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The Crest of the Indian Coast Guard

The State Emblem, which is an adaptation from the Sarnath Lion dating back to the time
of Emperor Ashoka (273-232 B.C.) is on the top of the Crest of the Indian Coast Guard. The
original statue has four lions, standing back to back, mounted on an abacus with a frieze
carrying sculptures in high relief of an elephant, a galloping horse, a bull and a lion separated by
intervening wheels. The National Motto Satyamev Jayate meaning Truth alone Triumphs is
inscribed below the Ashoka Emblem in gold. The Lion Capital is surmounted by Chakra
(Wheel), which is the symbol of the Sun manifested as time. The Ashoka Capital is within a
lifebuoy in white (depicting safety at sea), which encloses the words Bhartiya Tatrakshak in
Devanagari script. Two anchors are placed below the lifebuoy and the helicopter rotor on top
(all three in blue) depicting the maritime service with an air arm. The scroll placed below has
words inscribed in Sanskrit, VAYAM RAKSHAMAH, meaning We Protect. The Five cornered
Star at the base of the Life buoy is synonymous with the Coast Guard. One corner of the star
pointing upward, two grounded and two stretching on both sides indicate omnipresence of
the Coast Guard at Sea.
Safety and Protection of Artificial Islands and Offshore Terminals

Coast Guard ships and aircraft undertake regular patrols to keep the Offshore Development
Areas (ODAs), on both the Eastern and Western seaboard under surveillance.
Protection of Fishermen

Coast Guard ships and shore establishments conduct regular Community Interaction
Programmes (CIPs) to apprise the fisher-folk about safety measures to be adopted at sea. Information
regarding upkeep and maintenance of boats and fishing gear is also imparted. Maritime security
related aspects are also disseminated to fisherfolk.
Assistance to Fishermen in Distress at Sea

The Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCCs) co-located with RHQs,
coordinate the Search and Rescue (SAR) efforts undertaken by Coast Guard units. Effective liaison is
also maintained with the concerned state government departments for expeditious launch of SAR
missions and their successful culmination.
Preservation and Protection of the Marine Environment

The Indian Coast Guard is engaged with scientific organisations and environmentalists for
preservation and protection of the marine environment, including flora and fauna.
Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution

The Indian Coast Guard conducts regular training for all stakeholders, and continuously
validates various contingency plans to prevent environmental damage in case of marine oil spills.
It has developed the capability to be the "first-responder" for oil-spills in Indian waters.
Assisting the Customs and other Authorities in Anti-Smuggling Operations

The Indian Coast Guard, in coordination with the Customs and other enforcement agencies,
undertakes operations to prevent ingress and egress of contraband, other prohibited items and
protected species.
Enforcement of Maritime Laws in Force

Coast Guard ships and aircraft undertake regular patrols to enforce maritime laws, other
regulations and international treaties to which India is a signatory.
Safety of Life and Property at Sea

Indian Coast Guard ships and aircraft operations mitigate the effect of maritime accidents,
help in ensuring safety and security from natural or man-made disasters.
Collection of Scientific Data

Whilst on patrol, ICG ships collect relevant meteorological and oceanographic data for
analyses and use by the scientific fraternity.
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1&2: Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Smt Anandiben Patel commissioned ICGS C-409,
C-411 & C-412 on 15 Nov 2014. 3&4: Coast Guard Fast Patrol Vessels Ameya, Amogh, ICGS C-413
& ICGS C-414 were commissioned on 19 Jan 2015 by Shri Manohar Parrikar, the Hon'ble Raksha
Mantri. The ceremony was witnessed by senior officials and dignitaries from various central and
state government agencies.
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1: Hon'ble Chief Justice, Madras High Court Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, commissioned ICG
ACV H-197 on 11 Oct 2014. 2: Lt. General Ajay Kumar Singh (Retd.), Hon'ble Lt. Governor of
Puducherry commissioned ICGS Anagh, C-430 & C-417 on 29 Mar 2015. 3: COMCG (North East)
IG VSR Murthy, PTM, TM commissioned ICGS C-418 on 10 Apr 2015. 4: COMCG (East)
IG SP Sharma, PTM, TM commissioned ICGS C-415 and C-416 on 05 Jun 2015.
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Commisssioning of Indian Coast Guard Ships

