for vacant staff ter for the Arts, 501 South Westhaven dad, writing the Trinidad Chamber of well-seasoned musicians bring their considerable
or administrative positions. When we Dr. There is a $5 suggested donation. Commerce newsletter while Dennis strengths, experience and history together to create an
have been between office managers, he For information on this and the many was president; volunteering for Trin- undeniably rich and versatile musical palette. Low Lily
has done the essential office work that center programs encompassing film, idad Art Nights venues; serving as a has had two no. 1 songs on international folk radio,
needs to get done every month. He is fitness, music and art, visit westhaven- Trinidad Museum docent; helping at and have been nominated for two New England Music
the behind the scenes guy that keeps or call (707) 677-9493. her church; and serving in Trinidad Awards. Find out more at
the marine lab running smoothly, but Fine Arts Salon Civic Club projects. Tickets are $20/$18 for students and Playhouse
few know just what is involved in keep- Join the Ladies Fine Arts Salon Friends can remember the sweet- members. For more information and to reserve, visit ar-
ing this place humming along. Being a Friday, Oct, 6, sponsored by the In- ness of Pat on Sunday, Oct. 1 at 2 p.m. or call (707) 822-1575.
satellite facility off of the main campus, ner Center Fine Arts Institute, inc., a in her home at 161 Westgate Dr, Trin-
we are somewhat on our own. We of- 501(c)3, with additional information idad, or you can email Dennis at dk-
ten have to solve our own problems on available at Salons
Wesleyan Church
the fly such as computer issues, plumb- are presented by institute co-founder of the Redwoods
Pastor Chuck Clark
ing issues, wildlife issues, etc. Donna Haddock. This salons topic is Email Patti at
at 10 a.m.

sponsored by the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust. Bring wa- Traditional worship
HSUs Sustainable Futures Speaker Series is a lecture ter, snacks and gloves, and wear closed-toed shoes, long
Bible Study
by Nick Goulette, executive director of the Watershed pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Park at the base of Trini- 7 p.m. Wednesday
Center in Weaverville. Goulette will explore Imag- dad Head and walk up to the lighthouse to help keep your (Sept. through May)
ining and achieving the potential of commu- public lands healthy while enjoying breath-tak- 839-2625
nity-based forestry in Northern California ing views of the Pacific and the Humboldt coast. 1645 Fischer Rd., McKinleyville
Thursday, Sept. 28 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in For more information, call 677-2501, or email
HSU Founders Hall 118. Over the past 13 years To learn
with the center, Goulette has worked on a wide more about the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust,
range of collaborative projects. He is chair of visit
the Northern California Prescribed Fire Coun-
cil and a longtime member of the leadership MARSH TOUR Friends of the Arcata Marsh
team for the Rural Voices for Conservation sponsors a free tour of the Arcata Marsh & Wild-
Coalition. He also helped establish the Califor- life Sanctuary Saturday, Sept. 30 at 2 p.m.
Meet leader Barbara Reisman at the Interpretive Center
nia Forest Biomass Working Group and the California
Statewide Wood Energy Team, and worked with the de-
sign and launch of the national Fire Adapted Commu-
on South G Street for a 90-minute walk focusing on the
ecology of the Marsh. Loaner binoculars available with
photo ID. (707) 826-2359
nities Learning Network. The Speaker Series is a joint
project of the Schatz Energy Research Center and the
HSU Environment & Community graduate program.
MARKET, (707) 822-4345 Sunday, October 1
TRINIDAD HEAD WORKDAY Join the Bureau of Land
Management and the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust in a day Redwood Acres
celebrating and caring for beautiful Trinidad Head Satur- Fairground
day, Sept. 30 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Give back to the land Admission fee: $1 After 9am
and help spruce up the coast on national Public Lands Kids 12 & Under FREE
Day by helping pull out invasive ivy and reintroduce na- Early Birds $2
tive plants around the historic Trinidad Lighthouse. The For Reservations Call Dayton
event, sponsored by the Arcata BLM office, is part of the (707) 822.5292
ongoing Trinidad Coastal Naturalist Training Program,


