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David Mozzetta & Graphic Designer WORKSHOP

18.01.1991 at Oikos Comunicazione

Rome (IT) Rome, Italy 15 18.05.2017
Italian / American LAbbeccedario.
TUTORING Note su ci che cerco
Italian, first language w/ Alessandra Spranzi
English, second language 24.07 4.08.2017 curated by Leonardo Sonnoli
Espaol (Castellano), good ISIA Urbino / Werkplaats Typografie and Irene Bacchi
Summer School 17 (w/ Marco ISIA Urbino, Italy
David Mozzetta is a visual designer Tomassoli and Giovanni Spera)
from Rome, Italy. He grew up between by ISIA Urbino and Werkplaats 21 25.04.2017
Argentina, Italy and USA. He is inter- Typografie (Leonardo Sonnoli, TypeDesign Starter Kit:
ested, through research, in the broad Maureen Mooren, Armand Mevis, Johan- The Suprematist Process
topic of objects (material and immaterial) nes Schwartz) w/ Luciano Perondi
and their reproduction and coexistence ISIA Urbino, Italy and Alessio DEllena
between art, visual design and life. He is Scuola Open Source, Bari, Italy
currently enrolled at ISIA Urbino pursuing 25 29.10.2017
the MA degree in Design for Publishing. Emotional Atlas Workshop 02 03.12.2016
He is also a member of Aiap and is inter- by ISIA Urbino and KFR Zrich The Context of Content
ested in collaborative practice with clients ISIA Urbino, Italy w/ Kasper-Florio
and individualds. [Larissa Kasper and Rosario Florio]
3 9.07.2017 19 20.05.2016
2015 Ongoing Cloudy Education. Images Graphic design e digitale.
Masters Degree Through the Logical Universe. Quale storia?
in Communication, (w/ Marco Tomassoli w/ Carlo Vinti
Design and Publishing and Lorenzo Rindori) curated by Silvia Sfiligiotti
ISIA Urbino, Italy Sala Bramante ISIA Urbino, Italy
Fermignano, Italy
2011 2014 9 12.05.2016
Bachelors Degree 8 24.09.2017 Research-based design:
in Graphic Design Equilibri. Dal progetto alla didattica con dallarchivio al progettoa
and Visual Communication Mario Cresci. [Cloudy Education. Images w/ Alessandro Colizzi
IED Rome, Italy Through the Logical Universe] curated by Leonardo Sonnoli
SIFest, Monte di Piet, ISIA Urbino, Italy
2009 2011 Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy
Study period 2 5.05.2016
at Certificate Program BOOK EXHIBITIONS Responsive Type?
in Graphic Design w/ Albert Pinggera
HACC Harrisburg, PA USA 19 21.05.2017 and Erik van Blokland
Dietro il panorama abituale/ ISIA Urbino, Italy
WORK Every McDonalds inside Romes G.R.A.*
Fahreneheit 39 Rassegna
2013 Now dellEditoria Indipendente Updated
Art Director / Graphic Designer Ravenna, Italy September 26, 2017
Selected Clients:
Fondazione Baruchello, 25.03.2017
Prada, Parallax (w/ MA degree in Design for
Regione Lazio, Publishing at ISIA Urbino) Signature
Urbino e le Citt del Libro, Its A Book Independent
The United Standard, Publishing Fair _________________________________
Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Leipzig, Germany
Gallery Venezia, &
Armonie Music Festival 19 21.05.2017
Fahreneheit 39 Rassegna
03.11.2014 31.08.2015 (10M) dellEditoria Indipendente
Art Director Junior Ravenna, Italy