1: Fast Patrol Vessel ICGS Rani Durgavati was commissioned at Visakhapatnam

on 06 Jul 2015 by Vice Admiral Satish Soni, PVSM, AVSM, NM, ADC, Flag Officer
Commanding-in-Chief (Eastern Naval Command). 2: ICGS Apoorva and C-421 was commissioned
by Vice Admiral Surinder Pal Singh Cheema, PVSM, AVSM, NM, ADC, Flag Officer
Commanding-in-Chief (Western Naval Command) on 21 Sep 2015 at Mumbai.
Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs)
The OPVs are approximately 100 metres long and displace about 2000 tons. They are the largest
ships of the Indian Coast Guard and represent the multi-mission capability of the force. Being armed
and capable of carrying a helicopter onboard, these vessels are primarily designed for sustained, all
weather surveillance of the entire MZI. They also contribute to security and safety of offshore installations,
sea-air coordinated search and rescue, fire-fighting at sea, anti-smuggling operations, towing assistance,
pollution control against oil and chemical spills, and supporting the Indian Navy when required.
Pollution Control Vessels (PCVs)

The Pollution Control Vessels are 94 meters long, displace 3300 tons, and have a maximum
draught of 4.5 meters. The designed speed of this ship is 21 knots. The design of the vessel is aimed
at low fuel consumption and an endurance of over 6000 nm. The state of the art equipment onboard
is used for containment, recovery, separation and dispersal of pollutants. The vessels are equipped
to recover the lightest to the most viscous oil at a rate of 300 tons per hour.
Fast Patrol Vessels (FPVs)
Approximately 50 metres long, the FPVs with displacement of about 300 tons are intended for
patrol duties and are designed for operation under tropical conditions. These vessels can perform
search and rescue missions, surveillance and patrolling duties in the Indian EEZ, monitoring
movements of merchant ships and warships, protection of fishing and oil exploration areas, immigrant
interdiction, anti-smuggling, anti-poaching operations and anti-piracy patrols. They are effective even
in rough seas.
Interceptor Boats (IBs)

IBs are designed for high-speed interception and shallow-water operations. They provide
speed for situations warranting quick reactions. These boats have greatly augmented the Coast
Guards capability to handle search and rescue operations. Their high speed gives them the ability to
reach the scene of action quickly to save lives and property.
Air Cushion Vehicles (ACVs)

The Indian Coast Guard inducted ACVs in 2000. They provide a new dimension and capability
for patrolling the brown waters, and adjacent low-lying land areas in the coastal zones. The ACVs
are particularly useful for amphibious operations, search and rescue, quick response, and fast
interdiction. A hovercraft, also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is a craft capable of travelling
over land, water, mud or ice and other surfaces both at speed and when stationary.
Dornier Fixed Wing Aircraft

The Dornier is a new generation, high-performance maritime surveillance aircraft,

incorporating advanced technology in design and manufacture. It has a short take-off and landing
capability both by day and night, and fly-by-wire avionics. The aircraft has good endurance, usually
upto five hours at a speed of 180 knots, all at low operating costs. The Dornier is extensively utilised for
surveillance, search and rescue, pollution response and various other sea-air coordinated operations.
Advanced Light Helicopters (Dhruv)

The twin engine ALH (Dhruv) is designed as a multi-role helicopter for both military and civil
use. The ALH used by the Indian Coast Guard is fitted with a surveillance radar, a forward looking
infra-red system, cabin mounted gun, troop seats and a life-raft, among other equipment for various
mission requirements. It has a maximum speed of 140 knots.
Chetak Helicopters