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Sales for Survivors
HUMBLDT October is Breast Cancer medical advocate. The organization ad-
Awareness Month, and for the 14th year, vocates within the local community to
the Breast and GYN Health Project, 987 address breast and gynecologic cancer
Eighth St. in Arcata, is holdins Sales for concerns responsibly and holistically. It
Survivors, along with a number of events is comprised of cancer survivors and sup- The following businesses have pledged to donate 10 percent or more of their
to promote awareness of breast and gyne- port persons whose practice is healing proceeds when you shop and dine on the following dates in October, which is
cological health, as well as raise funds. through service and bearing witness to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The Breast and GYN Health Project is a others.
grassroots community resource for those The organization offers a warmline and Tuesday, OcT. 3 Claudias Organic Herbs, Tranquility Lane Flowers,
facing breast or gynecologic cancer con- a wide array of support and information Plaza Grill, Arcata Arcata Farmers Market Garberville
cerns. Its mission is to promote healthy services for those with cancer and whose Wednesday, OcT. 4 Fabric Temptations, Arcata Stars, Arcata
survivorship through information, hope, who support them. To learn more, visit The Diver Bar & Grill, The Garden Gate, Arcata Ultimate Yogurt, Arcata
and healing support, while encouraging or call (707) 825-8345. Arcata Garden of Beadin, Gar- saTurday, OcT. 14
Multipure Water Filters (do- berville Miller Farms Nursery,
nating 20%, Good Relations, Eureka McKinleyville
BREAST CANCER AWARENESS & FUNDRAISING EVENTS IN OCTOBER cleanwater-betterhealth) Here & There Vintage, Tuesday, OcT. 17
McKinleyville Girls Cider for Nonprofits Bath Day Thursday, OcT. 5 Eureka Adventures Edge, Arcata
Volleyball DIG PINK Tuesday, Oct. 17 from 2 Sunday, Oct. 22 at Myr- Blossoms Florist, Eureka Holly Yashi, Arcata (in & Eureka
Thursday, Oct. 12 at 5 to 10 p.m. in the Hum- tle Avenue Pet in Eureka Friday, OcT. 6 store & online) Thursday, OcT. 19
p.m. in the McKinleyville boldt Cider Company Bathe your pet for $10, Dutch Bros., both Eureka Hot Knots, Arcata Its Alive! Kombucha,
High School Gymnasium Tap Room, 517 F St., with all proceeds bene- locations Humboldt Herbals, Eureka Bayside (2-5 p.m.)
Wear pink and catch the Eureka fitting BGHP. Plaza, Arcata The Linen Closet, Eureka Friday, OcT. 20
spirit as the JV and Varsi- $1 of each cider sold Zumbathon in Bayside Scrappers Edge, Eureka Scrappers Edge, Eureka Heart Bead, Arcata
ty Girls Volleyball Teams benefits BGHP. Sunday, Oct. 29 at noon Soul to Soul, Arcata The Shanty, Eureka (do- Ramones Bakery, all
honor breast cancer sur- HSU Football - Sack at the Bayside Commu- Stars, Arcata nating 15%) locations
vivors, raising awareness Cancer Game nity Hall 2297 Jacoby saTurday, OcT. 7 Whiplash Curve, Eureka saTurday, OcT. 21
and funds for BGHP. Saturday, Oct. 21 6 Creek Rd., Bayside All Under Heaven, Arcata MOnday, OcT. 9 Ferndale Clothing Co.,
Zumba Party in Pink p.m. in the HSU Football Join Marla Joy and (donating 50%) Beachcomber Caf, Ferndale
Saturday, Oct. 14 at Stadium other local Zumba in- Arcata Exchange, Arcata Trinidad MOnday, OcT. 23
5:30 p.m. at the Adorni The Jacks play Western structors for two hours of Art Center, Arcata Tuesday, OcT. 10 Signature Coffee Compa-
Center, Eureka Oregon Wolves, recog- high-energy fun, includ- (donating 20%) Big Blue Caf, Arcata ny, Redway
Michaele Whiteley and nizing breast cancer sur- ing a raffle with over Belle Starr, Arcata & Thursday, OcT. 12 Tuesday, OcT. 24
other local Zumba in- vivors and the resources 50 items. Dress in your Eureka The Alibi, Arcata Banana Hut Grill, Eureka
structors host a nonstop, of BGHP. favorite costume and/ Blue Moon Gift Shop, Brick and Fire Bistro, Wednesday, OcT. 25
two-hour extravanza All Female DJ Night or in pink! Admission fee Garberville Eureka Abruzzi, Arcata
with a dutch raffle. All Saturday, Oct. 21 at 10 from $10 to $15 benefits Booklegger, Eureka Fin-n-Feather, Eureka Friday, OcT. 27
proceeds benefit BGHP. p.m. at The Alibi, Arcata BGHP. Bubbles, Arcata Friday, OcT. 13 Arcata Scoop, Arcata
Wear pink, be in cos- DJs Anya, Blancatron, Caravan of Dreams, Beachcomber Caf, saTurday, OcT. 28
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...Celebrating Agricultural Traditions Clockworks, Arcata 10% of all nipple piercing & a percentage of
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Saturday 10 - 12
Linden & Company Salon & Spa, Rays Food Place &Shop Smart, all
(1st 200 children
Christies Pumpkin Patch Blue Lake
receive gifts)
Eureka 10% of product sales, plus all Humboldt County locations Register
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily proceeds from a raffle Roundup
Daily 11:30 & 2:30 $6 Adults, $3 Children 3-12, 2 years & under free Mad River Union 25% of all new one- The Shanty, Eureka 50% of sales of
4HPetting Zoo
Pony Rides Archery Knights of Mayhem year subscriptions ( a specialty drink for the month
Boffing Games Jousting 12:30 & 3:30 daily Multipure Water Filters 15% of sales Six Rivers Brewery, McKinleyville $1
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SMOKING DRAGON terhealth) S.T.I.L, Eureka 100% of proceeds
BBQ A benefit for CoAstAl Grove ChArter sChool Pto Primal Decor, Eureka $5 from each from boobie bath bombs

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
cata s de ense d s u ts e ndale o cto

ARCATA TIGERS Above, Arcatas offensive line opens a big gap for RB Demitri Patter-
son. Left, Patterson follows the block of Maximus Rice.

Rick Macey On offense, Patterson was his usual slip-

Mad RiveR Union pery, spinning, sprinting, slyly stepping self,
FERNDALE Minutes after leading the gaining 184 yards on 32 carries and a touch-
undefeated Tigers past Ferndale 26-8 on down. He made key plays on both sides of
Saturday, Arcata quarterback Austin Kadle the ball. He dived on a fumble at Ferndales
stood beside fellow captain Demitri Patter- 21-yard line to set up his TD run on the next
son on Coach Carlson Field. play early in the fourth quarter, and he went
The game wouldnt have been the way horizontal for an interception late in the
it is without our defense. We held them to game.
only one score. The turnovers they got back Receiver Micah Birdsall caught two pass-
for us opened up our offense. Everybody es each for a touchdown for 93 yards,
made plays. Everybody stepped up when and that aptly describes his field savvy for
they needed to and it was a great team ef- run after the catch.
fort, Kadle said. But it was Kadles poise and patience be-
Arcatas defense was outstanding as the hind a dominating offensive line that ulti-
Tigers rattled Ferndale early in the fourth mately separated the Tigers from the Wild-
quarter, forcing key turnovers The Wildcats cats. He connected on 10 of 20 passes for
lost all five of their fumbles. A late-game 215 yards, two touchdowns and an end zone
diving pick by Patterson Ferndales sixth pick.
turnover put an exclamation point on Ar- Averaging nearly 11 yards per pass at-
catas triumph. S


