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MFHS Registration &
Laptop Distribution
Grades Aug. 17th Principals Corner: Continuing our
9 & 10 1:00-6:00 PM Relentless Pursuit of Excellence
Grades Aug. 18th It is mid July as I write this and our preparations for
11 & 12 9:00-2:00 PM the upcoming school year are well underway. Having
spent a full week off the grid backpacking with my sons
Make-up Aug. 25th Boy Scout troop in Glacier National Park I have had my
8:00-12:00 Noon share of fresh air, exercise, and isolation and am feeling
Pay Online to Avoid the Lines
located on our Website
I enjoy the work in the summer as the slower pace
We suggest that you register on the assigned provides time for reflection. As a district we have been
date/time for your grade level to avoid congestion. taking some time to look closely at our five year trends in
some key areas. While we felt good about our progress
the reflection proved that our students are excelling at rate
we have not seen before. I am particularly excited about the growth in our Advanced Placement
program. In the past five years we have nearly doubled the number of students taking an AP exam
and the number of students who are scoring high enough to prove their readiness for college has more
than doubled. Not only does this prove that our students are excellent scholars it also speaks volumes
about their commitment to excellence. They are embracing the challenges and excelling in our most
rigorous courses.

I have spent considerable time reflecting on attendance this summer as well. I have recently initiated a
survey of our Chamber of Commerce to determine the expectations local employers hold for the
attendance of their employees. A brief review of their responses indicates that one unplanned
absence is generally considered exemplary and more than four would be considered unacceptable.
About 40% of our students should be commended for falling into that preferred range. Presently it
appears that more than 20% of our students miss more than 10 days of school. Given that we are only
in session for nine months this seems to be an area where we can improve. As the year begins we will
be challenging students and families to aim for an attendance rate that would make our students
preferred employees. We know that when our students show up they do great things. We want them
all here each day.

I continue to be exceptionally proud to be trusted to serve as your high school principal. I am proud of
everything that our students and staff are accomplishing and look forward to partnering with you in the
year ahead. We have great kids supported by an exceptional community. Amazing awaits.
Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
Corey Golla


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2014-15 Tuesday, September 2, 2014

**The first day of school will be a full day for Students in 9th grade and a
modified half day for all other grades. Students who are in 9th grade will

participate in an Orientation Program during the morning. All students WILL

Homerooms will be posted on the wall in the main entrance, cafeteria and
commons across from Student Services.

7:50-11:35 Link Program 9th Grade Orientation

11:35-12:05 LUNCH for 9th Grade Only (Cafeteria open for hot and cold lunch)

12:05 Doors Open for Students in 10th-12th Grade

Afternoon Schedule (All Students)

12:20-1:40 Homeroom and Grade Level Assemblies (in auditorium)

12th Grade 12:20-12:40
11th Grade 12:40-1:00
10th Grade 1:00-1:20
9th Grade 1:20-1:40

1st Hour 1:44-1:50

2nd Hour 1:54-2:00
3 Hour 2:04-2:10
4A & 4BC Hour* 2:14-2:20
5AB & 5C Hour* 2:24-2:30
6 Hour 2:34-2:40
7th Hour 2:44-2:50
8th Hour 2:54-3:05
* Students will not report to their lunch hour. Lunches are listed on schedules as LA
(lunch A), LB (lunch B) and LC (lunch C).

Bus Schedule for the First Day of School

Buses will pick up 9th grade students only at regular schedule times / 10-12th
grade students will be picked up 4-1/2 hours later than their regular schedule

2 Release Schedule
Wednesday, September 3rd will be an Early

Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014


Principal Corey Golla

Associate Principal Suzy Thomas (Students Last Name A-L)
Associate Principal Robert Vitale (Students Last Name M-Z)
Athletic/Activities Director Ryan Anderson
Police Liaison Officer Jay Weber

From the desks of the Associate

Expecting a Great Year

Mr. Vitale and TBD Associate Principal will be serving as the associate principals.

TBD Associate Principal will work with students with last names A-L.
Mr. Vitale will work with students with last names M-Z.
Guidance Counselors with the alphabetical breakdown:

Meg Hanley A-Fi Stacy Schuster Le-Ri

Ben Farley Fl-La Jennifer Thom Ro-Z

Schedule Changes
In preparation for a great start please pay particular attention to the schedule for our first days and the changes
we made in the bell schedule.