The HAL built Chetak is a lightweight multi-role, single engine helicopter utilised for close-
coast surveillance, search and rescue, medical evacuation, anti-smuggling, anti-poaching and
pollution response operations. The helicopter has an endurance of about two and half hours, with a
maximum speed of 100 knots. The Chetak can operate from afloat platform (OPV/PCVs) or from

The missions of the Indian Coast Guard are derived from its Charter, as under.
l EEZ Security l Coastal Security l Offshore Security l Marine Safety
l Marine Environment Protection l Scientific Assistance l National Defence (in War)
Additional Responsibilities

In the 36 years since its inception, the ICG has

been given many additional responsibilities by the GoI,
major amongst which are listed below
l Coastal Security in Territorial Waters
l Monitoring and surveillance of Deep Sea
l Search and Rescue for merchant ships
l Co-ordinating marine oil-spill response
l Lead Intelligence Agency for coastal and sea

In pursuance of its missions, the Director

General Indian Coast Guard (DGICG) has also been
designated as
l Chairman, National Maritime Search and
Rescue Board (NMSARB)
l Chairman, National Oil-spill Disaster
Contingency Plan (NOSDCP)
l Chairman, Offshore Security Co-ordination
Committee (OSCC)
l Indian Governor to Regional Co-operation
Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed
Robbery against ships in Asia (ReCAAP)

Clearly, the ICG has a large operational

canvas, and an equally large mandate, with many
responsibilities. Despite meagre numbers, the ICG has
successfully undertaken missions in diverse operational
areas such as
l Surveillance Operations
l Security Operations
l Humanitarian Operations
l International Operations
l Environmental Operations
Apprehension of Myanmarese Fishing Boat alongwith 12 crew

At about, 1215 hrs on 17 Jan 2015, ICG Dornier sighted suspicious fishing boat east of
Tillanchang. At about 2025 hrs on 17 Jan 2015, ICGS Samar on patrol was diverted and apprehended
01 Myanmarese FB alongwith 12 crew in position 098-Tillanchang Is lt-78 nm. At about 0930 hrs
on 19 Jan 2015, Samar entered Port Blair alongwith apprehended boat and handed over it to police.
Assistance at Sea

Coast Guard ships doused a fire in the engine room of OSV Vestfonn off Mumbai ODA on
31 May 2015.
Seizure of Ganja by H-195

On 15 Jun 2015, ICGS Mandapam received information regarding transshipment of 'Ganja'

to Sri Lanka. IC-114 sailed vessel for interdiction. At 1500 hrs, H-195 on task sighted white colour
gunny bags off 4th island and seized 23 bags with total weight 650-700 Kg. The seizure was intimated
to the Marine Police and contraband was handed over to Customs.
Apprehension of suspected boat "Barooki" off Kerala coast

Coast Guard ships Samar and Abhinav intercepted a suspect boat Barooki. The vessel was
suspected to be involved in transfer of high value contraband at high seas. During rummaging of the
boat one Thuraya communication set and one Pakistani ID card was found. The boat was handed
over to Police authorities on 05 July 2015.
Apprehension of Pak boat

A Pakistani boat, MSV Al Yasir, was apprehended by ICGS Sangram at 0720 hrs on
20 Apr 2015. The boat was interdicted alongwith eight Pakistani nationals with huge quantity of
narcotics (232 Kg of Heroin in 232 pkts). Three sophisticated satellite phones and two GPS were
also seized with the boat. The value of the confiscated contraband in the international market was
estimated to be about ` 600 crores.
Safe shelter for 10 Chinese fishing vessels

On 02 Jun 2015, information was received through MRCC (China) about 10 Chinese Ocean
Fishing Vessels requesting for safe shelter due adverse sea condition off Jafarabad. The vessels
were investigated by ICG Boarding Party and were monitored till their final departure for a port in Iran.
Crew Evacuation from LNG Mubaraz off Goa

