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Negotiated Assignment Proposal

1. The assignment will explore the effect of the Sociocultural and economic features that put the
Indigenous population at higher risk of chronic and end stage kidney disease. It will also explore
their access to healthcare for chronic and end stage kidney disease.
2. In the holidays, a cousin showed me a video about how Indigenous people were affected by
kidney disease. I found it to be very powerful and also very interesting, so I decided to do the
negotiated assignment on it. Link to video:
3. I expect to gain a greater understanding of the issues behind indigenous access to healthcare,
with respect to kidney disease and also learn about the deeper mechanisms to how and why the
indigenous population is usually more at risk for most diseases. The almost universal
disadvantage that the indigenous population faces, with respect to healthcare has always
intrigued me. As a future practitioner, it is paramount that I understand the specific issues that
this population faces. Also, it is a practitioner's duty to ensure their patients are given the best
possible treatment, specific to their social and cultural context. Doing this assignment will thus
certainly assist my growth into a future practitioner.
4. The assignment process will involve research from google scholar and pubmed and other
databases and search engines for defining sociocultural risk factors for end stage and chronic
kidney disease. It will also involve searches through Australian statistical archives for data on
incidence and mortality of chronic and end stage kidney disease among the indigenous
population. Also, I will have to consult reliable government websites regarding the facts about
indigenous access to healthcare services such as dialysis.
5. The report will be a 2000 word long assignment report and reflection, there will be no
supporting files.
6. 1. Detail the socio-economic risk factors of chronic and end stage kidney disease with respect to
the Australian Indigenous population and the Social Determinants of Health.
(1.2.1 Identifies environmental, psychological, social and cultural issues which contribute to
health problems in a scenario (e.g. sexuality, stress, family relationships, risky behaviours))
2. Outline the specific health care needs of the Australian Indigenous population that are
addressed currently by Australian healthcare, specifically in relation to chronic and end stage
kidney disease?
(1.2.3 Identifies health care needs of different groups in society (e.g. the elderly, indigenous
people, immigrant groups and refugees).)
3. Assess the equity of healthcare provision, comparing the Indigenous and general population's
access to facilities required of chronic and end stage kidney disease.
(1.2.5 Understands equity and its implications for health care delivery for individual and
population based approaches.)
4. Outline some of the barriers that may prevent Indigenous Australians from accessing the
services they need to treat chronic and end stage kidney disease?
(1.2.7 Describes how people living in Australia access (or are unable to access) their health care

7. Week 2: Research the risk factors and statistics of kidney disease in Australia (focussing on the
Indigenous population)
Week 3: Research and read about the Australian healthcare systems, and methods adopted to
provide improve healthcare access for Indigenous population
Week 4 - 5: Write the report based on the research done in weeks 2-3
Week 6: Final editing, formatting and reflection.