McKinleyville football forfeits to Del Norte

Rick Macey many games as possible, but we have to Goalkeeper Quin Parker made 10
Mad RiveR Union look at this as week to week. stops against Fortuna. Arcatas goals
McKINLEYVILLE As the Mad Riv- The Panthers (0-3) are scheduled to were scored (and assisted) by Milo
er Union reported last week, the McKin- host Arcata (3-0) on Friday. Game time Weller (Andy Miranda), Weller (Connor
leyville football team had several players is 7:30 p.m. Olson), and Miranda (Justus Contant).
in concussion protocol, depleting its un- Arcata volleyball sweeps McKinleyville Coach Ren said that consistent team
dermanned roster to a bare minimum of ARCATA Arcata improved to 13-1 leadership has been shown by Andrew
players. overall, winning its conference opener Cavinta, Kirk Hakenen, and Kai Narum.
Not surprisingly, the winless Pan- against rival McKinleyville in three sets, ant e s a e n s n
thers ground to a halt last week with too 25-22, 25-20, 25-20. Coach Laurie Grif- o ol season
few players to field a complete team for fith had a busy weekend afterward, ac- CRESCENT CITY McKinleyvilles
the Big 5 matchup against Del Norte, companying the junior varsity team for girls golf team remained undefeated as
which was awarded its first win of the a weekend in Brookings, Ore. it won the third conference contest of
season. Against the Panthers, Kaylin Camp- the season. Molly Citro led the Panthers
We are trying to take it week by bell led in kills and blocks, Tessabelle with an 83, five strokes behind St. Ber-
week, head coach Keoki Burbank said. Nutter in serving aces and digs, and Cas- nards Allison Sobol at Del Norte Golf
Injuries are making it really rough on sie Flint paced the Tigers in assists. Course.
us. McKinleyville dropped to 2-10 over- Citros score is as close as anyone has
McKinleyville has also agreed to for- all, 0-1 in league. been able to challenge Sobol so far this
feit to St. Barnards in a game scheduled cata to s u eka n o s socce season. Isabella Sundberg (4th, 89) and
for Saturday, Nov. 4. The Crusaders will EUREKA Arcata kept pace with Phoebe Sundberg (5th, 90) helped pace
travel to play Locke High School in Los league-leading Fortuna by dispatching the Panthers (361), who were followed
Angeles. the home-standing Loggers 3-0 on Sat- by Arcata (456), St. Bernards (526), and
We told teams, If you can find a urday. The Tigers improved to 8-2 over- Fortuna (527) in the top four.
guaranteed game, take it. Its not fair to all and 5-0 in conference. The Huskies Emma Gans of Fortuna placed third
those teams if we cant play, he said. are also undefeated at 6-0 in league. The with a score of 84. Avary Henry was Ar-
McKinleyville is scheduled to be at Tigers will look to break the deadlock at catas top finisher. She shot a 97 to place
Eureka for the Loggers homecoming. the top when Fortuna visits Arcata next sixth.
Eureka is actively searching for a re- Wednesday, Oct. 4. S omen second at ato n te
placement opponent. It would be a Coach Tony Ren gives his guys a 7 on SAN FRANCISCO Three freshman ARCATA VS. MACK TOWN Arcatas Kaylin
bummer for them to not have a game, a 10 scale. I think we have to be more stepped up for Humboldt States wom- Campbell (10) tries to block McKinleyvilles Hail-
coach Burbank said. We hope to play as consistent, he said. ee Henry. Photo by CandiCe LaCkey

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Nationally ranked HSU squeaks by Western Oregon in OT

Rick Macey Revis picked apart the Jacks defense. Tor- Webber tossed his third interception of ter kick.
Mad RiveR Union reahno Sweet punched a six-yard touch- the game on the ensuing possession, but Duckworth connected with Revis for
MONMOUTH Humboldt State erased down run with 24 seconds left before inter- the Jacks had more fight left in them. HSUs a 30-yard touchdown pass on the Wolves
a 21-point second-half deficit to edge host mission to put the home team ahead 28-14. defense forced a three-and-out and tied the overtime possession, but Saldana missed
Western Oregon 49-48 in overtime on Sat- The Wolves opened the second half with game at 42-all with a 33-yard touchdown the PAT and HSU prevailed.
urday at McArthur Field. The undefeated a 12-play, 75-yard touchdown drive capped haul by Todd with less than two minutes Gardner finished with 25 carries for
Lumberjacks improved to 3-0 overall and by another Sweet rushing score. left on the clock. HSU was aided on the 176 yards and two rushing touchdowns.
2-0 in the Great Northwest Athletic Con- Trailing 35-14, HSU returned to its most seven-play, 80-yard touchdown drive by a Webber, the GNAC Offensive Player of the
ference. reliable offensive weapon running back pivotal 15-yard personal foul facemask call Week, was 17-of-27 passing for 334 yards,
Youve got to be both good and lucky JaQuan Gardner. The senior broke a 50- on what would have been a Webber sack. five touchdowns and three interceptions
in this game, said HSU head coach Rob yard touchdown run with 5:37 left in the Once again penalties kept the Wolves for a high-level quarterback rating of 106.
Smith. We were good today in a lot of third quarter and added a six-yard touch- from closing out the game in the final drive Todd also provided another outstand-
phases, not good enough in others and down reception a little more than three of regulation. ing offensive performance. He had sev-
lucky at the end. minutes later. Adrian Saldana got the nod to attempt en catches, 225 receiving yards and three
A pair of long touchdown passes from The Jacks drove 81 yards on nine plays a 52-yard, game-winning field goal as the touchdowns. The juniors receiving yards
quarterback Robert Webber to John Todd to even the game at 35-35 as Webber dialed game came to a close, but a false start total ranks as the second most all-time in
of 90 and 30 yards gave the Jacks a 14-7 up senior receiver Chase Krivashei from 10 moved the kicker out of range. a game.
lead at the end of the first quarter. Todd yards out in the back of the end zone with For the first time since Nov. 1, 2014, a On the defensive side, Edwin Campbell
finished the first half with 120 total receiv- 12:13 remaining in regulation. GNAC meeting had to be settled in over- and James Benedix were the teams top
ing yards. The Wolves answered by marching time. HSU got the first shot in overtime. tacklers with 12 and 10 stops, respectively.
Western Oregon scored 21 unanswered down the field. The nine-play drive was Gardner carried the ball five times for 23 HSU returns to the Redwood Bowl on
points before halftime as Wolves signal capped by a 12-yard touchdown strike from yards, including a 3-yard touchdown scam- Saturday against Chadron State. Kickoff is
caller Nick Duckworth and receiver Paul Duckworth to Zack Suarez. per for a 49-42 edge following the point-af- scheduled for 6 p.m.