At about 2122 hrs on 04 Jan 2015, MRCC Mumbai was requested by LNG Mubaraz for
evacuation of a crew suffering with dislocated left elbow. The Master requested evacuation off Goa
by helo. At about 1430 hrs on 06 Jan 2015, the vessel arrived off Goa and at about 1505 hrs on
06 Jan 2015, the patient was evacuated by Coast Guard helo and handed over to local agent for
Crew Evacuation from MV Van Cherry

At about 1620 hrs on 16 Jan 2015, MRCC Mumbai received message from local agent of
MV Van Cherry regarding the medical evacuation of a crew who sustained serious eye injury while
lowering life boat. ICGS C-154 evacuated the patient and handed over to local agent for further
Crew Evacuation from MV Aeriko

At about 1845 hrs on 20 Mar 2015, CGHQ received a request from MV Aeriko regarding the
medical evacuation of the Master of the vessel. The request was conveyed to MRCC (Chennai). At
about 0600 hrs on 21 Mar 2015, ACV H-193 was deployed for the evacuation of the patient. The
patient was handed over to local agent for further treatment.
Crew Evacuation from MV Ocean

At about 1502 hrs on 09 Apr 2015, MRCC Chennai was requested by the Master of MV Ocean
Reef for evacuation of a crew suffering from GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux Disease) and
hypertension. Master requested evacuation off Paradip Lt. ICGS C-426 evacuated the patient and
handed over to local agent for further treatment.
OSD of ICGS Sankalp to Darwin (Australia), Indonesia and Singapore

Offshore Patrol Vessel ICGS Sankalp, undertook overseas deployment from 04-26 Dec 2014
to Darwin ( Australia), Indonesia and Singapore.
OSD of ICGS Vijit to Qatar, Oman, Bahrain & Dubai

Offshore Patrol Vessel ICGS Vijit, undertook overseas deployment from 16 Dec 2014 to
11 Jan 2015 to Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Dubai.
OSD of ICGS Vaibhav to Sri Lanka

Offshore Patrol Vessel ICGS Vaibhav, undertook overseas deployment from 30 Jan 2015 to
01 Feb 2015 to Sri Lanka and gave training on SAR and VBBS to SLCG officers and men.
OSD of ICGS Vishwast to Malaysia and Myanmar

ICGS Vishwast, the indigenously built Offshore Patrol Vessel undertook overseas deployment
from 04-12 Feb 2015 to Port Klang, Malaysia and Myanmar.
Visit of Hon'ble Raksha Mantri & Defence Secretary to CGHQ

Hon'ble Raksha Mantri and Defence Secretary made his maiden visit to the Coast Guard
Headquarters to take a stock of the situation wherein they were appraised about the ICG reach and its
role in securing our vast coastline and marine resources. They were appraised on the evolving
maritime challenges and future road map for ICG.

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Visit of Overseas Delegates

1: The Director General Bangladesh Coast Guard made his maiden visit to identify the areas of
co-operation between ICG and BCG. 2: An inaugural meeting with delegation from Australia was held
at CGHQ to explore areas of common interest. 3: The scoping delegates from Qatar visited CGHQ to
explore avenues for training of personnel from Qatar Coast Guard.
International Yoga Diwas

International Yoga Day, or Yoga Day, is celebrated on June 21 and was declared so by United
Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or
discipline that originated in India. The event was conducted at various ICG establishments to inculcate
discipline and healthy living among the men in uniform.

The men in uniform earnestly take oath to abide by its rich ethos in discharging their
The Pillars of Support

The Indian Coast Guard wives are an integral part of everyday life. Coast Guard Wives Welfare
Association (CGWWA) commonly called the 'Tatrakshika' is run and managed by the wives of Coast
Guard Personnel. The motto of CGWWA is 'Self Help'. Every member voluntarily contributes her time,
talent & skills towards improving the quality of life within the Coast Guard community and society at large.
CGWWA Activities

The essence of CGWWA is to further the interests of the Coast Guard family and to facilitate an
interface at family level between rank and file and to inculcate 'espirit-de-corps' and generate a sense
of belongingness amongst its members.
FACT SHEET Up to 31 August 2015