Opening Days
This year we will return to our practice of only hosting the freshman on the first half-day of school. This will help
them transition more comfortably to the high school. We will welcome sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the
afternoon. That schedule is included on page 2 of this newsletter.

Bell Schedule
Our daily bell schedule has been adjusted for the coming year. We will continue to have eight period days and
there is no significant change to the length of our classes. The significance of the change is that we will now
have three distinct lunch periods. In the past we had lunch periods that overlapped. This resulted in about 10
minutes where we had over half of our students assigned to the cafeteria. This was difficult to supervise,
disruptive in the building, and a source of some of our most significant behavior concerns. The new schedule
will allow us to better manage that portion of the day. It will help our kitchen staff better serve our students. The
new schedule also eliminates the split lunch where some students had their class interrupted by lunch after 25

Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
minutes of instruction. While the new schedule results in a lunch period that is a bit early we will compensate for
that by being a bit more liberal and allowing snacks in most areas in the afternoon. I am confident that this
change will significantly improve our school day.

Other Information
MFHS does not have a general supply list. Teachers will inform students about supplies needed in the
classes on the first day of school. Students and parents can anticipate needing regular supplies like a
notebook for each class, pens, and pencils.

Students will only be able to use cell phones and other electronic devices for educational purposes when
deemed appropriate by classroom teachers. Students who are using devices for non-education related
activities may have the devices confiscated.

Our goal for Study Halls is to make sure this time is being used productively by students to help them be
successful in class. Students who meet certain criteria with grades and attendance will be placed in an
Honors Study Hall in the cafeteria (Grades 10-12 during first semester). Students who Do Not qualify for
Honors Study Hall will be placed in a regular study hall.

Student hallway lockers/locks will remain the same for the four years in high school in order to create a
more efficient system.

Menomonee Falls High School has an Open Lunch for SENIORS ONLY during the first semester. This
is a privilege based on good grades, attendance, and behavior. Seniors will need an ID card to check
out from the Main Entrance in the first 10 minutes of lunch if they wish to leave campus. Juniors can
earn the Open Lunch privilege for second semester by having strong attendance, grades, and behavior
during the first semester. Students need to make sure that they return to school on time, respect our
neighbors, clean up after themselves and park in appropriate areas when they leave.

The dress code remains unchanged from last year. The administration works to provide a physically and
emotionally safe environment for all students. Students have a right to choose their own style of dress
and personal appearance as long as it does not interfere with the educational process or endanger the
health, safety, or well-being of students. Any article of clothing or manner of personal appearance that is
determined by the administration to interfere with the educational process or endanger others is
prohibited. The Student Handbook provides specific guidelines.

State law prohibits the use of all tobacco products on premises owned or
rented by or under the control of the school district. Students who are caught
smoking or in possession face citations, suspensions, and other potential
consequences. The policy also forbids electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).

All students who are enrolled in physical education are required to participate
unless excused by a physician with a written note to the school. Each student
will be sold a school-issued physical education lock for $5.00, which the
student will keep and use all four years of high school. This lock will be used
for physical education and athletics only. NO SUBSTITUTE LOCKS WILL BE

Students will have their photos taken during the days of registration. The pictures will be used for
student IDs as well as the annual yearbook. The service is free. Students and parents may purchase
pictures if they so desire. Payment for the package will occur during the days of registration. Please pay
by cash, check or pay online for more details. Make checks payable to Visual Image


Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
Photography (VIP). Order form and price list is located on our HS website. See: Publication
Folder: 2014-15 Registration Forms, Newsletter, Information. Picture Re-take Day is October 7th
during the school day from 8:00 until 10:30. Students will be called down who did not have a picture
taken at registration. All students will be required to have a picture taken for an ID and yearbook.


Pay Online to Avoid the Lines


Registration School Fee for each student is $130.00. This fee must be paid by all students including those who
attend alternative programs off the high school campus (QUEST, GPS, etc.). Fee Waivers apply for Registration
Fee Only Minimum 25% MUST be collected until approved.

Hallway locker/lock for each student is $5.00. No locker changes will be made unless approved by an

2015-16 STUDENT/PARENT HANDBOOK is required. The cost is $5.00.

A $30.00 Laptop Protection Fee is required. All students at MFHS are issued a laptop for their education use.
The laptop Student-Parent-Guardian Agreement form located on our website under Publications: - Folder: 2014-
15 Registration Information, Forms & August 2014 Newsletter. This form must be signed by student & parent
before a laptop is issued.


