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Make sentences in Past continuous:

1. I do my homework I was doing my homework.

2. She write an important document _________________________________

3. They visit their parents __________________________________________

4. My best friend talk to her mother _________________________________

5. My new cellphone - work during the meeting ______________________________.

II. Make sentences in Simple past.

1. I work at home yesterday morning ____________________________________

2. Tony and Frank study French in an institute. ____________________________________

3. My sister watch an interesting program on TV. ___________________________________

4. They eat fish at the restaurant ________________________________________________

5. What do you drink in the party? _______________________________________________

III. Answer:

1. What were you doing when the phone rang? ______________________________________

2. What was your brother doing last night? __________________________________________

3. Where did your friends go on vacation?___________________________________________

4. What did your parents eat at the restaurant? ______________________________________

5. When did you begin to study at the university?_____________________________________

Ingls II Mg. Nancy Len P:


Last month I was on holiday in Ireland with my mum and

dad. One day, we were driving through a small village. It
was time for lunch, so we stopped at a restaurant.
It was a large, old building. We looked through the
window. There were lots of people in the restaurant.
They were eating, drinking and chatting. A musician was
playing the violin. But there was something strange
about the people. They weren't wearing normal,
modern clothes. They were wearing hats, jackets and
dresses from another century. We couldn't understand
it. But we were hungry, so we opened the door.
When we went into the restaurant, everything was
different. The people were wearing normal clothes. The
musician wasn't there- the music was on CD. It was a
very strange experience!


2- Now copy these questions in a new file and answer them.

1- Who was Daniel on holiday with?____________________________________________

2- Why did they stop at a restaurant?___________________________________________
3- What were the people in the restaurant doing?_________________________________
4- What instrument was the musician playing?____________________________________
5- What was strange about their clothes?________________________________________
6- When they went into the restaurant, did they see the musician?___________________
7. Was Daniel in Ireland on holiday? ____________________________________________
8. Were there a few people in the restaurant? ____________________________________
9. Was it a very normal experience? ____________________________________________
10. Were they flying to Ireland? _______________________________________________

Ingls II Mg. Nancy Len P:

IV. Listen and answer:
1. What did the man have for dinner yesterday?
He had tomato soup
He had nothing
He had turtle soup

2. Who did he speak to?

HIs sister His dad His mother

3. What sport did he do?

Tennis Swimming Ski

4. What was he doing last night at 9 pm?

He was flying back from Barcelona
He was getting back from Barcelona
He was going back from Barcelona

5. When was the last time he was awarded a prize?

Two months ago
Last summer
He hasn't been awarded a prize

6. Who did he call on his mobile phone yesterday?

He talked to his mom
He talked to his mom and the interviewer
He talked to the interviewer

7. What did he watch on TV last night?

He didn't watch anything
He watched a documentary
He watched the news

8. What was he doing at 11 am last Sunday?

He was having brunch He was having a snack He was having breakfast

Ingls II Mg. Nancy Len P:

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