Search and Lives Saved 6827 Disaster Flood Relief

Rescue Missions 2222 Relief
Ship Sorties 2145 Tamil Nadu Coast 24 Nov to 05 Dec 2005
Aircraft Sorties 1902 Surat 08 to 15 Aug 2006
Medical Evacuations 212 Paradip 31 Aug to 08 Sep 2006
Evacuation 2003 02
2004 09 West Bengal and Odisha 22 to 25 Jun 2008
2005 07 West Bengal 07 to 09 Jun 2009
2006 10 Gujarat 03 Aug 2010
2007 27
2008 12 Kerala 08 Dec 2010
2009 21 Odisha 25 to 30 Sep 2011
2010 24
Vizag 04 Nov 2012
2011 15
2012 30 Paradip 05 Aug to 09 Aug 14
2013 10 Tsunami Relief
2014 28
2015 21 A&N Islands, Tamil Nadu,
Disaster Earthquake Relief Andhra Pradesh and Kerala Dec 2004
Relief Gujarat Jan 2001 Maldives and Sri Lanka Jan 2005
Cyclone Relief
Fire/Disaster Relief
Odisha Super Cyclone Oct 1999
Odisha Coast Jul 2001 Daman River Bridge Collapse 28 to 31 Aug 2003
Gujarat Jun 1997, Jun 1998, Fire onboard ONGC Platform BHN 27 Jul to 03 Aug 2005
Sep 2005
Bus fallen in pond in Midnapur District 13 Jul 2009
Lakshadweep Islands May 2004
Off Saurashtra Coast Sep 2005 Kottayam (Meenanchal River), Kerala 23 Mar 2010
Karnataka May 2006 Fire incident at Diglipur 07 Mar 2011
Off Goa Jun 2009
Fire at Mantralaya in Mumbai 21 Jun 2012
Off Gujarat Jun 2009
Andhra Coast Oct 1999, May 2010 Fire onboard MV Amsterdam Bridge 09 Sep 2012
Off Andhra Pradesh & Oct 2014 HPCL Kamathe, Raigad, Maharashtra 17 Jul 2014
Odisha Coast
Drill Ship Platinum Explorer, off Paradip 22 Aug 2014
Boats Crew Item Value of
Catch in `
Law MZI Apprehension 1496 12964 Fish 24.57 Cr
Enforcement Anti Smuggling and Narcotics 127 798 Smuggled Goods
Narcotics & 1120.374 Cr
Marine wild life 259 647
Marine Police 3772
Personnel Trained
Institutionalised Country Exercise Year
International Maldives Dosti Since 1991
Exercise Japan Sahyog Kaijin Since 2000
Republic of Korea Joint Exercise Since 2005
International Event Year Place
Conferences MSARCON 07-08 Chennai
Nov 2002
INMSARCON 11-12 New Delhi
Mar 2008
ReCAAP CBW 15-17 Goa
Nov 2011
SAREX (with participation of International Observers) 13-14 Mumbai
Jan 2012
8th Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting (HACGAM) 01-04 New Delhi
Oct 2012
IMO Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Cooperation 25 Nov to Mumbai
(OPRC) level I and level II courses for Sri Lanka and Maldives 06 Dec 13
Trilateral cooperation-Search and Rescue training conducted for 12-18 Mar 14 Mumbai
Sri Lanka and Maldives
International ASEAN Regional Forum 24-29 Chennai
Training Mar 2008
ASEAN Regional Forum 17-22 Chennai
Nov 2008
Coastal Coastal Security Exercises 118 (Since 2009)
Security Coastal Security Operations 184 (Since 2009)
Landmark Achievements
l Since 1984 - Participated in Five Presidents Fleet Review including One International Fleet Review.
l Dec 1988 - The biggest contraband haul in the country was made by ICG Varuna by apprehending dhow Al-Khalidi carrying gold worth ` 28.42 crores.
l Since 1989 - Successfully participated in Op Tasha jointly with Navy in Palk Bay, to prevent illegal activities across IMBL.
l 1993 - Major oil pollution response carried out to tackle spill of 40,000 tons from MV Maersk Navigator off Nicobar Island.
l Jan 1993 - ICGS Vivek intercepted an alleged LTTE ship MV Ahat carrying arms.
l Nov 1999 - ICGS Tarabai apprehended pirated Japanese vessel MV Alondra Rainbow in the Arabian Sea.