Music - Students enrolled in choir, band & orchestra must pay a $25.00 One time Music fee.
Art Student enrolled in an Art class must pay a $25.00 One Fee per Semester materials fee.
Career & Technical Education Course (Family & Consumer Science, and/or Technology Education) Student
enrolled in one or both must pay a $25.00 One Fee-per Semester/department materials fee.

PE-Outdoor Adventure Course - $65.00 fee/semester.

Activity Club/Organizations is a one-time fee for participation in activities of $20.00 for students involved in
any school clubs or organizations like FBLA, ACADECA, Student Council, etc.

Yearbooks - $50.00
o Seniors make sure you provide a 2.5x3.5 (wallet size) photo to Yearbook staff by end of October.
School-appropriate dress required

o Semester Parking - $85.00
o Full Year - $170.00
Parking agreement must be completed, signed & turned in before a parking pass is assigned. Agreement
forms are available on our website: Publications Folder 2014-15 Registration Forms, Newsletter, Information
and Families Tab - Technology Resources - Pay School Fees Online. **All required fees must be paid in
full to receive a parking permit** See parking expectations in this newsletter.

Musical Instrument Rentals - $75.00 /yr. used with our music program.


Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014

All Fees are all located on our website See: Families, Technology Resources, Pay School Fees Online

Rem inder: Portal O pens August 1 st
Pay School Fees & O ptional Fees
Avoid the lines and Pay Online

Parents can m ake paym ents online while on their hom e or work

com puter, anytim e of the day. Visit our District Website at
Select Families Tab
o Technology Resources

o Pay School Fees Online

Pay for PowerSchool/Student Fees and Optional Fees Enter your
Parent/Guardian Account-Username & Password (created last year) you are
ready to pay your school fees and optional fees online.
Set up Account Information (Billing Address & Credit Card info)
Click on Check Out - Verify Information - Complete Order.
Accepting VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card or debit card. Online Payments will be processed
on a secure site, powered by RevTrak. A $1.50 convenience fee will be waived until Oct. 1,

Directions to create a single sign-on Parent/Guardian Account in PowerSchool (PS) is
o located on our website at Families Tab
Technology Resources *Directions to Set up Parent/Guardian Account for Power


o or Publications Folder 2014-15 Registration Forms, Newsletter, Information

This will let you access your students Power School information as well as pay your school
fees online using one username and password. This only needs to be set up one-time during
your students enrollment at SDMF.

Please bring your two (2) copies of invoice to Registration to pay school fees, if paid student
fees online, please bring your two (2) copies of invoice and a copy of your paid receipt to be
stamped paid.

Student fees are due at time of Registration unless paid ahead online.

School Lunch Account Payments: We will continue using the same credit/debit service for students lunch accounts.

Visit our district website or school website to at Meal Menus/Online Payments.

Payments: Click
VIP on link
school to mlogin:
pictures, PTSA type in
embership your BPooster
dues, owerSschool
Club mPembership,
ortal ID & Peassword
tc. must - a ll have separate checks.


Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
These forms are available on our website Publications Folder 2014-15
Registration Forms, Newsletter, Information.

Student Driving & Parking Expectations

If a student drives and parks a vehicle at Menomonee Falls High School, this agreement must be read and
signed by the student and the students parent and /or guardian before a parking permit will be issued. This
constitutes an agreement between the student, parent/guardian and the school. The student assumes the
responsibility for his/her vehicle while on campus.

Driving/parking a vehicle at Menomonee Falls High School is a privilege that the administration reserves
the right to allow or cancel at any time. The school does not assume any liability for student vehicles parked
in school lots or for damages incurred by removal.

Application Process
1. Complete the MFHS Driving/Parking Agreement. Forms are available online and in the Main Office.

2. Submit fee for the parking permit. When paid online or at registration the printed receipt must accompany
the signed driving/parking agreement. Cash and checks are accepted in the Main Office. All required fees
must be paid in full to receive a parking permit.

a. $85.00 per semester (both semesters may be purchased at one time)

b. $2.00 per day for temporary parking permit

3. Parking permit must hang properly from the rearview mirror.

Driving/Parking Agreement available:

MFHS Website Publications Folder 2014-15 Registration

Forms, Newsletter, Information
Families Technology Resources Pay School Fees Online Parking Permit
MFHS Main Office

1. Failure to comply with the policies will result in one of the following parking suspensions. MFHS administration may
use their discretion when determining the length of parking suspension/revocation.
5 days
10 days
Remainder of the semester
Remainder of the school year
Towing of vehicle
2. Vehicles without a parking permit, or that are parked in non-designated student parking areas, may be cited by the
Menomonee Falls Police Department (Wis Stat 56.66(4)) or removed at owners expense.

Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
3. Refunds of parking fees will not be given.
Please visit our website Publications - Folder 2014-15 Registration
Forms, Newsletter, Information. We have compiled the following documents and forms for Registration.

The MFHS Welcome Letter and Envelope Packet: Sent to your home August 1st
Two (2) Invoices Student Fees
o Bring both invoices to Onsite registration.
o Online Payment - Bring both invoices and paid receipt.
Immunization/Health History Form (back/back) - Must sign both sides.
Demographic Form Must Sign
9th Grade Orientation Letter
**These forms must be returned to school on registration day. Please call if you have any questions.**

School Newsletter & Forms (PDF) on our website

Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014 Important Information

SDMF Laptop Student/Parent/Guardian Agreement Form - *Must be Returned*
o (Must be signed by Parent & Student before receiving laptop & Laptop Protection Fee)
Directions: PowerSchool (SSO) Parent/Guardian Account Setup & pay school fees online.
o Driving/Parking Agreement this form is also available on the web store when paying online
(Must be completed & signed by Parent & student to receive Parking Pass)
o Paid Receipt onsite or online is needed to receive parking pass.
o All fees must be paid in order to be eligible for a parking pass.
Visual Image Photography Order Form (VIP) School Photos
o Forms will be available on Registration Day, on our website & at VIP website (payment directly to VIP) All checks made out to VIP
PTSA & Booster Club Membership forms
Student School Board Member Form (11th & 12th Grade)
Freshmen Orientation Flyer (included in the 9th grade mailing)
First Day of School Bell Schedule
2014-15 Bell Schedules for MFHS
**Return all required forms to school on Registration Day**
You can pay your school fees online starting August 1st. Visit
Family Tab Technology Resources Pay School Fees Online, click on the PowerSchool Icon. If you
created your Parent/Guardian Account last year you can start paying your fees. You only need to set up this
account one time for your childs duration in our district.

If you need to set up your New Account, directions are on our website in the registration folder. You will need
the Access ID & Access Password for each student which is located on his/her Fee Invoice. If you are
missing your access ID & password, please contact your school administrative assistant. Create your Account

Click on the PowerSchool Parent Portal

Create an Account
Enter your Parent Account Information Make sure you write your username and password down
this is your username and password that is needed to access your student information and to pay fees
online using a credit card or debit card. One-Time Set-Up.
Link Students Account Enter each of your children with the Access ID & Access Password on
Invoice and relationship. Enter. You will receive a confirmation and ready to start paying your fees
online & accessing your student(s) information. Congratulations. If you have any problems, please
call the high school office for assistance.

Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014

From the Desk of Athletic Director-Ryan Anderson

As we prepare to launch the 2014 school year, athletics and activities remain a key component for a
comprehensive education. We encourage every member of our student body to be active and involved.
Research proves that students who participate in extra-curricular activities have a higher GPA, higher
attendance rates, and less discipline referrals.

As I look back to my experiences in high school, I realize how they have made me a well rounded
person as an adult. In high school, I belonged to the football team, Peer Tutoring Group, orchestra, Youth Leadership
Team, as well as the captain of the baseball team. My experiences in extra-curricular activities helped me meet new
friends, try new activities, and broaden my scope on life. I encourage every student to join at least one club or
activity. If we do not offer a club that you are passionate about, please stop in my office to discuss the possibility of
creating the club on our campus.

A sign-up system remains in effect for athletics. Before starting practice in any sport, five steps need to be taken:

1.) A physical must be taken and a licensed physician must sign the card
2.) Students and Parents must review the concussion information and each must sign the form
3.) The WIAA participation card must be filled out
4.) Sign the SDMF Athletic Code of Conduct
5.) Pay the $110 athletic fee per sport

The steps above should be completed before the first day of practice. Additional information can be found at -> Forms. The items can be turned into Mrs. Smith in the Athletic Office. Reminder: All fall
sports will start before the beginning of the school year.