Arcata Tigers | At MHS Friday Linebackers Reid Mather and Kevin Madero got after it, yard romp by Patterson. Kadle leaned into the end zone
no doubt. Madero made a big stop on the first snap of the from a yard out.
FROM C1 game, dropping Ferndale running back Wyatt Coppini for Ferndale countered in the third quarter as QB Landon
tempt, Kadle finished with an excellent quarterback rating a one-yard loss. Mather was in on the next two stops. Gomes dumped a screen pass to Coppini, who dodged de-
of 101. And he also added five rushes for 15 yards, includ- Arcata entered this game coming off a bye. Mather and fenders 30 yards to the end zone. Coppini also ran for the
ing a 1-yard TD plunge in the second quarter. Madero agreed that the Tigers took advantage of that. 2-pt. conversion.
Arcata compiled 429 yards on offense to Ferndales 193. Weve been watching film for a couple weeks and we knew At 5:08 in the third quarter Ferndale 8, Arcata 7.
The Tigers had an edge in every statistical category except what they were coming to hit us with, and we were pre- With 4:06 remaining in the third quarter, Ferndale
sacks. pared. The couple of times they got long runs, we werent launched its best drive of the game. The Wildcats drove
Honestly, the offensive line and receivers made it the in the right places, we werent watching the field, and thats the ball from their 45 to Arcatas 16, where solid D line play
way it was, Kadle said. Our wide receivers made catches, when they got us, Mather said. led by Chase Hess and smothering pass coverage forced a
they made big plays, they made long runs just a great job By the fourth quarter, Mather, Madero and the rest short-field punt that pinned the Tigers at their own 6-yard
all around for our team. of Arcatas defense had discombobulated and disrupted line.
So his teammates made him look good? Ferndales offense, which basically collapsed. Ferndale head coach Jeremy Griffith regarded that se-
Yes, the senior QB said. Id say our defense got into their heads, fumble after ries specifically Arcatas defensive stand in the red zone
No argument there. fumble, Mather said. Theyd do a good job, and then as the difference in the game. They were able to capi-
We knew this was a big game our first test, Patterson theyd fumble and put their heads down. We dont do that. talize on it and get the score, and thats when we started
said. This sets us up for everything ahead. We keep our heads up. pressing.
Arcata relied heavily on its defense, not least because Madero said his teammates were aware what was riding Arcata went 94 yards in four plays to end the stalemate
yellow flags against the Tigers frequently littered the field on this game: respect, remaining unbeaten, and sending a as Arcatas QB connected with Max Mather for a 19-yard
when they had the ball. They were penalized five times for signal to the rest of the league that the 2017 Tigers are for pass play. After a holding call, Austin Kadle next found slot
35 yards in the games opening three minutes and finished real. back Micah Birdsall, who outran Cody Collings along the
the contest with 17 penalties for 162 yards. Ferndale got As coach was saying, this is our biggest game, that we right sideline for a 69-yard touchdown and a 13-8 edge.
whistled for eight infractions for 81 yards. need to win this game no matter what. This proves what After that, Ferndale pressed the self-destruct button.
Offensively its hit or miss, but defensively its about weve been working toward since January, and through the Competitiveness and trying to make a play led to some
effort and communication, we can always be good at that, summer. of those turnovers, said coach Griffith. Ball security took
Arcata head coach Jamal Jones said. Relentless effort, A combination of penalties and big defensive plays by a back seat to trying to make a play and unfortunately that
always communicate, everybody move as one unit. Thats Ferndale kept Arcata off balance for most of the first half. cost us.
what we do best. Despite out-gaining the Wildcats in total offense, 217 yards Patterson recovered a botched handoff at Ferndales 21,
Patterson made key plays in Arcatas defensive second- to 52 through the opening two quarters, Ferndale had four and ran left sideline for a TD on the next play. Arcata 19,
ary, but he singled out his linebacking teammates as the sacks by Coppini, Hunter Barnes, Harry Piazza, and Jes- Ferndale 8, with 10:02 to go.
backbone of the Tigers D. se Sines. Those plays slowed or stopped the Tigers in their Arcata D-back Anthony McQueeney foiled a Gomes to
Our linebackers are willing to step up and fill holes, for tracks. Jackson Wagner pass attempt. Next play, Juan Cabrera
sure, he said. Thats our strongest point on defense. Arcatas defense was stifling, though, limiting Fern- and Wyatt Coonrod pounced on a misfired Ferndale snap.
dales most dangerous weapon on offense Coppini to With another short field, Birdsalls catch and run from 24
18 yards on seven touches in the half. yards, and Pattersons 2-pt. conversion run made it 26-8
CROSSWORD PUZZLE For the game, Coppini ran for 97 yards on 17 rushes. with 9:20 remaining.
ACROSS 3. Noises heard when a He scored his teams only TD with nifty running after In three minutes, under relentless Arcata defensive
1. Water vapor wimp sees a mouse the catch on a screen pass. He fought hard, pushed back, pressure, Ferndale surrendered three touchdowns.
6. Round: abbr. 4. One: Scot.
10. Fraud 5. Way
played tough, and took the loss with class. The Wildcats counterpunched with a 29-yard run by
14. Stadium 6. Expenses We couldnt get the job done today, Coppini said. We Coppini, but another lost fumble to Cabrera gave Arcata
15. Skating rink 7. Burl __ were in it, but turnovers and penalties just killed us. Too the ball near midfield. The Tigers drive ended in a touch-
16. Yarn 8. Crash into many mistakes. I think if we got another shot at them, it back pick by Collings.
17. Stolen 9. 151
18. Punctuation mark 10. Shoppers destination would turn out differently hopefully. The Wildcats advanced from their 20 to Arcatas 38 be-
20. 23rd letters, flipped 11. Unruffled Coppini said that the Tigers earned Ferndales respect. fore Pattersons diving interception posted the ITS OVER