l 1999 - Longest ever towing of Mauritius warship from Port Louis to Mumbai covering a distance of 2600 NM.
l 16 Jan 2000 - A humpback whale grounded on the shore of Kanya Kumari was successfully rescued and put back to sea.
l 26 Dec 2004 - Massive search and rescue and relief operation launched in the Maldives and Sri Lanka apart from A&N, Eastern/Western Sea Board, after
tsunami struck the Asian region.
l 07 Jan 2006 - In coordination with NCB, the largest haul of narcotics amounting to 4.3 kg of Heroine worth ` 4.3 crores, off the Tuticorin coast.
l 22 Jan 2008 - Successfully recovered GSLV-IV experimental SRE Module launched by ISRO off Chennai.
l 2008 - Awarded with Green Governance Award in 2008 for successful and effective protection of Olive Ridley turtles in Gahirmatha.
l Aug 2010 - Coast Guard ships and aircraft undertook pollution response operations for oil-spill from MV Chitra in Mumbai Port area. The spill was dispersed due to
adverse weather and navigational hazards of drifting containers.
l Nov 2011 - Capacity building workshop (15-17) - ICG along with Regional Agreement for Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against ship in Asia (ReCAAP),
Information Sharing Centre (ISC) co-hosted the Capacity Building Workshop from 15-17 Nov 11 at Goa. 39 participants from 21 countries participated in workshop.
l Aug 2012 - Chain of Static Sensors - A chain of static sensor, in the form of shore radar stations has been set up in areas of high sensitivity and high traffic density.
The CSN was commissioned by Honble Raksha Mantri in Aug 2012 and includes 36 and 10 Remote Radar sites on the Mainland and Lakshadweep, Andaman &
Nicobar Islands respectively.
l 17 Jun 2013 - MV Mol Comfort, Flag Bahamas, on its passage from Singapore to Jeddah developed a crack on 17 Jun 13 in position 270 New Manglore LT
940 NM. MRCC(MB) co-ordinated the mission and effected the rescue of all 26 crew members.
l Since 2013 - ICG in coordination with Department of Revenue Intelligence apprehended 02 consignments of Red Sanders wood worth ` 6.5 crores which was
being smuggled through riverine route to Bangladesh.
l 06 Apr 2013 - ICGS Rajshree rescued 120 Sri Lankan refugees from adrift fishing boat which sailed from Velanganni for Australia approximately 09 NM South East
of Nagapattinam due to water ingress.
l Mar 2014 The 6th National Maritime Search & Rescue exercise was conducted at Mumbai, from 19-20 Mar 14, under the aegis of the NMSARB. 18 International
Observers from 09 Maritime Nations participated in the exercise for the first time in order to promote Regional Cooperation and strengthen maritime linkages in
the field of SAR.
l 04 Dec 2014 ICGS Subhadra Kumari Chauhan and Achook apprehended two vessels named barge MV Ganga Sagar (BDR IV 00098) and Dhow Al Maewan-10
alongwith eight crew each involved in transshipment of 23 tons of red sanders wood (valued at around approx ` Nine Crores) in position 72 nm SW of Mumbai.
l 20 Apr 2015 ICG Sangram apprehended one Pak fishing boat (Al-Yasir) with 08 crew including recovery of 232 packets of narcotics (suspected to be Heroin and
worth upto ` 600 crores in the international market), additionally 03 Thuraya sets and 02 GPS.