Pay Athletic Fees Online/ Print Required Forms Visit our website at:
Families Tab Technology Resources Pay School Fees Online Menomonee Falls High School (Web Store)
Choose: MFHS 2014-2015 Athletic Fee.
You now can purchase MF Indians Family Athletic Pass ($65.00) or single Student Athletic Pass ($30.00) online on our
website. Bring your paid receipt to Athletic Office after August 15th to receive your passes. You must list all names in
household with same address for family passes.

Stay in touch with Athletic Department announcements on Face book (Menomonee Falls High School Athletics) and
Twitter (FallsAthletics)

A Note from Johnson Bus Company

As a result of laws that prevent the sharing of medical information, the School District of Menomonee Falls is unable
to provide Johnson Bus Company with any health information regarding any student who rides the bus.
Parents/guardians who plan to have children riding the bus have a responsibility to relay any health information
regarding their children to Johnson Bus Company directly. This form will be used to inform drivers of potential
medical situations and to deal with medical situations that may occur on the bus.

You can find this form on our district website at Choose Transportation-
Johnson Bus Medical Alert- Johnson Bus Medical Alert Form. Parents can complete this form, mail to Johnson Bus
Company or turn in at registration. 9
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sue Rady at Johnson Bus Company at 262-251-4230.

Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014

JOIN the
Menomonee Falls
Participate in these activities to help raise needed funds for
Booster Club
HS Spirit Wear that you see being sold at various
An organization that supports, promotes,
sporting events or parent/family events at the high and assists MFHS athletics, activities,
school is the PTSA main fundraiser. Purchase our clubs, and organizations.
MFHS Spirit Wear to show your pride and support of
our students and staff. 100% of profits go back to the How can you get Involved
school. Becoming a member
Purchase Market Day Products at our monthly sales. Volunteer
Join the Executive Board
Use the FALLS REWARD PROGRAM. A portal to this
program can be found on the high school website or Your support through donations,
on the PTSA webpage. memberships, advertisements in the
Cartridges For Kids and Kemps Milk Caps. Please see Activity Guide, and concessions allows the
our PTSA webpage for an acceptable list of items that Booster Club to donate more than
can be recycled through these programs. They even $110,000 annually to support students and
their activities!
pay for the postage! All items can be dropped off in
the HS Office.
Stop by the BOOSTER CLUB table
PTSA Unfundraiser: You make a straight donation to
during Registration. Membership Forms
the MFHS PTSA and your donation is tax deductible as will be available to fill out or drop off our
allowed by law and greatly appreciated! Please find a completed form. Forms are also
form for this on the last page of this newsletter. available at MFHS website
Information regarding all of these programs can be found on Publications - Folder (click on
folder) 2014-15 Registration Forms,
the HS PTSA webpage. Our page is listed under the
Newsletter, Information.
organizations tab on the home page of the MFHS website.
Remember to Sign Up for PTSA
Membership forms are available on the high school website Publications -
Folder (click on folder) 2014-15 Registration Forms, Newsletter, Information.


The School District of Menomonee Falls does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed,
pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability as required by Wis.
Stats. 118.13. The School District of Menomonee Falls complies with the provisions of Title IX and Title VI and does not discriminate in
its programs on the basis of sex, race, religion, creed, national origin, or handicap. Copies of the policies and procedures governing
nondiscrimination are available upon request at the Menomonee Falls School District Administrative Office - School District of
Menomonee Falls, W156 N8480 Pilgrim Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, Telephone: (262) 255-8440.


Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
From the desk of Ms. Italiano-Thomas, District Nurse
We ask that you continue to phone in your childs illness to the attendance office of the high
school. If you take them to be seen by a doctor, please send a note from the doctor
indicating they were seen in the office that day. If the doctor states that they are unable to
attend school or may return to school on a particular date, we will need this in writing from the doctor. This will apply to
any child who is hospitalized.

We also ask that if your child has something medically happen to them like
a broken arm or leg, you send a note from the doctor with guidelines as to Calculator
what your child can and cannot do at school. These guidelines should also Recommendations
include dates as to when they can fully participate in regular school
activities. By receiving this type of information from your physician, it for Math
allows all of us to be on the same page and know what the expectations
are so we can better serve your child and keep him/her safe. Students taking the following
I welcome any questions or concerns that you have. Feel free to contact courses should purchase graphing
me at 262-250-6483. Below is further information regarding student calculators for their math class.
immunization requirements. Thank you for your attention. I look forward The Math Department
to a wonderful school year. recommends any calculator in the