21. Phooey! 12. African flower Theyre a talented team, for sure. But I think we can defi- emoji on this game.
23. Ready for battle 13. On the __; healing
24. Confused jumble 19. Transported nitely compete with them a little better than we did today. We were better conditioned and the most physical
25. Beget 22. Exploit Maybe well meet in the playoffs. team out here. There was no way in the fourth quarter that
27. Toward the land 24. Shape Kadles favorite target in the first half Parker Gray we were ever going to back down from them, Madero said.
30. Play people 25. Preservatives
26. Small land surrounded
had four receptions for 70 yards while Patterson rolled up Hayden Santsche, Matt Jorias, Francis Ford, and Maxi-
31. Auxiliary verb
34. Fish-eating mammal by the ocean 103 yards on 20 carries. mus Rice each made fine plays as every Arcata starter con-
35. Fine netting 27. Questioned Arcata finally broke the scoreless slugfest with less than tributed to the win.
36. Again, in music 28. English Channel feeder 40 seconds to go in the second quarter. A 50-yard drive Arcata (3-0 overall, 1-0 in conference) travels to winless
37. Generosity 29. Conveniently located
41. Stop 30. Like little Shirley Temple punctuated by Grays 36-yard run after catch set up a 12- McKinleyville on Friday. Game time is 7:30 p.m.
42. Iniquities 31. White poplar
43. Nautical term 32. Stair piece
44. Actress Susan 33. Mountain roads
are for the season, get an accurate measure of how fit ev-
45. Lean
46. Tends the lawn
35. Coin toss call
38. Announce the arrival of
Roundup | Saving HSU football eryone is and how we stack up against other teams in the
48. Paving substances 39. Word with for or which West Region, Harris said.
49. Not bananas 40. Mans nickname FROM C1
50. Saharan transport 46. Sickly looking Arcatas Zumbrun honored as
47. Formations that are
ens cross country team as the Lady Jacks finished second states player of the week
53. Marriage symbol
54. Item for sitters only sometimes acute at the Gator Invite held at Golden Gate Park. ARCATA Karina Zumbrun was recognized as the Cal-
57. Left high and dry 48. Religious principle Annie Roberts led HSU, placing ninth overall in 22:07.9. ifornia Player of the Week by MaxPreps and United Soccer
60. Unrestrained 49. Take __; show partiality A trio of talented freshmen followed the senior with Ces-
62. Folksinger Seeger 50. Bonnets Coaches. Zumbrun, a midfielder and team scoring leader
63. Knotty swelling 51. Fourth person sair McKinney (12th), Kaylee Thompson (16th), and Rosa (along with Bailey Cherms), scored the game-winning goal
64. Rub out 52. __ Hari Granados (20th) scoring important team points. last Wednesday against visiting St. Bernards.
65. Bench piece 53. Make over The three freshmen are very talented and they have
66. Parts of psyches 54. Be idle Faith Schneider-Reuter had a team-high five shots on
67. Less risky 55. South African fox bonded, said head coach Jamey Harris. They are doing a goal as she and Cherms scored for the Tigers in the 3-2
DOWN 56. Noble great job of working together. victory. Arcata goalkeeper Skaidra Pulley made six saves.
1. Quench 58. .36524 + .63476 Tatiana Gillick (26th) joined the scoring effort and com-
2. Parking lot-to-airport 59. Holiday party offering Abiona Katri tallied both goals for the Crusaders.
terminal transport 61. __ pro nobis; pray for us pleted the 6-kilometer race in 23:09.3. Undefeated in conference, Arcata (8-0-1, 5-0) travels to
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Annie Roberts continues to impress she is having a rival McKinleyville (4-6-2, 2-2-1) on Saturday. Game time
great senior year, said Harris. It was great to get Tati- is 1 p.m.
14 15 16
ana Gillick out on the course with the team. We had her Arcata girls shut out St. Bernards in tennis
17 18 19 running really conservatively, but it was just really encour- EUREKA Arcatas girls tennis team swept St. Bernards
20 21 22 23
aging for everybody. The womens performance was fan- in a conference contest. In singles action, Marlie Thorn-
tastic. burgh, Casey McAtasney, Emerald VanBebber-West, and
24 25 26
HSU men slowed by illness at Gator Invite Sydni Sobota each won in straight sets.
27 28 29 30 31 32 33 SAN FRANCISCO The Lumberjack men finished in In doubles action, the duos of Thornburgh/VanBeb-
34 35 36
fifth place at the Gator Invite as several Jacks struggled ber-West and Sobota/Simone Haggerty also prevailed
with not feeling well. Daniel Tull finished 16th overall and without dropping a set. The Tigers improved to 4-1 overall.
37 38 39 40
finished the 8-kilometer course in 25:40.4. Second for HSU launches fundraising effort for athletics
41 42 43 HSU was Dustyn Salomon (27th, 26:13.0) followed closely ARCATA The Humboldt State University athletics
by Adam Grimmitt (29th, 26:17.7).
44 45 46 47 department, along with a group of community members
HSUs senior leader, Cristian Nazarek, was two weeks
and boosters, has launched a new pledge drive to gener-
48 49 removed from third place at the Humboldt Invite, but he
ate operating funds for the athletics program.
50 51 52 53 54 55 56 wasnt on his game at Golden Gate Park. He finished 33rd
The campaign is gathering pledges, and plans to ac-
in 26:25.8.
57 58 59 60 61 cept cash donations after reaching a goal of $350,000 in
Daniel Tull had a very good day. Elliott Portillo had a
62 63 64 big improvement from last week, and Evan LeDesma and pledges by Oct. 9.
Adam Grimmitt both made improvements in the way they In total, the campaign is looking to raise $500,000
65 66 67
ran. A lot of positive things on the mens side, said HSU from the community in order to win a matching amount
Solution on page C3 coach Jamey Harris. of funds from the University.
The donations and the campus matching total will help
The weekly crossword is
brought to you by Kinetic Koffee HSU cross country returns to action in Satur-
days Charles Bowles/Willamette Invite in Salem, Ore. ensure the sustainability of HSUs 12 NCAA Division II
Organic, fresh, local and available at Eureka Natural Foods,
That is one of the races that we hope to see where we athletic programs.
Murphys Markets, the North Coast Co-op and Wildberries!

