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Since 1981

Choose The Right Cowl To Solve Your Smoking Fireplace Or Stove!!

Smoke escaping from a fireplace or stove is almost certainly caused by one of

two things.

1. Downdraught. This is when the wind penetrates the chimney and forces
the smoke and fumes back down the chimney and out into the room.

2. Lack of draught. This is when the draught or pull up the chimney is

inadequate and the smoke and fumes come out into the room.

How to identify which problem you have!!

If your problem only occurs in windy weather conditions and you are certain it
does not happen in still, cold, calm or frosty weather, then you have a
Downdraught and you need to fit a Spinner Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowl

If your problem occurs in still, cold, calm or frosty weather when there is little
or no wind then your chimney is not draughting or pulling properly (the speed
of air movement through the flue is inadequate), you have a Lack of Draught
and you need to fit a Super C or Super R Electric Fan Cowl.

Before installing any of our cowls, please read all literature and instructions