TI-83+ family or a TI-84 by Texas
Student Immunization Requirements
Instruments. Other graphing
The following are the minimum required immunizations for Grades 6-12.
calculators are acceptable but
4 DTP/DTaP/DT/Td 1 Tdap 4 Polio 3 Hep B 2 MMR 2 Var students will be instructed using a
TI-83 or TI-84.
Var means Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine. A history of chickenpox disease
is also acceptable. Algebra Advanced Math
AP Calculus Pre-Calc

IMP 4 AP Stats

Geometry Algebra II
Dont forget to order your 2014-2015 YEARBOOK!
Order online or at Registration
Cost.............. $50.00 Intermediate Algebra
Senior Pictures Provide a 2.5 x 3.5 (wallet
A very limited supply of graphing
size) photo by end of October to Yearbook calculators are available for rent
Staff or Main Office. from the department at
School-appropriate dress required. $20/semester. Students should
speak to their teacher about this.

The following courses will use a

scientific calculator, which
normally cost between $12 and
$25. Students can use graphing
calculators for these classes.

11 IMP 2
Applied Math

Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
School Breakfast and Lunch Program
The School Nutrition program will continue to operate much as it has this past year.
Menomonee Falls High School will continue to use a computerized accounting system.


Family ID and Student Lunch Numbers-The family and student ID numbers will remain the same.

Payments- Parents can pay Online; check our website
for the link under Meal Menus/Online Payments. You than look for Family Lunch Account Information which
takes you to Wordware. You have to register if this is your first time. You can still pay by check. Checks should
be made payable to Menomonee Falls Nutrition Department. Please do not send cash. Sending cash can cause
problems, if lost its very difficult to track it down. Your student can drop off payment in the cafeterias locked
box. Parents can drop off payments in the locked box in the main office. Do not include lunch money with any
other school dues or fees. Always remember to put your family ID number on the check. The School Nutrition
office requires a minimum of two business days to record payments.

Accessing your family balance-You can look on-line by going to the schools webpage
and locate MEAL MENUS on the left side. Then choose Family Lunch Account Information. Use your ID and
pin number to access the account. You can also call to get the information (262-250-6462).

Low or Negative Balances-The Nutrition Department uses email notification when the account is $5.00 or lower.
Families who are having financial difficulties are encouraged to apply for Free/Reduced Meal Program. This is
completely confidential. Feel free to fill out the form before or during registration. Only one form is necessary for
each family. The form is available on our website link under MEAL MENUS/ONLINE PAYMENTS under the
heading General meal information and forms, choose free and reduced lunch application.

COST- Lunch is $2.30 or $2.55 for Specialty Meal and milk is $.35. The reduced price for lunch is $.40. Hot
breakfast is $1.50. Cold breakfast is $1.30. Free/Reduced price for breakfast is $0.00.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)


Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
Menomonee Falls High School will continue its work with PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) this school year. Our
first year taught us some valuable lessons. For example, we have simplifies our behavior matrix (see below) so both the students and
the staff have a clearer understanding of our expectations. We will continue to use the tagline Have Falls Pride: Respect Everyone,
Respect Education, and Respect Environment to refer to positive and negative behaviors throughout the year.

Our focus this year will be on Respect. We will spend considerable time teaching and modeling what Respect looks like in
our building. PBIS is a school-wide, system-wide program and the entire building needs to be involved in teaching and
acknowledging the appropriate behaviors expected. However, the classroom will be our biggest focus throughout the
year to eliminate negative behaviors that may be interring with academic achievement.

When students exhibit the expected behaviors, they can earn incentives. Teachers will acknowledge the appropriate
behaviors with our new Golla Bill. The students can then turn in their Golla Bills for incentives. They can earn things
from a cookie in the cafeteria to a second semester parking pass (the most coveted of all the incentives).

