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Low-torque assembly applications requiring Electronic assembly applications requiring Medical industry assembly applications
torque controlled fastening with data high accuracy, low torque fastening with that require closed loop torque transducer
reporting for quality traceability include: data reporting for quality traceability include: feedback and data reporting capabilities
instrument clusters, gauges, radios, sensors, circuit board assembly, motherboard include: medical instrumentation and
CPUs, alternators, electric power steering installation, power supplies, LCD TVs and electronic controls, device torque test
systems, instrumentation controllers, monitors, electronic toys, game controllers, applications, valve assemblies, plastic
actuators, HVAC systems and many more! modems, phones, CATV controllers, audio/ medical devices and many more!
visual equipment, home appliances and

many more!

FEC micro nutrunner
For torque applications less than 0.8Nm (7.08inlbs), the embedded torque transducer allows MICRO
closed loop control of the fastening process, resulting in highly accurate fastening for your
low torque assembly applications. Do not rely on springs, clutches or current feedback when
your application requires assurance that torque was applied to the fastener.

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fixtured nutrunner handheld nutrunner ELECTRIC SERVO PRESS assembly systems
The key to the excellent reputation we’ve earned with our extended
customer base is the expertise of our engineering and manufacturing
HERE WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE staff in the design and production of our assembly systems. Additionally,
the service-oriented nature of our operation ensures support from initial
CE RTIFIED ISO 9 0 0 1 equipment concept through installation and beyond.

and small assembly applications requiring high quality.8 NM (7. high speed. high speed NUTRUNNER and highly accurate fastening with full data report capabilities for birth history • Fixture mount tool for automation adaptation • Small footprint controller with two mounting options utilizing the latest technology for highly accurate • Standard 1/4” quick-release bit holder fastening of low torque applications • Single cable tool connection specifications TOOL MODEL MFT-080M10-S REMARK MAXIMUM TORQUE 0. Data is stored TORQUE RESOLUTION 0. noise. high accuracy. maintenance and space requirements over non-electric systems micro nutrunner controller The small size of the controller package “flexing” applications parameters or programs high precision and durability • Low-energy consumption due to digital motor is suitable for compact mounting design. POWER REQUIREMENT 24V DC 5A . the micro nutrunner is your choice MICRO transducerized micro nutrunner • Perfect for electronic. ideal for robot or 2 flexibility • Torque/Angle fastening methods can be programmed in up to 8 selectable 3 accuracy •H  igh speed resolver-based permanent magnet motor for 4 environmentally friendly • Reduces energy.001NM . Our “no cost” setup/monitor software is provided with each system.5 OZ Data reports are provided via PC.999 DEGREES DIMENSIONS 170H X 80W X 45D 60D WITH DISPLAY 1 productivity • High Speed. TRANSDUCERIZED if your application demands high quality. ANGLE RESOLUTION 1DEGREE COUNTS UP TO 9. single-cable tool up to 1100 RPM allow for reduced cycle time. monitoring and fastening data control for high-accuracy fastening • Lightweight tool reduces energy required to setup parameters. Low torque.08 INLBS) M2-M3 SCREW SPEED 1-1100 RPM 4STEP SPEED CONTROL micro nutrunner TOOL WEIGHT user console software 580 GRAM 20. breakage detection storage to a PC • Intelligent Tool ID ensures proper move or mount in automation • All parameters backed up in ‘flash’ memory ensuring • CW or CCW operation allows fastening tool and accuracy no loss of setup data and no batteries to replace in any direction • 4 digit display resolution . medical. to a flashcard (Micro SD up to 2GB). • On-the-fly parameter selection allows multiple models • Adjustable forward/reverse speed setting • Four separate speed settings control and supple power (24VDC) LED display/keypad allows display of to be run using different toque/angle targets • “No Cost” MNR software allows easy can be set allowing precise speed • Small. compact size saves plant floor space fastening results as well as access to • Self-tapping screw fastening algorithm and screw setup. heat.