Golden age dogs for the fall Meet the

all is a perfect time to adopt a walking style, he does still like a good
dog in its golden years! The
game of fetch and enjoys playing with
shelter has several older dogs balls and toys. If you are looking for a
available for adoption. Two of these relaxed dog who is still full of life and

are estimated to be 8 years old, which love, meet Russell today! ans of the 80s classic film Labyrinth
qualifies them for the very reduced se- Coco is another 8-year-old who may recognize Jareths name, and
nior dog adoption fees at the shelter. came in about the same time as Rus- it is with the utmost respect that we
My beloved Hank is 11 years young sell. She is listed as a husky mix, dubbed this handsome boy after David Bowies Gob-
and he would tell you that an 8-year- though she could just as easily be a lin King character. His unique smokey coat, extra large
old dog is still very much in the prime border collie type. She came in with ears and affectionate, ready-to-please personality would
of its life! two other dogs from a situ- make Jareth a wonderful choice for a family attracted to
Senior dogs always gen- ation where the owner was the slightly offbeat.
erate another round of the known but not properly car- Though we do not know Jareths
who would ditch their ing for the dogs. Coco family history before he was brought
older dog? question, but As with Russell, the vol- to us by a fellow animal rescue ser-
let someone elses loss be unteers enjoy the ease of vice, we believe he may possess some
your gain. These three are handling Coco, especially compact size, and has an endearing Oriental breed traits. This idiosyn-
the new favorites with our after walking some of our habit of grumbling gently when she cratic breed was brought into exis-
volunteers because of their more energetic youngsters. sits down. Though she has only been tence by mixing Siamese cats with a
gentle manners and ease of Coco is another easy walk- available for a week or two, she has variety of other breeds in an effort
walking. And they seem so apprecia- er who enjoys the chance to get out become a big favorite. to expand the Siamese gene pool fol-
tive of pets and attention! in the play yard and run around a bit. All of these dogs are spayed or lowing WWII, resulting in their char-
First up is Russell. He is an 8-year- She is very happy to have any atten- neutered, microchipped and vac- acteristic slender body and face shape. Oriental cats are
old mixed breed mutt, with a tri-col- tion that people would like to give cinated. They are available at the known to be fiercely loyal and require lots of attention, so
or coat and the gentlest personality her and will sit or stand quietly for as Humboldt County Animal Shelter, Jareth would thrive in a home that can make him feel like
that anyone could ask for. Russell is long as the pettings keep coming! She 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville hes royalty every day.
easy to hook up and walk and seems has lived peacefully with other dogs, (near the airport). The shelter is open We pride ourselves on pairing our animals with purrr-
thrilled to meet new people. He is fine and was even kenneled with another Monday through Friday; more info is fect new companions, so we encourage anyone interested
out walking with the other dogs and female, but is a little confused by the available at (707) 840 -9132. in Jareth to come in and visit our kitten room Tuesday
isnt distracted walking down the cha- quantity of dogs at the shelter. She through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our Sunny
otic kennel row. would probably need a controlled in- Brae location. Pictures of the rest of our adoptable ani-
troduction to meet potential canine Diamond mals can be found at
housemates, though she has not met All of the animals at Companion Animal Foundation
a human that she hasnt liked and have been spayed/neutered, treated for parasites, and
would be thrilled to have her own per- are up-to-date on their vaccines. If you have any ques-
son all to herself! tions about a particular animal or would like to know
Russell more about the adoption process, give us a call at (707)
This last little dog isnt technically
a senior dog, though she could cer- 826-7387 or email Don't for-
tainly be called an old soul. Diamond get to follow Companion Animal Foundation on Face-
is estimated at only 5 years old, but book and Instagram!
she has the same sweet personality as
these other two. She is a small pit bull Have you adopted an animal through Companion
mix who would make an excellent Animal Foundation over the last 15 years? We'd love to
ambassador for her breed. And thank you to all who have hear from you! Send your pictures and stories to caf-
Diamond is a very sweet and contacted me about working towards
good-natured girl with excellent man- a spay and neuter ordinance! I have
ners. She walks on leash without any received lots of ideas and offers of
pulling or drama, knows some com- participation. The more the merrier, SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WOMEN Once again, the Hum-
mands and is eager to please. One of so please write to me at redwoodpal- boldt Branch of the American Association of University
Russell appears to be housebro- our volunteers nicknamed her Wad- if youd like to Women will award scholarships to qualified upper divi-
ken and happy to stay close when dles for that relaxed walking style help get this going. I will write more sion and graduate-level women re-entry students attend-
out walking. Despite his easygoing that she displays! Diamond is a nice about this in future columns. ing Humboldt State. To qualify, applicants must have a
minimum of a five-year interruption in college/universi-
ty enrollment; be enrolled full-time; reside in Humboldt,
FROM THE CHURCH Del Norte or Trinity counties; maintain a 3.0 grade point
average and show financial need. Scholarship amounts
The United Methodist pice of Humboldt offers free,
vary from $250 to $2,000. Book stipends (now covering
Church of the Joyful drop-in grief support groups
any kind of text or computer needs) are also awarded.
Healer, 1944 Cen- every week. The Arcata group
Winners will be introduced at the annual Holiday Gala
tral Ave. in McKin- meets Mondays from 6 to 7:30
in early December; interviews will be held near campus
leyville, donated p.m. in the fourth floor confer-
just before the Thanksgiving break. Application deadline
school supplies to ence room of Jacobys Store-
is Oct. 31. (415) 517-2813,
two Trinidad School house, 791 Eighth St. Eureka
groups meet Wednesdays from
members and Trini- 5:30 to 7 p.m.; Fridays from 1 to S T E A M C I R C S C A M
dad School teachers 2:30 p.m. and Saturdays (Slip-
Visiting Angels is A R E N A O V A L T A L E

Emilee Prince and per Club casual drop-in ses- T A K E N S E M I C O L O N

sion) from 9 to 10:30 a.m., all

seeking Caregivers, E M S N U

Jeny Giraud accept- CNAs & HHAs to assist A S H O R E C A S T A R E

ed the donation Sun- at the Hospice office, 3327 Tim- S E A L T U L L E B I S
ber Fall Ct. The Fortuna group seniors in Fortuna, K I N D H E A R T E D N E S S
day, Sept. 10 during
meets Wednesdays from 6 to McKinleyville, and E N D E V I L S A L E E
the annual Blessing D E Y R E L Y W A T E R S
7:30 p.m. at Brookdale Fortu- Eureka. Part-time and T A R S S A N E
of the Backpacks C A M E L R I N G L A P
na (formerly Sequoia Springs), Full-time, flexible hours.
worship service.

Photo courtesy APril Blessed 2401 Redwood Way. (707) 267- Please call 707-362- P
sousA 9801 8045. See crossword on page C2

Arcata House Partnership is Hiring! OFFICE MANAGER DELIVERY DRIVER/

As Arcata House Partnership continues to expand our CITY ADMINISTRATIVE
services, we are looking for enthusiastic and vibrant Duties include general of-
professionals to join our team. Serving the community fice administration and sup- FT. Duties include delivering to
as a resource for homeless and low-income people, we porting sales, customer ser- retail outlets, interacting with
help people in need find and secure housing through our customers, stocking shelves, Performs a variety of clerical, administrative, and
vices & marketing activities.
permanent supportive housing and shelter programs. taking inventory; filing, inter- technical work in support of the Trinidad City Manager, City
Requires excellence in com-
To apply for any position, please email your resume to: hiringcommit- acting with customers, gener- Clerk, and City Council. or call (707) 822-4528 for full job description. munications, organization,
al office duties. Must be able Duties include: provide exceptional customer service,
SuperviSor of Client ServiCeS: Responsible for the oversight and support problem-solving & business
to communicate professional- prepare correspondence, maintain filing systems for various
of the case management team. Minimum 3 years supervisory experi- relationships. Requires
ly/ work independently. Must
ence and with a BA/MA/MSW. ability to work well with fast- write legibly, hold a current
and ongoing city projects and programs, assist in preparing
HouSing SpeCialiSt: Work as a team to assist homeless families and indi- paced staff & clients. Strong drivers license, have a clean agendas and minutes, and assist in utility billing and records.
viduals in securing and maintaining permanent housing. Background in skills in office applications, driving record, be organized, Salary $14 - $16/hour, 20 hours/week.
property management or real estate preferred. research and project coordi- work well with others. Must Visit for complete job description
CaSe Manager: With a BA/BS in social work or psychology or a related field nation needed. FT, Benefits. be able to lift 30 lbs, work
and experience with low-income populations, the case manager provides and City Employment Application.
Wage based on experience. standing for up to 8 hrs. Wage
supportive services to our clients in permanent supportive housing. Mail completed application to: City of Trinidad, P.O.
Email resume to arcata- depends on experience. Send
on-Call Support WorkerS: Help provide extra support on an as-needed no later resume: arcatajobs@gmail. Box 390, Trinidad 95570 or deliver to 409 Trinity St,
basis at our Adult Shelter, helping to provide oversight and assist in the than Oct 9, 2017. com by October 4, 2017. 10/4 Trinidad CA. Deadline Monday, October 16, 2017. 10/11
daily operations of the shelter. 9/27 10/4