We hope this framework will provide Menomonee Falls High School and clear path in getting all stakeholders on the same
road to success, both in terms of behavioral and academic expectations. If you would like more information about PBIS
you can visit the Wisconsin PBIS website at or contact the school with any
questions. With PBIS as our guideline, we are looking forward to another exciting and successful school year.
Classroom/Student Common Areas Cafeteria Restroom Gym/Locker rooms Athletics/Co-Curriculars
Services/ Main Office
Be friendly and Be friendly and Be friendly and Be friendly and Be friendly and Be friendly and tolerant of
tolerant of others tolerant of others tolerant of tolerant of tolerant of others others
Acknowledge others Walk at all times others others Secure personal Follow athletic code of
ideas and opinions Communicate Wait patiently Travel to and belongings with a conduct
Respect Everyone

Listen to the speaker with appropriate in line from school lock. Exhibit sportsmanship
Use positive level, tone, Speak quietly efficiently Maintain privacy Listen to game supervisors
language language, and with others Respect Keep cell phones and and officials
Dress appropriately duration Use positive privacy other electronic Use positive language
Use positive language Wash your devices stored and Remove head gear during
language Stay in hands locked. National Anthem.
designated Use positive Use positive
area until language language

Be on time and Get to your Be on time Use a pass Follow rules and Use school resource wisely.
come prepared destination Place bags Limit time procedures of Stay in designated areas
Follow directions quickly to be on under benches return to class activity
Respect Education

Stay on task time quickly Dress appropriately

Produce your own Have a pass giving for activity
quality work permission to be Perform to your full
Learn from mistakes in the hallway physical potential
Be organized plan
time to do work
and/or study

Clean up your space Pick up and Keep area Use toilet, Use locker room for Keep bags/backpacks at
Use school discard litter in clean soap, sinks, changing in and out home or in your locker
resources receptacles Empty lunch and towels of clothes Clean up after yourself
Respect Environment

Use equipment trays of correctly Respect equipment

properly and garbage and Use proper and return it to
return it to the return to tray disposal for proper location
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PTSA Presidents Message


Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014
Welcome Back! And for our new Freshman class Welcome to MFHS!

The MFHS PTSA is an organization that supports our Students, Parents, High School Staff and Community. We provide scholarship
opportunities for our graduation seniors, gift and grants for our staff members, along with in-depth knowledge for our parents in the
forms of speakers and/or special programs. We are called upon by various school clubs and administration for volunteer or financial
help throughout the school year. Its a great way to be involved with your childs school!

We would like to direct you to our webpage on the HS website where you will find additional information regarding the MFHS PTSA
such as meeting dates and times, special programs, PTSA Committee opportunities and forms and fundraising information. Please find
the PTSA webpage listed under Organizations on the left side of the HS website home page. Included in this mailing is information
regarding PTSA Membership along with a Volunteer info sheet. Both of these sheets can be returned to the PTSA table at Schedule
Distribution on August 18th or 19th.

Our main fundraiser is the MFHS Spirit Wear. 100% of our profits go back to the school in one way or another. We will be selling at
both Schedule Distribution days along with most home sporting events, Open House and Parent/Teacher conferences. You may also
contact our Spirit Wear chairperson for individual orders. This info is available on our PTSA webpage along with all our public sales
dates. If you are interested in learning how you can help with the Spirit Wear Committee, please contact myself at (262)227-0745.

We are currently in the process of switching from a PTSA to a PTSO. This was voted upon at the end of the last school year and all
paperwork is currently being processed. This will allow us to keep 100% of the membership dues in the school to better our teachers
and students.

Again, we would like to welcome you to Menomonee Falls High School and encourage you to join the PTSA. Its a great way to stay
connected and be in the know with all high school activities. We are always looking for new ideas and fresh minds. Please contact
our current President listed below with any questions or concerns you may have.

Christina Shoemaker
President 2014/2015
(262) 227-0745

Calendar of events

Sept. 2 First day of school -Full day for 9th grade (Orientation) Other grades start midday.
All students WILL REPORT TO HOMEROOM AT 12:20 See Schedule in
Registration Folder
Sept 3 Wednesday Early Release Schedule
Sept 17 Open House 6:00 8:00 PM
Oct 1 Powder Puff Football Game
Oct 3 Homecoming Game
Oct 4 Homecoming Dance
Oct 7 Picture Re-take
Nov 4 End of 1st Quarter
Nov 5 Parent/Teacher Conferences 3-8 PM
Nov 6 No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:30-8:00 PM
Nov 7 No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences 12:00-4:00 PM


Menomonee Falls Messenger August 2014

Attention Menomonee Falls High School Families!

REMINDER: Our Newsletter Menomonee Falls Messenger is available on our school

website . Quick Links - Newsletter Choose the newsletter
published month or download of recent issue. We will send out a voice message and the
hot link via email letting you know when the newsletter is available to view/print. The
newsletter will be ready to view on the first day of the months listed below. Paper copies will
be available in the main office.


Looking forward to a Great Year.