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Rc. No.2882/A2-C1/Transfers2017/2017 Dated : 24-08-2017

Sub:- School Education Department APSESS - Rationalization, Resource Re-

Distribution(RRR) and Transfers of Teachers, 2017 Transfers and Postings of
teachers Issue of Orders as per the options exercised by the teachers Reg.

Read:-1. G.O. Ms. No.32, Education (SER.II) Department Dated: 04.06.2017

2. G.O. Ms. No. 38 Education (SER.II) Department Dated: 21-06-2017
3. G.O. Ms. No.43, Education (SER.II) Department Dated: 30.06.2017
4. G.O. Ms. No.50, Education (SER.II) Department Dated: 20.07.2017
5. Pr.Rc.No.190/Estt.III/2017 Dt.05.06.2017 of the Commissioner of School Education,
A.P., Amaravathi.
5. Transfer Counseling Schedule announced by the Department.
6. Online Applications submitted by the Individuals concerned.
7. Options exercised by the individuals during the Transfers counseling.
The Govt. in the orders 1st to 4th read above, have issued rules for transfer of the School Assistants / Secondary
Grade Teachers and other equivalent cadre teachers working in Government / ZPP / MPP schools in Andhra Pradesh
School Education Service and Andhra Pradesh School Education Subordinate Service. Accordingly, the applications are
invited through WEB / ONLINE from the Teachers who are under (a) Compulsory Transfer (8 Academic years of stay),
(b) Rationalization and (c) Request Transfers.

In pursuance of the orders issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in the references 1st to 4th read above,
based on the seniority and options exercised by the teachers in the Transfers counseling conducted from 1.8.17 to
18.8.17, the District Level Committee and the District Educational Officer,CHITTOOR & the Member-Secretary hereby
transfer and post the teachers listed in the Annexure to these proceedings, to the GOVT / ZP / MP in the schools as
noted against each with immediate effect. In this regard the following instructions should be followed scrupulously.

1. The Mandal Educational Officers / Headmasters concerned are requested to relieve the transferred teachers on the
A.N. of 25.08.2017 so as to enable them to join in their new stations on 26.08.2017.

2. The teachers now transferred as per the Options exercised by them are informed that, if the need of their services is
not justifiable at the transferred schools for any valid reasons, their services will be utilized in another needy schools to
ensure Class-Level Teacher-Pupil Ratio and also for strengthening academic monitoring in those schools.

3. These transfer orders are issued subject to outcome of SLP in the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and other pending

4. The transfer orders shall be displayed on the website, DEOs and ZPs after completion of the counseling.

5. All the teachers, including Subject teachers, who are transferred shall be relieved, subject to the condition that there
shall be at least 50% of regular teachers (Fraction shall be treated as 1) working in the school. While doing so, the senior
most teachers, including Subject teachers, should be relieved first.

6. The teachers who are now transferred are not entitled for T.T.A. and joining time as the transfers are made at their
requests and as per the rules and procedure issued in the above Govt. orders.

The above orders shall be implemented without any deviations.

The dates of relief and joining shall be intimated to the respective Inspecting Officers and to the District Educational
Officer, CHITTOOR promptly.

Receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged.

Encl: Annexure



All the teachers concerned in the Annexure
All the Mandal Educational Officers / Headmasters of Secondary Schools concerned
All the Deputy Educational Officers in the district.
Copy transmitted to the Deputy Director, District Treasury CHITTOOR concerned.
Copy transmitted to the Sub-Treasury Officer PUNGANUR in the district.
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