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS PO BOX 5153 SEP. 05, 2017 The following person(s) is S/FADI ZEIDAN, OWNER authority will allow the person- fore the hearing. Your appear- of the filing of an inventory and them with the Superior Court,
NAME STATEMENT ARCATA, CA 95518 KELLY E. SANDERS (are) doing business as: This statement was filed with al representative to take any ance may be in person or by appraisal of estate assets or of at 825 Fifth Street, Eureka,
17-00451 KATHERINE L. ALMY SC DEPUTY CLERK EVERGREEN LAND & TREE the Humboldt County Clerk on actions without obtaining court your attorney. any petittion or account as pro- CA 95501, and mail or deliver
The following person(s) is 1366 BELNOR RD.
9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4
714 POOLE RD. AUG. 31, 2017 approval. Before taking certain If you are a creditor or a vided in Probate Code section a copy to THOMAS MEA-
(are) doing business as: MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 FERNDALE, CA 95536 KELLY E. SANDERS very important actions, howev- contingent creditor of the 1250. A Request for Special GHER, TRUSTEE OF THE
HUMBOLDT FARMS This business is conducted by: FICTITIOUS BUSINESS DALLAS W. WOHLFEIL SC DEPUTY CLERK er, the personal representative decedent, you must file your Notice form is available from JOAN AND WILLIAM TRUST
653 15TH STREET An Individual NAME STATEMENT 714 POOLE RD. 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11 will be required to give notice claim with the court and mail the court clerk. executed October 19, 1996,
ARCATA, CA 95521 S/KATHERINE L. ALMY, 17-00488 FERNDALE, CA 95536 to interested persons unless a copy to the personal rep- Attorney for the petitioner: wherein the decedent was the
YANA TIKA, A COOPERATIVE OWNER The following person(s) is This business is conducted by: NOTICE OF PETITION TO they have waived notice or resentative appointed by the WILLIAM G. BERTAIN settlor, at 2850 Harris Street,
CORPORATION C4046680 This statement was filed with (are) doing business as: An Individual ADMINISTER ESTATE OF consented to the proposed court within the later of either 1310 SIXTH STREET Eureka CA 95503, within the
653 15TH STREET the Humboldt County Clerk on (1) ATLAS REAL ESTATE S/DALLAS WOHLFEIL, JAMES M. DOVIAK action.) The independent ad- (1) four months from the date EUREKA, CA 95501 later of 4 months after Sep-
ARCATA, CA 95521 AUG. 30, 2017 (2) ATLAS REALTY OWNER CASE NO.: PR170251 ministration authority will be of first issuance of letters to 707-443-5075 9/13, 9/20, 9/27
tember 13, 2017, (the date of
This business is conducted by: KELLY E. SANDERS (3) AUDI THOELE This statement was filed with To all heirs, beneficiaries, granted unless an interested a general personal represen- the first publication of notice to
A Corporation SC DEPUTY CLERK 1820 HEARTWOOD DR. the Humboldt County Clerk on creditors, contingent creditors, person files an objection to tative, as defined in section creditors) or, if notice is mailed
S/ZACHARY RUBIN, CHIEF 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4 MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 SEP. 12, 2017 and persons who may other- the petition and shows good 58(b) of the California Probate NOTICE TO CREDITORS or personally delivered to you,
EXECUTIVE OFFICER AURIC THOELE KELLY E. SANDERS wise be interested in the will or cause why the court should Code, or (2) 60 days from the (Probate Code 60 days after the date this
This statement was filed with FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 1820 HEARTWOOD DR. SC DEPUTY CLERK estate, or both, of: not grant the authority. date of mailing or personal de- 19040(b), 16052) notice is mailed or personally
the Humboldt County Clerk on NAME STATEMENT MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11
A Petition for Probate A hearing on the petition livery to you of a notice under SUPERIOR COURT OF THE delivered to you, or you must
AUG. 17, 2017 17-00480 This business is conducted by: has been filed by: DONALD will be held in this court as section 9052 of the California STATE OF CALIFORNIA, petition to file a late claim as
KELLY E. SANDERS The following person(s) is An Individual FICTITIOUS BUSINESS DOVIAK in the Superior Court follows: Probate Code. Other Cal- COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT provided by 19103 of the Pro-
SM DEPUTY CLERK (are) doing business as: S/AURIC THOELE, NAME STATEMENT of California, County of HUM- Date: September 28, 2017 ifornia statutes and legal In re the Matter of the: bate Code. A claim form may
9/6, 9/13, 9/20, 9/27
MOW N GO OWNER/BROKER 17-00475 BOLDT. Time: 2:00 PM authority may affect your JOAN AND WILLIAM TRUST be obtained from the court
1973 STRAWBERRY CT. This statement was filed with The following person(s) is The petition requests the Dept.: 4 rights as a creditor. You created October 19, 1996. clerk. For your protection, you
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 the Humboldt County Clerk on (are) doing business as: decedents will and codicils, if Address of court: Superior may want to consult with an WILLIAM MEAGHER, are encouraged to file your
NAME STATEMENT LOGAN W. MEZESKE SEP. 11, 2017 NIVEENS RESTAURANT any, be admitted to probate. Court of California, County of attorney knowledgeable in Decedent claim by certified mail, with
17-00474 1973 STRAWBERRY CT. KELLY E. SANDERS 2145 CENTRAL AVE. The will and any codicils are Humboldt, 825 Fifth Street, California law. Case No.: PR170260 return receipt requested.
The following person(s) is MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 LH DEPUTY CLERK MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 available for examination in Eureka, CA, 95501. You may examine the file NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- Date: 9/1/17
(are) doing business as: This business is conducted by:
9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11
FADI ZEIDAN the file kept by the court. If you object to the granting kept by the court. If you are EN to the creditors and con- Arthur Nielsen,
SOLUTIONS FOR SMALL An Individual 1855 CHANTERELLE DR. The petition requests au- of the petition, you should ap- a person interested in the tingent creditors of the above- Attorney for Trustee Thomas
BUSINESSES S/LOGAN MEZESKE, OWNER FICTITIOUS BUSINESS MCKINLEYVILLE, CA 95519 thority to administer the estate pear at the hearing and state estate, you may file with the named decedent, that all per- Meagher
1385 8TH STREET SUITE 104 This statement was filed with NAME STATEMENT This business is conducted by: under the Independent Admin- your objections or file written court a formal Request for sons having claims against the 2850 Harris Street
ARCATA, CA 95521 the Humboldt County Clerk on 17-00491 An Individual istration of Estates Act. (This objections with the court be- Special Notice (form DE-154) decedent are required to file Eureka, CA 95503 9/13, 9/20, 9/27

Supes under strong pressure to

approve Humboldt Sanctuary status
Daniel Mintz Bill 54, the so-called sanctuary state bill.
Farm to Film
Mad RiveR Union Saying there are a number of dream-
HUMBOLDT Support for a Humboldt ers outside, Kirk told supervisors that
County sanctuary ordinance has intensi- for people who assign some type of crim-
fied and a well-attended rally at the county inal mindset to people who come into the
administrative office in Eureka has gotten country without permission, that certainly
the attention of the Board of Supervisors. doesnt apply to a three-year-old or 10-year-
The Sept. 19 supervisors meeting was old whos coming with their parents.
temporarily suspended as the rally moved He added that a statement in support
from outside county headquarters into the of DACA from supervisors is also likely to
hallway leading to the boards chambers. As be asked for.
the sounds of clapping and chanting com- Also at the rally and the public com-
peted with a discussion among supervisors, ment podium was Sylvia De Rooy, who
Board Chair Virginia Bass called for a break. told supervisors that a sanctuary ordi-
The meeting resumed without interrup- nance is overdue and needs to be explicit.
tion about 15 minutes later. You folks have had the sanctuary is-
Prior to that, during the meetings open sue in front of you umpteenth times and
public comment session, Southern Hum- its time its past time, she said. Were
boldt-based attorney Eric Kirk spoke on talking about 800,000 people in this coun-
behalf of the ralliers. try who are having their lives pulled out
He said supervisors will be asked to ap- from under them, young people with hopes
prove a sanctuary ordinance and a draft and dreams that are just being dissed.
of one is being considered by the countys De Rooy warned against pursuit of
Human Rights Commission. a half-assed sanctuary, saying that a
Immigration issues are at the forefront strong stand is necessary. Its past time,
of national politics and have spurred local so please do it, she told supervisors.
GALA PREMIERE Farmers and foodies flooded the Minor Theatre Saturday night for
support for a sanctuary ordinance, the fed- Supervisors didnt respond, as the pub-
the gala Arcata premiere of Locally Grown: Americas Food Revolution. The film
eral Deferred Action for Childhood Arriv- lic comment section is for non-agendized
als (DACA) policy and Californias Senate subjects. features local food producers and documents their methods for bringing healthy
food from farm to table. Top, a panel of those involved in involved making the film
discussed issues and took questions after the showing; left to right, David Scheer-
Humboldt charges ahead with EV stations er, Suzanne Simpson, Corey Lee Lewis, Noah Zerbe, May Pitino and Jen Maguire.
Above, a full house of attendees filled the Minor after waiting in a line that snaked
Daniel Mintz County supervisors ap- do it within two days. around the building. Below left to right, Rhonda Wiedenbeck of Becks Bakery was
Mad RiveR Union proved introduction of the Responding to a question one of many local foodmakers featured in the film; delicious, locally produced small
HUMBOLDT Hum- EV station permitting ordi- from Supervisor Rex Bohn, plates awaited gobbling; Zerbe, Scheerer and Simpson offered remarks before the
boldt County is taking ac- nance at the meeting, with Ford said the ordinances de- showing. Since the theatre was maxed out that night, an encofre showing was held
tion to comply with a state final adoption set for this scription of over-the-count- the next day. Another film is in the works by the same team, one which will look at
law requiring expedited week. er permitting for EV stations food production across the nation. Photos by KLh | Union
permitting for electric ve- The ordinance puts the makes it more explicit than a
hicle charging stations and county on track similar ordinance
Supervisor Mike Wilson has to comply with for solar power
described it as a first step a state law that systems.
toward electric switchover. requires munici- Supervisor Es-
Its the minimum and palities with less telle Fennell de-
I think we need to start than 200,000 scribed charging
talking about what we can residents to stations as facil-
do, beyond streamlining the adopt permitting ities that are in
permit process, to actually streamlining for demand. I think
encourage implementation EV charging sta- Mike Wilson people who are
and construction of these tions by Sept. 30. interested in the
charging stations, he said The countys ordinance charging stations and these
during the Sept. 12 Board of basically identifies that vehicles dont need very
Supervisors meeting. Its these will be approved on much prompting theyre
the future and the county an over-the-counter basis, chomping at the bit, she
needs to be a part of that as we can, said Planning said.
future so well be talking Director John Ford. It sets Noting that Humboldt
about it in the future, hope- that goal but if we cant do County as a whole has
fully not too distant. it over-the-counter, well many charging stations per
capita, Bohn said, Were
Unlock Your Spiritual World of DREAMS doing pretty good, were
Free Workshop: Do you want to learn to understand ramping it up and obvious-
your Dreams better? Learn spiritual tools to ly the electric vehicle mar-
remember and understand your dreams, plus share ket is expanding rapidly
so I think were in tune to
your experiences with like-minded Souls!
Saturday, October 14, 2-3:30 p.m. keep pace.
Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship A written staff report
states that there is min-
24 Fellowship Way, Bayside (Off Jacoby Creek Rd.)
imal financial impact Fashions
(877) 504-6364 related to the ordinance.
Eckankar of Eureka/Arcata The Path of Spiritual Freedom The report also states that VERY VINTAGE Phillips House Museum hosted the Histor-
there is the possibility of ical Sites Society of Arcatas Vintage Clothing Sale last
increased permit revenue Saturday, and retro-futurists turned out in droves to scoop
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